People With Albinism Review Albino Characters From Film

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019
  • "Oh, he's supposed to be the albino?!"
    Devin Clark @_devinclark_
    Jennifer Renée @jreneejrenee
    Colleen Young @coroyo
    Keenan Javon @keenanjavon
    Rosemary and Christina Alubankudi @stylebytwinology
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Comments • 3 946

  • mricardo96
    mricardo96 29 minutes ago

    This is such an buzzfeed title

  • Yannick P
    Yannick P 29 minutes ago

    Get them to read Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy. lol

  • Temp_M3rks
    Temp_M3rks 51 minute ago

    They look white?

  • Zenpaku
    Zenpaku 52 minutes ago


  • TheBlackSuper Saiyan

    Tobias Whale anyone??

  • Pablo Wasserman
    Pablo Wasserman Hour ago

    It's curious how albinos identify themselves as a unique separate race when they are actually all from black or white races

  • Joey Mak
    Joey Mak 2 hours ago

    Why do they all look crosseyed and or blind

  • slurrrp shwrrp
    slurrrp shwrrp 2 hours ago

    The guy from benchwarmers isn't albino

  • M!stake
    M!stake 2 hours ago

    These people gross me out

  • Yobama
    Yobama 3 hours ago

    Why don’t they just dye their eyebrows and hair? (Not being offensive but I’m just curious)

  • Rxck Beats
    Rxck Beats 3 hours ago

    Cant they say the N word ???

  • Dakota Davis
    Dakota Davis 3 hours ago

    her eyessssss, so pretty

  • Jay Rogers
    Jay Rogers 4 hours ago

    She uses the word albinism way too much

  • WesleySnipzzz
    WesleySnipzzz 4 hours ago

    Black lightning has a albino villain

  • lorenzo seravalle
    lorenzo seravalle 4 hours ago

    non sapevo che gli albini fossero strabici, we

  • williamlp420
    williamlp420 4 hours ago

    the girl in the leather jacket isnt albino i swear

  • Zander Burt
    Zander Burt 6 hours ago

    It's too bad this doesn't include tv shows as krondon could have been included through black lightning because he actually has albinism even though he does play a villain I think he is not represented differently because of albinism he is just a villain

  • NitroCrypt
    NitroCrypt 6 hours ago

    Imagine being an African albino And you bump into charlamagne and he calls you a culture vulture

  • tristen gonzales
    tristen gonzales 6 hours ago

    Lol should be played by people with Albanism lol how many albino actors do you know that also fit their criteria lmao

  • mystery yretsym
    mystery yretsym 6 hours ago +1

    Ok but where's the albino from banshee?

  • jugernaut shaw
    jugernaut shaw 6 hours ago

    Yeah I think the twins are Jamaican

  • MsWillowbayOrelse
    MsWillowbayOrelse 7 hours ago

    They didn't show Krondon in Black Lightening or Shaun Ross from The Man in the High Castle

  • I’m living but I’m not alive

    Are they all blonde?

  • salant96
    salant96 7 hours ago

    lmao, this is so funny to hear them be like "just get an actor who has albinism to play an albino." this is literally just a skin disorder, why are you victimizing it like its appropriation, racism, etc. etc. From now on only people with cancer can play cancer victims too. IF YA AINT GOT IT, YA CAN'T ACT IT. *because acting is real*.

  • Mackenzie Cutshaw
    Mackenzie Cutshaw 7 hours ago

    The one for benchwarmers is not even close to being albino, y’all are reaching on that one buzzfeed

  • Arth 17
    Arth 17 7 hours ago

    What about Tobias from black lighting

  • Memphis Mills
    Memphis Mills 7 hours ago

    How about the guy from black lightning

  • Satirical Shitposter
    Satirical Shitposter 8 hours ago

    So that's how black people look without colour.. 😂

  • Augustinas Pilkis
    Augustinas Pilkis 8 hours ago

    Is this channel all about being offended?

  • Goon
    Goon 8 hours ago

    Y’all wrong for this

  • Riftkin
    Riftkin 8 hours ago

    Does anyone else notice the way their eyes are moving? It's almost kinda robotic like...
    Does anyone know why?

  • Fernando Valles
    Fernando Valles 8 hours ago

    I am literally dying that the African female is talking about Albino Face 😂

  • Da BigKing Gaming
    Da BigKing Gaming 9 hours ago

    I love that black and white t shirt girl's hair (no offense i just love that blonde shine 😂)

  • graham kehoe
    graham kehoe 9 hours ago

    Blake griffen in the thumbnail?

