Spiderman Far From Home MILES MORALES Cameo? Into the Spider-Verse Crossover Theory!

  • Published on May 16, 2019
  • Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer Multiverse Easter Egg! Could Miles Morales of Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse cameo in Far From Home? How could Peter Parker and Miles Morales meet? Erik Voss explains the latest evidence that Miles Morales might make a secret appearance in the Spider-Man Far From Home post-credit scene. What universe does Quentin Beck / Mysterio come from, and what other Spider-Man characters could join the MCU?
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Comments • 798

  • Mewtron 45
    Mewtron 45 2 days ago

    I hope the post credit scene introduces venom for Spiderman 3

  • Flávio Monteiro
    Flávio Monteiro 3 days ago

    Octopus or Venom...

  • NightWolfJordan Bacon

    Miles is my favorite character

  • alexis4005
    alexis4005 6 days ago

    Actually they can't because Peter B. Parker is from universe 616 and the mcu is in 616 too

  • thefartydoctor
    thefartydoctor 7 days ago

    Andrew Garfield's Earth 12703 please 😅

  • Gamernicholas 23
    Gamernicholas 23 8 days ago

    What if miles in earth 1610 meets peter as a classmate then he saw peter as spiderman and toll him that he is spiderman

  • Ruby Hundun
    Ruby Hundun 10 days ago

    It would be weird for Naruto to meet Peni Parker.

  • Monster Man Alex
    Monster Man Alex 12 days ago

    What if Jake's Mysterio illusion reveals the pretty boy, to be Steve Buscemi?

  • Monster Man Alex
    Monster Man Alex 12 days ago

    What if Jake's Mysterio illusion reveals the pretty boy, to be Steve Buscemi?

  • Mehar Sachdeva
    Mehar Sachdeva 12 days ago

    I think Miles Morales will be a classmate of Peter Parker, but not in the way you think...

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 12 days ago +4

    Don't exited ,this is like huge Jackman in endgame 😌😌😌

  • Muhammed Kara
    Muhammed Kara 15 days ago

    Peters red and black suit might be so that peter and miles look like there on a team and the black suit is spider-noir and all of the spider-men, women and animals are all on a team fighting the elementals or the sinister six or the illuisions of mysterio

    muhammad kara

  • Autumn Tryon
    Autumn Tryon 16 days ago

    1:25 c-carson?

  • swordwhale1
    swordwhale1 16 days ago

    it would be awesome if those universes collided... both the Miles and tom Holland versions are great!

  • metallikunt
    metallikunt 17 days ago

    Just gonna point out that a black kid punches Flash in the nuts during the field trip and runs away. He is with them for sure because the same jacket is seen on a black kid in the boat when it's heading into the city.
    Miles, perhaps?

  • sarosh ENCORE
    sarosh ENCORE 17 days ago

    I don't think Miles will appear in any MCU movie. Also, No Offense, Mahershala Ali was more Miles'Uncle than Glover.

  • Fortnite turtle Stuff
    Fortnite turtle Stuff 18 days ago +1

    What if I’m the spider verse movie the post credits say somewhere about miles being in the movie

  • Quick Tick49
    Quick Tick49 19 days ago

    Hahaha I love you! "Spolier warning if I am too right and ruin your life."

  • pibg worldYT
    pibg worldYT 19 days ago

    It's going to be sinister six in the post credit scene asshole

  • Noah Myhill
    Noah Myhill 19 days ago

    I think Miles will be at one of the decathlon meetings and Peter will greet him by name.

  • Karimah Earle-Headley
    Karimah Earle-Headley 20 days ago

    Can't wait. Can't believe people didn't like this video

  • MangoSause l0l
    MangoSause l0l 20 days ago

    Or it could just be complementing far from home

  • Literatouristin
    Literatouristin 20 days ago

    I wish for a Miles-AND-Gwen- Scene, but l would love to see venom as well.

  • Jacques Gauthier
    Jacques Gauthier 20 days ago

    Maybe have an appearance from the Spider Queen from the 1940's. Also Jessica Drew and Julia Carpenter

  • Caleb Underwood
    Caleb Underwood 21 day ago

    I really hope that in the 3rd Spiderman movie, they make it the Sinister 6!

