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Taylor Swift reputation Stadium Tour | Official Trailer | Netflix

  • Published on Dec 13, 2018
  • Watch the Taylor Swift reputation Stadium Tour exclusively on Netflix now:
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Comments • 15 281

  • F F
    F F 5 hours ago +1

    I miss this trailer 😔

  • Abha Kumar
    Abha Kumar 3 days ago

    Watching this after her newest single YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN❤️

  • Mervs Lising
    Mervs Lising 4 days ago

    Whose watching here before taylor's IG live later? Reputation will be missed helloo new era!

  • Crescent
    Crescent 7 days ago +6

    Yes...Queen Taylor. I would give anything to see her perform live

  • Jean Tetreault
    Jean Tetreault 7 days ago

    Bravo Taylor Swift! Nicely well performed!

  • Vania Roma
    Vania Roma 8 days ago


  • Vania Roma
    Vania Roma 8 days ago

    Estreno 29 de febrero de 2020

  • ItzMe Hannah
    ItzMe Hannah 14 days ago

    I watch this in netflix and ilove her song gorgeous because she is the gorgeous idol that can slay cool and sweet

  • Flo Ra
    Flo Ra 17 days ago

    The best movie trailer ever. U should Really make a badish movie. Full of savages and songs. Ughhh ready for it is amazing

  • Durba Bhattacharya
    Durba Bhattacharya 18 days ago +1

    Media trolled her... fans were waiting to reply to it....REPUTATION!!!!

  • Rana Kaya
    Rana Kaya 20 days ago

    I love you taylor ❤

  • Manash Choudhuri
    Manash Choudhuri 26 days ago +1

    Is the Reputation Stadium Tour still on Netflix???

  • catherine goerz
    catherine goerz 28 days ago

    So, I keep watching this reputation Stadium Tour on Netflix over and over & it's just so good!!! I've never been fortunate enough to go to one of her concerts so having this makes me so happy!!! My absolute favorite on it is "King Of My Heart", my those drums and "wow" just everything about it !!! I would just LOVE to meet Taylor one day!!! I so pray for this!!!

  • MrPort64
    MrPort64 28 days ago

    Все просто все мы хотим обратно в школу без забот вот вам и ответ + она красавица!

  • Fantasy Cricket
    Fantasy Cricket Month ago +1

    entertaining pictures

  • ilayda Tuna
    ilayda Tuna Month ago +2

    I’m watching and very beatiful.😍😍😍😍😍😘😘❤️

  • baphotemere here
    baphotemere here Month ago

    Highest grossing tour of USA

  • BlAz3ical
    BlAz3ical Month ago +2

    So cool

  • Sabrina Fuchs De Medeiros

    I watched,a LOTTTTTT of times

  • Віталій Українець

    welcome to Kiev

  • Bruce Ting
    Bruce Ting Month ago +1

    always love this trailor! it's like a movie.

  • abss
    abss Month ago +1

    Loved it so much

  • Flo Ra
    Flo Ra Month ago +1

    This lines....ughh and those vocals...the best trailer ever.....and those lines...ready for it! Let the games begin....ily guys so so so much....ughh ready for it has the best music...the bestest ever...ily tay

  • Armando Da Cruz Nunes

    Quando se ama oque faz da nisso!!! Da pra sentir o quão maravilhoso foi esse show do celular 😍🤩❤

  • Emily Savochka
    Emily Savochka Month ago +3

    I just watched it on Netflix, I turned on the captions so I could also sing along

  • Mamata Poon
    Mamata Poon Month ago +1

    M crying here

  • Victor Knight
    Victor Knight Month ago +1

    ARE WE READY FOR IT!!!!!????

  • Shrek GaL
    Shrek GaL Month ago +1


  • Mamey Gray
    Mamey Gray Month ago

    the fun crying in 0:46 made me crh

  • Mamey Gray
    Mamey Gray Month ago

    this trailer is sick

  • William Roberts
    William Roberts Month ago


  • Moonlight Bae
    Moonlight Bae Month ago +2

    My friend says he nearly lost his voice from screaming at one of the concerts in LA

  • Wanessa Arcanjo
    Wanessa Arcanjo Month ago

    Essa série da Taylor Swift vai ser boa

  • Margareth Rosa Collante Munive


  • รับดมกางเกงใน ผ.ญ.


