EA Once Again is Angering Gamers | The Latest Problems...

  • Published on Aug 16, 2018
  • ★ Electronic Arts again (as usual) finds a way to make gamers angry. We discuss some of the latest things EA has said & done! ★
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Comments • 2 710

  • LegacyKillaHD
    LegacyKillaHD  9 months ago +391

    Pretty much just the usual. EA being EA...
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    • Tronald Dump
      Tronald Dump 8 months ago

      +wullie gotfingered yeah you're not very good at trolling, you come across quite desperate, the only person who'd have an obsession with the word virgin, is an actual 14 year old sexually frustrated virgin trying to make others as miserable as you are. Congrats, you've hit your all time low at 14.
      The rest of your life will be equally pathetic.

    • Donald Hyatt the 3rd
      Donald Hyatt the 3rd 8 months ago

      We really should respect mobile games as much as others. That said EA fails at respect in general.

      RADICAL ROBOT 9 months ago

      Very well put. Always love your opinions on subject matter like this. You handle it so well, it's like you take the words out of our mouths just with less curseing and more mature lol. Best channel for not just just news but, for a gamer for gamers that doesn't bend to what is socially acceptable or selling out for more revenue. Thanks for what you do sir!

    • Fidencio Cosme
      Fidencio Cosme 9 months ago

      LegacyKillaHD I had a profile banned why don't know but they need to fix it

  • ruegen
    ruegen 3 months ago

    ea ruined plants vs zombies too

  • KWst
    KWst 4 months ago +1

    Fuck EA

  • Prinsipe Amorsolo Caburnay

    Also,EA Games in Android(Bigger Games which have OBB files needed to operate) is much stupid because the OBB File that I downloaded just Dissapears from my File Manager and adds MB to the Apk but it doesn't even WORK

  • Candy Complex
    Candy Complex 5 months ago

    I mean, the only good mobile games I played personally is New電波人間のRPG and Miitomo.. Sure they have microtransactions but they are not required to continue forward plus Miitomo ended service last year and is having alternate servers by Kaeru-Tomo.

  • Alehia klorian
    Alehia klorian 6 months ago

    His account was hacked that is what happen. The pisser is that players were not notified. I was not notified.

  • Lenie Kotze
    Lenie Kotze 6 months ago

    there are so meany EA games i stop baying as EA screw me over ever series of games
    1.stopped baying NFS at NFS undercover
    2.golf pga tour tiger woods 06,stopped baying at golf pga tour tiger woods 2011
    3 fifa stopped baying fifa 15
    4 call duty stopped baying at call duty 4 ( if you faster then team you get head shot ,/ if you slower then team the floor fall in and kill you)
    5 battlefield bad company and normal battlefield stopped baying after B,B,C, 2 ( I HATE THE
    6, most adder games that i have form EA was cancelled like dead space.and mass effect
    7 in total it is 34 up to 52 games i never bay from EA again

  • Warblade0
    Warblade0 6 months ago

    It's not just EA there's Ubisoft,blizzard, steam basically all developers that make games with loot boxes, dlc's or make games where there still full of bugs on release, down grading, low tick rates etc etc etc. Until gamers stop pre ordering and wait to see what the game is really like on release then of course there just going to keep doing it. We will never go back to the days of C.O.D 1 or crysis where you bought the games because your friends said it was good and it was because then the devs cared about the product and the gaming experience now it's all about money give some gamer on USclip a load of cash to praise whatever the game is even if it's crap.lets face it kids are brain washed by watching these tubers into asking there parent's to buy the game for them. I just think we need to stop buying games until the company's start making games for gamers and not the shareholders until then it's gameover pun intended.

  • Galactic Emperor Sheev Palpatine

    Fuck EA

  • Hamman Samuel
    Hamman Samuel 7 months ago

    To be fair, gamers easily get angered by petty stuff

  • Eric B
    Eric B 8 months ago +1

    EA is cancer, Disney is more cancer, political correctness everywhere, the world is drowning, the humanity is falling.

  • TheSwagGuy5000
    TheSwagGuy5000 8 months ago +1

    let them die

  • Tyler Singleton
    Tyler Singleton 8 months ago

    Ahhh, I remember the hours of fun I had playing MLB homerun derbies demolition style on playstation 1 and 2. Where you'd play as a tiny batter in the livingroom and get huge points hitting the pet bird in its cage, and game shark pro some big heads onto your players.

