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  • Andri Lesmana
    Andri Lesmana Hour ago

    I like you cavalli

  • Robert Vasquez
    Robert Vasquez Hour ago


  • marie corcuera
    marie corcuera Hour ago


  • lil Crocs
    lil Crocs 3 hours ago

    Step 1. Boil 2 cups of water
    Step 2. Put top ramen in stir for 3 min
    Step 3. Remove from heat and pour in seasoning

  • Terrarialiker
    Terrarialiker 4 hours ago

    My snack is milk chocolate, twix, milkyway, and a side of sour gummy worms

  • Jeff_jiro240-TTG Bartolo


    “WANNA SPRiTe CrAnBeRrY?”

  • Strawberry Cookie :3
    Strawberry Cookie :3 5 hours ago


  • DatOneLion
    DatOneLion 5 hours ago

    How about a...

    A sprite cranberry?

  • LilMissSpaceGeek :3
    LilMissSpaceGeek :3 7 hours ago +1

    The nana: What is all thing stuff?
    The kid: CrAnBeRrIeS!

  • Jayde Cat Foxy
    Jayde Cat Foxy 7 hours ago

    This kid should try Sprite cranberry

  • suga's lil hoe
    suga's lil hoe 7 hours ago

    1:20 Uhh Regina?

  • Isaiah Campos
    Isaiah Campos 8 hours ago

    C R A N B E R R Y S 1:20

  • DoyoungTube송도영
    DoyoungTube송도영 8 hours ago

    This video is so funny. I recommend it.

  • Meaghan Wray
    Meaghan Wray 8 hours ago


  • Dante Thanhardt
    Dante Thanhardt 9 hours ago

    1 top ramen is a meal not a snack
    2 how are they dieing from the spice I put 3 times the amount of sirach a sauce on my ramen

  • Lindsay Colchado
    Lindsay Colchado 9 hours ago

    0:58 they couldn’t be happier

  • Monai Parris
    Monai Parris 11 hours ago


  • zachy poo
    zachy poo 11 hours ago

    U a man that's is gender persific

  • Sonic gamer 1 2 3
    Sonic gamer 1 2 3 11 hours ago

    My mom's dad passed away a couple years ago but I'm still sad 😭 I had 2 grandpa's now I have 1

  • Peter
    Peter 11 hours ago

    what is this....... CRANBERRIES!!!

  • Reda Cikockaite
    Reda Cikockaite 12 hours ago

    That kid had so much suraca on that spagetti🔥😮

  • DeathlyMoon
    DeathlyMoon 12 hours ago

    The one boy looks like Devin booker

  • Klazzy ツ
    Klazzy ツ 12 hours ago

    My grandparents are dead

  • Reign101
    Reign101 12 hours ago

    It's a beautiful story that I have no idea about lol

  • Jack Keightley
    Jack Keightley 13 hours ago

    I love really spicy food curry or sauce

  • Bxnny xniie
    Bxnny xniie 13 hours ago +1

    Honestly I love cranberrys too
    And when I was little I would eat Korean spicy Raman with saracha to make it SUUUUUPPPPPEEEERRR spicy, because I would just squirt it in mouth and say "ma why is it not spicy?" And idk if that's because my mom is black and my dad is Asian and spicy food is like a thing with both cultures and that made me like love spicy stuff to the bone or if I'm not human

  • M o c h i C h a n
    M o c h i C h a n 13 hours ago

    Cavalli and Preston is my favorite pair

  • mia morales
    mia morales 13 hours ago

    *are you gonna finish it*

  • JJ sings
    JJ sings 14 hours ago


  • Coconut :3
    Coconut :3 15 hours ago


  • wholesome
    wholesome 15 hours ago

    I laughed so loud when he screamed CRANBERRIES😂😂😂

  • Kyle Teran
    Kyle Teran 15 hours ago +1

    Hi random person who’s scrolling through the comments because of that one kid who said “CRANBERRIES!!!!”

  • Msp Sunlight
    Msp Sunlight 15 hours ago

    Grandma:Whats all of this stuff?
    Boy: *cRaMbErRy*

  • Ayleen Kapustka
    Ayleen Kapustka 16 hours ago

    Preston looks like Garrett Morris from two broke girls 😅

  • Rip.peep15
    Rip.peep15 16 hours ago

    Wish i could do this with my grandpa but i don’t have one anymore 🤭😓💔

  • Maximazing
    Maximazing 18 hours ago

    That cranberry kid sure was happy when Sprite cranberry came out

  • Oreo Animates
    Oreo Animates 18 hours ago

    Wanna know the snack I really like?
    Just buy some plain yogurt(vanilla) and then just break up chocolate chip cookies into the yogurt and it’s a complete!

  • WlxI OrBz
    WlxI OrBz 20 hours ago

    My favourite snacks are just some Walker/lay crisps

  • Sama
    Sama 21 hour ago


  • Z s
    Z s Day ago

    That cranberry kid is gonna have a party when he finds out about Sprite cranberry

  • Bay Si
    Bay Si Day ago

    Oh boy Cavalli is always my fav lolll

  • Diana Hernandez
    Diana Hernandez Day ago

    Ima try the noodles and sriracha

  • Roseta Etienne
    Roseta Etienne Day ago +1

    This is so cute💓💓💓

  • Mya Swanno
    Mya Swanno Day ago

    I relate with Justin on a spiritual level

  • Pauleen Santos
    Pauleen Santos Day ago

    *White Grandpa eating Plain Crackers....* “its good.....its REALLLY good” smh

  • Vurse 1999
    Vurse 1999 Day ago

    Geez that kid put a lot of a siracha on his ramen

  • Isabella Delacruz


  • Daisy The Doggie

    Wanna sprite cranberry?

