ECO Survival - Part 10: The Excavator!


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  • Andreas Elf
    Andreas Elf 7 months ago

    Destroy the world. I'm in.

  • Shanzilla's Cats & More

    I cracked up so hard when the excavator started falling and glitching everywhere

  • {\\SoapyLakeFry// }
    {\\SoapyLakeFry// } 9 months ago

    “It’s called sleeping Dax”

  • Matthew Batchelor
    Matthew Batchelor 10 months ago

    “Send rugs”

  • Mikey
    Mikey 11 months ago

    excavate not escavate

  • FurryChopstick
    FurryChopstick 11 months ago

    swaer to god if you did that to my eXcavator i would delete your video file

  • Kier Mailan
    Kier Mailan 11 months ago

    wtf happened at 10:45

  • Tinus Peterse
    Tinus Peterse 11 months ago

    Nice series

  • Glen Cychosz
    Glen Cychosz 11 months ago

    Open pit mine.

  • KAZAZPlayz
    KAZAZPlayz 11 months ago

    What happens to the modded ark this is boring

  • KD TV
    KD TV 11 months ago

    What the hell was that glitch lol

  • Izeball
    Izeball 11 months ago

    So much crappy games! Stick to ARK!

  • Drunk Samurai
    Drunk Samurai 11 months ago +1

    Looks like he saw the eye from Mordor

  • Dwarven Crafting
    Dwarven Crafting 11 months ago

    I'm pretty sure u are miss pronouncing excavating it's an x not an s get it right

  • Patient Nation
    Patient Nation 11 months ago

    EXcavating not EScavatign

  • Chris RK
    Chris RK 11 months ago

    LOL cant even operate a machine (in game) that has minimal use's , guess hes bad at everygame he plays hahahaha

  • Chris RK
    Chris RK 11 months ago

    lol he stopped playing ark, good he was so boring aswell as bad at the game

    • JoHari
      JoHari 11 months ago

      Chris RK why so salty

  • EditingMonkey28 :
    EditingMonkey28 : 11 months ago

    What happened was Royal fell out of the world for a tiny millisecond then came back.

  • Austin Klemann
    Austin Klemann 11 months ago

    Are you done once you destroy the meteor? I'd like to see you keep going because the other people I saw playing Eco were annoying

  • WolfeCanada
    WolfeCanada 11 months ago


  • Gaming Box
    Gaming Box 11 months ago

    that excavator wreck looks better then mine did

    COLTON WHARTON 11 months ago

    awesome intro

  • youtube king gaming zzxx
    youtube king gaming zzxx 11 months ago +1

    Pls do ark

  • WesternLaw24
    WesternLaw24 11 months ago

    Remember noPixel life? - I would like to talk to you in regards to a similar server.

  • Blake Curtis
    Blake Curtis 11 months ago

    Can you do more videos on subnautica I love subnautica

  • Striker's Creations
    Striker's Creations 11 months ago

    Shoot that dang meteor don't be like the dinosaurs and please make more vids pleaseWhen you shoot the meteor and destroy it continue making these videos please thank royal pleas keep making vids

  • Brian Strickland
    Brian Strickland 11 months ago +7

    Kingdom come deliverance?

  • TurtleShe11
    TurtleShe11 11 months ago +13

    If you say escavating one more time, I’m done lol

  • Leslie B
    Leslie B 11 months ago

    Cool video you guys should make a quarry down

  • Iheb Abidi
    Iheb Abidi 11 months ago

    what's with the ghost stuff lol

  • authentic irish
    authentic irish 11 months ago +1

    i watch all your videos royal and like then everyone please do aswell he needs the support

  • Gigi Rivers
    Gigi Rivers 11 months ago

    You can click on the word "more" and see what "21 more" means. It just brings up another text box

  • Curty Boy_12
    Curty Boy_12 11 months ago +1

    Can you do a vid in make I gotta a amazing house

  • Hype Zennen
    Hype Zennen 11 months ago


  • Grimreaper 18062
    Grimreaper 18062 11 months ago

    Will y'all ever play ark together again

  • BeastyBoy 1
    BeastyBoy 1 11 months ago

    I was the 4th viewer

  • Auscott777
    Auscott777 11 months ago


  • Epicgames 20000
    Epicgames 20000 11 months ago

    I want this game it looks so good

  • Ziffle 45
    Ziffle 45 11 months ago

    420 views lol

  • Araval The Panda
    Araval The Panda 11 months ago

    Man, y'all are progressing really fast. Good luck dude. This game is really cool glad to see it played here, your content in general is amazing. Keep it up dude, 1 mil subs is really close! not gonna say I've been here the longest, just when you started your first Rust game play and i've loved watching ever sense. Didn't have a google account then so i've only really been subscribed for a few months but just wanted you to know you have always had amazing content.

  • Aelita Konstantinaviciute
    Aelita Konstantinaviciute 11 months ago +1

    I wonder how many episodes are left ? because you're close to destroying the meteor

  • G M
    G M 11 months ago +10

    “Was that a ghost” im dead😂

  • Andrew williams
    Andrew williams 11 months ago +5

    I fucking love the intro idk y

  • Saint Germian
    Saint Germian 11 months ago

    50 views right now

  • Krypto 23
    Krypto 23 11 months ago


  • Daniel Lane
    Daniel Lane 11 months ago

    Time to make some popcorn

  • Legit Awesomeness
    Legit Awesomeness 11 months ago