  • John Clark Jr
    John Clark Jr 21 day ago

    The officer Peter toast could be miles father

  • Rhysbo Baggins
    Rhysbo Baggins 21 day ago

    I think they shouldn't introduce miles just yet, i think tom holland's peter parker needs a couple more years to truly hold the ropes of spiderman so he can become Miles's mentor we always see in the comics

  • John Munk
    John Munk 21 day ago

    I kinda don’t want miles morales to go into the marvel world
    Just coz it would be weird to have a cartoon in a avengers movie

  • Jorge Quintero
    Jorge Quintero 22 days ago

    Is this for real

  • Daniel Orduno
    Daniel Orduno 22 days ago

    Going to introduce x-men

  • Speedeo 2020
    Speedeo 2020 22 days ago +1

    Maybe the holes are why Gwen found Miles at the end of spiderverse

  • Ringer 106
    Ringer 106 22 days ago

    Maybe a radioactive spider slips through another dimension where it bites Miles in MCU universe

  • Brian Quincy Scott
    Brian Quincy Scott 22 days ago

    I would love if miles is caught painting a spidey mural at the end in a post credit...

  • Jackson Silber
    Jackson Silber 23 days ago +1

    What if miles is in the post credit scene

  • Rayhan Ali
    Rayhan Ali 23 days ago

    I think that the post end credit scene will be miles putting on a black and red mask and say "spiderman you've got company" and then pull his mask down all the way

  • FlickTalk
    FlickTalk 24 days ago

    They will never merge the animated multiverse with the live action multiverse lol. That's moronic. But we will get Miles eventually I have no doubt about that

  • john leopardas
    john leopardas 24 days ago

    I hope they include the japanese spiderman with spiderman motorcycle and a big ass robot.

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 24 days ago

    The Mcu is earth 199999

  • Grayson Cook
    Grayson Cook 25 days ago +1

    Why are we/you not talking about the “I have telepathy” in avengers endgame

  • Orlando Aloro
    Orlando Aloro 25 days ago

    Jaden Smith as Miles Morales, that would be great

  • Charles Saucedo
    Charles Saucedo 25 days ago

    What about the other spidermen miles ant the only one who’s 🔥🔥

  • BCTheKillj0y
    BCTheKillj0y 25 days ago

    5:18 I can see this actually being a possibility. Maybe in a post-credit scene, Peter sees Miles doing another one of his graffiti arts in a restricted area and before Peter even approaches him, Miles just suddenly web-swings away; leaving the fans with a fun little cliffhanger before MCU takes its post-Endgame break

  • MoreEren
    MoreEren 25 days ago

    Lol I wish

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 25 days ago

    That isn’t green goblin it is fine fang foom

  • Rando V
    Rando V 25 days ago +1

    Anyone else see CallmeCarson in the tweet's comment?

  • JordanJustJordan
    JordanJustJordan 25 days ago

    Not to burst your bubble and im sure im not but if I am im sorry, but this is 100% not going to happen, maybe if it was someone else that claimed there was a multiverse possibly there could be a Spider-Verse but seeing as they chose Mysterio out of literally any other character in the entirety of spider-man's rogues gallery who is literally known for being a "Trickster" of sorts, he claims to use magic, but its technology, he claims to be from an alternate universe im sorry to say but I just dont see it, I do however like the theory that the snap 5 years later, could have Miles be aged up 5 years, meaning yeah sure if they decide to they could totally do miles morales, and its not a stretch either seeing as the same thing happened to Scott Lang's Daughter, I mean im assuming they did that to introduce Stinger, but hey I liked the video im not going to lie, Sadly though Im pretty sure this is all a mysterio trick

  • GWZ - Clash Royale
    GWZ - Clash Royale 25 days ago

    @5:20 Blew my mind!

  • Blacktion Hero
    Blacktion Hero 26 days ago +1

    I think Miles is the one who nutchecked Flash in the trailer.