  • Jonathan Pinder S.R.
    Jonathan Pinder S.R. 9 hours ago

    What about the guy in the Heat with Sandra Bullock and Mellisa Mcarthy that was a funny movie

  • Paramezium kakak lulu
    Paramezium kakak lulu 9 hours ago

    Thsy should react to “the heat”

  • Flintlox
    Flintlox 9 hours ago

    "He looks evil, I hope I don't look like that."
    *You look like a diversity hire sith lord.*

  • LemonBoi
    LemonBoi 10 hours ago

    Ofc buzzfeed made this video

  • Jay Cartwright
    Jay Cartwright 10 hours ago

    The guy from the benchwarmers is agoraphobic (anxiety) and heliophobic (fear of sunlight) he isn't an albino.

  • Payton Walden
    Payton Walden 10 hours ago

    I’m an actor and I hear this a lot but people say “Oh why did you play ____ if you aren’t actually that” and I think people now a days truly don’t understand we are entertainers, it’s a performance. I have friends who have played Nazi’s in plays and this may be shocking but THEY ARENT ACTUALLY NAZI’S! I think if you are cast to play a character who is of specific origin then you have to portray the character for what the script desires. Not talking about white washing but like if a script leaves a characters race,sex,gender open for interpretation then do what ever you want to it, it’s their production but if a script directly calls for this character to be gay or a woman or Latino then you have to do that. So then you also have to look at it from a theme point of view, is the show suppose to have a serious tone or a comedic tone? Benchwarmers wasn’t albino I don’t think but let’s say he was, the joke was that albinos are afraid of the sun and if you are a normal person who can identify between reality and fiction you should get a laugh cause albinos aren’t actually afraid of the sun. For a serious performance you would just do the opposite of that because it holds closer to reality. I feel if an actor portrays the part accordingly and gets the job done why does it matter what they are?

  • Isaiah
    Isaiah 10 hours ago

    When you purify coke

  • Lil Johnny
    Lil Johnny 10 hours ago

    Is it racist if I say that I could tell the black albinos from the white albinos

  • Lil Otaku
    Lil Otaku 10 hours ago

    Anyone else expecting to see the albino hippie from not another teen movie in the mix ?😂

    HIIIPOWER 000 10 hours ago

    Don’t get why they just don’t hire albinos and why don’t they just hire people of that ethnicity or whatever to play the character the racists will be mad they wanna play albinos when there not but won’t ever let the be a black Santa spider man James Bond even Jesus a middle eastern man

  • Ty Kirkland
    Ty Kirkland 10 hours ago

    Yo she has red eyes. That’s awesome

  • Avry Sciole
    Avry Sciole 11 hours ago

    the one complaining the most doesn’t even look albino

  • Eva sid
    Eva sid 11 hours ago

    I watched this video only too see tobias from black lightning

  • Dan Kipock
    Dan Kipock 11 hours ago

    The girl with curls is a hottie , hope she got a fat ass too , i"ll marry her ❤

  • l l
    l l 11 hours ago

    It is a joke.

  • girl in the yellow sweater

    This comment is not meant to be offensive
    Tbh this video was kinda problematic These are movies. They're fictional events with fictional characters.
    I have a friend who is albino and I showed this video to her. She said she had no problem with the charaters in the all movies and that the character from the first film wasn't even albino. Again I wasn't trying to be rude I just had some things I wanted to get off of my chest.

  • G F
    G F 11 hours ago

    The guy from benchwarmers isn’t supposed to be an albino

  • Cheez_ it
    Cheez_ it 11 hours ago +1

    Isn’t Grindlewald from Fantastic Beasts albino

  • C h i l l S t u d i o s

    The albino guy from logan???

  • Mei Itsugaki
    Mei Itsugaki 11 hours ago

    They said “no one will research this for themselves” and then there’s me, who things albinism is amazing and looked up as much as she could to know about it!

  • Gambit2483
    Gambit2483 11 hours ago

    Wait...does she have red eyes?

  • Yo Bo
    Yo Bo 11 hours ago

    This just fed into the albinos are weird feed😂 that one girl literally looks like a red eyed rat and it scares me

  • Zag Manzanare
    Zag Manzanare 11 hours ago

    In today’s video we are going to be watching albinos getting triggered over nothing

  • Pierce Phillips
    Pierce Phillips 11 hours ago +1

    why they look like the white chicks?

  • Caden May
    Caden May 11 hours ago

    Those twins look just like the matrix twins

  • Pompilio Francisco
    Pompilio Francisco 12 hours ago +3

    Y do they have big heads and lips?

