Too Fat To Toddle (Childhood Obesity Documentary) | Real Stories

  • Published on Mar 6, 2018
  • A quarter of UK three-year-olds are obese, destined for a lifetime of bullying, weight problems, image issues and chronic health conditions. Revealing the true scale of the epidemic, Too Fat To Toddle is an extraordinary documentary that works with leading experts and challenges overweight children and their parents to start on a life-changing journey that tackles their shocking eating habits and sedentary lifestyles.
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    Too Fat Too Toddle (Medical Documentary) - Real Stories

Comments • 2 021

  • TheBiracialBombshell

    Who else fell in love with how cute Teigen is?

  • Mar D
    Mar D 9 hours ago +1

    lol @ slow metabolism

  • Princess Of Thebes

    Damn. I lost weight by stop eating store bought "food." That made a big difference.

  • sandra ford
    sandra ford Day ago

    I wonder if they get the same amount of benefits as a thin person? They must be buying truck loads of food for the two of them

  • Bella Bijou
    Bella Bijou Day ago

    Trust me, after he leaves these families they will go back to the overeating

  • judy tripp
    judy tripp Day ago

    they are really cute,clean looking kids, but I get the point...if you cant walk Becaus of weight,then it's a problem sad😔but they're still just kids and God bless them!!!!!!!!!!

  • xsxsxs xs
    xsxsxs xs Day ago

    sometimes u have to shout at children or else they do what they want.

  • Evelyn Yelenskaya
    Evelyn Yelenskaya 2 days ago

    Ew Rami is so repulsive!! What a closed minded man not wanting the best for his children!!! Diamonds are created under pressure. It’s good to challenge the kids making them also stronger individuals!

  • Ann Williams
    Ann Williams 2 days ago

    It's (the salad) touching the potato.... straight to your room, door closed until you've stopped shrieking.... IMMEDIATELY.

  • Ntsoaki Motapanyane
    Ntsoaki Motapanyane 2 days ago

    I was overweight as a child too. My family didn't care too much about diet as we would eat about anything. Our diet was high in refined carbs. A wake up call came when my dad passed on from kidney complications following his diabetes type 2 disease and sedentary lifestyle. I now take care of my health seriously as I am living more actively and watching my diet.

  • V
    V 3 days ago +1

    Teigans mom's happy little hop and 'yes!' when he said she lost weight was so precious!!!

  • dori
    dori 3 days ago

    People say this is child abuse.The child abuse is that they’ll be bullied just like I did...and they will develop eating disorders like I did and sure they’ll lose weight but it’ll ruin their lives.PLEASE DONT LET YOUR CHILD BECOME OVERWEIGHT!!!!

  • Marilyn Willett
    Marilyn Willett 4 days ago

    get them in shape before puberty.

  • Cheryl Jeffali
    Cheryl Jeffali 4 days ago

    The kid crying for the pizza, I would bet that pizza has MSG in it. Most of us are not super sensitive to MSG. For some humans MSG is like crack cocaine. They are More sensitive to it, it really causes them to want more. That why she was crying. She would not cry for more if the food was normal. Food companies and their greed needs to be taken to task as well, not just "parents."
    The bread is missing the germ of the wheat and all the goodness that was meant for humans to eat unless it made with ancient grains. It probably has lots of sugar. Sugar is incredibly addictive, more addictive than Cocaine.

  • Cheryl Jeffali
    Cheryl Jeffali 4 days ago

    I have a normal wieght fit kid so this is not coming from being triggered....... Here goes....
    I totally disagree with this Dr. Saying this epidemic is not about metabolism! There is a factor in this that is hidden, there is something they don't tell the people. There is CLEARLY a percentage of people in our modern world that do not respond well to the modern diet. There is something WAY off other than calories in calories out. That is bullshit science! This lie is only serving to shame people effected by this epidemic! Can we look at rapeseed oil?...very bad for humans, can we look at chemicals, not just in our food but everywhere? Can we look at hormones, inflamitory disease, high fructose corn syrup, stress? These Drs. Profit from towing the party line! Pure evil!