  • Allon Ifrah
    Allon Ifrah 8 months ago

    I'm stunned that in the righteous rage that many gamers have expressed towards EA, no one has yet mentioned the Assassin's Creed: Black Flag debacle.
    There was this glitch in AC: Black Flag where the game would glitch, getting stuck in the loading scene of a certain mission of the campaign and it would never recover: Restarting the game, restarting your console: nothing helped and it would just get stuck in the same loading screen, rendering the game unplayable.
    It just adds to the huge list of EA failures: Killing the C&C franchise twice, killing the Battlefield franchise, killing the Starwars franchise, capitalising on pay-to-win mechanics, releasing low content, buggy games that were sold for the price of a new, full content game and then capitalising on DLCs with extra content, but in and of itself the AC:Black Flag bug was pretty reprehensible.

  • EUSSR olygarchic Kommissar

    EA is EA its not going to change. The real issue the elephant in the room are players who keep feeding the monster. Stop buying the crap they made. Man just stop it. Why the hell do you enjoy being sodomized by this company stop being scammed. Boycott it ignore it turn the other way. There are plenty non EA games out there. Plenty to choose. Let EA die...

  • MV Master
    MV Master 8 months ago

    dude your channel of hate is cancer. all you do is repeat the same shit in each video with like 2 new sentences. yes we know EA is bad. just let them die dont give them more of your or anyone elses time.

  • Don homer
    Don homer 8 months ago


  • Lee Meerun
    Lee Meerun 8 months ago

    I’m liking battlefield 5 is now known as battlefield Vagina I wonder if they will repackage and replace the V with a 5 😂

  • KeonXD
    KeonXD 8 months ago

    Wait EA delete people accounts?

  • rey luna
    rey luna 8 months ago

    With a job title like Executive Vice President of Strategic Growth (nickel and dime when ever and where ever you can) EA is clearly not looking out for its consumers. It's looking for their wallets.

  • Galimah
    Galimah 8 months ago

    dont want, dont buy.

  • Sasqautch
    Sasqautch 8 months ago

    EA should say things like if you dont like it dont buy it ,and the sense of accomplishment bullshit while Ronnie Coleman is holding a 500 pound barbell over Suderlands chest so Coleman can drop it on his scrawny chest.

  • just me
    just me 8 months ago

    Lol then don't buy the damn games from them. Most gamers bitch and moan about EA but then they go get an EA game.

    GROM SWAT 8 months ago

    Guys get this game instead once it comes out..........
    It’s just like BF3/BF4/Bad company game. Look it up on youtube it’s hot.
    EA needs to get punished for calling us uneducated idiots. 😋👍

  • B Sherman
    B Sherman 8 months ago

    I fucking hate EA, they never do anything new and break everything good that already exists.

  • Jose Urbina
    Jose Urbina 8 months ago

    EA? Electronic Arts was it? WRONG!!!! More like Evil Assholes!

  • SCARFACE 2503
    SCARFACE 2503 8 months ago

    Never bought a ea game since battlefield 1 fuck there micro transactions don't mind paying for some new maps but new weapon packs and uniforms skins and shit should be unlocked as you complete the game basically you are getting a unfinished game the basic version its a fucking rip off.

  • Pile of carbon
    Pile of carbon 8 months ago +2

    "EA moral compass..." bwahahahaha... wait, let me laugh even harder BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. omg my sides.

  • Michael Montana
    Michael Montana 8 months ago +2

    fuck EA

  • Fiery Nugget
    Fiery Nugget 8 months ago

    They could just make more single player content because online dlc is the only thing they add. So instead of getting themselves trapped in a neverending loop of hate, they could add single player content. It worked with vr mission in bf1, it was amazing and had potential. If they want money, then they could charge for vr content. They say single player games aren't profitable yet only charge for online content. If they believe single player games aren't profitable, then then they should have called it star wars battlefront 2 online.

  • Eric Masyoro
    Eric Masyoro 8 months ago

    People should just start a mass boycott of their products like the SJW do. They have been treating their customers with disdain for years so it is time their customers return the favor.

  • Nomi Lun
    Nomi Lun 8 months ago

    Lets all stop buying EA products. Arrogant pricks

  • Robert Paterson
    Robert Paterson 8 months ago

    Best way to combat all this money grabbing antics is to have the gov ban share holders in gaming companies or just create that much outcry that if you are a gaming company with share holders boycott it

  • Angry Aussie Gaming
    Angry Aussie Gaming 8 months ago

    I wish the retailer was as nice as the one you had they didnt tell me shit bout bf3s online pass and i had to fork out for it

  • LordGamma730
    LordGamma730 8 months ago

    X-box Live did the same shit to me & basically refused to give me my titles or reimburse me for it & actually called me a liar, so I lost 3 years of free games ECT.

