Samsung Galaxy S9 Review: The Perfect... Samsung!

  • Published on Mar 20, 2018
  • Spoiler alert: There's still a Bixby button.
    Galaxy S9+ skins:
    Dave2D video on the blood pressure sensor:
    MKBHD Merch:
    Video Gear I use:
    Tech I'm using right now:
    Intro Track: That Good Ship by Alltta
    Phone provided by Samsung for review.
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  • ey yo
    ey yo 22 hours ago

    I've had one for a year. I havent used most of these features

  • Ameenk Chanel
    Ameenk Chanel 23 hours ago


  • A Pet Walrus
    A Pet Walrus Day ago

    anyone know what theme and wallpaper he is using?

  • Mohammed Ahmad
    Mohammed Ahmad Day ago

    Yes, this is a cool phone.

  • Colin Coulibaly
    Colin Coulibaly 2 days ago

    The s9 Plus is so fresh ! But which smartphone do you like more ?? s9+ or s10+ ??

  • Mr.Dope967 O.f.
    Mr.Dope967 O.f. 3 days ago

    Nice phone

  • Nicolas Percivaldi
    Nicolas Percivaldi 3 days ago

    Which theme is on that phone?

  • Love Graham
    Love Graham 4 days ago

    I want this phone but damn it's complicated 😩 and not as big as the phone I have now

  • Normal Name
    Normal Name 4 days ago

    I'm about to get this phone on the 30th and I'm really excited!

  • M Oczakow
    M Oczakow 4 days ago

    Very good phone but fuck over priced as hell.

  • Thrasher209
    Thrasher209 5 days ago

    The galaxy S9 is a sub par piece of shit product made bt Samsung. They layout and function of the phone is good, but both my charging port and earphone port went out within a month and a half

  • Sam Zh. [Ru]
    Sam Zh. [Ru] 5 days ago

    I've had a Lenovo K5 for the past 3 years or so, finally got the chance to switch to the Galaxy s9 and I'm so excited I just can't lol So for people like me, this phone is like entering another dimension. Absolutely love it. Thanks for the review MB! :D

  • Billy O Brien
    Billy O Brien 5 days ago +1

    Thinking f making a switch from Iphone 7 to S9....

  • Isaacs Outdoors
    Isaacs Outdoors 6 days ago

    Finger scanners rarely work for me due to where i work. Im in an industrial factory so me phone an hands are subjected to steel goin in places they dont belong, breaks, sparks, paint, dust etc. My j5 has been great for a cheapo entry phone. The s9 should be better

  • Marty Mcfly
    Marty Mcfly 7 days ago +1

    I just got the S10 yesterday I love this phone

  • Adilynn Cox
    Adilynn Cox 7 days ago

    That's the samsung galaxy s9+

  • stephen Kobby
    stephen Kobby 7 days ago +4

    Android or iOS still Samsung Gang 👍🤣

  • alexfithero
    alexfithero 9 days ago

    I don't give a fuck about anything but the audio quality

  • Albion
    Albion 9 days ago

    Then the s10 came and slayes

  • Han Tor
    Han Tor 10 days ago

    I didn't expect him to have that voice

  • Dixit Patel
    Dixit Patel 10 days ago

    I have at&t unlocked version s9 and here’s my review. Apart from battery life, this phone is absolute beauty.

  • GrandAdan
    GrandAdan 10 days ago

    Could you move your lazy ass out of that ugly stupid room and go and try that camera properly with video, you useless blabla shit

  • comminust
    comminust 10 days ago +1

    Better than s10 to me

  • Luke Carlin
    Luke Carlin 11 days ago

    Guess what

    Oh yeh yeh

  • Luke Carlin
    Luke Carlin 11 days ago

    Oh yeh yeh

  • Luke Carlin
    Luke Carlin 11 days ago

    Oh yeh yeh

  • Luke Carlin
    Luke Carlin 11 days ago

    Oh yeh yeh

  • Luke Carlin
    Luke Carlin 11 days ago

    Oh yeh yeh

  • Luke Carlin
    Luke Carlin 11 days ago +1

    Switching from s5 bois

    • Lea Cav
      Lea Cav 11 days ago

      Me too - this weekend. Let's see how it goes. Everyone I know who has an S9 loves it, it even converted a comited LG fan so pretty excited :)

  • MeyoMix
    MeyoMix 11 days ago +18

    id say now is about the time to get a galaxy s9. only $500 on bestbuy

    • MobileLearner09
      MobileLearner09 6 days ago

      Yeah im planning on getting a job to get it. Right now im using a really crappy cheap Android

    • Achiri Achoh
      Achiri Achoh 7 days ago

      Yo fr? I'm planning on getting a summer job so I can buy a new phone. Tryna upgrade my s8 with cracks at the bottom and TERRIE just TERRIBLE screen burn in. Got the multiple layers of red tinted to top it off

    • Sam Bam
      Sam Bam 7 days ago

      Just ordered one!

