Hunting IGUANA in the Cayman Islands with AIR RIFLES!!!! (catch clean cook)


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  • Nightmare Freddy

    wouldnt we be considered an invasive species lol

  • Eduardo Garcia
    Eduardo Garcia Day ago

    Ojalá te mueras puto por matar tantas iguanas

  • arnold Sirju
    arnold Sirju Day ago

    Why is this guys allow to kill this many? For goodness sake is jus for a meal....I wonder if he would be allowed to kill this many of one single specie from his native country 😤

  • Eli Clevcenger
    Eli Clevcenger 2 days ago

    What gun did you use

  • Hawk The Jackal
    Hawk The Jackal 3 days ago +1

    Yeah I just subscribed!!!!! Good shooting wish we had iguanas here in Houston Texas .. I would quit my job as a truck driver and become a iguana hunter

  • Khang Tran
    Khang Tran 3 days ago


  • Alexis Ortega
    Alexis Ortega 3 days ago +1

    Were did u get the guns from??????

    GUESS WHO 4 days ago

    The Real Tarzan has entered the chat

  • sondre nygaard
    sondre nygaard 5 days ago

    saw the thumbnail and thought it was lil pump

  • billy hoyt
    billy hoyt 5 days ago

    come to trinidad and tabago well show u how to catch ,claen and cook the trini way

  • Jake Manuel
    Jake Manuel 5 days ago

    Not a great video. You should consider other pest control methods then just eradication smh

  • Ankie Siras
    Ankie Siras 5 days ago

    try it in curry with lots of pepper really spicy and also those eggs........niceeeee

  • smokinkguns
    smokinkguns 5 days ago

    Should get the real Tarzan dude to smack this guy

  • Amy Mills
    Amy Mills 5 days ago


  • Christian piñeiro
    Christian piñeiro 6 days ago

    Don't leave me hanging man

    MUSIC JT 6 days ago

    I would love to do that but I live in Oklahoma 😟😟not much iguanas to hunt here😂

  • Shane Diesel
    Shane Diesel 6 days ago

    Your hillbilly ass should get in that tree and let me shoot your ass.

    • Shane Diesel
      Shane Diesel 6 days ago

      Sorry I don’t fuck my cousins

    • Mullet Man
      Mullet Man  6 days ago

      Then that would make you a hillbilly

  • Amari Jones
    Amari Jones 7 days ago

    Let them live

  • Robert Hammond
    Robert Hammond 7 days ago

    I would so eat it now knowing that it's way better than Bobcat lol

  • hitdannyboy
    hitdannyboy 7 days ago

    while in Mexico about 40 years ago I saw Hunters with 22s bring in about 12 iguana they began skinning them when they got to one that was not dead it apparently been shot through the neck but didn't kill it as they begin to strip the skin off the Iguana went crazy it's absolutely Freak The Hunters out and everyone watching it was the most vile horrific looking thing I've ever seen I hope your little air rifles are doing the trick when 22s can not do it I'm sure it's a little more difficult with air rifles

  • Ryu Kun
    Ryu Kun 7 days ago

    adult green iguana $100 each

  • Roy Carrillo
    Roy Carrillo 7 days ago

    Definitely gonna need to bring em down to get on some hogs hell yea

  • Korn Korn
    Korn Korn 7 days ago


  • Pedro Gonzalez
    Pedro Gonzalez 7 days ago +1

    Estaria mejor si te dispararas en la cabeza 🖒

  • Richard Campbell
    Richard Campbell 7 days ago +1

    I enjoyed that brother. I know they do a lot of the Iguana hunting in Puerto Rico also. A lot of air gunners. I also really enjoyed that video you took down that one antler deer with a airgun. I love my Center Firearms. But I have become a big airgun enthusiast. Good video just subscribe to your channel from New Mexico Happy Hunting good fishing!!!👍👍✌🇺🇸

  • Scarlett Dancer.101
    Scarlett Dancer.101 7 days ago

    You have the worst English ever you Americans

  • Emmanuel Hakeem
    Emmanuel Hakeem 8 days ago

    Yall cook them sooo wrong

  • Migo Abu
    Migo Abu 8 days ago

    I will buy one

  • Oscar Cunliffe
    Oscar Cunliffe 8 days ago


  • jims funbirdhunting
    jims funbirdhunting 8 days ago

    Great job guys

  • Mario Rivas Jr
    Mario Rivas Jr 8 days ago

    This nigga killing live animals

  • Jonathan Diaz
    Jonathan Diaz 8 days ago

    Therealtarzan has left the chat

  • Mikey G
    Mikey G 8 days ago

    What fucking loosers

  • Thomas Miracle
    Thomas Miracle 9 days ago

    Just found my new favorite show love to hunt and fish and race i go to Gonzales tx to hog hunt can you recommend a better place i love the meat but hate paying 1$a pound for it after i shoot it

  • akeela watson
    akeela watson 9 days ago

    I want

  • henny rachman
    henny rachman 9 days ago

    Love the video...Here in Suriname we eat the whole iguana.the best ones are the eggs.

