My First CATCH and COOK at My POND!!! (Delicious)

  • Published on Jun 15, 2019
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    I went camping at the farm and decided why not do a little catch and cook on the pond!
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Comments • 1 293

  • Maty D
    Maty D 14 hours ago

    Soak your corn in water for 30 mins before grilling. Keep it on the top rack. Ditch the propane grill and get yerself some coal grillin capabilities.

  • Gianvito viola
    Gianvito viola 18 hours ago

    RIP fly on melon

  • Andrew Giebel
    Andrew Giebel Day ago

    I caught you a delicious bass

  • Linus Maassen
    Linus Maassen Day ago

    can we get a fat F for that fly at 7:25

  • Kyle Munger
    Kyle Munger Day ago

    Bro that fillet job makes me wanna die he missed 2/3 of the meat

  • Cason Colt
    Cason Colt 3 days ago

    Yo bonzle I’m from Iowa and that corn is straight fire

  • Brendon Hope
    Brendon Hope 3 days ago

    Gotta put the corn in tin foil and cook it

  • Lucas Grinstead
    Lucas Grinstead 3 days ago

    7:24 R.I.P fly, forever remembered

  • Julio Zorrilla
    Julio Zorrilla 3 days ago

    Grilling with a gun in your hand America at its finest

  • Thatsivy
    Thatsivy 4 days ago

    You should do a fan trip lol I wanna come fish

  • Jkaarmy Jka
    Jkaarmy Jka 4 days ago

    7:22 fly gets murked by flair

  • nathan04938
    nathan04938 4 days ago

    Flair- im not a pro fisherman or anything but i do know its not good to eat bottom fish in the summer and late spring because they tend to get wormy and you can get sick

  • Cody Rowe
    Cody Rowe 5 days ago

    It wouldn't be a flair vid without Walmart

  • Kaden Gutierrez
    Kaden Gutierrez 5 days ago

    If you r looking for some monster blue gills go to lake tramal

    CHRISTIAN 5 days ago

    Asmr 9:01

  • Guillermo Corberó
    Guillermo Corberó 6 days ago

    "im a breast typa guy"

  • Deer hunting Outdoors

    Y do u always jump out of a truck in ur intro

  • Caden Westphalen
    Caden Westphalen 6 days ago

    Go camping in a tent

    PINK CUNT 6 days ago

    7:23 r.i.p fly on a melon but that was a pretty good shot my man!
    Keep up the good vids!
    Hope more of your sponsors help you

  • arnav 139
    arnav 139 8 days ago

    7:21 that poor fly

  • Adrian YT
    Adrian YT 8 days ago

    They don’t even feed the camera guy

  • Boneless Waffles
    Boneless Waffles 9 days ago

    I was fishing from a dock on a small lake I had never fished before with some crawlers and caught probably 20 green sun fish and one bit it and I thought it was another one but then it started fighting I pulled It up and it was a catfish

  • Grady Christian vlogs

    Who else likes the riby chewy

  • Big Mamma
    Big Mamma 9 days ago

    rip fly at 7:24

  • Cobey Johnson
    Cobey Johnson 9 days ago

    7:26 rip fly guy

  • Ali the Allster
    Ali the Allster 9 days ago +1

    U killed the flie on the cantalop

  • Kerry Ashby
    Kerry Ashby 9 days ago


  • Dan L
    Dan L 10 days ago

    Cantaloupe explodes
    Flair: Oh cheese and rice

  • Jacie Maynard
    Jacie Maynard 10 days ago

    I live in Iowa

  • 100000 subscriber With video

    Rip fly if you know what part I’m talking about

  • Oran M
    Oran M 10 days ago

    We call um Sunny’s in mn don’t u

  • Jonas Stockton
    Jonas Stockton 11 days ago

    Walmart needs to sponsor you.

  • Allton Majetich
    Allton Majetich 12 days ago

    you just trough the hole thing on

  • It's the End
    It's the End 12 days ago

    The amount of times they said breasts lol

  • Elias Hebert
    Elias Hebert 12 days ago

    You need to soak the corn first

  • christian crone
    christian crone 15 days ago

    More camping videos would be cool.