    • Jason Georgiadis
      Jason Georgiadis 8 days ago +1

      Only 400 in Greece. I'mma get dat boy

  • Robi Vde
    Robi Vde 12 days ago

    is better than S8 please? is it worth the 100 € more?

  • nural 20xx
    nural 20xx 15 days ago

    Dont buy the Bluetooth dosnt work

  • Eliel Tavarez
    Eliel Tavarez 15 days ago

    Imagine having to buy wireless earbuds or an adaptor to charge and listen to music at the same time.

  • MochaCHI
    MochaCHI 16 days ago +1

    I really like your background!! Also nice video!

  • Pieterjan Deraes
    Pieterjan Deraes 17 days ago +2

    "You'll like Bixby, when it understands you"
    English isn't my native language, so Bixby often doesn't understand what I'm saying. Never felt more self-conscious about telling my phone to turn the flashlight on 😭

  • Robin Culpin
    Robin Culpin 17 days ago +1

    Watching on my s7

  • loyston dsouza
    loyston dsouza 18 days ago

    who like Samsung phones like her 😎😎🖒👇

  • Jay2slikk
    Jay2slikk 18 days ago

    Nice intro

  • True Seeker
    True Seeker 19 days ago

    s9+ was striped by samsung by steeling video pro mode after update so if
    you want to buy it because of it... don't. s10 also does not have it...
    so go to some other smartphone labels.... they trick and lied to sell

  • Arjun M
    Arjun M 20 days ago

    I got the S9 plus 2 days ago. And it's awesome

  • ChatwiththeBat S
    ChatwiththeBat S 23 days ago

    Where did the phone go at 2:05

  • Bonjour Madame
    Bonjour Madame 24 days ago

    Samsung galaxy s9 is best 😊😄😆😇

  • Can’t Sleep
    Can’t Sleep 24 days ago

    Gave up on my iPhone 8+ for the Samsung s9

  • Respectfully Decline
    Respectfully Decline 24 days ago

    I’m an Apple person, but what an awesome review. Great info, smart man and a great voice.

  • mad_jokezzz
    mad_jokezzz 24 days ago +3

    When the S9+ has more RAM than your computer.

  • Angela Corning
    Angela Corning 26 days ago +1

    To everyone saying get the s10 over the s9.. here's the situation with that.. not much difference, except the price. I went into Tmobile to upgrade my Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge and being a customer for 5 years I can pretty much walk in and get anything I want with no money down, just pay the taxes and walk out. I asked about the s10 and they wanted $225 down and $30/mo. The s9 was $0 down and $25/mo. I like to save money.. I went with the s9. Best phone I've ever had does everything I need and more! Got my son the same phone last weekend for his 13th birthday. Upgraded his from an LG. The s9 is on sale right now for $650.

  • Nathan Pham
    Nathan Pham 26 days ago


  • Jessica Donley
    Jessica Donley 26 days ago +3

    finally switching to android after only being an iphone user.. so tired of paying for overpriced fragile phones that I get lucky if they last me a year

  • Christopher Claros
    Christopher Claros 27 days ago

    Does the battery easilly drain...?

    • Joey Abad
      Joey Abad 27 days ago

      An average of 3-4 hours of SOT

    • Christopher Claros
      Christopher Claros 27 days ago

      +Joey Abad how about when used watching videos and play games

    • Joey Abad
      Joey Abad 27 days ago

      Depends on usage. I use airplane mode and lasts 2 days

  • Wolffie J
    Wolffie J 27 days ago

    I just bought my samsung s9! Sorry s7 it's been a good run

  • Justin Y
    Justin Y 27 days ago +1

    Who else loves that intro music

  • Kurt Cameron
    Kurt Cameron 27 days ago

    Man great review! you know your stuff!

