Don’t Make Fun of Me Because I Stutter

  • Published on Jul 10, 2018
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    Ian has a stutter. That's when you get stuck on a word, or words, and it makes it very hard to talk and communicate. It is some times called a speech impediment. And, it singles a kid out, and it's then easy for other kids to make fun of.
    When Ian was really young it wasn't too much of a problem, and kids were just more accepting and wouldn't let his stutter bother them and they wouldn't immediately judge him for it. Either they knew it was just a speech impediment, or they just didn't care and could look past it - but from his experience the older they kids were the meaner they were.
    When he got to sixth grade something happened at school that really upset him and got under his skin. It was his first day at a brand new school, and he didn't know anybody, not one other student. When he walked in he saw a kid his age in the hall who looked nice and who all the other kids seemed to know and be friendly with. So Ian gathered up his courage and went over to say hi and introduce himself.
    But, with a little nervousness making things even harder on him, the minute he opened his mouth it was all stuttering and stammering, and, that kid who had seemed nice just a couple of moments before, he just started laughing at Ian, and pointing, and embarrassing him in front of all the other kids. That moment crushed any self-esteem Ian had collected, and things got harder after that.
    That one kid went and told all his friends about Ian and his speech impediment, and so those other students and classmates all started to make fun of him too. After that, kids would make fun of him every day, all day long. He tried to explain to them that it was just a speech disorder but they just went on bullying him.
    This went on all year, and his parents tried to help, they got him to work with a speech therapist and she did help him to work on his stutter, and to work on how he felt about it and himself. He was able to manage it better, but it hasn't gone away.
    But more importantly he worked with her to understand that his stutter was a part of him, a strong part of who he is, and he got to the point that he realized, no matter who makes fun of him, that he wouldn't change who he was, including his stutter, for the world.
    With that acceptance of himself he grew more confident, has made real friends, and stutter or no stutter, he knows he has a great future ahead of him.
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  • steven 23 Rodriguez
    steven 23 Rodriguez 3 days ago

    Fortnight is found gay people

  • olivia rose
    olivia rose 3 days ago

    i think ur stutter is adorable 🥰🥰

  • Gloria Marie Montgomery


  • Dali Kads
    Dali Kads 5 days ago

    You sound cute

  • Goldie_Amelia YT
    Goldie_Amelia YT 6 days ago +2

    One of my classmates Has it too your not alone

  • unicorn galaxy
    unicorn galaxy 6 days ago

    By the way stutters are okay accept your self

  • unicorn galaxy
    unicorn galaxy 6 days ago

    Fortnite?!? WTF

  • Mann Sharma
    Mann Sharma 7 days ago

    Ian don't worry that you stutter I have a friend who also is like you

  • ガールエンダー

    I have a hard time communicating sometimes..I would always get stuck in the next word I say and sometimes when I say a word I get stuck saying like for example:
    I don't stutter but when I say a word I get lost saying the word, I know how to pronounce words (not technically *ALL* words but a ton)

    I feel bad for that kid :(

  • Er Wandi
    Er Wandi 8 days ago

    It's okay if your stutter just be yourself

  • Yasamin Panahi
    Yasamin Panahi 8 days ago

    Stuttering maybe you shouldn’t even open your mouth ha ha ha ha ha ha
    Don’t take that seriously it was just a stupid thing that I said I’m really sorry don’t take a seriously don’t take that offensively sorry🙏🏻😨😰

  • Cika Pichuss
    Cika Pichuss 9 days ago

    I stutter too and dont worry we are Here for u

  • Alexandra Tran
    Alexandra Tran 9 days ago +1

    I also have stutter as well it’s hard to live with

    My teacher gives me special treatment

    I know how is feels so don’t listen to the bullys

  • Rebecca Cho
    Rebecca Cho 10 days ago

    Lol iv never seen the Fortnit

  • Cynthia Vines
    Cynthia Vines 10 days ago

    My cousin gets stuck on words too

  • lps Winter
    lps Winter 11 days ago

    Dont worry I stutter as well. My stutter is mostly bad In school.

  • Pizza Kids
    Pizza Kids 11 days ago

    With the fortnite at the starting of the video

  • Ceyda Creig
    Ceyda Creig 11 days ago


  • Red Rene
    Red Rene 11 days ago

    I have a stutter as well I just make jokes about my stutter when I can’t say my words

  • Galaxy Chan
    Galaxy Chan 11 days ago

    My brother stutters when he reads

  • Sofia Chairez
    Sofia Chairez 12 days ago +1

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    The fortnite intro

  • David Plaza
    David Plaza 12 days ago

    Storybooth is the only channel that doesn't sponsor fortnite as cringey as they can

  • Ajla Morankic
    Ajla Morankic 12 days ago

    my friend has stutter and i care for her

    IHAWU LEZWE 13 days ago


  • Elia Franco
    Elia Franco 14 days ago

    Don't be a bully to other people it hurts their hearts and we need to give our hands to ourself

  • Nisha Kodancha
    Nisha Kodancha 15 days ago

    Aaaw!!! Sweety!!
    It's okay to stutter!! I'm so sorry that you were laughed at .... in the beginning it will be a little challenging.. There are people who just act like bullshit. Do not listen to them. Nice story!! Well not good that it happened but the way you showed it and everything. And.. I would not mind being your friend. You seem like an amazing person.
    *We all have little challenges*
    Like I am short and I am in high school. I am 4ft 8 I know : ShOrT

  • Chloe Mcfadden
    Chloe Mcfadden 15 days ago

    I stutter all the time and I have ADHD but my speech teacher is helping me and I’m really building up you should do it too 🙂

  • h e l l o r a n d o m
    h e l l o r a n d o m 16 days ago

    See I talk the same as you it’s painful I got bullied a lot but I’m over it.