    • metallikunt
      metallikunt 17 days ago

      I just posted this also and then checked to see if anyone else had. I'm surprised you're the only other person who mentioned it. That makes the most sense to me. That kid is with them for sure because his jacket can be seen on the boat when they're heading into the city. Hoping this is true!

  • Matt Hall
    Matt Hall 26 days ago


  • FerminS560 0
    FerminS560 0 26 days ago +1

    I think the post credist sence is gonna be Mieles going to a portal and then he sees peter Parker and says who are u and he will be like Mieles Morales

  • Scotty Jones
    Scotty Jones 26 days ago

    Oh it is so so pale. HAH!

  • Alex Imig
    Alex Imig 26 days ago

    Miles could have survived and was 5 grades below Peter, but NOW they're the same age and in the same class

  • RandomBrainCell
    RandomBrainCell 26 days ago

    More likely than an "Into the Spiderverse" cross over is that Miles is going to be revealed as a classmate of Peter and the crew. In fact my guess would be he's the kid who tags Flash in the bits while Flash is taking a selfie in St. Marks Plaza.

  • Mo Does Stuff
    Mo Does Stuff 26 days ago

    Marvel cinematic extended universe
    MCEU that’s hot that’s hot

  • Nut but
    Nut but 26 days ago

    I am so happy. I spotted CallMeCarson.

  • BigRed CacheMachine
    BigRed CacheMachine 26 days ago


  • Jaye R
    Jaye R 26 days ago

    Miles being the artist who painted all the Tony murals is exactly what I need.

  • Nimesh Patel
    Nimesh Patel 26 days ago +1

    I think spiderman 2099 will come to this earth 616 and his prototype watch will break and he will meet peter parker and ask him to help because nick fury have the machine to find dimensions which was in spiderman into spider verse and peter parker will get some info on it help him

  • The Collector
    The Collector 26 days ago

    Listen. Mysterio is a liar. HE IS KNOWN FOR THIS. He is not from a different universe he lied as he usually does. Also how could they bring animated beings in a live action movie.

  • Masum Hasan
    Masum Hasan 26 days ago

    These two films will not merge. Peter B. Parker is from earth 616. But they are likely to bring Miles Morales to MCU.

  • Iron Man
    Iron Man 26 days ago

    Yeah..The MCU Earth is going to meet the 616 Universe soon enough.

  • Tagbush
    Tagbush 26 days ago

    everyone: FaR fROm gIveS eVIDENce oF a MUltIVerse (even though the mcu is a part of the marvel multiverse)
    Doctor strange and endgame: am i a joke to you

  • James Randall
    James Randall 26 days ago

    I’ll be super mad if they just thrown miles into the mcu without proper introduction like a solo movie in his own universe or something

  • Fathel Shamo
    Fathel Shamo 26 days ago

    At the end of the day, it's marvel so it will be good

  • *cough *cough* dArKnEsS

    *Roses are red*
    *Half of the universe is dead*
    *I can't believe it*

    *Thor didn't go for the head*

  • Damon Moles
    Damon Moles 26 days ago

    I want an animation live action cross over that would be cool

  • flat donkey
    flat donkey 26 days ago

    Im so hyped asf

  • Red creeper Gaming
    Red creeper Gaming 26 days ago

    It can’t be venom it was said for sure never to be shown in the MCU so the sinester 6 will rise

  • boudy boo Mzz
    boudy boo Mzz 26 days ago

    I think that the post credit would be about mcu miles morales

  • Anthony Robinson
    Anthony Robinson 26 days ago +1

    here is my theroy. quintin blake does not exsit. he is uncle ben or an older version of peter parker. i belive the final scene of the film will result in his death peter walking away. mystro webbing him and saying with great power comes great responsablity. the univers my be on ewhen thanos happend but the other way around all the ones that died survied and vis versa. this might be a peter who stoped folwing that pharse and wanted more of the power. i think someting like this will happen as the twist that mystrion is bad is what most people are expecting and in the last few years marvel as given us insane twist and that is not enough. this is my theroy on it. share your theroy as well

  • DonChavaron
    DonChavaron 26 days ago

    I love how you just can't let go any move, comment or action anyone (related to the MCU o Marvel in any kind of way) does without first analyzing it completely. xD

