Film Theory: How To BEAT Michael Myers (Halloween)

  • Published on Oct 30, 2018
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    Halloween is a CLASSIC horror movie - the granddaddy of the slasher genre. It introduced to the world the iconic Michael Myers. Who, when you think about, seems like some kind of SUPER human. That got me thinking, how does he keep escaping death? Theorists, today we figure out how to BEAT Michael Myers once and for all!
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Comments • 18 614

  • Dead Meat
    Dead Meat 4 months ago +7690

    You could probably just pump a dog full of radiation and leave it out for Michael to eat. Man, he loves eatin' dogs.

  • Raine Bolden
    Raine Bolden 2 hours ago

    Kinda like what they did with the Leprechaun movies erased all of the other movies except the first one 🍀

  • Lalaboompoo
    Lalaboompoo 5 hours ago

    well wouldnt those cells need energy? couldnt he just starve or die of thirst

  • Ok Bagle Man
    Ok Bagle Man 6 hours ago +1

    Healing cell: Oh He got a cut
    Heals it*
    Healing cell: Actually I think I'll work a lil bit longer.

  • Nick Frost
    Nick Frost 9 hours ago

    i love how you make it like a coming of age/road trip movie lmfao

  • Monica Whitaker
    Monica Whitaker 9 hours ago

    Never watched it.

  • gholamali79 gholamali79

    just put him in damn LAVA and he dies

  • Yi Chen Cui
    Yi Chen Cui 10 hours ago

    Just throw it to the elephants foot

  • 2027: Lisette Meyer
    2027: Lisette Meyer 10 hours ago

    No matter how fast you sprint Michael Myers can walk faster

  • The Gaming Dilophosaurus
    The Gaming Dilophosaurus 14 hours ago +1

    The Infographics Show has already explained this question.

  • Tahseen Ahmed
    Tahseen Ahmed 15 hours ago +1

    How does wolverine survive that nuke...?

  • Tahseen Ahmed
    Tahseen Ahmed 15 hours ago +1

    NUKE THAT B****.

  • GateReaper
    GateReaper 18 hours ago

    Alright, but here's a question for you. What are you going to do about his ungodly strength? The man punched his way through a fairly thick wood door, I imagine he could break out of the radiation room the same way. Either break through the actual door, or just destroy the lock

  • Conor Hutchinson-Fox
    Conor Hutchinson-Fox 21 hour ago

    With his immortallity he is just Jason Voorhes

  • Ian watch YOUTUBE
    Ian watch YOUTUBE 21 hour ago

    Just call jason vorhees

  • Evan Deneault
    Evan Deneault Day ago

    Or you could cause his head to blow the fuck up

  • That’s Impossible

    I love this Chanel and all but Michael would just use the stupid super strength Brake through the walls of the room or the door or just the machine

  • Rpg64ds
    Rpg64ds Day ago

    Couldn't you drown him? He's still human.

  • Shaggy ZOINKS
    Shaggy ZOINKS Day ago

    Micheal also uses a axe

  • Israel Filoteo
    Israel Filoteo Day ago

    I know how to kill him chuck norris

  • Trevor Graham
    Trevor Graham Day ago

    what if michael myers has the same thing as deadpool

  • Wild Duck
    Wild Duck Day ago

    The way to kill Michal Myers: lock him in a room worn pictures full of justin bieber

  • Danielle Lozano
    Danielle Lozano Day ago

    just ban him from your minecraft server

  • Shanne Cortez
    Shanne Cortez Day ago

    they could feed him to sharks 😂

  • Insert Gibberish Here

    Just pull a Zelda and seal the masked gremlin from Hell away.

  • Gummy Guppy
    Gummy Guppy 2 days ago

    Michel:*walks into dark room, turns on light, sees fifty X-ray machines*
    Also Michel:😓

  • Bradley Abrams
    Bradley Abrams 2 days ago

    So you want to turn him in to a goole

  • Warmnave
    Warmnave 2 days ago +1

    Wait... shoot him into the sun 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 ☀️

  • Just Monika
    Just Monika 2 days ago

    Corrosive we’ll get rid of the other movies then there will be cell from dbz easy

  • Joe Kink
    Joe Kink 3 days ago

    You could always cut his head or body parts off and weld him inside a bunch of seperate small but thick steel containers. Wouldnt kill him per say but hes be stuck inside and healing would just mold him into that shape. Itd be painful and he wouldnt be able to breath so hed constantly be suffocating to death.