  • JA Gio
    JA Gio 9 days ago

    I'm here in Jamaica wanting one as a pet and these people are here killing thousands a week 😭

  • Rocky AGILA
    Rocky AGILA 9 days ago +1

    That good meats like a pork nothing wrong.

  • Satash Nandlal
    Satash Nandlal 9 days ago

    In Trinidad we eat the whole iguana.

  • kingpmpin
    kingpmpin 9 days ago

    Stupid ass nigga

  • Horacio Perez
    Horacio Perez 9 days ago

    Mullet gang 🤟🏼

  • Keisuan Harris
    Keisuan Harris 9 days ago

    why whould you do that killing them like that digrace

  • Albin C
    Albin C 9 days ago

    Animal cruelty

  • Cobra 03 PCP Hunter
    Cobra 03 PCP Hunter 9 days ago

    Very nice video, I taught Puerto Rico was the only place with iguana problem, but I see that I was wrong. Nice shutting with the hw100.

  • Lassad Richards
    Lassad Richards 9 days ago

    My mom lives here

  • Andres Pérez
    Andres Pérez 9 days ago

    Good video

    KUYA TSOY TV 9 days ago

    Iguanas are pretty much good if you cook it with coconut milk

  • Joe Xl500R82
    Joe Xl500R82 10 days ago

    Teriyaki sauce on those biotches

  • Dwight Williams
    Dwight Williams 10 days ago


  • JoJo Beanz
    JoJo Beanz 10 days ago

    awwww I love iguana's.... but I get it when a species gets outta hand. but they're just sooo beautiful!!! I have a 6 ft big boy that ive had for many years

  • Carlos Najera
    Carlos Najera 10 days ago

    Eres un maldito lo vas a extingir piensen todos

  • DK BK
    DK BK 10 days ago

    That’s all I wanted to do in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

  • JaviiMolina
    JaviiMolina 10 days ago +5

    U can actually use all the meet on a iguana not just the tail and legs

    • Mike Lysic
      Mike Lysic 20 hours ago

      Some people are just wasteful. Personally I feel that if you kill an animal and don't utilize as much of it as possible it's just plain sinful.

    • Mills Teyana
      Mills Teyana 8 days ago +1

      JaviiMolina is a great man.

  • Aimee Du Toit
    Aimee Du Toit 10 days ago

    How dare they are just trying to live

  • Louis Laino
    Louis Laino 10 days ago

    You're such an a****** for killing these animals

  • Cesar Zamora
    Cesar Zamora 10 days ago

    Por eso estamos como entamos

  • smikers republic
    smikers republic 10 days ago

    You animal

  • yuri reyes
    yuri reyes 10 days ago

    Swipe up to get iced up

  • Trevor Baker
    Trevor Baker 10 days ago

    See that sniper ability from the white guy is from his ancestors....they were overseers

  • Wacky Don
    Wacky Don 11 days ago +1

    Jamaica only the best

    • Wacky Don
      Wacky Don 10 days ago

      +The BeezyWay yes I knw but he say that he is going to cook it like Jamaican k

    • The BeezyWay
      The BeezyWay 10 days ago +1

      Wacky Don that’s grand cayman not Jamaica

  • David Asoua
    David Asoua 11 days ago

    You call that fun

  • AubreyLeo Sanchez O
    AubreyLeo Sanchez O 11 days ago

    Iguana with Pinol... iguana with alwaishte

  • Edwin Cartagena
    Edwin Cartagena 11 days ago

    Man back in El Salvador where I come from we extinguished them they are good eating if you can prep them . Good shooting tex.

  • Andy Baldeo
    Andy Baldeo 11 days ago

    U guys eat them if not send them Trinidad

  • Mohendra Arjune
    Mohendra Arjune 11 days ago

    Iguana's are best when it's curried ( bunjal style)

  • Gemma Jones patrick
    Gemma Jones patrick 11 days ago

    Bab mind people

  • Ryan Rambhajan
    Ryan Rambhajan 11 days ago +1

    Curry Iguana and dumplings is how we do it here in Trinidad💯💯

    • Winston Townsend
      Winston Townsend 9 days ago

      White people eat anything.

    • Winston Townsend
      Winston Townsend 9 days ago

      U eat that bro?,If i ever go to Trinidad i would've to make sure I check my meat good.

  • Jefe Brown
    Jefe Brown 11 days ago

    First shot iguana drops
    Guy in red shirt:oooouu yaahhh 🤣🤣🤣🤣 replay ouuuuuu yahhhh

  • Ishmael Hassanali
    Ishmael Hassanali 11 days ago

    Dat is not the way to cook iguanas

  • Wajang
    Wajang 11 days ago

    That’s so messed up. Meat should never be wasted. Here in Trinidad the green iguana is almost endangered as it’s a delicacy. Share the planet and kill only what you must eat. They should at least export the meat

  • Jeremy T 1982
    Jeremy T 1982 11 days ago

    Man that looks like a great time!!!

  • Nelson Arteaga
    Nelson Arteaga 12 days ago +7

    Just take some salvadoreños to the island and you will see the changes

  • Francisco Duran
    Francisco Duran 12 days ago

    Iguana soup is very good in Mexico.