  • Adrian Garcia
    Adrian Garcia 26 days ago

    Can u plz make a vid on pulp fiction, its 1 of my favorite movies

  • Aaron Mosby
    Aaron Mosby 26 days ago

    -spidey is tinkering with some left over stark tech
    -accidentally opening a quantum portal
    -a bunch of crazy happens...temperarily dropping spidey into an alternate dimension
    -enter miles saying "not again"
    -end scene-

  • _ 데드 샷Dan_xx
    _ 데드 샷Dan_xx 27 days ago

    Multiverse no it's spider verse

  • Kuba Imiela
    Kuba Imiela 27 days ago

    I feel like Mysterio lying would create too much confusion when Marvel starts to introduce multiverse, too much for one film

  • William Torpman APEL05a

    The mid credit scene Will be sinister six and post credit Will be Peter and happy

  • Patrick Bollegraf
    Patrick Bollegraf 27 days ago

    Pumped for that if true

  • perry mason
    perry mason 27 days ago

    leaks already confirmed sinister 6. and UK spiderman, this is actual news.

  • Andrew Miranda
    Andrew Miranda 27 days ago

    i think he will be a different myles

  • rice man
    rice man 27 days ago

    I hope they do a jimmy neutron and fairly odd parents movie situation where the animation style changes when they go into a dif dimension. like an animated tom holland and live-action miles from spider verse

  • Purveyor of Awesome
    Purveyor of Awesome 27 days ago

    Roger Rabbit style would be WICKED!

  • Cookieninja2004
    Cookieninja2004 27 days ago

    I think that they r gonna do Howard the duck cameo like stanly

  • Brady Carr
    Brady Carr 27 days ago

    Off topic but the black widow movie is rumored to take place after civil war

  • BaronvonPiano
    BaronvonPiano 27 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks that Mysterio is lying about the multiverse?

  • Shining Diancie
    Shining Diancie 27 days ago +1

    1:25. *Who else saw CallMeCarson straight as the tweet came up?*

  • Sanika
    Sanika 27 days ago

    I don't want spiderverse Miles to become mcu Miles. Keep it seperate. I want the Miles and uncle Aaron that exist in the mcu already to be the ones who we go on a journey with.

  • edgyness
    edgyness 27 days ago

    i doubt this

  • CrimsonCalliber 01
    CrimsonCalliber 01 27 days ago

    A multi-verse? Avengers 5: Into The Multiverse?

  • carry on
    carry on 27 days ago

    Gobble gobble gobbledygook

  • c_savage smith
    c_savage smith 27 days ago

    Isn't it weird that spider Noir is in the movie too

  • Daniel Murakami
    Daniel Murakami 27 days ago

    Sunflower is on the far from home soundtrack btw

  • Thomas Bell
    Thomas Bell 27 days ago

    Already been debunked that MM is it I

  • FaZe Napster
    FaZe Napster 27 days ago

    Sooo does that mean Tom Holland's Peter Parker will die eventually? There can only be one spiderman in one universe.

  • EJthaGawd702
    EJthaGawd702 27 days ago

    Miles may end up in his class due to the 5 year time skip.

  • Eleazar Tiu
    Eleazar Tiu 27 days ago

    I knew it! Captain America is worthy wielding mjolnir!

  • American Yoda
    American Yoda 27 days ago

    As much as I would love to see Miles in the MCU. Peter Parker is still young and in high school. A movie with a matured and experienced spiderman teaching miles morales would work better and make more sense. Way too early for him to pop up.

  • Jonah Schilt
    Jonah Schilt 27 days ago

    But the MCU is set in earth 19999

  • Oblivv
    Oblivv 27 days ago

    I can’t wait for Miles Morales

  • Guy Rohweder
    Guy Rohweder 27 days ago

    What if the universes ‘shown’ in into the spider verse all had that animated look. So if Miles comes form earth-610 into 616 then he will look human. Just throwing this out there.

  • gerel denola
    gerel denola 27 days ago

    If that is now possible . and tweeted of dimension so it could be possible that black spiderman in the trailer is MILES MORALES! I just came up over a second.