Samsung Galaxy S9 Review: The Perfect... Samsung!


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  • Bo Pronk
    Bo Pronk 4 hours ago

    Does anyone know the backgroud he’s using on the phone? I want it its looks amazing!

  • Monica Mendez
    Monica Mendez 11 hours ago

    Whats that wallpaper looks lit

  • JTundra
    JTundra 14 hours ago

    All these people arguing over apple vs samsung like are yall 12 years old? Gotta grow up at some point folks. I have owned both samsung and apple phones and they are both amazing devices. Just pick one and go for it. If its really that big a deal just pick one pay it off and trade for the other later on.

  • romaDa
    romaDa 16 hours ago

    Is anyone running Nova launcher on their S9, and if so how is it?

  • Armando Araiza
    Armando Araiza 17 hours ago

    Just got the S9+ on Amazon for $601.

  • Jakob Pesl
    Jakob Pesl 20 hours ago +1

    Should I get this or the s8+?

  • DonoTheGamer
    DonoTheGamer Day ago

    WOAH, WOAH, WOAH... A HEADPHONE JACK?? Looks like Samsung is the only smart phone company left. 😔

  • Red Jerry
    Red Jerry Day ago

    Funny how I am using my S8+ more than my S9+.. It's just on the side collecting dust 😂

    • Red Jerry
      Red Jerry 19 hours ago

      +Jakob Pesl I couldn't tell you exactly what to get. This is your choice. But I can recommend any of the 3. S8, S9, or the S10 Plus or no plus. 👌

    • Jakob Pesl
      Jakob Pesl 20 hours ago

      Should I get the S9 (just the regular one) or the S8+?
      in sale they cost more or less the same but I'm not quite sure why I should get the S9 over a bigger phone which has more or less the same stats. Could you recommend one?

  • firestonegraywolf

    that bixby hate lol

  • Chris Graham
    Chris Graham Day ago

    Quick question lol why does that look like Eastern Michigan University property lol?

  • bean_wrestler
    bean_wrestler Day ago

    Yo do u live in Jersey City, NJ bc one of those photos is of 440 highway

  • Jonee Jibes
    Jonee Jibes Day ago

    Is there a cheaper alternative for the stylus? Like, if you own an S9 and you wanna use a stylus with it.

  • TheCreativeNerd
    TheCreativeNerd Day ago

    What icon pack is that its gorgeous

  • sage of the six paths

    I currently have my Galaxy A8 but planning to switch to Galaxy S9. Is it worth switching or should I just stick with my Galaxy A8?

  • UnnecessarilyUnnecessary

    Can we appreciate the fact that Marques is sitting in the same place and wearing the same shirt as he was in the S8 video?

  • Fordman8011
    Fordman8011 2 days ago

    Dont buy this phone its not worth it.

    • Jakob Pesl
      Jakob Pesl 20 hours ago

      is it worth it at 500€?

  • SBC Productions
    SBC Productions 2 days ago +1

    RIP S9 someone died because it exploded in his pocket :(

    GETOFFMEMOM! 2 days ago

    I mean... I have the s9+..

  • Trucker Cotton!
    Trucker Cotton! 2 days ago

    Just got this phone it is epic!

  • Niko F.
    Niko F. 3 days ago

    I like apple laptops. But just switched to a note 9 from an iphone6. Mindblown

  • Jernario gill
    Jernario gill 3 days ago

    An unlocked s9 ...... yes

  • Naif Mohammad Sharif

    Key and pele

  • Axer AO
    Axer AO 3 days ago

    can you do a video comparing the Samsung s8 and s9? Or iPhone 8+ and Samsung s8

  • SpicySlimShady
    SpicySlimShady 3 days ago

    Who's watching this on a Galaxy s9?

  • Andrew Hicks
    Andrew Hicks 3 days ago

    Since both new Apple iPhone XS and XR, and the Google Pixel 3 phones both now use last year's Samsung displays, the screen on the S9 and future Samsung phones will be the best in the market going forward

  • Giradox
    Giradox 3 days ago

    The lousy battery is my only real complaint... 3000 mAh with that resolution really hurts.

  • Mamatha Reddimasu
    Mamatha Reddimasu 3 days ago

    What is his background! He has such good backgrounds!

  • Modest Mewtwo
    Modest Mewtwo 4 days ago

    samsung should stick to hardware. their software is complete shit

  • Akhilesh choolun
    Akhilesh choolun 4 days ago

    Samsung is king of all phone👌👌👌☺️☺️

  • Williander
    Williander 4 days ago

    Who else hates Apple?