  • vanness world
    vanness world 17 days ago

    They are just jealous cuz u are nice and ur family luvs u a lot and ur a blessed kid

  • MrChezmaN
    MrChezmaN 17 days ago

    Best intro

  • MythicPhantomMC
    MythicPhantomMC 18 days ago +1

    Minecraft or Fortnite like for Minecraft comment for F nite

  • MythicPhantomMC
    MythicPhantomMC 18 days ago

    My nieghbor also shutters but I dont care

  • IMMLG_LIAM99 Minecraft

    I Disliked The Video Because It Started With Fortnite

  • gacha kitty chinshue
    gacha kitty chinshue 21 day ago +1

    Even if u stutter doesnt mean to bully

  • Olivia Fun toys
    Olivia Fun toys 21 day ago

    I have a stutter too we are in this together

  • Joshua Nadal
    Joshua Nadal 22 days ago

    Fuck this

    ITZ_KEANYT 23 days ago

    I like it

  • Skylord_966
    Skylord_966 23 days ago +1

    I find stutters cute...and it reminds me of bill from IT 😌🌹

  • Asilah 4B. nordergårdskolen

    Wtf stuttering is something not that many has

    Which means you are special :)

  • Malloy Kimrey
    Malloy Kimrey 25 days ago

    hey dude you stal cool the way you are if someone makes fun of you go tell a adult see my spelling ant that good but you stal have friends

    XXXTENTACION lyrics 25 days ago

    I stutter too buddy I know how it feels and I bullied

  • x R q i n y
    x R q i n y 25 days ago

    Bro I also stutter and even my friends laugh at me when I talk cuz I stutter but just Ignore those people who bully you because you stutter, they just don't understand what you're going through
    (Sorry for the wrong grammar)

  • ø Lami ø
    ø Lami ø 25 days ago +1

    My classmate stutters too but...

    FORTNITE HAD TO RUIN IT MINECRAFT GOOD FORTNITE BAD (i dont play minecraft but i want too)

  • tannis MacDonald
    tannis MacDonald 26 days ago


  • Xxshort_ potatoexX
    Xxshort_ potatoexX 26 days ago +1

    His stutter is so adorable!! I love it so much ❤

  • Dailysongs
    Dailysongs 27 days ago

    I stutter too

  • Reduxhut
    Reduxhut 27 days ago


  • Kids Kids
    Kids Kids 28 days ago

    Pepole dtutter i bet the bullyes stutter to ugh i want to punck thr bulles in the nuts !!!!!!

  • L I L Y
    L I L Y 28 days ago

    I stutter to but for some reason I'll just Sutter on the first word I'll say and then finish half of the sentence and be like (yea that)

    Like this
    Y-Y-YOU UH YOU UM ARE U-UH (stops talking for a few secs) .....cute (yea that) 💀
    People think it's cute some dont n I get made fun of alot and they call me (motor mouth) :(

  • Mickey Black
    Mickey Black 29 days ago

    I stutter to my boyfriend things it's cute lol

  • Alex Padilla
    Alex Padilla 29 days ago

    I think my friend kinda stutters just a little bit idk if he's faking it but he still has friends there's no reason to make fun of that 😕

  • constructive criticism
    constructive criticism 29 days ago +1

    clicked off when saw fortnite

    SELENA FAN 29 days ago +1

    I have a really cool story ......LOVE YAH AND PEACE OUT ✌️🙂......BYE

  • Aidy Cakes808
    Aidy Cakes808 Month ago

    I feel so bad I stutter a lot but it’s not terrible :( but this is just terrible I hope your ok

  • Bean Boi
    Bean Boi Month ago

    I have a friend who stutters and he’s cool

  • Joseph Branstetter
    Joseph Branstetter Month ago

    Your stutter is something I'd laugh off

  • Sesvir Lopez
    Sesvir Lopez Month ago

    Stuttering is not bad just dont think about it think about something else

  • Marjorie Dajac
    Marjorie Dajac Month ago

    aww it sounds like a 3 year old trying to speak aww

    MALEESHA PERERA Month ago +1

    Don, t worry broo me too have it fist yuo stop yuor feir

  • Ninja Productions
    Ninja Productions Month ago

    I relate because I have problems with speaking but it peeves me off wherever I would speak then they will imitate it and makes me mad most of the time