    • Joe Kink
      Joe Kink 3 days ago

      Its how id take care of all immortals

  • Fɍøsŧƀɨŧɇ FłȺmɇ

    Just say ‘no u’

  • Jenny Taylor
    Jenny Taylor 4 days ago

    'I just thought of it drown him yes he can regenerate cells but they need oxygen hmmmm think about it

  • The Man With the Hair

    You can't kill him, he makes to much money, the only way he dies is when he falls out of popularity

  • Effectedfox
    Effectedfox 4 days ago

    Michael Myers. The new springtrap. "I always Come back "

  • Effectedfox
    Effectedfox 4 days ago

    3.49 you took the power set for a demon Hunter in diabolo 3, but that is the worst demon hunter power set i've ever seen. I started playing that game when I was 5 btw. :)

  • Julia Möller
    Julia Möller 4 days ago

    I have a better idea, just chop bis head off, without his brain i'm sure he will die

  • Ophelia Sutcliff
    Ophelia Sutcliff 5 days ago

    Stop trying to kill my boyfriend!!! >:(

  • Laura Aaron
    Laura Aaron 5 days ago

    Radiation, that's it? Then I say to drop a nuclear bomb on his ass, or lead him into a nuclear power plant, lock him inside, and BLOW IT THE F*** UP, SUCKA! 😎

  • Tabitha Ondriezek
    Tabitha Ondriezek 5 days ago

    My friend’s name is Nicholas Meyers, and his brother is named Michael Meyers.
    *Michael Meyers and Michael Myers*
    *Illuminati confirmed*

  • rampage the sneaky lil bitch

    please for the love of god. geting cancer treatment is not that brave its forced on you. there are billions of other things that make people more brave then that. and they are not heros ither hero is a firefighter who risks his life to go in burning buildings. you just water down the words so mutch when you missuse them like that. cancer is not bravery its a tragedy

  • 雨宮寧音
    雨宮寧音 5 days ago

    Did anyone listen to this video without looking at the screen? I don’t want to miss a film theory video but I’m too scared to look😂

  • SILK
    SILK 5 days ago

    But he can still break through doors WOODEN doors

  • Nether Die
    Nether Die 6 days ago

    Or you could just chop his head off and since every human need a brain to live and if you Google it when people have a tumor and get it removed it doesn't regenerate even if they have an entire life time to so even if his head grows back his brain wont

  • Ashton The Great
    Ashton The Great 6 days ago +2

    30 gray why not 50 shades of gray

  • Nikoli WhatzItToYa
    Nikoli WhatzItToYa 6 days ago

    Wouldn’t he then be radioactive and going near him is a death sentence? Also why not just cause his system to just create too many cells eventually giving him cancer and get him that way?

  • Pikamander 98
    Pikamander 98 6 days ago

    Halloween 1000 coming this fall

  • Party Squad
    Party Squad 7 days ago

    2:03 * gasp * Judith.

  • Martin Mikeš
    Martin Mikeš 7 days ago

    isn't there a really simple solution?
    he eats... so he needs to fuel his body and regeneration...
    he can't escape cells...
    he can get knocked out...
    so... sleep gas him and throw him into a steel cage...
    then keep him over high flame for few weeks or until he stops regenerating...
    when he stops, just dispose of the reminders with acid of your choice...

  • Dino Noob
    Dino Noob 7 days ago

    Please do a Friday the 13th theory

  • DialingDock2
    DialingDock2 7 days ago

    The real weapon to defeat him is a Myer-off, the two of those guys will 50/50 chance.

  • Nintendo Smarter
    Nintendo Smarter 7 days ago

    He can't die he can't go to hell he'll just come back

  • I Play Games Wanna Watch

    I think micheal is Chinese not trying to be racist

  • Lone Assassin29
    Lone Assassin29 7 days ago

    Or drown him

    BIG CHUNGUS 7 days ago +1


  • The Procrastination
    The Procrastination 7 days ago

    I always understand " a cute radiation poisening" (do you write it like that?)

  • AwayAWAY
    AwayAWAY 7 days ago

    Michael Myers could be murdering muppets when he’s not targeting people. I mean, no one’s seen Sam the Eagle, Guy Smiley or Forgetful Jones for a few years now...

  • Mim F
    Mim F 8 days ago

    Flatworms can grow back an entire body and head from just a segment cut out of the middle. So are you saying he is like a flatworm?

  • Maulesh Kantharia
    Maulesh Kantharia 8 days ago


  • DarkenedPlayZ
    DarkenedPlayZ 8 days ago

    I’m pretty sure Jason is more famous
    Do a theory on him

  • pablo rojas
    pablo rojas 9 days ago

    You should make videos on theories to fix world problems

  • Special Agent
    Special Agent 9 days ago

    OR nuke him

  • Enigma O'Dell
    Enigma O'Dell 10 days ago

    What's the trope? 'Five rounds rapid'? Yeah, apparently guns don't work.

  • Rocket Rowan
    Rocket Rowan 10 days ago +1

    12:16 you shouldve said Michael-wave. im ashamed of you

  • Nothing To see herw
    Nothing To see herw 10 days ago

    Oh I know just get ur Mexican mom and throw him the "CHANCLA" that would one shot him

  • The Abstrakt RazzBarry

    he said he has super strength... wouldn't he just bust through the door and kill everyone in the hospital before the radiation can get going

  • Martoadigi
    Martoadigi 10 days ago

    To kill him you have to put dead memes inside him (sorry i dont know if this is how you say it...)