  • Lenny C.A.T
    Lenny C.A.T Day ago

    Wtf is merry mix that’s fuvking Chex mix

  • special dirt
    special dirt Day ago

    3:26 as they're on fire "it-its warm....."

  • IonizedMuffin25
    IonizedMuffin25 Day ago

    *Evil asian laughing watching them dying from sriracha*

  • Longfang YT
    Longfang YT Day ago

    My God that kid does NOT now how to make Roman the fu&k you put the Roman in a bowl then add the water then once it's that nice texture you drain the water then add the flavor boiling it with the flavor will just get rid of most of it

  • Kanye breast
    Kanye breast Day ago

    That kid's gonna love SPRITE CRANBERRY

  • Abdul Aziz
    Abdul Aziz Day ago

    sirachas not hot just really salty

  • Aiden Goncalves
    Aiden Goncalves Day ago


  • It’s Me perry
    It’s Me perry Day ago

    It is a beautiful story and he doesn’t remember it lol

  • Molly A. Block
    Molly A. Block Day ago

    Justin was immature, annoying, and just plain weird. He ruined this video for me.

  • MSP gal
    MSP gal Day ago

    Wow everyone has healthy snacks while cavali has siracha and ramen... MOOD

  • Creep302
    Creep302 Day ago


  • Hanzo
    Hanzo Day ago

    I swear that's *BEPSI CRANBERRY*

  • Kayvin Luro
    Kayvin Luro Day ago

    Justin looks like blake griffin

  • Steven Tohme
    Steven Tohme Day ago +1

    Cavalli finally got his top ramen from the terminally ill video

  • Min Yoongi
    Min Yoongi Day ago

    top ramen is my all time favorite 😋

  • Aaron George
    Aaron George Day ago

    3:00 his face

  • Mary Kate Kelly
    Mary Kate Kelly Day ago

    I wonder if that kids favourite band is the cranberries

  • Tilly Dunne
    Tilly Dunne Day ago

    Can we just have a whole series with Cavalli and Pop pop eating spicy food

  • PeppermintPawz
    PeppermintPawz Day ago

    I can’t be on here.. my grandpas dead

  • Swiish_ L!ke_Rvy
    Swiish_ L!ke_Rvy Day ago +1

    1:21 😂

  • Ariel Tuisaula
    Ariel Tuisaula Day ago

    I like the kid and the grandparent who were eating the hot noodles lol funny

  • Lordmurd
    Lordmurd Day ago

    Someone give that kid sprite cramberry

  • kid who looks high

    dude that kid needs a SPRITE CRANBERRY instead

  • Thelma DeLaMont
    Thelma DeLaMont Day ago


  • LuckyLachy _13
    LuckyLachy _13 Day ago +1

    Nene says: "What is all this?"
    Grandson replies: *"CRANBERRIES!"*

  • Magicsnakes
    Magicsnakes Day ago +1

    What kind of parents let a 7 year old kid eat ramen.

    CLASSIC RD Day ago +1

    Wanna a sprite cranberry?

  • Jackson Schwandt


  • Austin Z
    Austin Z Day ago

    Wanna sprite cranberry

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ Day ago

    Hey guys its ya boi jesus the savior of christ

  • Max Hatesme
    Max Hatesme Day ago

    Justin needs a sprite cranberry

  • Babushka Klan
    Babushka Klan Day ago

    Sorry, but does their grandparents do not know their favorite stuff? that's a liiiiittle bit sad

  • Maeghan Briar Morrow

    Be careful chirren that's a lot of sodium 🍜

  • Snoopy the dog
    Snoopy the dog Day ago

    What is all this stuff

  • Emil
    Emil Day ago +1

    I’d watch a sitcom with Preston and cavalli as a comedic duo.

  • lol xd
    lol xd Day ago +1

    i wanna sprite cranberry with the kid who likes cranberry

  • Coolguy Mason
    Coolguy Mason 2 days ago


  • Kuro Might
    Kuro Might 2 days ago

    You already know that kid with the cranberries was bout to get beat but I bet the grandma was NO

  • Kimi Lau
    Kimi Lau 2 days ago

    My friends: Hey when did you start liking this guy so much?
    Me: *It’s a beautiful story and I have no idea about* 😹😹😹😹

    DRAGONRIDERxx7 yt 2 days ago

    Now don't calle racist or sexist but from what I've seen black old people seem the chillest and wisest I dunno why

  • [GunZ]JAMZ
    [GunZ]JAMZ 2 days ago

    What I get these videos

  • Grizzly Garage
    Grizzly Garage 2 days ago +1


  • Jennifer Mulkey
    Jennifer Mulkey 2 days ago

    I with that kid who loves top ramen at my grandma her cabinet is full of top ramen and my grandpa always buys more

  • FCM Music
    FCM Music 2 days ago

    So sweet !😚

  • Loading Name
    Loading Name 2 days ago

    2:58 that’s what being a kid’s alllllll about! 💖🥰😂🙌🏽

  • TheMutantPatato
    TheMutantPatato 2 days ago

    4:52 he dies to heart attack

  • Mirror Bin
    Mirror Bin 2 days ago

    Kids are too unhealthy nowadays

  • Manuel Martinez
    Manuel Martinez 2 days ago

    The kid who was eating ramen noodles knows where its at

  • Jalix
    Jalix 2 days ago

    Fucking love Preston

  • uncle frank
    uncle frank 2 days ago

    Preston is a legend

  • John Paskell
    John Paskell 2 days ago

    Mary Mix gets its name from Mary Jane and it is said to be the perfect snack for any stoned person.