  • Deborah AIchele
    Deborah AIchele 8 days ago

    brother was that on keeping g food separate for many years. also he was a fussy eater. The main rule was we eat at the table together and whatever we put on our plates we had to eat. So we were careful about that. Brother would make these low eating sounds like um. That bothered Dad. Once brother as a teen at a restaurant ordered fish and waitress brought it with the head still on. It was staring at him he said and he was deeply offended and was not going g to eat that fish. Fi ally Dad took the plate and cut the head off the fish and gave the plate back to brother. He just picked at the fish. Fussy fussy.

  • 다미최
    다미최 8 days ago

    these people are truly disgusting why do the working classes have no common sense no education i understand

  • 다미최
    다미최 8 days ago

    what a revolting child a victim of child abuse

  • Donna OReilly
    Donna OReilly 9 days ago

    child abuse much!?!?!?!

  • Jennifer Mann
    Jennifer Mann 9 days ago +1

    Tegan’s mom looks constantly hammered on Valium.

    • Jennifer Mann
      Jennifer Mann 2 days ago

      @james gio I am a nurse that has children so I know exactly what a benzo high looks like.

    • james gio
      james gio 2 days ago

      ur clearly dont know what its like to have children. its called stress and exhaustion my eyes look like hers sometimes so chill

  • George Martínez
    George Martínez 11 days ago

    15:15 Don't tell me that this man is CHOPPING the garlic without peeling the skin off

  • bluebellrose8
    bluebellrose8 12 days ago

    I fee sorry for the mums. They're not getting much support from their partners and are overwhelmed. The portions for the kids are huge. Too much food:)

  • Waffle boii
    Waffle boii 13 days ago

    Im so happy for all the good parents who isent in denial its so great seeing that they do this for their kids even though its hard.

  • Catherine Stanley
    Catherine Stanley 14 days ago

    Teagan weighs the same as me and I'm 25.

  • luna
    luna 15 days ago +2

    I'm still waiting to grow out of my weight LOL

  • kzzait
    kzzait 17 days ago

    I've always been chubby and I still am. but when I was little I was never this overweight. I just had a little chub on me. These parents need to be more conscious of what they're feeding their children

  • PinkAndOrangeAndGold
    PinkAndOrangeAndGold 18 days ago +1

    Am I the only one to point out the misstake in the title: to toddle not too toddle

  • danthedewman1
    danthedewman1 18 days ago

    Spay N Neuter...some people shouldn't have children

  • Fox Fur
    Fox Fur 18 days ago

    Dad needs parenting lessons.

  • Joey Mulvaney
    Joey Mulvaney 19 days ago

    The monobrow has a wife that's too pretty for him.

  • Jaselle Romero
    Jaselle Romero 20 days ago

    Omfg they will ALWAYS blame it on something or someone else!! Like wtf take responsibility for it already

  • Ash Cakes
    Ash Cakes 21 day ago +1

    When you truly love your child you’ll want the best for them even if it causes them some struggle and discomfort at first. The father who is undermining his wife needs to revaluate if he’s giving his child food to make her happy or is he doing it because it ultimately makes him happy to give her what she wants.

  • Carmel
    Carmel 22 days ago +1

    How outdated is this doctors information? He is really trying to claim 18 and 195 bmi is obese? Straight from the BMI UK gov site, 18.5 to 24.9 - healthy weight , under 18.5% is underweight. That baby at 18% he claims is obese is not and he will give those parents a complex and the children eating disorders. He is wrong and will hurt those children. No wonder Rami didn't believe him.

  • Shana Pinell
    Shana Pinell 22 days ago +1

    I wish bullying would just stop!! For every shape, size, color, handicap, uniqueness, sexuality, language, educated, uneducated, rich, poor, family everything, just breaks my heart

  • Aponina Apů
    Aponina Apů 23 days ago

    Well Good luck

  • Kaosick812
    Kaosick812 24 days ago

    Just follow them around and squeal at them

  • Rachel Sheldon
    Rachel Sheldon 26 days ago

    Listening to a girl that young WEEZE after playing for 5 seconds is absolutely nauseating. Disgusting. STOP FEEDING THEM

  • Backpacker One64
    Backpacker One64 27 days ago

    That's the key which I never hear any doctor speaking about.
    If you want to lose weight, cut the SUGAR. Forget Calories.
    SUGAR is table sugar, in candies, and in Processed Foods and Starches (rice, noodles, bread...).

