Couples Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

  • Published on Oct 5, 2017
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    Couples Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut
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Comments • 3 937

  • Joshua Booysen
    Joshua Booysen Day ago

    any update on the "Christian couple"? that girl is honestly some bitch

  • Ernesto Balestrini
    Ernesto Balestrini 2 days ago

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  • Peter Kim
    Peter Kim 2 days ago

    “What’s the one thing you would change about me”
    “Your brain”
    “That’s not my body”
    Bruh shit got me weak 😂

  • Rivet0153
    Rivet0153 3 days ago

    That gay couple are fucking hilarious!

  • Catseye189
    Catseye189 4 days ago

    If he is expecting that religious woman to warm up and accept what he wants and needs as soon as that ring is on her finger, he is in for a shock! They are not on the same page... Other couples are soooo cute! Figuring out what the relationship needs and what they need and being clear about it.

  • IndigoMaster2265
    IndigoMaster2265 4 days ago

    Wholesome, Christian relationship

  • JuazeiroMLG
    JuazeiroMLG 4 days ago

    3:45 most men feel this real deep lmao

  • Sean Og Leonard
    Sean Og Leonard 6 days ago

    this wud end more couples than crabs

  • Kiki
    Kiki 6 days ago

    That blonde girl is with someone as ugly af inside and out

  • OsamaTheMamaLama
    OsamaTheMamaLama 6 days ago

    I'm a guy and faked an orgasm....

  • taylor Ortiz
    taylor Ortiz 7 days ago

    The people in this comment section.. dang

  • Alex Z
    Alex Z 8 days ago

    I feel like they all went home and argued

  • Jesus freak
    Jesus freak 8 days ago

    Oh yea we're waiting for marriage...wholesome christian couple n then yu takes a shot 😒

  • D Rodriguez
    D Rodriguez 9 days ago

    y’all on the dude in the hat but i’m sure he’s jus like joking

  • Chernobyl Raisins
    Chernobyl Raisins 9 days ago

    *he shore dee'yid"

  • Steven N
    Steven N 9 days ago

    Christian couple won’t have sex til marriage but will take shots

  • SuperDigitalDork
    SuperDigitalDork 9 days ago

    All the dudes out here defending that off brand Mac demarco are off brand Mac demarcos themselves

  • SuperDigitalDork
    SuperDigitalDork 9 days ago

    If a tasteless dude like David could get a sweet woman like that then there’s hope for me

  • bryan81
    bryan81 11 days ago

    The two gay blacks dudes are hilarious

  • Chicken Boy
    Chicken Boy 11 days ago

    How black are we talking? 🧐😂

  • zoey h
    zoey h 12 days ago

    yall really judging that dude with the cap straight based on looks. And the hillary clinton thing. That was so very clearly a joke if you thought he serious your lowkey dumb.

  • Mia Manning
    Mia Manning 12 days ago

    how black..... imma head out

  • eXampL
    eXampL 12 days ago +1

    "we are married for life"


    that shit had me dying

  • FabulousKilljoy917
    FabulousKilljoy917 13 days ago

    YO! If your man makes you get rid of your dildos you gotta re-evaluate that relationship. Also…this ep had some weird questions 😅😳

  • Harir Marv
    Harir Marv 13 days ago

    so we're just going to ignore the fact that that one dude said he wants to f hillary clinton?

  • Jessie
    Jessie 14 days ago

    Almost everybody in this is dysfunctional lmaoooo.

  • Bad gyal
    Bad gyal 15 days ago

    Her- "Nick Cannon could get it, Tay diggs could get it" ...Partner- "would you dat me if i was black" Her- "i mean how black we talking" 😳😒😔TF

  • Mixēd Vibeß
    Mixēd Vibeß 15 days ago

    That blonde girl can do so much better TF he looks like a damn child molester or a damn serial killer

  • kimber newman
    kimber newman 17 days ago

    I love these couples!

