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  • Eldoria
    Eldoria 10 hours ago


  • Gacha studios Emy
    Gacha studios Emy 10 hours ago

    li thought u put sprinkles

  • Katelyn McNab
    Katelyn McNab 11 hours ago


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  • Dat 1 Boo
    Dat 1 Boo Day ago

    A little more than 100,000 rice

  • PinBallReviewer
    PinBallReviewer Day ago

    Oh boy I am on that side of youtube again. o.o

  • Frost Bite
    Frost Bite Day ago

    My favourite rice is cooked

  • ur boi R A P T E R

    Im asian and this is acceptable

  • Leaven Edit's
    Leaven Edit's 2 days ago

    This is a meme channel.

  • Maddie .-.
    Maddie .-. 2 days ago

    The start of a meme channel

  • The Unknown Guy
    The Unknown Guy 2 days ago


  • Kate Tomlin
    Kate Tomlin 2 days ago

    Oh god now this

  • Kate Tomlin
    Kate Tomlin 2 days ago

    0:46 NOOOOO! not on the bed

  • Theawsomesadie 70627

    If u go to who this channel is subscribed to, it's all Jake Paul.
    Literally all Jake Paul.

  • Føxi FøxSøul
    Føxi FøxSøul 2 days ago

    I dinit know that you ave rats well i ave 1 ferret 3 cats 1 hedgehog and 2 frogs (but little ones)

  • Peachy
    Peachy 3 days ago

    James eating the rice cake made me feel physically sick.

  • Tiareplayz Yerp -w-
    Tiareplayz Yerp -w- 3 days ago

    Poor bed

  • YaoiBeats83
    YaoiBeats83 4 days ago

    Not on the bed James
    Of all places to pour rice on.........not on the bed

  • Raziel Of Fairy Tail

    0:30 WHAT THE FUCK USclip?!?!

  • Hapyvika Roblox
    Hapyvika Roblox 4 days ago

    How u clean the rice cake >:3

  • Derpy_Deer456 Plays Roblox

    Why are your subscriptions all jake Paul not that I hate jake Paul and dont mind you like him I'm just curious???

  • Lolli Poplio
    Lolli Poplio 5 days ago

    CONGRATS TO 1,000,000 JAMES!! YAAAY!
    Everyone, Comment A Good Message For James To Read!
    (Possibly, Leave A Like So James-Kun See's It xD. Jk, Do Whatever you want)

  • blue blocky boy fan club

    you weird

  • Catgamer Gaming
    Catgamer Gaming 5 days ago

    Why on ur bed 😫 #petpives

  • Abigail walsh
    Abigail walsh 5 days ago

    😂😂⚽️⚽️ when rice gum popped up

  • Holden Stremick
    Holden Stremick 6 days ago

    RIP James's bedshhet

  • Arctic Fox Animations

    James acts like a 7th grader. I know because I'm one of the socially awkward ones.

  • ForceTakenSpirits
    ForceTakenSpirits 6 days ago


  • Maria Silvani
    Maria Silvani 7 days ago +3

    I like rice with everything except gum. *cough*

  • - XiraRaquel -
    - XiraRaquel - 7 days ago

    iM 10 months late (yey) i like chineez rice (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)

    (i got y byutiful spelling skillz frum yuu so thaanks)

  • Mr Deadface
    Mr Deadface 7 days ago

    Oh cool that's eerely (or how ever you write it) almost the same Thing the ODDS1OUT does and you sound almost the same just with a crappie Mic....

  • Bun is cool
    Bun is cool 7 days ago

    My favorite rice is purple hexagon flavored rice from Antarctica.

  • Elijha Gadrol
    Elijha Gadrol 8 days ago


  • Ice Wolf
    Ice Wolf 8 days ago

    you mean 1 million?

  • Kittycat Galaxy
    Kittycat Galaxy 8 days ago

    0:30 RRRRRRRRRAAAAAAGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEE ( btw im watching this in. October XD)

  • Ramsay Sanders
    Ramsay Sanders 8 days ago

    0:19, James?

  • kylie
    kylie 9 days ago

    he's so adorable.

  • Cornelius Oswald Stoffer

    Meh favorite Rice is Gucci Rice

  • Kungfukitty85 T
    Kungfukitty85 T 10 days ago

    now there 1 million!

  • MarcusMining Plush Bros

    0:15 Quality ASMR

  • Beth Michael
    Beth Michael 11 days ago


  • Rusol Abd Alzahra
    Rusol Abd Alzahra 11 days ago

    Call the mental hospital

  • Caroline Obucc
    Caroline Obucc 12 days ago

    2 Years later and you'll find a peace of rice in you bed 🍚 🍚 🍚 🍚

  • Jacky Hi-K
    Jacky Hi-K 12 days ago

    R.I.P Bed. May u be covered in rice.

    FRDDY FAZBEAR 13 days ago


  • Cardenas Cruz
    Cardenas Cruz 13 days ago

    0:30 James's screaming from the injury video

  • Hana8banana Law
    Hana8banana Law 13 days ago

    Rice=sprinkles hehe

  • XRain_PX
    XRain_PX 13 days ago

    1 miillion

  • The King of Something
    The King of Something 13 days ago

    Most of the subscriptions are Jake Paul impersonation accounts but people have already noticed that

  • Karatektus
    Karatektus 13 days ago

    That felt like weird food porn.