  • Mr.Blaperous
    Mr.Blaperous 28 days ago

    anyone come here to laugh?

  • Baha Reh Lovel
    Baha Reh Lovel 28 days ago +1

    I know from over 20 years with patients, to ignore a child or say no when they re not full or to let Them be on a diet is really NOT the right way.There 'r better,easier and healthier Tricks and technickes for results that stick for ever and At the same time not harm the childs psych. I would love to teach them; ) it hurts to see them suffer here, and Half the stuff is clearly wrong, they will gain more weight later as a result

  • Japneet Singh
    Japneet Singh 28 days ago

    i love british shows

  • Rachel Ryan
    Rachel Ryan Month ago +1

    Great parents and lovely kids.
    These kids, though they might fight the new food rules, are good kids.

  • Christina B.
    Christina B. Month ago

    If these people can do it with the portion size control, eating the right foods, and more excrsize then what’s a our excuse where I live in the us

  • McKenzie Baker
    McKenzie Baker Month ago

    I feel like the parents don’t care about their future

  • Manuela Mendonca
    Manuela Mendonca Month ago

    Teaching a child what to eat is very simple ... make the plate with the amount and the meal that the child should eat and put it in front of the child ..... of course the child will you make a tantrum .... answer? ' Calmly you say, "Don't you want to eat? OK ... but you're not going to eat anything else and this is the food you're going to eat for the next meal."

  • Manuela Mendonca
    Manuela Mendonca Month ago

    As for being overweight being genetic is true and not a myth at all. But people should not simply use this as an excuse, they should be careful about what they eat and watch over their health ....

  • Manuela Mendonca
    Manuela Mendonca Month ago

    Eat tin soup ?? The mother has to learn how to make healthy soup, pre-cooked food only once in an emergency, but never out of habit.

  • Elina Adueva
    Elina Adueva Month ago

    Tiegen is so, sooooo beautiful, what a cutie 😍💕

  • Beautifully Brittle

    Teagan is so cute.

  • Beautifully Brittle

    That unibrowed father is a piece of garbage.

  • Beautifully Brittle
    Beautifully Brittle Month ago +2

    A lot of these people look so... British.

  • Beautifully Brittle
    Beautifully Brittle Month ago +1

    The other day I saw a mother with a massive toddler, and she was just standing there smoking a cigarette and laughing as her daughter got STUCK on a slide.

  • Melissa Anchira
    Melissa Anchira Month ago

    Tegan's mother is deluded and an abuser. The dull, lifeless look in her daughter's eyes, she'd dead behind there. And the Mum thinks what she is doing is fine, that there is in fact something else going on that the Doctor can't diagnose. If GPs could slap people and tell them "YOU ARE KILLING YOUR KIDS" then their jobs would be easier

  • Victoria Olsen
    Victoria Olsen Month ago

    No more processed or GMO food!

  • Ani Bell
    Ani Bell Month ago

    This was a wonderful doc with a great message. It's in the parents' power, within their ability, to change & give their children a healthier life. Bravo! I loved watching this, except for Rami. I hope he's gotten the therapy he obviously needs. Sheesh!

  • Shannon Mae Swartz
    Shannon Mae Swartz Month ago

    I wonder how much time these kids have outside to run around and just have fun. I remember that was a big part of my childhood and generally being outside alot.

  • Laura Croft
    Laura Croft Month ago +1


  • Sofia Raïs
    Sofia Raïs Month ago +2

    Why is the only ads that come up are food ads?

  • Sofia Raïs
    Sofia Raïs Month ago

    In the end though, the parents are the ones eho choose

  • HonoluluTita
    HonoluluTita Month ago

    If the parents are also heavy it must be doubly difficult