  • NoMercynr1
    NoMercynr1 17 days ago

    The Christian guy gut drunk really fast 😂😂

  • Andrew Grace
    Andrew Grace 18 days ago

    Ok the first couple.. How??? I mean her with him? 😂😂💀

  • K.B. Nicole
    K.B. Nicole 19 days ago

    “Wholesome Christian couple” .... then takes shot lmao

  • Kaye Set B
    Kaye Set B 19 days ago

    They didn’t put in what the yt guy said about if his gf was a different race 💀💀

  • Sunflower Blake
    Sunflower Blake 20 days ago

    Waiting til marriage for sex yet you drink alcohol.... logic

  • AbcDeFG HijKl
    AbcDeFG HijKl 20 days ago +1

    3:02 wat was that moment

  • MadameSlaughter
    MadameSlaughter 21 day ago

    BOI, 2:58
    U can slowly see how the guy is like “kill me, kill me please” because the girl is annoying enough and then there’s a fly which disturbs his OCD

  • CaffreyLover
    CaffreyLover 22 days ago

    That open shot - killed me 😂

  • { Viral }
    { Viral } 22 days ago

    The fact that the guy in the latinx couple was more concerned about preventing his insecurities than knowing for a fact that she was being satisfied is ridiculously infuriating. You don’t make someone get rid of their property just because you feel it belittles you in some way, and the fact that she actually got rid of them is ridiculous to me.

  • Shantel Leche
    Shantel Leche 23 days ago

    these gay couples are giving me LIFE

  • D Regg
    D Regg 23 days ago

    That girl waiting to be married, run man run, never buy a car without test driving it

  • meljane_beauty
    meljane_beauty 23 days ago


  • raphi hall
    raphi hall 23 days ago

    well, I can't always have a fat ass. had me trippin

  • Zedd
    Zedd 23 days ago +1

    I feel bad for white guys like the guy in the red shirt because everyone thinks they looks like a serial killer/pedophile

  • Graciela Lagraba
    Graciela Lagraba 23 days ago

    5:30 i cant believe no one pointed out the “i mean how black are we talking” .. i was mortified

  • Graciela Lagraba
    Graciela Lagraba 23 days ago

    the guy w the hat is actually a psycho guy...

  • Graciela Lagraba
    Graciela Lagraba 23 days ago

    i wish they showed their names:(

  • wxstednxghts
    wxstednxghts 24 days ago

    The guy in the plaid was looking at his girl like shes the world and that's the cutest shit omg
    But I hate how people get mad when someone says I love you too soon bc you're not that person and you dont know how they feel or what they see in you. I fall for people v fast and it's scary bc they leave when I tell them since its soon but damn, when I feel the love, I cant help myseLFF

  • Rachael
    Rachael 24 days ago

    I like most of the couples but I’m not sure if it’s his sense of humour but the guy with the hat seems like a bit of an ass. I love the gay, black (not Christian) and the Hispanic couples the most though they’re hysterical, haha.

    TINA ARABIA 24 days ago

    " consider this foot up in your ass "

    SENKRAD 24 days ago

    Holy shit the gay couple are hilarious, love how they're pretty much best friends.

    "Have you ever thought about cheating on me"

    "When I was younger in my younger days I have"

    "He sure did"

    "But then we talked about it and then we just had sex together with the person"

  • Ashura Doji
    Ashura Doji 25 days ago

    Wtf are christians even doing

  • Bookworm ASMR
    Bookworm ASMR 26 days ago

    The gay black boys are GOALS . AS . FUCK .

  • Adam Kennedy
    Adam Kennedy 26 days ago

    GOT IT

  • Ruben Flores
    Ruben Flores 26 days ago

    Dude in the hat landed that gorgeous woman

  • Jazz Jones
    Jazz Jones 27 days ago +2

    The Christian couple had no chemistry whatsoever. She was boring and he looked bored...

  • Carolina Villa
    Carolina Villa 27 days ago

    the christian couple is boring and the miami couple i was vibin with them cause i’m from miami and the gay couple i love them

  • Julius Flex
    Julius Flex 28 days ago

    The gay couple keep drinking even when they answer 😂😂😂

  • Mandi Long
    Mandi Long 28 days ago

    All of these were very lovely couples! ❤️ they all make very cute couple!

  • Mikey Alexander
    Mikey Alexander 28 days ago +1

    Hillary Clinton what!?!😂😂

  • Brittany Clem
    Brittany Clem 28 days ago