Film Theory: How To BEAT Michael Myers (Halloween)

  • Published on Oct 30, 2018
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    Halloween is a CLASSIC horror movie - the granddaddy of the slasher genre. It introduced to the world the iconic Michael Myers. Who, when you think about, seems like some kind of SUPER human. That got me thinking, how does he keep escaping death? Theorists, today we figure out how to BEAT Michael Myers once and for all!
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Comments • 19 281

  • Dead Meat
    Dead Meat 7 months ago +9303

    You could probably just pump a dog full of radiation and leave it out for Michael to eat. Man, he loves eatin' dogs.

    • Robert Merrill
      Robert Merrill 12 hours ago

      Didn’t expect to see you here!

    • Skelebro Sans
      Skelebro Sans Day ago

      I know I’m late, but no one can say you didn’t read this in James’s voice

    • CrazyKKJS
      CrazyKKJS Day ago

      OMG dead mean watches film theory also I have watched most of you vids

    • Deutalios 818
      Deutalios 818 Day ago

      Hello, Dead Meat

    • Lisa Smith
      Lisa Smith 2 days ago

      Me and my brother love your videos

  • Star Glitter Glow
    Star Glitter Glow 11 minutes ago

    Yeah, but then his corpse gets hit by lightning and he comes back as a zombie slasher #jasonvoorhees #precedent

  • Lil Dva
    Lil Dva 2 hours ago

    Are you talking about in Dead by Daylight or... what?
    wait no thats not any theory, BUT A *GaMe thEoRy*

  • Channel 17
    Channel 17 3 hours ago

    1. Super strenght
    2. Super healing
    3. Regeneration
    So basicly this guy is Deadpool.

  • Pro Potato
    Pro Potato 4 hours ago +1

    Or u could just drown him

  • Rusty Shacklferd
    Rusty Shacklferd 6 hours ago


  • BendyRiper11
    BendyRiper11 7 hours ago

    what if you chop micheals head off?

  • ddd safey dog network
    ddd safey dog network 7 hours ago

    Nah use ask ant man to go up Micheal's butt then go big

  • Loki_Playz
    Loki_Playz 7 hours ago +1


  • I'm That Guy That Makes Dumb Videos

    Just chopped up his body parts then burn them all or throw them in a blender

  • lukeskyewok
    lukeskyewok 11 hours ago

    Just throw him into Chernobyl and let him die

  • InfectingZommbie
    InfectingZommbie 11 hours ago


  • Woomyand Veemo
    Woomyand Veemo 11 hours ago

    One word, god himself, shrek

  • OldBullYungCalf
    OldBullYungCalf 12 hours ago

    Just work with your team and do generators until you can escape

  • KermitTheFan
    KermitTheFan 12 hours ago

    Okay so what you are saying is...
    Create another Chernobyl disaster and throw michael in the radiation.

  • mftnightmare
    mftnightmare 12 hours ago

    My grandmother had leukemia

  • Mason Trans
    Mason Trans 15 hours ago

    *AD* Lasagna!

  • Baltoy 9909
    Baltoy 9909 16 hours ago

    What about you just drown him regrowing don’t stop suffocation

  • Eternals Pumpkin
    Eternals Pumpkin 18 hours ago

    my science teacher told me that i need to learn cells for sex ed so....

  • Dio Bakugou
    Dio Bakugou 19 hours ago

    how about we just tie him up in chains, shove him in a giant save, tie that safe up in chains, weld it shut, and toss it in the mariana trench? because you said he cant teleport

  • Lemon Hope
    Lemon Hope 21 hour ago


    A i m f o r t h e h e a đ.

  • Jack
    Jack 21 hour ago

    You said that like humans eat dogs on a regular basis

  • radh3
    radh3 23 hours ago +1

    Man there is 9 films

  • Blockhead562
    Blockhead562 Day ago

    how would you kill jason voorhees?

  • Dippy Dinosaur
    Dippy Dinosaur Day ago

    Also I know one thing Micheal can't do

    Have kids

  • Dippy Dinosaur
    Dippy Dinosaur Day ago

    Why is it that I always come back to this video

  • Jon the Misunderstood

    Ah Yes Michael Myers
    The Adult with a Childish and twisted mind

  • Caal Taes
    Caal Taes Day ago

    So basically you just need Godzilla.

  • apk 22223
    apk 22223 Day ago

    " if it bleeds we can kill it " duch the predator

  • Joshua Cormier
    Joshua Cormier Day ago


  • Cameron Bryan
    Cameron Bryan Day ago

    why not just pull a terminator 2 and drop him in molten lava

  • Nickolus Joynson

    He could also starve... to death... I guess

  • Killer Queen
    Killer Queen Day ago

    just hand him over to dio he'll be aight

  • NutellaYveltal
    NutellaYveltal Day ago +1

    trap in a room for week and have him dehydrate

  • Eluna Moon
    Eluna Moon Day ago

    Everyone seems to forget that when John Carpenter made him, he viewed him as a psychopath, the other knock off movies view him as a immortal monster with a vengeance. He can still be killed and can still feel pain, he just doesn't show it that much with the mask on.( yes he definitely felt something when Laurie shot his fingers off in the new Halloween, you can hear a pained grunt or hiss from him)

  • slenderboi
    slenderboi Day ago +1

    What if we don't kill him... What if we put him in a electrocution chair but don't electrocut him and through him into the ocean?

