’Tattoo Cover Up of Smoking Scars' Flash Challenge Preview | Ink Master: Season 8


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  • Llama Kween
    Llama Kween 15 hours ago

    They were so rude about their clients problems and what they wanted. Kelly was the only nice one about it

  • Margot Paul
    Margot Paul 18 hours ago

    why did the host call the patients canvases!? These are real people!

  • Nicole Andriasian

    The guy in red honestly feels like such a nice guy

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader Day ago

    The blue shirt guy with the accent was really rude to make the guy change his mind and he had an unprofessional attitude. I hope he got eliminated.

  • chanise bailey
    chanise bailey Day ago

    I like the tattoos especially the wolf tattoo but i wish the castle dragon tattoo had more detailing on the castle it looks simple idk like it's missing something

  • FCS Sensai
    FCS Sensai Day ago

    I have hereby decided to stop smoking cigs because of this. If anyone wants to ask my progress days weeks months or years down the line, reply!

  • Hollow Bagel
    Hollow Bagel 2 days ago

    How to give tattoo artists a bad name
    Show them this video where they mumble under their breaths and make faces at their clients.

  • Nicoladen
    Nicoladen 2 days ago

    This tattoo is the most important things in these peoples lifes. Let's get some rude tattoo artists, give them the client they didn't want and top it off with a time limit to add a bunch of pressure.
    And there you have it: How not to tattoo a client.

  • Luis Rodriguez
    Luis Rodriguez 3 days ago

    This competition is not even about the tattoo. It's More about making the timeline. If you've ever gotten a tattoo on our would know that being rushed would not make for a good work of art but I guess this show is all about the views not the tattoos themselves

  • Luis Rodriguez
    Luis Rodriguez 3 days ago

    Haha I literally watched this video while I smoking and drinking. I feel like this "competition" doesn't help and all

  • ItzMi Mi
    ItzMi Mi 3 days ago

    I feel sorry for the canvas’ especially Kelly’s

  • Tally Evans
    Tally Evans 3 days ago

    Nikki was so immature and rude

  • gvmmy
    gvmmy 3 days ago

    blue hair girl is my favorite. shes respectful and she is an amazing artist

  • Anonymous _
    Anonymous _ 3 days ago

    This show is everything wrong with tattooing as an industry. Whiny, arrogant "artists" with fragile egos are pervasive and even celebrated.

  • Ze Bad Comedian
    Ze Bad Comedian 4 days ago

    I hate the disrespect, but I agree with the first statement with the Galaxy one in the beginning. I would be too nervous that I would accidentally mess something up since it's a sensitive area

  • YoLo
    YoLo 4 days ago +1

    Tattoo artists get *OVER YOURSELVES* !!

  • TheRealLoser
    TheRealLoser 4 days ago

    The hosts style is killing me

  • KatieBuilds
    KatieBuilds 4 days ago

    Kevins was my favorite

  • david .t
    david .t 5 days ago

    That Japanese dragon is lit

  • Matt Dobing
    Matt Dobing 6 days ago

    I know these are probably free tats and done in a small time period but I'd not be happy with any of these on my body forever haha.

  • User 532
    User 532 6 days ago

    round of applause for Kelly’s attitude she was great

  • Lalala123
    Lalala123 6 days ago

    Tito’s looks so bad in my opinion

  • GamingWithHolly XD
    GamingWithHolly XD 6 days ago



    Omgg 9:15 *Is the besttt*


    9:08 Lol it's A Chinese dragon not a Japnese dragon

  • Xestantial
    Xestantial 7 days ago

    That guys with the Trachea hole sounds like Steevo lmfao

  • Larry Shipper
    Larry Shipper 7 days ago

    Tbh they shouldn't want to cover their scars, it shows that they're been through something and made it 🙇‍♀️

  • Devour toes And assholes


  • Nadia Mejia
    Nadia Mejia 7 days ago


  • Me! reacting!
    Me! reacting! 8 days ago

    Id like to see a tattoo that blends the scar rather than making an image over it. Recreate skin tone

  • Mrpooprainbows Rainbows

    I stopped smoking because of this.

  • Corda 201
    Corda 201 8 days ago

    These artists attitudes hurt my heart

  • Belle Patterson
    Belle Patterson 8 days ago

    I was a little upset when the some of the artists scoffed at what they wanted. For example, what was the problem with the tree of life?? Every tattoo has a story and a meaning.

  • Rebecca Wilson
    Rebecca Wilson 9 days ago +1

    *i started at 13.*

  • Princess Cheese
    Princess Cheese 9 days ago

    This is why I don’t smoke

  • Hey People
    Hey People 9 days ago


  • Hey People
    Hey People 9 days ago

    Did the guy with cancer die? :( He was only 22

  • Theodore Coleman
    Theodore Coleman 9 days ago

    This was definitely a hard challenge...

  • Annie Evans
    Annie Evans 9 days ago

    U know that dude with the thing on his neck I kept scratching my neck

  • MosSadistic
    MosSadistic 10 days ago

    Jesus 7 years of smoking can do that to you?