  • bryan evans
    bryan evans 8 months ago

    I guess this is 1 positive example of the social media mob

  • Dutch Van Der Linde
    Dutch Van Der Linde 8 months ago

    The fact is don’t buy any game published by EA. Ignore them and they will go away.

  • I AM
    I AM 8 months ago

    Still hope someone will take FIFA licensed-rights from EA, and if that happen, that is the day of EA bankruptcy, EA downfall. Which is the best day for sport gamers like me. Haha.

  • the undead1
    the undead1 8 months ago

    After decades of gaming, ea has steadily became one of the most money grubbing of corporations.
    But going all digital is the price we pay . This happens and ea or other companies not supporting your paid game years later or shit happens and they dont have to give you shit back. Till legislation protect us better from the DRM, the disc is, well better. Backwards sounding I know but hey when my HD crashed I didnt hope thru anything the game was there . No keys or emails needed. Nice video , take care.

  • Richard Andrews
    Richard Andrews 8 months ago +1

    EA is never going anywhere. You idiots keep buying their shit, and then bitch about how much you hate them. HAHA Ridiculous

  • ErikBloodaxe Gizmoson
    ErikBloodaxe Gizmoson 8 months ago

    Er forbanna på ea games som aldri fikser bugs i spill. The sims 4 er full av bugs og det irriterer meg noe så inni granskauen mye for jeg liker det spillet. Forstår ikke hvorfor de aldri prøver og gjøre noe med de bugsene!!!

  • Yukki Katsuki
    Yukki Katsuki 8 months ago

    Theirs a reason ive got all of my EA games are on ORIGIN and Steam

  • Peroroncino
    Peroroncino 8 months ago

    CD PROJEKT RED: "Worry not. When thinking CP2077, think nothing less than TW3 - huge single player, open world, story-driven RPG. No hidden catch, you get what you pay for - no bullshit, just honest gaming like with Wild Hunt. We leave greed to others."
    Please other dev's learn from them.

  • mike murray
    mike murray 8 months ago

    Isn't ea also a part of battlefield 5? A ww2 shooter with a one armed female hero on the fronlines. Just like in the history books. Smh. This company will continue to decline.

  • ozmanice 75
    ozmanice 75 8 months ago

    I don't care who makes this games. Torrent download, if good I will buy and if not, I will delete it. Simple, no money loss

  • What Is Going On In My Tunnel

    EA actually can’t even fixed their support site.

  • Syan
    Syan 8 months ago +1

    insane how a retarded 13 year old daughter fucked over an entire company

  • Syan
    Syan 8 months ago

    insane how a retarded 13 year old daughter fucked over an entire company

  • TBoneTony
    TBoneTony 8 months ago

    DRM ruins a product and burns legitimate consumers again.
    It is no wonder after all these years, nobody in the games industry has ever considered that the collection of games is so important for consumers and if they brought it, they deserve to keep what they brought.
    Sadly in the day of the internet, DRM and always online gaming seems to screw over the consumers than it was before online internet connection was possible with gaming.

  • Jorge Lucio
    Jorge Lucio 8 months ago

    Thats true about the stupid pass, and they would rent servers where any hater would kick you out of the team if you were good specially against him like I would be kicked like 5 times a day till I stopped playing it and why I didn't pre order bf4

  • jim Horrace
    jim Horrace 8 months ago

    won't buy any more EA games.

  • Minhaz 25
    Minhaz 25 8 months ago +1


  • Lil Ri TV
    Lil Ri TV 8 months ago

    They need to make skate 4

  • Dizzy Dee
    Dizzy Dee 8 months ago

    EA, don't like it, don't buy it. I've made my decision.

  • Fruit Wagon
    Fruit Wagon 8 months ago

    Glad to see EA is still disappointing.

  • The God Emperor of Mankind

    Another day, another EA retarded scheme.

  • eddie callahan
    eddie callahan 8 months ago

    This did not age well

  • Jurassic Camper
    Jurassic Camper 8 months ago

    That same thing happened to me

  • The nameless commenter
    The nameless commenter 8 months ago

    Thumbnail is horrifying

  • Johnny Nunya
    Johnny Nunya 8 months ago

    EA may never go under, i don't know how they foster so much hate and people still go out and buy their games like nothing ever happened. You are only heard through your wallets. See EA logo on a game simply don't buy it. Or don't complain, you don't get to complain while you give them your money and keep them in business.