  • CrazyKKJS
    CrazyKKJS Day ago +3

    “But hey that’s just a theory a film theory and.” :ad plays

  • The Super 7 Yr Old

    Pat....... do you realise that michal myers gos super fast when your not looking at him

  • jim skywaker
    jim skywaker Day ago

    Even then he can’t regenerate if he doesn’t have a head

  • Ian Peachey
    Ian Peachey Day ago

    Cut him up then put him in a box melt lead into the box he create a new version of himself if there’s no where for him to regrow

  • Sam James
    Sam James Day ago +1

    my method:
    Trick his brain into thinking he has all working organs so they dont regenerate when you tear them out

  • Midget Llama
    Midget Llama 2 days ago

    Or just kill him like you would any other human, he’s not supernatural, it’s just lazy writing

  • Tomato spoop ._.
    Tomato spoop ._. 2 days ago

    Why not just blow him up with an atom bomb or that one powerful atomic bomb that can basically destroy all of Connecticut

  • Pimp King
    Pimp King 2 days ago +5

    Radiation? Toss him where the chernobyl elephant foot is

  • Ipodcrazy
    Ipodcrazy 2 days ago +3

    Coincidence? Yeah absolutely
    - Mat 2018

  • codedeath HERO
    codedeath HERO 2 days ago

    If u throw a knife or anything an touched his head he will instant die how matter he generate

  • Digital Phoenix
    Digital Phoenix 2 days ago +7

    My solution:
    Trap him in a rocket and f-ing YEET him into the sun!

  • Gacha_girl 129875
    Gacha_girl 129875 2 days ago +3

    Thats just a theory, A film theory! And *HOT POCKETS*

  • Felipa Rangel
    Felipa Rangel 2 days ago

    The 096 of the film universe

  • Jah Anderson
    Jah Anderson 2 days ago

    Just put a acid on if

  • Just A Dog
    Just A Dog 2 days ago


  • JustChocolate
    JustChocolate 2 days ago

    I mean that’s cool but... can’t you just like lock him in a box and throw him into the Mariana trench? Or just let a shark eat him?

  • Star Bearing
    Star Bearing 3 days ago

    Has literally no one thought of diseases I don't care if you can regrow an arm he won't survive cancer.

  • Colby Harris
    Colby Harris 3 days ago

    Maybe he can't die because of the curse? If he was cursed to kill his entire family then maybe he has to do that, break the curse and then die?

  • Hearing Colours
    Hearing Colours 3 days ago

    Get rid of Halloween. Duh.

  • Weeb Kami
    Weeb Kami 3 days ago +1

    Or you could cut off his head

  • GD_ChrisPlayz
    GD_ChrisPlayz 3 days ago

    Just be careful where you walk-run

  • Mr. Queen
    Mr. Queen 3 days ago

    Just starve him in prison

  • zheng yi
    zheng yi 3 days ago

    Can you do how to beat the pale man from pan’s labyrinth? Also I can tell you his backstory to help you he was a old man who got killed by a person he wished he could see through his hands so he came back as a angry spirit looking for vengeance seeing through its hands

  • TNTminer 123
    TNTminer 123 3 days ago

    U can just slice his head off?..

  • Justin Harrell
    Justin Harrell 3 days ago

    Just shoot him in the fucking head. He is a normal human. He has been shown stealing food and supplies & bleeding, things a zombie does not do. He escapes the funny farm a few times so they have tested him and he is not a zombie. Holloween H2O is not canon either so that shit about him coming back to life after being burned is not canon nor real. He has survived car crashes, being hit by a car & multiple stab wounds & gun shots but he survived all of that through shear luck & willpower alone and the fact he cant feel any pain helps him ignore & overcome his wounds. Just to be 100 make sure you dump the whole magazine in his head.

  • new Warrior killing do takeover YouTube now

    Maybe we can hear over here Mini Me

  • Sinonic13
    Sinonic13 3 days ago

    basicly he's deadpool?

  • Cole Sellers
    Cole Sellers 3 days ago +1

    Evil Superman = Brightburn
    Evil Wolverine = Michael Myers

  • Cole Sellers
    Cole Sellers 3 days ago

    Kevin Malone recommends we throw him in a tub of electricity. One shock can't do it

  • hotscottrulz
    hotscottrulz 3 days ago +1

    Throw him in a room, then fill that room with concrete. Bury the concrete block. Kill anyone who knows where it was buried. He’s not dead, but he is absolutely contained, especially if you fill as much of his body as possible with concrete as well.
    Alternatively, launch him into space. That should do it.

  • Papadoni
    Papadoni 4 days ago

    I mean the series is going on for about 40 years he will just die out of old in a couple of years and there you go.