  • Eric Gilbert
    Eric Gilbert 10 days ago

    When her said “you all will battle” I just imagine them all running around trying stab each other with tattoo guns

  • уєllσω ѕιѕтєя

    I mean, the 1st and 2nd one getting judged, (galaxy and leg) I would be a little uncomfortable, but I wouldn’t want to treat them like sh*t

  • None ya dam buisness
    None ya dam buisness 10 days ago

    I love kelly on how when she found out that she had that man she just smiled and was happy to do it she didn’t have a big temper tantrum like everyone else

  • ツFaqi
    ツFaqi 10 days ago

    Do you ever think that the fact the judges and the contestants are never in the same shot is coincidence? For sure I don’t because apparently they are barely there and only are there to record and create a nice edit.

  • Tahj
    Tahj 11 days ago

    Smoking is selfish, doesn’t matter what way you look at it.

  • Ashton
    Ashton 11 days ago

    I would never go to these artists. I don’t want to support people who are so rude to those with scars. It’s disgusting and disrespectful and I hope these episodes lose them customers because they don’t deserve it. I have two large scars on my chest and I want them tattooed and I would feel so terrible if an artist did that to me.

  • Random stuff With josh

    Seeing the dude with the hole in his neck is all I need to see to never smoke a cigarette

  • ShadowFoox Games
    ShadowFoox Games 12 days ago

    kelly was the nicest one of all the didn’t even laugh or seem grossed

  • Cristian A
    Cristian A 14 days ago

    The only think I don't like about this is the time limit... There should be no time limit since it's recorded anyways

  • Blackcain
    Blackcain 14 days ago

    that guy looks like he's from Red Hot Chilli Peppers

  • Estarossa
    Estarossa 14 days ago +1

    I swear there was a stock image of the same dam dragon on google

  • MrFargSouce
    MrFargSouce 15 days ago

    everyone is beautiful no matter they’re scars

  • Seih Tahw
    Seih Tahw 15 days ago +1

    Does smoking really get you addicted? I tried smoking when I was senior high but i quit because of the smell!

  • Nobody important
    Nobody important 15 days ago

    I love Kelly she is so nice and kind 💕💕💕

  • PRO Raccoon
    PRO Raccoon 16 days ago +2

    I like the videos that show the judging and not just the process

  • Austin Casasola
    Austin Casasola 16 days ago +1

    How did he lose his leg to smoking?

  • Kalarajoan
    Kalarajoan 17 days ago +4

    Wow, I’m so thankful my tattoo artist isn’t a giant wanker. I’d honestly leave if my own artist laughed or was angry because they are tattooing me. Bless the blue hair girl for her attitude! She’s my new favourite

  • Angelina Gacha Tube
    Angelina Gacha Tube 17 days ago

    These artist were being unprofessional and rude.... kelly was the only one who was nice. People cannot control the scars... when you smoke it’s definitely not something you can easily get off.... it’s addiction.

  • Marshall Finberg
    Marshall Finberg 18 days ago

    I feel so bad for the guy with missing leg and the guy with the hole in his neck. That shit must suck to live with.

    • norby n
      norby n 11 days ago

      they did it to themselfs ;) if they would ve not smoke they would ve not get there

  • Natalia Mitiaev
    Natalia Mitiaev 19 days ago

    How could any of these tattoo artists only care about themselves? They dont even care about the client with a missing leg, or the client with the trach in his neck. How rude

  • Marie Jean
    Marie Jean 19 days ago

    that dude is in balck ink crew now the black one not trying to get ppl to hate on me

  • Ibrahim Qureshi
    Ibrahim Qureshi 20 days ago +1

    Master chef but with tattoos

  • Yuqi
    Yuqi 20 days ago

    I got 2 tattoos over a heavily scarred arm. I’m planning on getting a half sleeve because they make me self conscious, but I relate to the pain because of scars. It SUCKS.

  • Tempus.Zyphol
    Tempus.Zyphol 22 days ago

    6:44 Sounds so wrong 😂

  • Miley Brock
    Miley Brock 22 days ago

    Scroll through this fast

  • Miley Brock
    Miley Brock 22 days ago


  • Alex DB
    Alex DB 24 days ago

    The castle on the chest is the worst

  • Vera Vogelzang
    Vera Vogelzang 25 days ago

    Why the hell are they always laughing about their ideas and their bodies.. I get that's it a challenge but jesus

  • секс бог 34
    секс бог 34 26 days ago

    Man i just watched this and because of this i quit smoking

  • camilla
    camilla 27 days ago

    lol emos

  • Xypher
    Xypher 28 days ago

    That thumbnail= When you nut but she keep suckin

  • sunbae
    sunbae 28 days ago

    I get that people feel like they were rude and they shouldn’t have judged the people who were getting tattooed,
    and even if they should have not said anything, people can think what they want, and just because its mean doesn’t mean they cant think it.
    I mean you cant expect someone not to judge other people just because they’ve been through a lot, smoking is a decision and people know where it was going to get them so even if they went through a lot, you can’t expect people to think that they are the best.