  • Pavel Lázenský
    Pavel Lázenský 10 days ago

    Hell dosnt want him they say

  • Genius Minecrafter
    Genius Minecrafter 11 days ago

    It's called a gun

  • Troy Lee Newgent
    Troy Lee Newgent 11 days ago

    Like when i was a kid and im 28 now but up until i was like 14 i for real thought mike myers actually played micheal myers in the hallloween movies no bullshit i felt so stupid when i said i dnt see how he plays micheal myers in halloween when watching a austin powers movie

  • Kilravok
    Kilravok 11 days ago

    No amount of healing factor can heal severe burns. Anything more severe than third degree will never regenerate.

  • Yolo770700
    Yolo770700 11 days ago

    Hey pls sub to me and I’ll sub back :)

  • Brendamania
    Brendamania 11 days ago


  • captainrobert007
    captainrobert007 11 days ago

    0:04 pretty spooky image

  • Don’t subscribe to me

    If you cut off his head, he won’t have the memories to motivate him to kill right?

  • jonathan long
    jonathan long 11 days ago

    its explained in Halloween 6 the curse of Michael myers how he learned to drive and how he got the car. just fyi

  • Wolfy Kaname
    Wolfy Kaname 11 days ago

    I always thought that Mike Myers and Michael Myers was the same guy. Never saw halloween.

  • javier vasquez
    javier vasquez 12 days ago

    How was Dr. Loomis the worst Dr?

  • Jackertime
    Jackertime 12 days ago

    I thin-
    Yes. Absolutely.

  • Dragon Knight
    Dragon Knight 12 days ago

    What about completely vaporizing him? Lure him into an abandoned building and have a bomb that’s equivalent to one ton of TNT and detonate it once he’s inside. That way his body would be vaporized and he’d have no way to regenerate.

  • Lucas Zidlicky
    Lucas Zidlicky 13 days ago

    But how do u get out of the radiation room without him killing u

  • Madison Farrell
    Madison Farrell 13 days ago

    Plot Twist: Micheal Myers is deadpool

  • PinkPorg
    PinkPorg 13 days ago +2

    You could say he’s


  • PinkPorg
    PinkPorg 13 days ago

    Wound him by dabbing on him then take the kill shot by yeeting on him

  • Axl Bosmans
    Axl Bosmans 13 days ago

    Everyone being so serious about this, just cut the head off 🤷‍♂️

  • Broke Poor Asian Kid
    Broke Poor Asian Kid 13 days ago

    Just have a fly lay eggs inside him so the maggots eats him inside out

  • Deemon Kaylax
    Deemon Kaylax 13 days ago

    But what about dissection?

  • Collin Jahn
    Collin Jahn 13 days ago

    Or you could give him HIV/AIDS which would also destroy his immune system. Hm, maybe that's why he kills the promiscuous kiddos.

  • Addy and co.
    Addy and co. 13 days ago

    Just make him drown

  • Rex The MegaUtahraptor
    Rex The MegaUtahraptor 14 days ago +1

    Here’s another way to kill Micheal Myers...


  • Buttermcjames 83
    Buttermcjames 83 14 days ago +1

    Austin Powers : The curse of Mike Myers. Yeah Baby!!!!

  • LazerusXXX Tha Gamer
    LazerusXXX Tha Gamer 14 days ago

    Or we could call Goku and have him go U.I on him and finish it off with Super Kamehameha. Right?

  • Qarzy :D
    Qarzy :D 14 days ago

    Lemme just get a hydraulic press...

  • Diana Estrada
    Diana Estrada 14 days ago

    So stem cells are basically the ditto of our cells

  • Miles Z
    Miles Z 14 days ago +1

    TSAR BOMBA!!! Or just don’t be a babysitter

  • Miles Z
    Miles Z 14 days ago

    Infect him with polio!

  • Miles Z
    Miles Z 14 days ago +1

    He DOES die! It’s just a different person mimicking the person before them

  • wolfy gameing43
    wolfy gameing43 14 days ago

    Use lava blow him up buried him 50 feet can his head off chop him in pieces it not hard to kill him he not Freddy Krueger. 😂😂

  • thick Daddy 999
    thick Daddy 999 15 days ago

    Give Michael Myers the Hulk

  • colin horwedel
    colin horwedel 15 days ago +1

    If you cut Michael Myers EXACTLY in half, which one regenerates the other half? and would you get 2 Michael Myers?

    • ScareBros
      ScareBros 14 days ago

      I know
      that's what I was thinking too


    Use cyanide, it would prevent his cells from producing energy required for them to live, effectively killing his stem cells, and him in one go. Also the plan would be much more adaptable and less predictable, therefore making it more effective, also you don’t even need to inject him, or make him ingest the cyanide because the Germans invented zyclon b, a crystalized form of cyanide that allows you to launch a projectile from a safe distance to gas him.