  • Bruno Briseño
    Bruno Briseño 4 days ago

    10:27-10:38 the liquifier from mix to obliterate

  • Ryder Williams
    Ryder Williams 4 days ago +1

    Or you could just chop his head off

    • mihaiio C.
      mihaiio C. Day ago

      his lower body will instinctivly get the head back because of plot

  • Lord Necronis
    Lord Necronis 4 days ago +17

    This can be a really good series. 'Film Theory's Guide to Killing Horror Villains.'

  • Josh Stephen
    Josh Stephen 4 days ago

    Call a destruction god and Hakai him

    • mihaiio C.
      mihaiio C. Day ago

      Thanos: ohhh , snap , someone took the job first

  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi 4 days ago


    Call the Jason killer and Freddy they will have a 1v1v1 genius then you don’t die ayyayayayaaaaaayayayayaya

  • Gemspark
    Gemspark 4 days ago

    knock him unconcious and tear out his heart. no way to pump stem cells, no way to regenerate

  • Luke S
    Luke S 4 days ago

    Just send him into space

    • mihaiio C.
      mihaiio C. Day ago

      his body will live , but he will eventually stop thinking

  • Mr. Zimbel
    Mr. Zimbel 4 days ago

    How about this: You could get him to Chernobyl, lead him to the basement and then shove him into the elephant's foot. That should be enough radiation!

  • Bryson Hood
    Bryson Hood 4 days ago

    Couldn't you kill Deadpool and Wolverine this way?

  • Shadow Knight
    Shadow Knight 4 days ago

    How does MatPat end up making this dude funny?! I can't take any mentions or pictures of him seriously anymore! Especially when he uses that gun as a goddamn knife!

  • Seiyuōkami Himura
    Seiyuōkami Himura 4 days ago

    So basically drop a fat boy on him? That would do it.

  • Aidan King
    Aidan King 5 days ago

    How to kill Michael myers just do the same thing they did to Jason

    Blow him up

  • Esthela M. Ramos
    Esthela M. Ramos 5 days ago

    I thought mike Meyers name was mean guy from borhap

  • Southern Bell
    Southern Bell 5 days ago

    He was technically killed in the second one as it was supposed to be the end of him ( I only know this because I watch a lot of kill count I even watched the leprechaun kill count 🤢)

  • Hector Sandoval
    Hector Sandoval 5 days ago

    Or you chop off his head for real you know, the brain that controls all the systems of your body and make sure your able to move

  • Wicked Wickster
    Wicked Wickster 5 days ago

    What if you just suffocate him, or drown him...

  • Indominus Wrex
    Indominus Wrex 5 days ago

    Have you tried removing the head, possibly? And then maybe the rest of him? Cant do the stabby when youre in pieces

  • Uncle Bernard
    Uncle Bernard 5 days ago

    I am exposed to 0.00002 grays every day because I'm a stuck in gamer

  • Ve’rshaylamoriee Martinez

    Why don’t we trap him put him in a coffin. Dig a hole put him in the hole an pour cement in it. So he’ll be trapped forever an maybe built a mall over it. 😂
    Or cut him up when he’s knocked out an grind him into liquid. An then spread him wide.

  • Terrence Banks
    Terrence Banks 5 days ago

    Can someone help me... what about drowning him??

  • Frank Carnival
    Frank Carnival 6 days ago

    Knock him out, cut him into millions of pieces, burn him into thousands of pieces of grains of ash, corrode it into goo, scatter the rest on all over the world. That or if his radiation works like the show aijin(they get hit by lethal attacks they pass out for about a minute, then come back with no injuries.)they couldn’t kill them, the only method shown in the show was to repeatedly inflict lethal wounds every time he woke up.

  • Tae Tae
    Tae Tae 6 days ago

    Can u do one on how to chill Jason

  • Arkfan 21 21
    Arkfan 21 21 6 days ago

    Who would do a marrow transplant to Michael Myers

  • joshie
    joshie 6 days ago +1

    Just get Micheal to eat John wicks dog

  • Rick J-420
    Rick J-420 6 days ago

    Jason would have been a better subject for this.

  • Boom guy
    Boom guy 6 days ago

    Can you just cut off the head?

  • PepperECrafter
    PepperECrafter 6 days ago

    Speaking about this if u were born in augast you can defeat jigsaw

  • Henry Wooster
    Henry Wooster 6 days ago

    You know, you could just tell Michael Myers that he has autism.

  • Meerkat More
    Meerkat More 6 days ago

    Not only was Michael shot, but he was shot with a fucking .500 magnum. That's a .50 caliber revolver, nicknamed the wristbreaker. It was made so a hunter could have a weapon that could take down any animal in the United States

  • Vidoviti Milan
    Vidoviti Milan 7 days ago +1

    Chop his head off!no neuro signal in body no blod in head

    • mihaiio C.
      mihaiio C. Day ago

      plot: for reasons the body will regenerate a head or will grab the old head zombie-style

  • Danny57589 Channel
    Danny57589 Channel 7 days ago

    If it bleeds, we can kill it.

  • Takeawaylamb
    Takeawaylamb 7 days ago

    Just thanos snap him. Everyone has a inf gauntlet these days

  • Cameron Roper
    Cameron Roper 7 days ago

    My mom has leukemia :(