  • LeEzY
    LeEzY 17 days ago

    7:24 rip fly

  • Tristan Channing
    Tristan Channing 17 days ago

    How is that classed as a fillet that's a small chunk

  • Roy
    Roy 17 days ago

    Wrap the corn in tin foil and add a bit of water. Let them grill for 30 mins the take tin foil off and sear for 3-5

  • Sam
    Sam 17 days ago

    Y’all loves your guns

  • Nathan Ryan
    Nathan Ryan 17 days ago

    Can we get a f for the fly

  • Timothy Rosette III
    Timothy Rosette III 17 days ago

    Rip the fly

  • Ahmik Ahmed
    Ahmik Ahmed 19 days ago

    Flair went full hill-billy on us

  • 5k subs no videos
    5k subs no videos 19 days ago

    7:27 he r.i.p fly

  • Noel Chavez
    Noel Chavez 19 days ago +1

    7:25 look at the fly it got Mert

  • Amador Soto
    Amador Soto 19 days ago

    Mexicans do it different and it taste bomb 😂

  • Crazy Chicken boi
    Crazy Chicken boi 19 days ago

    Put louerys seasoned salt on it trust me it tastes amazing on corn

  • J. Forbes
    J. Forbes 19 days ago +1

    this is so American "let's past the time by shooting some apple"

  • GEB 522
    GEB 522 20 days ago

    why did u flit them just cook them

  • Quwuendbsheu Ejeushsjidjr

    Yo flair I’m from Nebraska too, what city are you from?

  • Yeetus
    Yeetus 21 day ago

    Iowa corn is way better

  • Aus Nort
    Aus Nort 21 day ago

    Bro flair lookin thick these days lol.

  • SociallyAwesome NotAwkward

    I'm @ Walmart right now. 🤟

  • Matt Engel Photo
    Matt Engel Photo 22 days ago

    next time you cook corn on the grill, leave em husked. then you de husk when you eat them.

  • xBTGx Formula
    xBTGx Formula 22 days ago

    Grilled corn is fucking good

  • g o d c o m p l x
    g o d c o m p l x 22 days ago

    Fa let

  • TNF- Fades
    TNF- Fades 22 days ago +1

    What kinda shotgun is that ?

  • Easton Hardy
    Easton Hardy 22 days ago

    the fly got murked!!!!!!!!!

  • Candy Corn
    Candy Corn 23 days ago +1

    3:53-3:56 that’s what she said

    DAKS BASS 23 days ago

    The corn gets peeled wrapped in foil with whatever you like on it, grill for 30 mins and that's it, I dont know wtf you did bro

  • Yo it’s J
    Yo it’s J 23 days ago

    7:21 rip fly

    YSN ROY 23 days ago

    Rip to that fly

  • YSoExtra
    YSoExtra 23 days ago

    Why do people grill with gas, for me it ruins the meat. Charcoal is way better (personal person)

  • Logan Alan
    Logan Alan 23 days ago

    I'd like to see you guys support some local stores more than Walmart. I get that its convenient and cheaper but what would really be nice is to support your local businesses. Look for local camping stores and tackle stores vs always starting these videos at Walmart or Lowe's. Try going to local greenhouses for your plants and ect.

  • Adam Hammack Fishing
    Adam Hammack Fishing 24 days ago +2

    Every video starts with you getting out of ur truck and going into Walmart lol 👍

  • Sam Mims
    Sam Mims 25 days ago

    Goodbye fly

  • Elijuah Israel
    Elijuah Israel 25 days ago

    Don’t filay small fish, it’s a waste of meat

  • Andy Jame
    Andy Jame 25 days ago +4

    *I have got to say I love it.>>>** ** This is simply the best rod I have purchased, its feather lite, has gained me at least a third more distance in casting and has great control and consistancy. I did a bit of research before purchasing the Eagle and it gets many great reviews In which I now 100% agree with and will be buying another come spring.*

  • Austin Mullins
    Austin Mullins 25 days ago

    The amount of cringe when that corn was put on the grill without aluminum foil.. they even had butter already.. rip.. I must admit though... they can always cook up what looks like absolutely delicious steaks or burgers or ribeye in this case lol

  • Hunter Knepp
    Hunter Knepp 26 days ago

    that poor fly on the cantalope

  • Official Violent Art
    Official Violent Art 27 days ago

    Nothing better then grilled corn

  • UndercoverNerd
    UndercoverNerd 27 days ago

    Dudes, next time you may want to wash that Wal-Mart meat off. Thats nasty, has all types of debris on it!!!