  • Arly Khryss Joyce
    Arly Khryss Joyce Month ago +1


  • Orca Plays 222
    Orca Plays 222 Month ago +31

    Who’s watching after she dropped ME!


  • Gargi Datar
    Gargi Datar Month ago

  • Monsieur Godzylla
    Monsieur Godzylla Month ago

    gemini man mais bon netflix ne fait pas a lui seul le cinema et portman le cul.

  • Haneesa
    Haneesa Month ago +5

    She may just be one of the most powerful women God has sent down to us
    She's so strong

  • Anna Millere
    Anna Millere Month ago +13

    This is so magical, I was never a huge fan of Taylor, I am not sure, I just wrote her off as ''too girly'' during my teenage years and never gave her a chance. It wasn't until I met my boyfriend who adores her, and my slightly jealous (lol) curiosity got the better of me, and I gave her a chance. Now I listen to her almost every day, I find her extremely beautiful and her music has the power to make we want to dance and dance.

  • ItsEmily
    ItsEmily Month ago

    I can't even physically express how happy this makes me. I was at the concert in Houston, TX and let me tell you, it was the best night of my life, and it was honestly tear-jerking. I wasn't that big of a fan before but I am now!

  • Mohammed Shameel Khan
    Mohammed Shameel Khan Month ago +1

    wow taylor swift song in tour in the fan like you today from alishba

  • Callum Fitz-Patrick
    Callum Fitz-Patrick Month ago +1

    QUEEN COME ON 4.26😍😍😍😍😍

  • ali elshareef
    ali elshareef Month ago +2

    Sub 2 Pewdiepie

  • ali elshareef
    ali elshareef Month ago +2

    Sub 2 Pewdiepie

  • ali elshareef
    ali elshareef Month ago +2

    Sub 2 Pewdiepie

  • Ana karolyne Ugarte reis


  • Yasmin Aparecida
    Yasmin Aparecida Month ago +1

    I love you

  • Alvin Gerard
    Alvin Gerard Month ago

    Who else had goosebumps😍😎

  • Latest Trends
    Latest Trends Month ago +1

    Taylor looks good

  • Blessed Soul
    Blessed Soul Month ago +1

    Taylor, I love you

  • Taylor Swift,Camila Cabello,Charlie XCX FAN Perez

    I went there in Chicago you are the awesome and Camila Cabello and Charil XCX June 2

  • Gamer Girls
    Gamer Girls Month ago +1

    What’s 2.46

  • Parpanchai Kaewphoung

    That's too bad thai swifties not get the chance to watch (Live) reputation tour TT

  • Ludwing Bueno Hernandez

    Si como cantas compones mi voz y tu guitarra convertirían el amor en canciones.

  • Ludwing Bueno Hernandez

    El gato con botas es amigo mio, le pedí que le dijera a tus gatos que le den besos por mi.

  • Ludwing Bueno Hernandez

    La mas semejante al amor de Dios

  • Martin  S.
    Martin S. 2 months ago +2

    This was an Awesome Concert... I just Love Taylor Swift
    💜💙💜💙💜.. plus I saw myself in this Netflix special... it was Awesome!!

  • Elia Ali
    Elia Ali 2 months ago

    SISTER i need your HELP for my mother

  • Josiah Dobbs
    Josiah Dobbs 2 months ago +2


  • Robert Heintze
    Robert Heintze 2 months ago

    Speaking of "reputation": While she may be quite talented, I still think that she is the most overrated and over recognized (award wise) musician/performer in the industry!

    • wbite aye
      wbite aye Month ago +2

      she deserves all the awards and recognition

  • julio daniel rocha
    julio daniel rocha 2 months ago +1


  • Yue Ryan
    Yue Ryan 2 months ago +2


  • Mei Arnold
    Mei Arnold 2 months ago +2

    I saw that on Netflix It is Awesome!

