Samsung Galaxy S9 Review: The Perfect... Samsung!


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  • I_love_chiken 67
    I_love_chiken 67 40 minutes ago +1

    from where do you have this background

  • Dave Splendorio
    Dave Splendorio Hour ago

    just traded my Samsung S7 for and upgrade to S9, so far very nice!

  • Scott Karrasch
    Scott Karrasch 3 hours ago

    What's the mesh charging dock?
    Also... I had an idea for the charging docks. What if there was a magnet on the phone and the dock that guides it to the correct position. Because often times I place my phone down and it either isn't on the right spot or it's slightly off and looses the connection in minutes

  • Haidau Andreea
    Haidau Andreea 4 hours ago

    Umm I think I'm the only one here who is using s3 :D

  • TorQue WreNcH
    TorQue WreNcH 5 hours ago

    Thank god,for still making samsung put their headphone jack

  • Abdullahi Isse
    Abdullahi Isse 16 hours ago

    What launcher r u using?

  • Lil Jet Gaming
    Lil Jet Gaming 19 hours ago

    I might get a Galaxy s9

  • Caitrenxo
    Caitrenxo 20 hours ago

    I’ve had an android & currently an iphone. Both are great. Android has better battery and I like their camera more. iphones look is simpler and cleaner. It’s a hard choice but with my upgrade coming up I will be switching to galaxy most likely.

  • Grey Moon
    Grey Moon Day ago

    Who are watching in 2019

  • Gambit
    Gambit Day ago

    Ordered one in the mail can't wait to get rid of my shitty amazon phone

  • Wyatt the random YT

    My galaxy a6 has a 16 MP camera

  • Luis Mendez
    Luis Mendez Day ago

    For those wondering about the launcher it's a nova launcher

  • Dhruv Sachdeva
    Dhruv Sachdeva Day ago

    Why didn't you make a similar intro for the XS? Atleast the S9+has a dual camera to differentiate it from S8+,What abt the X and XS?You already know

  • Juan T
    Juan T Day ago

    I had an s8 and is gone 🤣, soon s9

  • Angel Tr
    Angel Tr 2 days ago

    Samsung is definitely not worth the money. Even the headset lags.

  • abishek kv
    abishek kv 2 days ago

    I don't understand why does he have so many apps on homescreen when he can use the edge display. 🤔

  • abishek kv
    abishek kv 2 days ago

    Need this wallpaper. Someone please help

  • lazermaster8
    lazermaster8 2 days ago

    Yoooo i live in that areq ur in cuz i go to that lowed in rt 17

  • *Starshotko *
    *Starshotko * 2 days ago

    I'm finally fucking upgrading to the new Iphone FINALLY NOT A DROID USER!!

  • Đào Tấn Dũng
    Đào Tấn Dũng 2 days ago

    9 months later, finally i can say: watching on my s9+ :'>

  • Anita Kale
    Anita Kale 2 days ago

    I came here after watching the iPhone 7+ review and i can feel the difference in his criticism

  • Lego Las
    Lego Las 2 days ago

    and i didnt mean it

  • Lego Las
    Lego Las 2 days ago

    i love you

  • Lego Las
    Lego Las 2 days ago

    im sorry stuffy

    • Stuffy
      Stuffy 2 days ago

      She deserved better

  • Corny's Vision
    Corny's Vision 3 days ago

    Why get a fighter jet when u can't fly across the ocean, that battery gotta change!

  • Samad Haidary
    Samad Haidary 3 days ago

    Is S9 is working good for games?🤔

  • roboguy75
    roboguy75 4 days ago

    I'm thinking about switching to Android. After all the shit I've been seeing with Apple lately, I'm deciding maybe I'm done with Apple and planning on going over to Android and maybe get say a Samsung Galaxy S9. I tried it before but it didn't work, but after trying a demo of later ones I seem to do ok with it. I want to see if there's any tips I can do to switch it. I know I'm in the middle of a contract but I still wanted to see if I could switch it now or not.

    HYOYEON'S MAID 5 days ago

    I am s9+ user!! Proud of it! Love it a lot! Looks so sexy

  • A Randomgamer
    A Randomgamer 5 days ago

    4:16 thanks for your password bro

  • Exotiic CHiLLs
    Exotiic CHiLLs 5 days ago +5

    I'm just waiting for Apple to remove the camera just like they did with audio jack 😂

  • Exotiic CHiLLs
    Exotiic CHiLLs 5 days ago +2

    Toxic American kids are iPhone goons

  • KarmaForThe DramaLlama

    This is the best smartphone of all time in my opinion and personal experience (s9 regular)

  • Dashie Jinxx
    Dashie Jinxx 6 days ago

    My only complaint after having for about 6 hours now is the god damned Bixby button

  • hot ninja
    hot ninja 7 days ago

    Where do I get wallpapers from

  • leumaS
    leumaS 7 days ago

    Can anyone help me find that backround

  • RobloxGoGamer
    RobloxGoGamer 7 days ago

    I might switch from iPhone 6 to Samsung s9

  • thiccc succ
    thiccc succ 7 days ago

    I'm an android user but honestly I feel love towards all the competitive brands such as iPhone and apple.👍🏼:3

  • Crypto
    Crypto 7 days ago

    Am I the only one in the comments that owns a Google Pixel 2 XL???

  • Alese Bodiford
    Alese Bodiford 7 days ago

    I love my s9

  • Rafay Siddiqui
    Rafay Siddiqui 7 days ago

    MKBHD and Bixby - a better love story than Titanic

  • David Watt
    David Watt 8 days ago

    love the headphone jack. i dont want all that bluetooth radiation near my brain for such a long period in the day if going for bluetooth headphones.

  • Muhammad Arslan
    Muhammad Arslan 8 days ago

    IN SHORT SAMSUNG IS THE BEST...............

  • Dhruval Shah
    Dhruval Shah 8 days ago

    Which wallpaper is it? I want link.

  • epical plushies
    epical plushies 8 days ago

    Im getting my mum one of theese

  • Jared Leon
    Jared Leon 10 days ago

    The S10 is gonna be the perfect Samsung

    • Jamison Reid
      Jamison Reid 7 days ago

      That punch hole display is ugly thoq

  • MiiDooo1888
    MiiDooo1888 10 days ago

    What’s your launcher

  • Ravi dkl
    Ravi dkl 11 days ago

    I don’t believe android but I love apple

  • Michael Watson
    Michael Watson 11 days ago

    Mark-ass Brownlee!Great vid dude.

  • HaitianS3nsati0n
    HaitianS3nsati0n 11 days ago

    Loving my Note 9

  • Dave Sanchez
    Dave Sanchez 11 days ago