Billie Eilish Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

  • Published on Apr 10, 2019
  • Billie Eilish tries her best to focus while answering your fan questions, ranging from her upcoming set at Coachella, the first song she ever wrote, to the story behind that iconic blue hair.
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    Celebs + puppies, kittens, thirst tweets, and more = so much yes.
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  • Alida Harris
    Alida Harris 6 minutes ago

    Billie eilish!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrew productions
    Andrew productions 15 minutes ago

    To be honest I think billie is going to be in USclip rewind 2019

  • Sans McBasketball
    Sans McBasketball 37 minutes ago

    The entire comment section:
    Billie Eyelash: ...........
    Also Billy Eyelash: ............

  • Sam Vanity
    Sam Vanity 53 minutes ago

    you should really put the rescue link in the description so people can help to rehome these lovely animals easier

  • Julien Mateo
    Julien Mateo 54 minutes ago

    Billie: F$&#!!!!
    Again Billie: aW pUpPyS aRe sO cute!!!

  • Emma Hartsfield
    Emma Hartsfield Hour ago +1

    Billie +Baking =Does not compute o-o

  • Maria shawn
    Maria shawn Hour ago

    We need shawn mendes here please

  • Maryam Al Zaabi
    Maryam Al Zaabi 2 hours ago

    Wow Billie is such a bad guy

  • Rnugent7629
    Rnugent7629 2 hours ago

    5:48 wtf🤣🤣

  • Kate Charles
    Kate Charles 2 hours ago

    Are u the Fake Billie

  • Skull Crusher
    Skull Crusher 2 hours ago

    I prefer the Keanu Reeves version

  • Phoenix Foxtrot
    Phoenix Foxtrot 2 hours ago


  • Juan Ortíz
    Juan Ortíz 3 hours ago +1

    *"This does put a smile on my face"*

  • MissMads 0
    MissMads 0 3 hours ago

    Billie can you bake me some cookies?

  • Hayley Chan Hiew Kay
    Hayley Chan Hiew Kay 4 hours ago +1

    Billie talking to a dog: 5:48 to 5:52
    Then Billie talking to both dogs and us: 7:30 till the end

  • Goodluck29o19 NU
    Goodluck29o19 NU 4 hours ago

    I’m a bad guyyy...

  • Billie Eilish
    Billie Eilish 4 hours ago +1

    billie: i hate blue hair
    random person: whats that i see in ur hair

  • Dimentive
    Dimentive 4 hours ago

    Billie is adorable. And depressed. But mostly adorable.

  • Rahul Baroliya
    Rahul Baroliya 5 hours ago

    Billie - in wired pyjamas with a pikachu hat,
    Singing about murder and crying black tears,
    playing with puppies,
    Named your IG - where'stheavecado
    Guess now things are perfectly balanced as it should be

  • blue DaBade Dabadye Chiara chiara

    0:29 *Blue DaBaDee left the chat* aww :

  • Lea loa
    Lea loa 6 hours ago

    Th 5:49

  • RanBNO _
    RanBNO _ 6 hours ago


  • cute puppy
    cute puppy 6 hours ago

    I love puppies too they're so cute and playful

  • MJ_mooncookiez:3
    MJ_mooncookiez:3 6 hours ago

    I think she likes puppies

  • Typical Eclipse
    Typical Eclipse 6 hours ago

    What a wonderful life
    We smell the roses in roseeee bush

  • Cameron Stuck
    Cameron Stuck 7 hours ago

    Omg the dog in the thumbnail I can’t 😂😂😂😂

  • Jaxence
    Jaxence 7 hours ago

    Tell blille everone as a soft side in her videos she dose not look likeshe has one tell her she the best and I love cooking too

  • Play with Anime
    Play with Anime 7 hours ago

    This is how many times Billie said Hours

  • Electric Music
    Electric Music 7 hours ago +1

    Guys we need to beat this Billie eillish vid and make Keanu Reeves vid with more views

  • Sunny Moonlight
    Sunny Moonlight 7 hours ago

    I love puppies too

  • Asher Pineapple
    Asher Pineapple 8 hours ago

    5:49 xD got me so dead I haded to show my brother

  • EatingMantis341
    EatingMantis341 8 hours ago

    5:49 setting: WW2 the Japanese hiding in trees talking with each other about spotting Americans

  • Ryoko48
    Ryoko48 8 hours ago

    I’m still confused by her answer to her blue hair - she had a voluntary active cognitive process to choose to dye it her least favourite colour, then didn’t know how it happened. I really wanna know what heavy duty stuff they used - I have ‘blue‘ hair and its a miracle getting it to the shade she had. In a week or so it becomes aqua/green, that shit sadly washes out so fast even with just cold water.