  • Informinati
    Informinati 27 days ago

    I want that wallpaper! Please anyone can tell me??

  • Niklas Hahn
    Niklas Hahn 27 days ago

    If you actually get these Dbrand skins on the phones, which have glass backs, and you drop the phones, will it in any way protect the phone as a case would? or is it literally just a skin on top of the glass?

  • Mike Wood 30904
    Mike Wood 30904 28 days ago

    Set the Bixby button to press twice. Open Bixby and go to the settings in Bixby.

  • xXlawkXx
    xXlawkXx 29 days ago +7

    I'm watching this video on an s9 for full experience

  • kAArot Games
    kAArot Games Month ago

    ayyy getting mine tomorrow

  • jenybrth m sangma
    jenybrth m sangma Month ago

    Rs 2000

  • Andrew Dolwen
    Andrew Dolwen Month ago +1

    This phone is amazing but the problem is that it's too heavy

    • MarkieMark
      MarkieMark Month ago

      That's not even a fucking problem

  • IcelandicPsycho
    IcelandicPsycho Month ago +1

    Great review! Already bought the S9 and I love it! Had the S6 previously, very good upgrade, do recommend!

  • Zarif Saufi
    Zarif Saufi Month ago +2

    it's the same tshirt when he was reviewing the samsung s8

  • Bel C
    Bel C Month ago

    Love it!!

  • Stefan Roman
    Stefan Roman Month ago


  • Arte Furry
    Arte Furry Month ago +5

    I was thinking of getting this phone and this video defiantly helped me understand it more! thank you!

    • T. CROWN 321
      T. CROWN 321 Month ago +1

      Spend your money Wisely that way you have peace of mind for the duration of your purchase.

  • Tong Anger
    Tong Anger Month ago +1

    Lol iam still using Samsung s5 I still don't have idea how it was upgraded upto s9

  • David Voron
    David Voron Month ago +1

    2:27 Marques... You just smudges the lens with your entire damn finger :(

  • Nikolaiwww
    Nikolaiwww Month ago +1

    I like the smaller screens...I have an A3

  • Yusha Shayu
    Yusha Shayu Month ago

    i dk why u posted an s9+ marketing 🙄

  • Hamza Belal
    Hamza Belal Month ago

    Is the s10 worth double the price of the s9? I currently have an iPhone 6 and I want a Samsung

    • Hamza Belal
      Hamza Belal Month ago

      рафшан джамшут ok. Thanks, I’ll take that into consideration

    • рафшан джамшут
      рафшан джамшут Month ago

      No . Better switch to s9 plus( because of battery). I have s9 and battery life sucks ..

    WOW NOW Month ago

    After updating in 2019 Samsung Galaxy s9/s9 plus lost all usefull features: 1. multiple screen - lost. 2. Voice control bad. 3. Bixby still not good. Some camera pro features lost as well. Samsung Galaxy s9 plus user. 😐

    • WOW NOW
      WOW NOW Month ago

      +Ahmad El-Hindi "Samsung One UI Removed PRO Mode & split screen " video helped me , thanks for your politeness and advice:) Now I'm happy with my S9+ again:)))

    • Ahmad El-Hindi
      Ahmad El-Hindi Month ago +1

      +WOW NOW
      And I'm using an s8+ and it is working perfectly for me and forgive me, I'm too lazy to record my screen and then upload it
      Just youtube it like I told you

    • Ahmad El-Hindi
      Ahmad El-Hindi Month ago

      No need for the apology
      I'm just trying to help you out in finding it
      Just type in these words in youtube search and open the first video that pops up
      "split screen one ui"

    • WOW NOW
      WOW NOW Month ago

      +Ahmad El-Hindi I will believe and will apologize if you will create and upload properly taken video proof - in which you without editing/cutting in one long video shot will show the version of update, smartphone model etc. will explain how do you use split screen (screen recording).

    • Ahmad El-Hindi
      Ahmad El-Hindi Month ago

      +WOW NOW
      It is still there man
      I never usually use split screen so I didn't test it butnnow that you mentioned it I just tried it and it worked and yes youtube still plays while I scroll my facebook page so ...

  • Aryan Dogra
    Aryan Dogra Month ago

    Who's here after s10?