  • Max_n_ruby 1911
    Max_n_ruby 1911 8 months ago

    I can honestly say I would rather play an ea game then anything activison or any of the cod devs produce i am so fed up with cod it is really not a good game

  • Ubermorph
    Ubermorph 8 months ago

    Dont forget the rushed endings and how most games the main character dies

  • Mathew Culver
    Mathew Culver 8 months ago

    I stuck to all other game makers

  • Mary Udomah
    Mary Udomah 8 months ago

    They USED to be good, so what HAPPENED?!

  • jeese approves
    jeese approves 8 months ago

    I luv plants Vs zombies

  • jeese approves
    jeese approves 8 months ago

    And mobile games are good!

  • jeese approves
    jeese approves 8 months ago

    EA isn't a turd but I am mad about EA deleting my £200-£300 origin account

  • Viktor with a K
    Viktor with a K 8 months ago

    Serves him right from steering away from steam to an obviously worse company.

  • Revo X
    Revo X 8 months ago

    EA isn't bad

  • Salmaan Nawaz Kahn
    Salmaan Nawaz Kahn 8 months ago

    Is this the voice of Braden from valve guide ?

  • Archie Garcia
    Archie Garcia 8 months ago

    Hmm what to do with EA games.... Pirate them.

  • Dopetech beats
    Dopetech beats 8 months ago

    Electronic Assholes

  • ji9mpopin
    ji9mpopin 8 months ago

    Ea needs to die

  • Brent Ryan
    Brent Ryan 8 months ago

    03:39 ~ E.A. {Electronic Arts} coming out with a new baseball game sounds great to me; It gives consumers yet another E.A. game of which to give (at best) luke'warm sales.

  • G4L Rambling
    G4L Rambling 8 months ago

    One of these days they're going to piss off someone who's unstable and can't nor knows how to properly deal with their bullshit and do something terrible. Oh wait too late.

  • TeK PhaN
    TeK PhaN 8 months ago +1

    What a stuck on stupid channel you have who can't seem to keep EA's nutz out of yo mouth. Is that all you do is troll EA? What a loser thumbs down!

  • Guy Mackinem
    Guy Mackinem 8 months ago

    Having to play 20+ hours or pay loads of money to play as Darth Vader in SWBFII did it for me I'm afraid, what a fucking shame.

  • c1ar3nce 21
    c1ar3nce 21 8 months ago

    Its only good in fifa

  • Phoelee
    Phoelee 8 months ago

    "Your Origin Access membership has been cancelled"

  • bradford342
    bradford342 8 months ago

    Any game that uses micro transactions to give people who have more money an advantage over people who don't is a terrible game, especially for a triple A title/Franchise that makes you pay 60$ at the start. Look at the joke of GTA:online they purposely make items unattainable unless you grind your life away for months or pay for sharkcards. Same with EA and how they make things just out of reach for the gamers unless you pay extra on top of the 60$ you pay for the game itself. Look at the Destiny Franchise they cut their content out of the game making it a bare bones game that is 60$ unless you pay extra. A game that uses micro transactions fairly like doing cosmetics only or making things actually attainable that you can actually get without emptying your pocket or wasting months of lifetime to get it is understandable. There are many of examples out there of large games doing this for example League of Legends and Dota both you can pay for items and they are actually attainable within a reasonable amount of time spent and you don't get that awful taste in your mouth because the games are free and still make a killing doing it fairly. Triple A titles are starting to become a joke. I have no interest in Triple A titles anymore. I focus on the small games that have great potential and respectful Developer teams that actually work with their communities.

  • The Blue Recruit
    The Blue Recruit 8 months ago

    None of the ‘news’ you said was new. I knew all of this already. Like a couple weeks ago. You kinda shoehorned your opinions into the video as well. Like your opinion on mobile games.
    Pubg is an example of a console and PC game that got a successful and really enjoyable port onto mobile. And with consoles like the switch coming out. You should really have some respect for mobile gaming

  • Howdy Fellar
    Howdy Fellar 8 months ago

    Can I say this? Ahem Fuck EA

  • United Federation of Planets

    after 5 months of not playing EA games I thought I'll play Sim City
    (goes to Origin)
    (Types password)
    Me: hmm
    (tries again)
    EA: (Login Fail)
    Me I'll just reset my password
    (types Email in )
    EA / Origin (sent password reset) to #################################
    (checking Email)
    Me: nothing really.. *wOw* ok I'll check in a few hours..
    (opens Email)
    Origin GAMES 10% OFFF GET THEM NOW!!!
    Me: Mother F######## (╯°□°)╯︵( .o.)
    (waits a week nothing tries again...)
    (nothing) (Calls Support) (ring.... ring... ring...... NOTHING)
    went to help site for stolen accounts (Did not help)
    (Tried again with reset)
    oh where sorry theres no account with that Email Me WTF ┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻
    Games lost forever Spore, Sim City, Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2