  • Francisco Duran
    Francisco Duran 12 days ago

    we love that in Mexico

  • Eduardo Bristo
    Eduardo Bristo 12 days ago +1

    It's the best

  • Reginald Cox
    Reginald Cox 12 days ago

    Why are they killing them

  • Kemani Underwood
    Kemani Underwood 12 days ago

    Me and my brother say if you ever kill one more animal again we're going and we ever see you in real life we're going to punch you in the face

  • victor Steve
    victor Steve 12 days ago

    Did anybody else heard that the guy said iguanas are taking over the island I bet they have guns

  • Caldric Butler
    Caldric Butler 12 days ago

    It taste better if you had swinch it on fire trust me .

  • Caldric Butler
    Caldric Butler 12 days ago

    Just need some dumpling and green banana pot done lol lol lol .

  • youtuber
    youtuber 12 days ago

    'no i'm good.. i'm already tarnished.'

    AL HADI PATACSIL 12 days ago

    Disgusting those iguanas are cute

  • Shaggy Shawn
    Shaggy Shawn 12 days ago

    Can’t wait till one get you good, nice big chunk of ur arm would be nice

  • Jet Lee
    Jet Lee 12 days ago

    I rather eat rice field rats in vietnam before this..but id still try it..

  • Daniel Ellis
    Daniel Ellis 12 days ago

    iguana are friends

  • logan langballe
    logan langballe 12 days ago +2

    Tf u killing iguanas for?

    • holesinmypockets Jones
      holesinmypockets Jones 2 days ago

      Tf you watching this video for?

    • Bobby's World
      Bobby's World 5 days ago

      dude for real ! go watch some plant videos. why are you here.

    • sistamelissa
      sistamelissa 6 days ago

      +Zach Lane yeah hes stupid or he just like y tf they got to kill them

    • Zach Lane
      Zach Lane 7 days ago

      Did u not listen 2 them at the beginning

    • shawn king
      shawn king 9 days ago +3

      logan langballe there overpopulated in cayman and hurting the environment so the government pay then to drop the population rate

  • joeljhunte
    joeljhunte 13 days ago +1

    Damm bro that with some good curry 🍛 is real good ... we eat that in Guyana 🇬🇾

    • Winston Townsend
      Winston Townsend 9 days ago

      U too,I never know people in Trinidad and Guyana eat lizards,we yardies dont eat no reptiles it's a abomination,I guess u eat what u want to.

  • Dikka Lawang Sewu
    Dikka Lawang Sewu 13 days ago

    Gak ada makanan lain apa Om? Kasihan tau.. 😱😱😭😭

  • Yaseen Mohammed
    Yaseen Mohammed 13 days ago

    I'm from Trinidad and the people down here love eating iguana we usually cook curried iguanan and it taste really good you could either cook it with or without the skin and they usually eat the entire iguana not just the tail and legs

  • Alex Bejai
    Alex Bejai 13 days ago

    But the video was good

  • Alex Bejai
    Alex Bejai 13 days ago

    Thats not hw to cook iguana check out how us Trinidadians cook it

  • Hendra Anta Kusuma
    Hendra Anta Kusuma 13 days ago

    No kill IGUANA please..
    Not cool 😬😡

  • wahyu tokang seddot
    wahyu tokang seddot 13 days ago

    mantap omm

  • Edwin Martinez
    Edwin Martinez 13 days ago

    Pool next to the beautiful ocean 😐

  • Zero Mil
    Zero Mil 14 days ago

    What kind of pellet gun is that?

  • Adrian Hernandez
    Adrian Hernandez 14 days ago

    Good eatin

  • Brandan Cooney
    Brandan Cooney 14 days ago +1

    these comments are ridiculous and people are so uneducated. the iguanas are an invasive species meaning they were released there not naturally born there. they eat/kill the native species of eggs bugs vegitation ect, just as the burmese pythons are a huge problem in florida and the snakehead fish. ya'll need to educate and read a little before making these stupid anti hunting/conservation comments it just makes you look and sound stupid. thank you internet for giving every dumbass a voice and platform to harass and spread incorrect facts.

  • Engin Aydın
    Engin Aydın 14 days ago

    Bunlarda ayrı bir oruspu çocuğları

  • Chris Cruz
    Chris Cruz 14 days ago

    Can you bring me back 2 small ones I want some for pets

  • Travis Fletcher
    Travis Fletcher 14 days ago

    what exactly is the problem iguanas are creating? all kill for fun and fabricate stories to justify your actions...fuck it man...

    • Cayman Shooting
      Cayman Shooting 12 days ago

      There are great many issues they cause, but at a high level they are an invasive species with no natural predators. When they first were noticed in Cayman we thought they were just another nice iguana and they were protected. We pretty quickly learned that they reproduce so much faster than the native species and that they are in fact endangering both native flora and fauna with extinction as they consume everything and out compete our native species.
      So the short version is, if we let them live unchecked we will doom a number of native species found nowhere else in the world to extinction. Thus as a conservation effort the Cayman government now has a bounty of $5 per green iguana to try to save our native species from extinction.