  • Vincent Latreille
    Vincent Latreille 27 days ago +1

    Bro their eating the hole time😂

  • Keenan Pflager
    Keenan Pflager 28 days ago

    Let them get big

  • Ant. DiMura
    Ant. DiMura 28 days ago


  • Ironman_bossman
    Ironman_bossman 28 days ago +1

    Retard u have an ak 47 why don’t you hold triger

  • Logan Bauer
    Logan Bauer 28 days ago

    R.I.P fly 7:25 1 like = 1 prayer

  • Braysins X
    Braysins X 29 days ago

    Flairs always saying sus shit I swear

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith 29 days ago

    Next time u grill corn leave it in the husk and soak them n water for about an hour and throw them straight onto the grill cook for about 20 to 30mins and open them up put ur butter n salt n pepper on them

  • Amy Wallace
    Amy Wallace 29 days ago

    Who else watched the fly die

  • Drew Shaner
    Drew Shaner 29 days ago

    Iowa corn slaps f u mean

  • Austin Davenport
    Austin Davenport 29 days ago

    Dude why have a 8ft bed if you're going to keep your rods in the cab of the truck? 😂

  • rob strong
    rob strong 29 days ago

    Dude I want that t shirt. Any chance you can get one shipped to the Uk?

  • Jacob Sowder
    Jacob Sowder Month ago

    Never put on the fence post because of ricochet. But never the less, love the videos!

  • Laura Facer
    Laura Facer Month ago

    You should build a doc or something to fish off of at the entry of the pond

  • Shane Good
    Shane Good Month ago +1

    just 3 STRAIGHT men camping together in the woods all wearing crocs!


    You pull the husk all the way off and wrap the corn in tin foil with your butter smeared on it and whatever seasoning you want

  • Faraz Khan
    Faraz Khan Month ago +1

    7:25 RIP Fly

  • drew t
    drew t Month ago

    I raise my Dr. Pepper in a toast...
    To the healthy life!!!

  • Sam klien
    Sam klien Month ago

    For the love of God stop eating that shit beef from wally-world! You got enough space go get yourself a cheap chest Freezer and go buy yourself half a steer. Just find a old farmers or check Craigslist for it, usually you'll pay around half the butcher costs and you still get a hell of a deal by saving money. You get a better quality beef and save money and never half to raise or touch it either it's a win-win. I sell some of my steer like that 1/4s to 1/2s usually. Hell I would sell you a half for cheap if you laid for shipping lmao but you wouldn't dare ever seasoning my steaks like that!!

  • DeepSea Fisherman
    DeepSea Fisherman Month ago +5

    No one:

    Flair: "Buys clay pigeons then shoots fruit instead"!

  • Nick A
    Nick A Month ago

    Idk how y’all gonna hate on our Iowa corn

  • Ryker Carlson
    Ryker Carlson Month ago

    Do a catch and cook at walmart

  • Zachary Cleppe
    Zachary Cleppe Month ago

    you soak the corn and then roast it.

  • Not JG
    Not JG Month ago

    Might wanna be careful shooting at a metal post like that in the future.

  • MrShorty2583
    MrShorty2583 Month ago

    You should do snake for your next catch and cook

  • Chris Anderson
    Chris Anderson Month ago +1

    Soak the corn in water before you grill it.

    • Andrew Pansch
      Andrew Pansch Month ago +1

      Chris Anderson soak corn in water for about 10 minutes take the silk off the top only so it doesn’t burn. Only way to do it!

  • Louie Lovik
    Louie Lovik Month ago

    Can’t believe you ate a Walmart steak

  • ncbassin 95
    ncbassin 95 Month ago

    7:25 poor fly😂

  • Yahir Guadarrama
    Yahir Guadarrama Month ago

    Rip fly 7:26