  • Deepak Yadav
    Deepak Yadav 4 days ago +1

    Watching this on my S9+ (256GB). Still not sure whether i should have gone with the iPhone X.

    • Deepak Yadav
      Deepak Yadav 3 days ago

      +A Z No. I'm talking about the brand image that Apple owns that no one in the smartphone industry have it right now.

    • A Z
      A Z 3 days ago

      +Deepak YadaviPhone x

    • Deepak Yadav
      Deepak Yadav 3 days ago

      +Dauad Ahmed because it doesn't have that bitten Apple logo on its back, make sense?

    • Dauad Ahmed
      Dauad Ahmed 3 days ago

      Deepak Yadav why not ?

  • Vilien Ngn
    Vilien Ngn 4 days ago

    agree on the battery life aspect

  • Noob Pro
    Noob Pro 5 days ago

    My s7 edge is still just great

  • be special
    be special 5 days ago +1


  • Torch Live
    Torch Live 5 days ago

    ONEPLUS 6!!!!!!!!!

  • Kingfish 85
    Kingfish 85 5 days ago

    Watching on s3 lol

  • Mr Gorilla
    Mr Gorilla 5 days ago +1

    Anything you comment means you love android. If you say "I like iPhones" well you love android and hate apple because you commented lol

  • Anissha Blackwell
    Anissha Blackwell 5 days ago

    Great review!

  • Yashraj Dutta
    Yashraj Dutta 5 days ago

    What's the launcher that he's using?

  • Justuas
    Justuas 5 days ago

    6:16 wow man

  • damian wisnia
    damian wisnia 5 days ago

    How to make Google icon become black as you have here?? I've even downloaded the same wallpaper android this icon is still white. Please help :)

  • Nikhil Reddy Guda
    Nikhil Reddy Guda 6 days ago

    How to turn off camera shutter sound on S9

  • PapiChulo
    PapiChulo 6 days ago

    Watching this on my s8 plus

  • Thomas Cooper
    Thomas Cooper 6 days ago

    I got the S9 when it 1st came out

  • IHappyChicken
    IHappyChicken 6 days ago

    I need this phone~~~

  • Sanjay Demali
    Sanjay Demali 6 days ago

    How's the battery like guys? Please let me know, I'm a heavy music user

  • Stefanos Sinani
    Stefanos Sinani 6 days ago

    I'm watching from my s8 XD

  • sven schukat
    sven schukat 6 days ago

    is usb-c worse than a headphone jack?

  • Khamzet Shogenov
    Khamzet Shogenov 6 days ago

    I recently bought one, although never been a samsung fan. I Intentionally chose the one built on Exynonos chip, because it has unlockable bootloader - to install Lineage OS. I'm now happy AF! Bought a leather sticker to the back of it, I have oftenly updating OS, bixby button acts as assistant button. It's just what I've been looking for for a looooong time!)

  • flying fortress
    flying fortress 6 days ago

    Headphone jack, you jump I jump..

  • Emirhan Özdemir
    Emirhan Özdemir 6 days ago

    XEETECHCARE like this vid

  • Alerx iat
    Alerx iat 6 days ago

    Someone wanna buy me one? I only have $6

  • Sanjaya Kumara
    Sanjaya Kumara 6 days ago

    What the best samsung s8+ vs samsung s9 vs note 8....

  • Simpsie
    Simpsie 7 days ago

    wich theme is this?

  • Krizzy T
    Krizzy T 7 days ago

    Oh ffs I just got my new iPhone XS MAX yesterday and wondered why the video doesn’t fit to whole screen... cause you have to actually zoom in for it. THANK YOU FOR THIS 😂

  • Yayguys Music
    Yayguys Music 7 days ago

    ARGH the new youtube fullscreen interface is killing me.

  • ture
    ture 7 days ago

    Awesome video! I have a iphone 6 right now and now that i watched this im defenetly gonna buy S8

  • W z
    W z 7 days ago

    El murci

  • gariman maini
    gariman maini 7 days ago

    Which theme he is using?

  • Durant35fan KD35
    Durant35fan KD35 8 days ago

    I’m not sure, what do you think, using S6 edge and upgrading to S9?

  • Jillian Elise
    Jillian Elise 8 days ago

    The messaging app i feel can definitely be improved. Group chats are slow for android, i hope that was fixed.

  • Jillian Elise
    Jillian Elise 8 days ago

    It's 2018 and whenever i send videos or someone sends them to me through texting they are still such shitty quality

  • Joshua YOUTUBE
    Joshua YOUTUBE 8 days ago

    Screw Apple and there over priced piece of poop products

    TOUCH GAMES 8 days ago +2

    This or note 8 for me note 8 is more affordable

  • Derrick Keough
    Derrick Keough 9 days ago

    tad late here but link for the wallpaper?