  • chris brid
    chris brid 8 hours ago

    1:39 all the sudden Billie Eilish turned from depressed to adorable

  • Geremy Shaw
    Geremy Shaw 8 hours ago

    She looks like lil xan

  • Bubble Girl
    Bubble Girl 8 hours ago

    I’ve been saying ilomilo wrong thing whole time

  • Titanium Alpha
    Titanium Alpha 8 hours ago

    Why do people like ariana? She a hoe

  • DI11Y PI11Y
    DI11Y PI11Y 8 hours ago +1

    For some reason, dont ask me why, I feel like billy eilish and lil xan are like the same person

  • Kenn diane
    Kenn diane 8 hours ago

    I wish that I was the puppy🥺

  • Serena Francesca
    Serena Francesca 8 hours ago +1

    Billie-Gets famous from blue hair and singing

    Also Billie- I hate blue

    Read more

  • Swe Renjun Lover
    Swe Renjun Lover 9 hours ago


  • Swe Renjun Lover
    Swe Renjun Lover 9 hours ago


  • Plagues Inhale the
    Plagues Inhale the 9 hours ago

    Lil xan sister

  • Roxsasplayz 36798
    Roxsasplayz 36798 9 hours ago

    Can you bring markiplier on this channel

  • Hello there
    Hello there 10 hours ago

    Thought she likes to play with spiders

  • Kaitlynn Cantu
    Kaitlynn Cantu 10 hours ago

    Change your hair to blue I like it

  • FaLcOnz
    FaLcOnz 10 hours ago

    Makes songs about ending the world, but loves puppies?

  • WeLoveA NervouseSister
    WeLoveA NervouseSister 10 hours ago

    Billie: I love fashion
    Also Billie: *legit wearing pajama pants with patches sewed into them*

  • R4iz _!
    R4iz _! 10 hours ago

    Don’t press it

  • Kaitlyn Taylor
    Kaitlyn Taylor 10 hours ago

    Mom: How was school today?
    Me: 5:22

  • ilove food and da krew and Flamingo

    Billie has like deppresed songs but a really kind heart

  • Kaiamrtnz
    Kaiamrtnz 11 hours ago

    I am an avocado

  • Kaiamrtnz
    Kaiamrtnz 11 hours ago

    Wait why is she playing with puppies?

  • Unicorn girl3421
    Unicorn girl3421 11 hours ago

    Does she kind of look a bit like Scarlet Johansson?

  • Oh Bugga
    Oh Bugga 11 hours ago

    Just because she sings creepy stuff it doesn’t mean she it that rude bitched

  • alyse cho
    alyse cho 11 hours ago

    no one:
    Billie: using her foreign language to communicate with dogs

  • Alejandra Pacheco
    Alejandra Pacheco 11 hours ago

    This is how many times the yellowish dog kissed billie eilish X3

  • Tony Guerra
    Tony Guerra 12 hours ago

    Is this a guy or girl?

  • Movietv Guy
    Movietv Guy 12 hours ago +1

    Hello poo poo face ~ Billie Eilish

  • Sksksk Lol
    Sksksk Lol 13 hours ago

    Bille: I hate blue dyes her hair blue and wears blue

  • Tally
    Tally 13 hours ago

    I’m lil xan

  • Vincent
    Vincent 13 hours ago

    1:06 flexing on the puppies

  • 재키재키.
    재키재키. 13 hours ago

    Why don’t you like girl clothes? And why don’t you also not like girl clothes?

  • The Caydenator
    The Caydenator 14 hours ago

    I'm a bad guy. "AWW THEY'RE SO CUUTE

  • chill kiwi
    chill kiwi 14 hours ago

    My mom: CLEAN YOUR ROOM!
    Me mocking my mom: 5:49
    Edit: Why did i find this funny?

