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  • Published on Mar 6, 2018
  • A quarter of UK three-year-olds are obese, destined for a lifetime of bullying, weight problems, image issues and chronic health conditions. Revealing the true scale of the epidemic, Too Fat To Toddle is an extraordinary documentary that works with leading experts and challenges overweight children and their parents to start on a life-changing journey that tackles their shocking eating habits and sedentary lifestyles.
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Comments • 1 678

  • Julia L
    Julia L Day ago

    A lot of parents really care for their kids and yet they are all soo spoiled in a wrong way. The words they throw at their parents .........i would've been slapped straight across the face. wow and all that tantrum.

  • Morgan Adele
    Morgan Adele Day ago

    Thoughts and prayers for all the children and parents here that are trying to learn. 🙏 👼 😇

  • Kamila Reeder
    Kamila Reeder 2 days ago

    I love that Tony's family did it all as a family and that's so good ;3

  • Katherine Petersorf
    Katherine Petersorf 2 days ago

    One of my cousins was obese as a kid until finally a doctor stepped in and enforced diets. His mom thought PBJ was healthy with no sugar added jelly and natural peanut-butter and organic bread (kind of true) but she'd let him eat 5-10 in one setting full sandwiches with heavy globs of toppings and drinking a full 20 oz regular soda. Too many people can't figure out the difference between just eating good items and eating good items in good amounts. Too many people aren't ready to be parents and don't ask for help early enough. It is always okay to ask for help because you're kid's life is FAR more important than feeling like your pride was hurt. My aunt care more about proving she was a good mom then actually being one. When she started focusing on her kids, everything changed and she finally became a good mom.

  • Old Rose
    Old Rose 4 days ago

    Ive no synpathy for anyone who overfeed their kids unless there is a physical root cause such as thyroid or hormone issues.

  • Abhijit Naik
    Abhijit Naik 6 days ago

    Cute kids.... Stay blessed....

  • Aisha coco
    Aisha coco 10 days ago +1


  • Aisha coco
    Aisha coco 10 days ago +1

    White people... look at this.

  • Aisha coco
    Aisha coco 10 days ago +1

    Don't forget usa...

  • CP LEE
    CP LEE 11 days ago

    Well done McD , KFC, Ben & Jerry !!!

  • Heshma Eranga
    Heshma Eranga 11 days ago

    Rami have been to a school? Do he have a brain or common sense?!? He is putting his kids in grave danger!!

  • Indox Land
    Indox Land 12 days ago +1

    The mistake in the title though...

  • Jessie Skidmore
    Jessie Skidmore 12 days ago

    Well done Teagan and her lovely Mum Sonya!! Hang in there, you're doing the best out of all those parents, 3 babies on your own. Wonderful effort !!

  • Cyrene the Cat
    Cyrene the Cat 12 days ago

    I wonder if Teegan has Prader-Willi syndrome?

  • Cyrene the Cat
    Cyrene the Cat 12 days ago

    I was just thinking what a beautiful little girl the blonde girl is, and then she started digging in her nose. Lol.

  • ElusvOptmst1
    ElusvOptmst1 13 days ago +1

    Rami is not quite right in the head. Why does he want his children to be dishonest and deceptive to their mother. He is not a very good father mentally. He needs an evaluation. Narcissistic individual?

  • equine kirsten
    equine kirsten 16 days ago

    “if you don’t want salad don’t eat it”
    literally me

  • Just some shitty ARMY
    Just some shitty ARMY 16 days ago

    What is 1 Stone in kilogramms?

    • gmaureen
      gmaureen 15 days ago

      1 stone equals 14 pounds, that converts to 6.35 kilograms.

  • Here to Have Fun
    Here to Have Fun 16 days ago

    I took a genetics test, and genetically I’m suppose to eat about 6% more than average. But I’m not suppose to be obese, or even close! The average for my age and height is about 150, so I’m suppose to weight about 160 pounds. Not obese, maybe slightly overweight, but still within the healthy percentile.

  • Courtney J
    Courtney J 16 days ago

    Way to go Sonia! Now THAT'S how you parent a child!

  • Kristi Hollenbeck
    Kristi Hollenbeck 16 days ago

    Rami is an abuser. End of.

  • Victoria Amato
    Victoria Amato 17 days ago +1

    Is it just me, or does Paul kinda look like Tom Hiddleston?