  • Night Shade
    Night Shade Month ago

    I’m surprised that they didn’t do numbing cream on the scars that they were having issues with. If I was a tatto artist I’d make sure that my client is comfortable and not in complete pain like these people are

    • norby n
      norby n 11 days ago

      thats why this show is stupid cause they only wanna win also they are limited by the time so of course they dont care about the canvases (its sad that they dont care but its only cause of this stupid show... if they would do these at their own saloon with unlimited time they would probably care more about their paying customers)

  • 123Bookluver
    123Bookluver Month ago +1

    I appreciate team peck deliberately not giving the people getting the tattoos artists that would struggle to do what they wanted. Instead of focusing on the 'game' of the show they focused on the people, the real human beings getting a permanent image inked on them and making sure they had the best tattoo possible.

  • azuelo Third
    azuelo Third Month ago

    can be a canvas

  • Potato Shrimp lord
    Potato Shrimp lord Month ago

    The stage 4 terminal cancer dude is increbly sad I send my prayers to him

  • Colin Jones
    Colin Jones Month ago +1

    This video made me squirm

  • Sharon Preston
    Sharon Preston Month ago

    I feel bad for that man with the hole in his throat

  • Aerin LaPointe
    Aerin LaPointe Month ago

    Did anyone else notice that the very nice, sweet guy who was Eric’s coverup client has “trust no b*tch” tattoo’d in cursive on his neck?

  • Chhiveng K
    Chhiveng K Month ago

    The wolf tattoo though, I like it

  • paige prudom
    paige prudom Month ago


  • Kim Schaffer
    Kim Schaffer Month ago

    I am so amazed the job that was done on my good friend ryans scare.
    Thank you to the artist wonderful work.

  • TheDiamondMilk Yt
    TheDiamondMilk Yt Month ago

    Omg...the person with the neck that has a hole!Im so sad for him...also the guys that doesnt have a leg!Im so sorry for them!

    If u ever think of smoking pls dont!
    Just try vaping!(Its much safer)Just do it like once a week!And just once try not to smoke at all!Pls smoking is dangerous!Im actually very sorry for these guys!
    Moral of the story:
    Never smoke!
    U can change ur future but u cant change ur past!Remmember!

    • norby n
      norby n 11 days ago

      pretty much thats why i dont feel sorry for them at all cause they did it to themselfs, they decided to smoke they knew the risk, smoking is just stupid anyway

  • Elmo's Nutsack
    Elmo's Nutsack Month ago

    Does anybody agree how fucking hot Nikki and Ryan are by shit

  • Lps_Nightime_Misery _
    Lps_Nightime_Misery _ Month ago +1

    I didn’t really like anyone on here. They were all bitching about it and it’s so rude. They just want help to cover there scars and they are just being whiny. I would love to help someone like that! I know it’s really tough to do that kind of stuff but dang at least be respectful

  • Alwayskeepthefaith 21

    Rude ass bitches muttering and complaining under their breath in front of their clients, gtfo and learn to be professional. I’d walk out before they began!

  • Heru- deshet
    Heru- deshet Month ago

    Guy with the neck tattoo had a black hole done.

  • MR مستر
    MR مستر Month ago

    The tattoos more badly

  • Tuts TheCat
    Tuts TheCat Month ago +1

    I’m 19 and I’ve been smoking since January of 2018 and I didn’t think it was possibly to get cancer at such a young age like that 21 year old guy had because of my doctor but shit this scared me I wanna give up but it’s so goddamn hard

    • crazysnill
      crazysnill Month ago

      +Advil X Elite What? better than cigs. Vapes are used as a transitional mechanism as well, especially since you can turn the nicotine dosage down over time. The idea is to start vaping, turn the nicotine down a notch, repeat step two over and over until he can cut it entirely.

    • Advil X Elite
      Advil X Elite Month ago

      thats not gonna help lol thats not good for you either+crazysnill

    • crazysnill
      crazysnill Month ago

      Try a vape maybe to start?

  • dro
    dro Month ago

    The judges deserve to have a big fat scar on their dicks for this

  • Coolcoolguy65
    Coolcoolguy65 Month ago

    I wonder if they don't finish the tattoo that they let them finish after the show?

  • Soul Snatcher
    Soul Snatcher Month ago

    Most of these artists are straight assholes

  • Kassu Keimer
    Kassu Keimer Month ago

    1:56 i just realised now that he has the finlands flag tattoed on his neck

  • Ashkan Shahmohammadian

    That dude who had a tracheotomy at 21 scared me so much I threw away all my stogs

  • white lizard thomas
    white lizard thomas Month ago +1

    I feel bad that they call them canvases not patients or people

  • Faith Valentine
    Faith Valentine Month ago

    I really love how Nikki was very doubtful and uncomfortable with the choice but yet aced it at the end😍😍👌

  • Señor Alex
    Señor Alex Month ago

    Can’t cover up the alveoli damage

  • Lazarcek YT
    Lazarcek YT Month ago

    9:05 Whos that pokemon??


    OUTCAST Month ago

    Dam she fucked up his hole😂😂