  • ana sauce gacha
    ana sauce gacha 15 hours ago

    I see all the comments with 1.3k and more and I'm like i wonder if that would ever happen to me?

  • OmqBloodMoonXX
    OmqBloodMoonXX 15 hours ago


  • Maria Latif
    Maria Latif 15 hours ago +1

    She seems happy in this

  • Yolanda Correa
    Yolanda Correa 16 hours ago

    Billie at 4: singing what a wonderful life
    Billie at 17:bury a friend,bud guy,and more

  • Mirja Korhonen
    Mirja Korhonen 16 hours ago

    I hope she adopts that puppy who sits on her lap all the time, so cute! :)

  • Chocolate Lover
    Chocolate Lover 17 hours ago

    That hat tho

  • Night Mynx
    Night Mynx 17 hours ago +2

    I love how natural Billie is. She's freaking amazing :3

  • BubblyMarble
    BubblyMarble 17 hours ago

    Billie is the only person I seen so far who would declined to wear slutty clothing

  • Baylee Renea
    Baylee Renea 17 hours ago

    I love your blue hair any way

  • Yellow Apple
    Yellow Apple 17 hours ago

    Me : (WASENT listening )
    Billie : (Talks about avicados)
    Me : wut

  • hessu hiki
    hessu hiki 17 hours ago

    I have brown hair YEA GET REKT!!

  • Mike Kenna
    Mike Kenna 17 hours ago

    5:48 Sorry what😂

  • Ezzan Kiyani
    Ezzan Kiyani 17 hours ago

    Who's Billie Ellish

  • Nick O'Neill
    Nick O'Neill 17 hours ago

    She look kinda like lil xan in this

  • Brielle Canerday
    Brielle Canerday 18 hours ago

    Billie eilish come over to my house

  • Cry Blue
    Cry Blue 18 hours ago +1

    This is how many people love puppies 🐶

  • julia gacha
    julia gacha 18 hours ago +1

    How many times billie said blue

  • Flux Katz
    Flux Katz 18 hours ago

    She should date lil zan😂

  • Pokemon Pokemons
    Pokemon Pokemons 18 hours ago

    You're SO AWESOME ☺️☺️

  • Teddy Hile
    Teddy Hile 18 hours ago

    I love billie ellish more than myself

  • Linkachu Verse
    Linkachu Verse 19 hours ago

    The Pikachu hat lol

  • Elena Rich
    Elena Rich 19 hours ago

    Me: I love blue

    Billie: I hate blue

    Me: I hate blue

  • BTS shiteu
    BTS shiteu 19 hours ago

    Uh I hate that dumb bitch

  • Caroline Jacobson
    Caroline Jacobson 19 hours ago

    5:48 Minions?

  • Kevtor Galaxy Girl
    Kevtor Galaxy Girl 19 hours ago

    Billie, where can I get that pokemon hat from?

  • kylie jensen
    kylie jensen 19 hours ago

    I was watching this and I was listening to music and I’m a bad guy come on

  • Olivia Rowhm
    Olivia Rowhm 20 hours ago

    Random face Buckeyes are the best my mom always had them growing up in Ohio XD

  • Mira Sawao
    Mira Sawao 20 hours ago

    Man these answers REALLY shows how young she is 🤦‍♀️

  • Lyla girly Dyla gamer
    Lyla girly Dyla gamer 20 hours ago

    *Billie:SO CUTE:meh its not cute it’s ADoRBLe*

  • Leo Nvz
    Leo Nvz 20 hours ago

    This bitch is so fake depressed it’s crazy

  • Riana Plescan
    Riana Plescan 20 hours ago

    5:02 ...look at the puppies...don't do that 👌🤣🤣🤣

  • SaraGachaGirl 321
    SaraGachaGirl 321 20 hours ago

    I need that hat

  • sushisicool 9
    sushisicool 9 20 hours ago

    Dad:is the lady depressed
    Me:she’s 16

  • Kawaii Kittenz
    Kawaii Kittenz 21 hour ago

    I only came for Billie and the puppies

    who else?

  • Ethan Fernandez
    Ethan Fernandez 21 hour ago

    This how many times Billie cussed