  • UnflappedFlea
    UnflappedFlea 13 days ago

    M e x i c a n
    R i c e
    F o r
    L i f e

  • Stormtheshadowmaker
    Stormtheshadowmaker 14 days ago

    Good content :T

  • Eleni Klarakis
    Eleni Klarakis 14 days ago

    The legend 27 says there is still rice on his bed

  • Sadie oWo
    Sadie oWo 14 days ago

    My favourite rice is sushi rice

  • Denis Daily
    Denis Daily 14 days ago

    Your cute

  • Channel Closed
    Channel Closed 16 days ago

    Brown Rice

  • Evan Power
    Evan Power 16 days ago

    James subscribed to Jake Paul

    FREE DISLIKEBOT 17 days ago

    Legend has it hes still eating rice peice by peice

  • Screen Time
    Screen Time 17 days ago

    My favorite rice is Macaroni and Cheese 🧀

  • ЛеШая
    ЛеШая 17 days ago

    I will be patiently waiting for the day when he eats the cake instead of destroying it. *Until I diiieee*

    Also did anyone else get anxiety by realising how much tidying up this would need. And how much time you'd spend on it. No? Just me? Ok...

  • Sophie :D
    Sophie :D 18 days ago

    my favorite rice is white rice

    TUNA GAMING 19 days ago

    James:i tried to eat the cake but ricegum flexed on it XD

  • The Oppai Devourer
    The Oppai Devourer 21 day ago


  • Simstamatics -
    Simstamatics - 21 day ago


  • Wolf Playz
    Wolf Playz 21 day ago

    Well I don't know what my favorite rice is but it's not RiceGum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NatashaPlayz And gacha

    I liek maggot rice.

  • Mordecai 38
    Mordecai 38 21 day ago +3

    Imagine sleeping on the bed after that

  • Mordecai 38
    Mordecai 38 21 day ago +1

    You should’ve poured the rice on gum lol

  • Hey its Layla
    Hey its Layla 21 day ago

    That must have been a pain to clean up, 2018 anyone???

  • AnneTheNinjaSpy Playz

    Great job with the rice James. *sarcasm*

  • saltyturtle
    saltyturtle 22 days ago

    Happy 1.2M

  • Miss Covert
    Miss Covert 23 days ago

    As an asian....its a bit infuriating that you are wasting rice

    And rice cakes good
    Just kidding luv u James....just don't waste rice:/

  • Jodi K
    Jodi K 23 days ago

    Rip James bed

  • Jennifer Rada
    Jennifer Rada 23 days ago

    Ew rice on a cake

  • Jimbo Slim
    Jimbo Slim 24 days ago


  • Aslw34
    Aslw34 24 days ago

    I make captain cookie comics who want to be in my comic plz comment!!!!

  • Xerio :p
    Xerio :p 25 days ago

    0:25 epiiiiiiic

    TMNT PL 27 days ago

    Clean it up

  • MisterMeme IsAJoke
    MisterMeme IsAJoke 27 days ago

    Such Jake Paul

  • army bts
    army bts 27 days ago

    Is it that ricegum

  • Shawna Mateo
    Shawna Mateo 27 days ago

    Jayames why you gotta make a mess.🙅🏼‍♀️

  • Gone
    Gone 27 days ago

    Good luck cleaning that

  • Yarn Cat
    Yarn Cat 28 days ago


  • H. R. Gyffon
    H. R. Gyffon 28 days ago

    I have food allergies.
    I am not allergic to rice.
    Now, I eat NOTHING BUT RICE.

  • MeezyCL
    MeezyCL 29 days ago +1

    RiceCake= RiceMan=RicePizza=RiceGUM

  • Viiz ed
    Viiz ed 29 days ago

    You cunt azz

  • Teacup Cat
    Teacup Cat 29 days ago

    So that's what you call a RICECAKE

  • CharKitty
    CharKitty 29 days ago

    I get it! I eat rice cakes!

  • Red Paandas
    Red Paandas 29 days ago

    my favorite rice is gum flavored

  • Dustpaw
    Dustpaw Month ago

    You are amazing! You deserve those subs (I’m in there somewhere) cause I subscribed. And my fav rice is jasmine (don’t know why)

  • The fortnite nub pro player

    Your an idiot ok🧠 more brain

  • Stop motion Master
    Stop motion Master Month ago

    This was made three days before my birthday

  • Michael Harris
    Michael Harris Month ago

    Why do you follow or show so many Jake Paul Channels??

  • story Palace
    story Palace Month ago

    Kids are legit going hungry every single day and you waste that cake love you Jamz

  • notenoughtrash
    notenoughtrash Month ago


  • Slimey Studios
    Slimey Studios Month ago

    My favorite rice is rice

  • This is Cutie Ringo Joy

    his himself, i get many want to be him, but this time its his's second channel

  • Julia Portillo
    Julia Portillo Month ago

    Meanwhile Asians : OMG WhY wOuLD U WaIsT sO mUcH RiCe

  • Hamza Senpai
    Hamza Senpai Month ago

    sees rice, oh look theres me, and you!

  • xxXNightShineX xx
    xxXNightShineX xx Month ago

    You mean 1M 😉 lol