  • Desi Pfander
    Desi Pfander 12 hours ago

    Why do white people with albinism have red skin but the black people don't? My brother has white blonde hair and rudy skin but because he doesn't use sunscreen..... Is it because of not using enough sunscreen? Serious question.

  • Ernesto
    Ernesto 12 hours ago

    Do they have red eyes??

  • James
    James 12 hours ago

    What bout valdomor from Harry Potter

  • bloodsling
    bloodsling 12 hours ago

    Colleen is so pretty :)

  • Colton MacFarlane
    Colton MacFarlane 13 hours ago

    Wait so can they say the n-word?

  • Andy The Singer
    Andy The Singer 13 hours ago


  • Eduardo Rios
    Eduardo Rios 13 hours ago

    Sounds about white

  • the best youtuber
    the best youtuber 13 hours ago

    If they dont want to cast albinos they dont if your an albino it doesnt mean your good at acting

  • the best youtuber
    the best youtuber 13 hours ago

    Dont do dredds if you do not look good with it

  • Corporal Russo
    Corporal Russo 13 hours ago

    Also The benchwarmers scene, he's Agoraphobic not Albino

  • simp
    simp 13 hours ago

    could have just said: “Albino people review Albino Movie Characters”

  • Corporal Russo
    Corporal Russo 13 hours ago

    No offense though but @ 0:27 ; "We can be seen as the villain or we look kinda crazy".............DO YOU HAVE A MIRROR?!!! lol.

  • Curious Dweeb
    Curious Dweeb 13 hours ago


  • TSM Jeffy paul
    TSM Jeffy paul 13 hours ago

    Bro that thumbnail guy kinda looks like a albino tay k 🤣

  • Dylan Schneider
    Dylan Schneider 13 hours ago

    Those two girls that (no bullying or hate) that had kinda larger noses they look like they would be African American but their completely white

  • America Most Wanted
    America Most Wanted 13 hours ago

    What about the DEA agent from the heat

  • bob dales
    bob dales 13 hours ago

    Next up: fat people review fat bastard in Austin powers.

  • Kaza_mobile 69
    Kaza_mobile 69 13 hours ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Joshua Haynes
    Joshua Haynes 13 hours ago

    I'm sorry but these guys creep me out

  • Seif Nasser
    Seif Nasser 13 hours ago

    I didn’t even know albinism was a thing u thought it was just people making fun of pale people

  • PVNCHO s14
    PVNCHO s14 13 hours ago

    Venture bros anyone?

  • OpticalGhost
    OpticalGhost 14 hours ago

    The Princess Bride one is hard to totally judge on. It was made long ago when there were not the studies done on it. On top of that it takes place in a different world so it is really hard to judge on that

  • jeeperz creeperz
    jeeperz creeperz 14 hours ago

    . HIP HOP

  • Stoned.Sensei
    Stoned.Sensei 14 hours ago

    U can’t tell me Tobias in black lightning ain’t raw tho ..

  • Shayshay albino red
    Shayshay albino red 14 hours ago

    Iam albino 😍😍😍😍

  • devinngeorge
    devinngeorge 14 hours ago

    Asthmatics aren't represented in media positively

    CSOCSO 15 hours ago

    It was nice of you guys to also invite the Twins from Matrix so they can review themselves

    AZ GAMING 15 hours ago

    *Why does that dude look like Bevis from bevis and butthead*

  • Gabe Pugh
    Gabe Pugh 15 hours ago

    Take a joke you tards

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer 15 hours ago

    Immediately thought of the matrix when I saw the thumbnail lol

  • RoBloxxed
    RoBloxxed 15 hours ago +1


  • premɨ
    premɨ 16 hours ago

    Im sorry but the dude in the thumbnail looks stoopid

  • Dominique Jenkins
    Dominique Jenkins 16 hours ago

    When they laughed at the white guy in bench warmer lol

  • Galen Byrne
    Galen Byrne 16 hours ago

    By her account we can't have CGI dragons play dragons in movies any more because we should be using real dragons to fill the roles of dragons

  • Starkiller Ren
    Starkiller Ren 16 hours ago

    What bout the show black lightning

  • Selah Jackson
    Selah Jackson 16 hours ago

    What about The guy from Black Lighting

  • Don’t drink And drive

    Ur weird

  • GarageChemist
    GarageChemist 16 hours ago

    The black woman with the curly hair legit doesn't look albino. She has color in her eyes and hair.

  • Lila got game
    Lila got game 16 hours ago

    Never bulley

  • Solluminati hitting the shoot

    Look like monkeys