  • Arvid
    Arvid 8 months ago

    EA just wants to make stupid repetitive sports and cars games plus some jump and run action games for the casual gamers and the gamers who care should just stay away from EA. I only bought the Mass Effect and the Dragon Age trilogy from EA and will never buy any games from them again. There are lots of great games from indie developers and also good revivals from GOG, so EA don't matter anymore. 😊

  • Ashley
    Ashley 8 months ago

    I'm an aspiring game dev, and honestly my favorite game by EA has been sims. And with all the expansion and stuff packs that should have gone together was when I started noticing something fishy was happening. Then I started looking some stuff up and dug up a few scammy crap they've done...let's just say they won't ever be able to offer me enough money to convince me to work with them. I really dont want to turn into a scam artist.

  • Olaff Bog
    Olaff Bog 8 months ago

    protest, pay and play or just raise a finger and turn to something else. With EA's death other companies will see what does and doesn't work.

  • KingCoin 420
    KingCoin 420 8 months ago

    my last hope was nfs making some kind of turn around but no ea just murdered them to goodbye one of my favorite racing games of all times thanks alot you fuck faces at ea.

  • Calvin Johnson
    Calvin Johnson 8 months ago

    good video, i am glad someone is telling the truth, i am so tired of buying a game and still have to buy the dlcs to get the full game.

  • Bob Bobby
    Bob Bobby 8 months ago

    I stopped buying any games that EA has involvement in.

  • Phantomling
    Phantomling 8 months ago

    EA Would be more succsesful if it were run by Goldfish.

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith 8 months ago

    I'm unfamiliar with this issue, but are lawyers and email receipts for purchases enough to win a case?

  • Conguy97
    Conguy97 8 months ago

    FIFA 19 is the same game as FIFA 18. I can't see any difference.

  • ErrorOptik
    ErrorOptik 8 months ago

    I wish Westwood never sold their souls to EA. It really killed me inside

  • Ded Orbit gum
    Ded Orbit gum 8 months ago

    I just bought Battlefront 2.

  • Kevo Walker
    Kevo Walker 8 months ago

    Miss old Star Wars games, fuck ea. They don’t deserve exclusivity to Star Wars games. Fuck Disney for being dumb enough to give it to them

  • Jake Lamphier
    Jake Lamphier 8 months ago

    It’s so sad that nowadays we can’t even enjoy a good game without spending ungodly amounts of money on in-game purchases.

  • Fede Marin
    Fede Marin 8 months ago

    I don't think EA is angering gamers...I feel like gamers (like a lot of people in the western world mostly) are constantly angry and need someone as a punching bag. If it wasn't EA, it would be someone else.

  • Jo Me
    Jo Me 8 months ago

    Honestly, he and many others like him should petition together and sue EA together. The only reason they're slacking off and arrogant towards the complaints is because you're facing them alone, but if you come together and sue them, then EA can't turn a blind eye anymore. If history has anything to teach us, it's that people in large numbers suing a single entity/company will always succeed compared to a single person suing them.
    Besides, if this happens, it'll be good since it might also catch the attention of politicians again and make them go after EA again like before, making those fuckers at EA suffer even more for the shady shit they keep dumping at us.

  • D0MiN0
    D0MiN0 8 months ago

    EA won't ever change, they've been ruining the Sims franchise for years now (just to give an example for other non-shooter based games) and still claim they were working on new releases more dedicated than ever before -- which might even be true for the developers themselves, but the executives won't have any of this and it shows in their overall end products. Talk about releasing a DLC for a previous DLC...
    Mass Effect was equally atrocious and I'm scared to think about what they will do to Dragon Age and other titles >_

  • Jordan Vogel
    Jordan Vogel 8 months ago

    EA has already ruined Battlefront 2. First they come out with a ridiculous notion that they will release all future maps and dlcs for FREE and that they will essentially be funded through micro transactions. Then the community gets upset with hearing MICROTRANSACTIONs forcing EA to withdraw them. Well the community still wanted the free maps and EA couldnt go back on promising free dlcs but without the funding they couldnt support larger expansions like new maps, modes, characters, etc that require time and money to create.