  • acan thus
    acan thus 19 days ago

    No, the common thing is that the parents are addicted to the ‘extra’ love they buy with poison-amounts-of-food and at the cost of their children’s lives. That’s why some of them cry, they know they either kill their kids or they have to give up their highs/love-warmth-moments. The parents need therapy for any of these gains to last longer than three months beyond all the attention from the tv people.

  • acan thus
    acan thus 19 days ago

    The first ‘mother’ enjoys her daughter being in distress regularly and going to her for comfort. She enjoys the kick/warmth/love she gets those moments.

  • K. Prater
    K. Prater 19 days ago +1

    I will never understand parents who are afraid of their children. The parent should always be the boss and make sure that is understood. You also don't have to yell at your kids either. Just be consistent and firm. My mother, a single parent, never had to tell me to do something twice. I knew she meant it the first time! She also did not yell or hit me. She just trained me to understand the hierarchy and where kids fit in. They should never run a household!

  • Carin Wiseman
    Carin Wiseman 19 days ago

    Rami will sabotage his daughter. Do you want her to have a difficult life without love? You live what you have learned. It takes a lifetime of struggle to overcome bad habits learned in childhood.

  • Carin Wiseman
    Carin Wiseman 19 days ago +1

    Parents are unbelieveable. They let the monkees run the zoo. Haley is obese too. If she doesn't know how to manage herself, how can you expect her to manage a child properly? It is all about teaching parents.

  • Carin Wiseman
    Carin Wiseman 19 days ago

    Learn how to make fruits and vegetables more palatable for your children. Stop eating food fried in oil.

  • AwesomeAlex! Adam
    AwesomeAlex! Adam 20 days ago

    Give these Obese kids and adults Gynostemma and Plant base food.

  • AwesomeAlex! Adam
    AwesomeAlex! Adam 20 days ago

    Give these Obese kids and adults Gynostemma in any form.

  • sandra dukaric
    sandra dukaric 20 days ago

    When i saw this defenetly i dont want to have children.

  • Cole
    Cole 21 day ago

    Tiegen is so cute 💕

  • Jessi L
    Jessi L 21 day ago

    There's a typo in the title.

  • Taylor Yost
    Taylor Yost 21 day ago

    when i was in preschool so 3yrs to 5yrs i was like 30 pounds... and they say the US is bad

  • le levrierine
    le levrierine 22 days ago +1

    “I want a different dinner! I want a *DECENT* dinner!!” says a 5 years old. Well, she might be obese but her vocabulary is great!

  • Asdfghjkl Zxcvbnm
    Asdfghjkl Zxcvbnm 22 days ago +3

    If I acted like these kids when I was younger I would have been smacked lol

  • Becky A
    Becky A 23 days ago +1

    When the little girl whipped her mums tears.... so sweet families
    Teagan... her Mum is a sweetheart too obviously

  • Pablo Escobar's Search Block

    Clearly this is child abuse

    AMERICAN PATRIOT 24 days ago

    This is how Republicans want kids to look in America. Rightwingers are against kids eating healthy. Michelle Obama put healthy lunches in American schools and Trump stopped it. Now the kids are back to eating bullshit so they can look like the kids in this video.

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen 19 days ago

      Did you eat those Michelle Obama lunches?

  • Sabrina Cash
    Sabrina Cash 26 days ago


  • Ana Lara
    Ana Lara 27 days ago

    It's so weird to hear the Dj Shadow in the backhround

  • Giulliana Greselin
    Giulliana Greselin 27 days ago

    Che schifezze mangiano .......

  • Giulliana Greselin
    Giulliana Greselin 27 days ago

    In Africa li manderei ,non si può dare da mangiare così a bambini , porta molte malattie l'obesità no no . verdure fresche frutta niente salse

  • meagan dorsey
    meagan dorsey 29 days ago

    I feel like people assume weight gain is genetic is because cuisine, culture, portions, meals, snacks they're all conditioned behaviors we learn as children. My ex would fight me on this constantly I would be like well yeah you're heavy you grew up on take always and ready meals. You never ate anything fresh. I grew up you wanted a snack you grabbed some cherry tomatoes and peas out the garden you wanted something sweet there was a pear tree out back and berries on the hill behind your aunt's house. It's two different worlds you know. I was thin until I encountered the typical western diet, and you really have to retrain yourself after.

  • troyleikai
    troyleikai Month ago

    Still chuckling at the title

  • Emma Harris
    Emma Harris Month ago +1

    I'm not going to lie, I was 100 pounds at 10 but I also was almost pure muscle and I also played sports year around. This is just outrageous.