  • downgraded Justin Y.
    downgraded Justin Y. 9 days ago +1

    Watching on the s9

  • Masterpsflood
    Masterpsflood 9 days ago

    Does it have space for an SD card?

  • Gregory Cotter
    Gregory Cotter 9 days ago

    Did you mention Samsung Pay?

  • sanne tuip
    sanne tuip 9 days ago

    I have the iPhone 6s is it wort the switch? Please help!

  • ReptileKeeper
    ReptileKeeper 9 days ago

    literally couldn't care less if the battery lasts a day on heavy use i aint a heavy user and i charge my phone while i sleep anyways it just needs to make it that long. My s7 used to but after two years the battery is struggling. Getting my s9+ tomorrow :D. Before the s7 i was an apple fan when it came to phones but since the s7 i could never go back.

  • eric6rock
    eric6rock 10 days ago

    Can't wait for the s10

  • Carlos Renderos
    Carlos Renderos 10 days ago


  • Braedy Saenz
    Braedy Saenz 10 days ago

    Is this the one you get the galaxy skin with

  • Philip Nitsuj
    Philip Nitsuj 11 days ago

    Looks like i gotta switch to samsung from apple. Been an avid apple user since 2010 ‘til now.

  • An Truong
    An Truong 11 days ago +1

    Why am I using this stupid Iphone that I cannot use the earphone when I am charging my phone? Im gonna change to Samsung soon.

  • Colin Little
    Colin Little 11 days ago +1

    🤨 Huh if i must save up about $1000 worth, i guess i could sell my Samsung Galaxy S7 first.

    • usernamegold
      usernamegold 9 days ago

      Try to look around if you can find a good deal on local Craigslist like sites, in my country you can find practically new ones in box for like 500 dollars

  • Prasad Sawant
    Prasad Sawant 11 days ago +2

    2:07 😍😍😍

  • Novva
    Novva 11 days ago

    I’m getting this for Christmas to replace my cracked iPhone 6

  • Salma Twalib
    Salma Twalib 11 days ago

    Am I the only one with few apps on this phone🤣

  • Ladygothii12
    Ladygothii12 11 days ago

    Where'd you get that red hoodie?

  • William Edwards
    William Edwards 11 days ago

    Nice video man informative and hit all the questions I had .

  • chelsea boy
    chelsea boy 12 days ago +1

    Love Samsung ❤❤❤❤

  • Rayell Wilhite
    Rayell Wilhite 12 days ago

    but what is the difference between the S9 and the S8? Besides the price?

    • usernamegold
      usernamegold 9 days ago +1

      Better camera, better battery life, fingerprint scanner in a better position, slightly better screen to body ratio, better processor and that's about it.

  • RightWingKing
    RightWingKing 12 days ago

    Google Assistant can do that flashlight thing too.

  • Pranav Sairam
    Pranav Sairam 12 days ago

    why do iPhones get away with the incremental phone updates while Samsung gets mocked like this

  • Yago Laguna Martin
    Yago Laguna Martin 12 days ago

    Tell me where you got that wall paper from. Please

  • Matthias Rambally
    Matthias Rambally 12 days ago


  • neg gig
    neg gig 12 days ago

    I love ur videos man dam you are great perfect

  • Fleming Winston
    Fleming Winston 13 days ago

    Is he using the nova launcher ? If yes can anyone tell me how the dock appeared like that ?

  • El Ringo
    El Ringo 13 days ago

    The only guy I trust with phone reviews. Good work. Keep it up.

  • Tawhid Alom
    Tawhid Alom 13 days ago

    You should do a review on the Umidigi One Pro

  • Toee Rivera
    Toee Rivera 13 days ago

    I use Bluetooth headphones, but still want that headphone jack just in case. :D

  • Sergio w
    Sergio w 13 days ago

    Get Pixel 3 or S9 ?
    I usually use GPS apps a lot... nothing special

  • nnooaa32
    nnooaa32 14 days ago

    How can i find that wallpaper?

  • Masabbin Jaber
    Masabbin Jaber 14 days ago

    Goddamn MKBHD's intro's though!

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali 14 days ago

    awesome vid Marq

    MOTHER RUSSIA 14 days ago

    Switch charger👌

  • Johnny Emezie
    Johnny Emezie 14 days ago

    Then comes the Note 9...

  • Carmen Crux
    Carmen Crux 14 days ago

    What is the difference between the Iphone X and the Samsung S9?

  • Richard Gomér
    Richard Gomér 14 days ago

    Would have brought it, then I saw it had edge.... why......?