Taiwanese Street Food - SPICY CHILI CHEESE CHICKEN Fried Chicken Taiwan

  • Published on Jan 11, 2019

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  • Marius Dalmatzianu
    Marius Dalmatzianu 3 days ago


  • Vincent Mayer
    Vincent Mayer 3 days ago

    11:17 este sujeto debería estar en los vídeos de los trabajadores mas rápidos del mundo, el es el ejemplo perfecto de los que buscan las maquiladoras en mexico, un obrero en chinga , que no se queje que no descanse,que no vaya al baño, por que los obreros no tienen necesidades físicas , según los patrones,, y que gane lo minimo, realmente deseo que le vaya muy bien en su negocio.


  • Chaves
    Chaves 4 days ago

    Bom, muito bom. 😋🇧🇷💪

  • Ashley Tsui
    Ashley Tsui 5 days ago

    Where is this place I need to pay them a visit!!!

  • Danny's Food & Travel Channel

    love Taiwanese street food

    • James L
      James L 4 days ago +1

      And Taiwanese street food loves u also

  • sophia yar
    sophia yar 7 days ago

    Why there are not eating

  • Steve Mason
    Steve Mason 8 days ago

    You people are disgusting with all that meat just sitting out in the open

  • Dolly Dolly
    Dolly Dolly 13 days ago

    The blowtorch melting the processed shredded cheese. What was that dish?

  • Joao Carlos Reccevotto Mascarenhas


  • Adobe
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    ALVARO LLANAS 18 days ago


  • Kathedean Glenn
    Kathedean Glenn 20 days ago

    need glove on serving food period,are Handel food!!!!!

  • محمد العنزي
    محمد العنزي 24 days ago

    اتمنى ان تكتب اسم الطبق وعلى ماذا يحتوي 👍🏻

  • AlexYe007
    AlexYe007 24 days ago

    dexterity level: Godlike

  • Haze a.
    Haze a. 25 days ago

    What part of the dog is this?

    This looks fkn delicious!

  • Gary S
    Gary S 26 days ago

    Raw chicken, anyone?

  • 樓俊傑
    樓俊傑 29 days ago


  • Ирина Барулина

    Горилкой это всё пришпарили в мусорных совках и довольны

  • Ирина Барулина

    Зачем вы нам полусырую курицу рекламируете?

  • wenaldy
    wenaldy Month ago

    Dat medium chicken though.

  • Maria Aparecida
    Maria Aparecida Month ago

    Q rapidez pra cortar parabéns

  • 無所謂
    無所謂 Month ago

    這影片是在台南拍的吧?有聽到有人說"沒辦法 我人在台南"XD

  • berkebun sayur
    berkebun sayur Month ago

    Waaah enaknya ayam panggang

  • Sandra LC
    Sandra LC Month ago

    Faz tanta comida e não vejo ninguém comendo😝 Do que adianta?

    AHRGK Month ago

    한국식 닭갈비 아닌가

  • Sandi Baratta
    Sandi Baratta Month ago

    $100 for a dish? Did I see that wrong. Lol I hope so

  • lisa07041997
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  • 123
    123 Month ago +1


  • chileno santiaguino

    Comida para el hambre y yo con bajon ctm

  • Edwin A
    Edwin A Month ago

    striaght mukbang

  • Yuyu Servin
    Yuyu Servin Month ago

    Que ricoooooooooooo 😍🤤

  • Diogo Rss
    Diogo Rss Month ago

    Brasil outubro 2019

  • Mark Phillips
    Mark Phillips Month ago

    Bro is tht a heart

  • Demon Marker
    Demon Marker Month ago +3

    That's how much garlic i use when a recipe says 1 clove 😂

  • 你駡
    你駡 Month ago


  • Ibrahim Ahmed
    Ibrahim Ahmed Month ago

    11:11 dirty food what is this ?!

    • Ibrahim Ahmed
      Ibrahim Ahmed Month ago

      @bill will And you are a disgusting person eating dirt

    • bill will
      bill will Month ago

      Kid not eligible to comment.

  • Nurul Hidayati
    Nurul Hidayati Month ago +1

    i hope they don’t sell cats and dogs meat there :)

    • D3ATH V3RTIGO 7
      D3ATH V3RTIGO 7 Day ago

      @Chun On YuI watch daaitv, I thought there's only vegan food 😁😁😁

    • Chun On Yu
      Chun On Yu Month ago

      Don't worry, TW is not china

  • guyseanz
    guyseanz Month ago

    That fingernail.

  • sofar fromyou
    sofar fromyou Month ago

    Thailand and taiwan got a same chemical our street foods is the best I am a thai and I confirm taiwan street foods.

  • Wenden Batlag
    Wenden Batlag Month ago

    Hey if you eat the foods can you speak about the taste 😘 thank you

  • Luxie Daemon
    Luxie Daemon Month ago

    what are the white skices they put to the chicken?

  • 조커는조커서조커따

    오우야 이거 대박인데 ㄷㄷ

  • Vanesa Montacuto
    Vanesa Montacuto Month ago

    Es verdad...El video solo muestra imágenes sin que se explique nada de lo que estamos viendo.

  • Johnjoe Johnson
    Johnjoe Johnson Month ago +1

    Looks delicious, but I don't recognise the Chicken pieces they look more like vampire bats.

    • Rebecca Vanover
      Rebecca Vanover Month ago

      The big pieces were deboned chicken leg & thigh that had been flattened.

  • Quentin Delaunay
    Quentin Delaunay Month ago +1


  • Ervtard
    Ervtard Month ago +6

    Watching the first one...
    On one hand, this looks freaking delicious!
    On the other, that level of cross contamination can kill half the town...

  • Andréa Bessani
    Andréa Bessani Month ago

    Alguem tem a receita do frango aos 2:38 por favor.

  • nordna
    nordna Month ago +1

    that was a leg/thigh quarter chicken, but there was no bone..... how did they de-bone a quarter of chicken?

  • Nurul Atiqah
    Nurul Atiqah Month ago

    Grilled chicken so yummy 🤤🤤😫😫

  • Mark Sloan
    Mark Sloan Month ago


    • G S
      G S Month ago

      1:14 材質OPS(也可能是BOPS),可以和食品直接接觸,耐溫80~90度C

  • Masayoshi Kurokawa
    Masayoshi Kurokawa Month ago +1


  • 김승훈
    김승훈 Month ago +1

    Its korean Dak Gal bi ,sauteed chicken , dduck , cheese and veggies with hot chili sauce

  • badboycop93 zemag
    badboycop93 zemag Month ago

    woow ese pollo se ve riquísimo thas chicken look yumi yumi

  • Andreas Adi
    Andreas Adi Month ago

    YES YES YES!!!

  • xianzhirang
    xianzhirang Month ago

    Where is the night market?

  • Андрей
    Андрей 2 months ago

    Еда -то может и нормальная , раз люди едят,а контейнеры из пластика?

  • kevin singkit
    kevin singkit 2 months ago

    In which specific night market is this? I wanna try!!

  • edwinCSBG
    edwinCSBG 2 months ago

    plastic plastic plastic plastic

    RESPECT MY AUTHORITY 2 months ago

    Taiwan, great food and hookers too. And all at a good price.

  • Jose Palop
    Jose Palop 2 months ago

    Y no engordan