  • Sophie Scott
    Sophie Scott Month ago +1

    “Maybe when they’re older they’ll take care of themselves and lose weight”
    Are you kidding me??? What a terrible father.
    If you’re not capable of or willing to take care of children DONT HAVE THEM
    You tell your kid every day that food doesn’t matter and that it’s normal to lie about what you eat how are they ever supposed to learn otherwise?
    Your kids won’t “take care of themselves when they’re older” if you completely neglect your responsibility to teach them healthy habits

  • Courtney DeKorp
    Courtney DeKorp Month ago

    It would be wonderful if governments across the world would work to develop this kind of program in mass quantities and make them free. Access to every family, no matter their financial situation.
    Also, the father who continued to feed his daughter sweets should be exposed to obese adults who were obese children. Those adults could explain that what their parents fed them (not blaming bc they didn't know any better), is killing them now and explain the emotional and physical pain they suffered growing up. What's worse about him is that he now knows better. Good job, dad.

  • Candes Ok
    Candes Ok Month ago +1

    A five year old should've never been allowed to gain that much to start with. Parents control what's bought to eat.

  • emily paul
    emily paul Month ago +1

    Aw when Teagan's mom and the dude were walking in the grocery store it looked like they were an actual couple
    I ship it

  • emily paul
    emily paul Month ago +3

    Why do I always end up watching these videos at 12 am.

  • Crystal OO
    Crystal OO Month ago +1

    Rami is a useles idiot. Nothing but rocks rattling around in there. I hope she's left him since.

  • Crystal OO
    Crystal OO Month ago

    "According to the doctor it's her metabolism." LMAO, WHAT?

  • ARCHIE plavaboja
    ARCHIE plavaboja Month ago

    I hear dj shadow in the background.

  • Sophiep Tran
    Sophiep Tran Month ago

    Sooo much refined carbs! No wonder! Whole foods, fats and veggies is what they should be eating.

  • Lilah Osb
    Lilah Osb Month ago

    Child abuse

  • Coco Lebolovesgod2
    Coco Lebolovesgod2 Month ago

    36.9 of BMI
    Poor kid 😢😢😢
    (Even my BMI is not that high (it's high but that's private reasons and personal ) and i'm a 20 years old adult
    I feel so bad for him
    It was made long ago so i do hope for them they are better now :))
    Ps : Apparently she has divorced Rami
    I can see why
    Putting your child's weight in danger
    (It's sad tbh)

  • Judith Shalders
    Judith Shalders Month ago

    Why was the garden such an effing dump to start with?

  • Selena rae
    Selena rae Month ago

    These families NEED Supernanny.. if u don't know who that is look her up on USclip

  • Tara jick
    Tara jick Month ago

    my son is only 5 but he plays 4 sports( he wants to play them we don't make him they were all his idea) and is more strict about eating healthy then me I don't know where he learned it but he refuses junk food same with my three year old minus the sports I don't see how parents let there kids get to this level if mine were over weight at all id change there diet

  • Rebecca Hale
    Rebecca Hale Month ago

    Bratty kid

  • MyMaitetxu
    MyMaitetxu Month ago

    I will not be happy with a potato neither...can she not eat some meat or fish??? that will full her and get her nutrition she will get satisfied...

  • Lost Wanderer
    Lost Wanderer Month ago

    Brits are inbred slobs.

  • Impulse
    Impulse Month ago +1

    Teigan is actually really beautiful

  • Veronica Jackson
    Veronica Jackson Month ago

    id divorce remi!!! he's not supporting his wife!! he's giving his kids sweets!!He's the problem here!! She's trying to get her kids healthy!!

  • Veronica Jackson
    Veronica Jackson Month ago

    wow!!tiegen pitched a fit over the potato touching the salad!! really the ;other would rather her eat a potato over salad is she cracked!!!!!! she has to be a mother!!!! not let her daughter just eat a potato!! that has no nutrition!!!!!! this mother has to feed her better food stick with it!!!! whose in control!!!!!!!!!!

  • Veronica Jackson
    Veronica Jackson Month ago

    most these kids don't know what fruits are????

  • Veronica Jackson
    Veronica Jackson Month ago

    funny husband's are skinny but moms are huge? husband's aren't doing any discipline??

  • Veronica Jackson
    Veronica Jackson Month ago

    when you let a child have tantrum to get his way !! who's the parent!! whose in control the kid's or parents!!

  • Veronica Jackson
    Veronica Jackson Month ago

    wow!! this is not heathy! people use food for bargaining chips so much!! stop using food as tools to get kids to behave or do stuff asked! stop giving kids this unhealthy food!