  • Robin Mehta
    Robin Mehta 2 months ago

    hey taylor , i have a surprise, watchout my youtube channel tht only one video... love you

  • my dream is tay
    my dream is tay 2 months ago

    I watched rep tour and i liked it so much

  • Jedi Santos
    Jedi Santos 2 months ago

    I just love her huhuhu

  • Prasoon Tewari
    Prasoon Tewari 2 months ago

    Damn, that look @ 1:10

  • Samyukthaa Bala
    Samyukthaa Bala 2 months ago


  • Sreelaxmis Slimy slime
    Sreelaxmis Slimy slime 2 months ago +7

    Who's better
    Taylor swift = 1 like
    Camila cabello = comment

  • Dinesh Anand
    Dinesh Anand 2 months ago

    I love you taylor swift so much

  • Maria Torres
    Maria Torres 2 months ago +6

    Who's better ?
    Taylor swift = like
    Katie perry = comment

  • ithj201
    ithj201 2 months ago

    I cannot wait for TS7!!

  • Naturally D
    Naturally D 2 months ago

    Beehive here, Taylor Swift army is strongggg geezzzz! But I enjoyed the concert. April 17th tho 🔥

  • Nhạc Tổng hợp
    Nhạc Tổng hợp 2 months ago

    Toi yeu mà mìng k the đen voi nhau đc. Toi xin loi.

  • Jessica may
    Jessica may 2 months ago

    I went to the concert!!!! It was great!!!

  • Arctic Icicle
    Arctic Icicle 2 months ago


  • Eka Rian Andika
    Eka Rian Andika 2 months ago +1


    • Nuni 9999
      Nuni 9999 2 months ago +1

      12 days till her next release! Just saying...

  • Katherine Evans
    Katherine Evans 2 months ago

    I went to the one that was on netflix amazing!

    • Nuni 9999
      Nuni 9999 2 months ago

      12 days till her next release... Just saying

  • Katherine Evans
    Katherine Evans 2 months ago +1

    you are my idol i love you

    • Katherine Evans
      Katherine Evans 2 months ago

      @Nuni 9999 oh my gosh are you joking cus if not imma die

    • Nuni 9999
      Nuni 9999 2 months ago

      12 days till her next release... Just saying

  • Ryuji Omote
    Ryuji Omote 2 months ago

    Taylor Swift reputation Stadium Tour | Official Trailer | Netflix

  • Daisy Lopez
    Daisy Lopez 2 months ago +1

    I didn't like the Reputation album much but when this tour came out on Netflix, I never expected to sit on this and watch for a full 2 hours. I love her performance!

  • JiHoon Kim
    JiHoon Kim 2 months ago

    Send you love from korea🇰🇷

  • Fatma Mustafa
    Fatma Mustafa 2 months ago +1

    When she said "welcome to the reputation stadium tour" I don't know why I always when I hearing this sentence I get Emotional and I feel I got Energy and power it's not normal
    love u tay 💙

  • Rizzio. Prawira
    Rizzio. Prawira 2 months ago

    Indonesian singer so trending 2019 wow...

  • ldld Lovatic
    ldld Lovatic 2 months ago


  • ldld Lovatic
    ldld Lovatic 2 months ago

    R. I. P

  • Bon Bon
    Bon Bon 2 months ago

    I hope to see you a lot and I do not know how

  • Bon Bon
    Bon Bon 2 months ago

    I'm good no so good in English

  • Bon Bon
    Bon Bon 2 months ago

    I'm from syria but i looooovvvvveeeee you soooooo much

  • Bon Bon
    Bon Bon 2 months ago

    I love you so much really I hope you get a good look in the future

  • Bon Bon
    Bon Bon 2 months ago

    Taylor i love you

  • Elvisaksdkwowo Mulahmetokzkdlskkvic

    Aaaaaaa ajme meni ajme meni ajme meniii Taylor Swift aaaaa 😤😤😤❤❤❤❤

  • Goofeyguy
    Goofeyguy 2 months ago

    Hi my sister listens to you a lot and I have the same birthday as you the 13th of December 👍🏻

  • s b
    s b 2 months ago

    Finally saw it. Better than I imagined

  • Yo Soy Lopez
    Yo Soy Lopez 2 months ago

    Esto es cosa del diablo pinche bruja

  • Broken Nephilim
    Broken Nephilim 2 months ago

    Better than Homecoming

  • sunny love
    sunny love 2 months ago

    ur my idol and fav singer well at the end of the song "you belong with me"
    i was like "ew" it was pretend right?

  • Dalia Serur
    Dalia Serur 2 months ago

    I've watched this movie it's amazing.when I'm sad I listen to her music and it makes me happy I've been a swiftie since I was 3 I would dance around . I LOVE HER MUSIC ,LYRICS,and kind personality 👍🏻👍🏻😜😁