  • Jimena Lopez
    Jimena Lopez Month ago +4

    I might get this phone on Saturday 💓💓💓💓💓😍😍😍😍😍

  • hassan khan
    hassan khan Month ago

    What is the song at the start?

  • whereyouats
    whereyouats Month ago +1

    "Bigsby" 🤣

  • Jeff D
    Jeff D Month ago

    Can I get that Camo skin on Amazon????

  • Peter Price-Patrick of Penkridge

    Vodafone billed me for my upgrade to the S8 in 2015, this confirms me as a time traveler . I now own the S20.

  • Paul Johnson
    Paul Johnson Month ago +1

    Hi, Iike your reviews, clear and concise. Very helpful. Thanks for posting.

  • Mardan P.
    Mardan P. Month ago

    Loved my new Galaxy S9 since January. Great feature: fast-charging charger! In the meantime, received a few software updates. Great, too. HOWEVER: since the last software update two days ago, the fast charging is gone, and I get the same doodoo I got with my old S4: 'Make sure you use the charger that came with the device' .... and charging now takes hours again!!!
    If anybody has similar problems and/or has an idea what to do, PLEASE let me know!!!

  • Arthur Fleck
    Arthur Fleck Month ago +1

    Do a revisit man!

  • De’Sean Anthony
    De’Sean Anthony Month ago +2

    Been an apple user since iPhone 4. Recently switch to galaxy s9 and I love it!

  • Idk what to name myself :/

    Dude just when apple crashes and finally releases iOS to other phones and companies make the hardware compatible I’m leaving Apple for good cuz I have tried Samsung and I love the freedom with downloading and battery life but I just couldn’t stand the UI and so I switched to the 7 plus. I’m sure lots of you guys agree with me

  • Daniel Ebanks
    Daniel Ebanks Month ago


  • 4k tester
    4k tester Month ago

    i have s6 edge !

  • dayDREAMZ
    dayDREAMZ Month ago +1

    Its not anymore cx, now the s10+ came out

  • cassie carter
    cassie carter Month ago

    How big is this phone exactly I know it isn't that big I have had a lg stylo 4 but I always liked Samsung phones

  • cordialsun29
    cordialsun29 Month ago +3

    i dont care what i get i just need a big phone with good battery and graphics i dont need a siri or anything like siri

  • Rashed Mahmud Olive

    Mark Ass Brownly

  • ErosElite_Z
    ErosElite_Z Month ago

    I thought $9

  • WhosGotMods Official

    You sound and look like that black kid from Bobs Burgers I forget his name but you look and sound like him as a teenager instead of middle school lmao

  • Junaid Jamal
    Junaid Jamal Month ago +1

    What is the price of S9 plus in saudi arabia now(8 march 2019)?????
    Anyone please rply.... Plzzz plzz....

    • Junaid Jamal
      Junaid Jamal Month ago +1

      +genium me bro....only 1785 SAR for S9+ with 6GB and it second hand bro? Or new phone???? Plzzz rply broo

    • genium me
      genium me Month ago +1

      SAR 1785.05 is what i could find

  • sonyidme009
    sonyidme009 Month ago +5

    i got the Samsung s9 last week on contract I love it

  • Abhishek Mallik
    Abhishek Mallik Month ago

    Very helpful review ✌🏻

  • Keshav Ketan Saini
    Keshav Ketan Saini Month ago

    Watching In my s9.... battery sucks 😕😕😕😕😕😕

  • Ģirts Eimanis
    Ģirts Eimanis Month ago

    Cannot add multiple users!

  • nThor Espiritu
    nThor Espiritu Month ago

    Samsung, the Motion Panorama and Pro mode in video recording are gone after the android pie update. Pls bring it back. We love these camera features very much.

  • Tec Mania
    Tec Mania Month ago +3

    Mkbhd can you provide a link for the wallpaper you used?

  • Tony Le
    Tony Le Month ago +7

    When you have fun with friends but realize you forgot to do your homework.

  • TechTale-3T4
    TechTale-3T4 Month ago

    Thanks Samsung to bring down that fingerprint scanner right at the normal position of fingers

  • smhchill Malina Rene
    smhchill Malina Rene Month ago +1

    I was thinking about buying a iPhone the other day but I just cracked my loyal galaxy j7 :'( , either way staying loyal to Samsung.♡