Q&A How do Koreans react when they discover I'm black?

  • Published on Jul 16, 2013
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    HELLO!!!! SOOO!!!!!!!
    Recently people have been asking about my race/etc. And How Koreans act when they find out when I am black. SO, for everyone that didn't know. I am black. LOL And, It seems like Korean people cannot wrap their minds around that fact.
    When I tell them that I am black, they usually tell me NO!! and I HATE THAT! LOL I usually don't mind things, but that does make me upset, a bit. SO THEN I BECOME LIKE MINA from Girl's day Twinkle twinkle, and plot evil against them! LOL JOKE!! But really.....
    It seems like in Korea people tend to think that if you are from a certain country then you should have certain features. If you don't fit that mold then people think you are not "really" from there. They may think that your parents are from another country, etc.
    For example, being American, you must have light hair and light eyes to be real American. SO, At work people think that I am not "real" American since I have dark hair. But I cannot speak for the whole of Korea, just me and my experiences! This is what I have experienced!
    They usually think that I am either, Indian, Spanish, Moroccan, or from a Middle Eastern Nation. Which is Understandable. SInce people from those nations think I am from there sometimes. LOL

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  • Dean Johnson
    Dean Johnson 10 days ago

    You biracial

  • H.A.88
    H.A.88 13 days ago

    If you are black then I’m a marzian

  • KK
    KK 19 days ago

    Nope you aren't. You're facial features are caucasian (europid)

  • FancyNancy64 Ms. Newyork

    Girl this video was funny. Yeah I feel your pain about telling people you r black and they dont believe u. I get mistaken for spanish and I may be. I Need to do a DNA test. This was quite old. Funny.

  • JungJung Pear
    JungJung Pear Month ago

    🎵She’s noooooooot🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵

  • J N
    J N Month ago

    I thought you were Italian or Mediterranean!

  • Tony Jung
    Tony Jung Month ago


  • Viper's Exalted
    Viper's Exalted Month ago

    3:21 when you get your dna results back, and turns out you’re .5% African...

  • Toki Warheart
    Toki Warheart Month ago

    Hun if your mom is mix white/black and native american you aren't full black. You are a beautiful mixed african american girl. If your in korea and say your black they picture full african american treats but your not. Most Americans are mixed but don't ignure your white and native American sides its what makes you who you are

  • G Ggg
    G Ggg 2 months ago +1

    Everybody is Unique that’s what people say
    But it Isn’t alway’s a good thing you should be happy with your look,skin and other things don’t let anyone ever in your life judge you or Bother you with Words Cuz maybe they First should take a look at themselfs i’m 11 but i now what i’m saying So rember that

    1. I’m bad at English
    2. I’m sssssoooo random !!!!! ( This was another story)
    3. Don’t mind me Just ignore me 😒 (If you think i’am anoying)
    4. But serieus This is No Joke 😜🚫🚫i don’t turn back my words

  • はる
    はる 2 months ago +2

    You are white woman larping as black with your 1/64 black ancestry.

    • はる
      はる 27 days ago +1

      +Atlantic Creole Race is social construct :^)

    • Viper's Exalted
      Viper's Exalted 28 days ago

      Atlantic Creole are you stupid?

    • Atlantic Creole
      Atlantic Creole Month ago

      "Black" in America is CULTURAL. It doesn't have anything to do with skin color. Beyonce and her mother Tina have lighter skin but they are "black" on official government records because that is the way the US classifies anyone with some degree of African ancestry. That's why our group created the new term ADOS that more accurately describes us as a people.

  • can you see me
    can you see me 3 months ago

    Asians mostly don't learn anything about "black" or "africa" in school.For example only "black" person can be african..

  • mystic1921 A
    mystic1921 A 3 months ago

    Megan said it right, she's black but she is definitely "RACIALLY AMBIGUOUS."

  • M G
    M G 3 months ago

    It’s crazy how Asians can’t understand people can be multiple colors when Asians are multiple colors. Some Asians are dark and some are light. They need to stop with this BS. I have seen plenty of dark Asians they are usually poor and not using lighting creams.

  • Sydney Reed
    Sydney Reed 4 months ago +1

    I know this video is like 5 almost 6 years old and I'm super behind so forgive me. I for some reason thought you were from California and were mixed. Not only are you a Southern girl lol but your not mixed at all. Not that it matters to me your personality is why I'm a follower lol just cool fun facts. It is also nice to hear you tall about it too.

  • Daniele Pala
    Daniele Pala 4 months ago


  • Queen Bey
    Queen Bey 4 months ago

    Ok Bro you’re old Videos are so cringey i sleek koreaboo

  • afro kim
    afro kim 4 months ago

    You're mix 😀

  • Catch_Me_ If_You_Can
    Catch_Me_ If_You_Can 5 months ago

    bitch da duck???...i think i have news for u

  • wayhooimagines
    wayhooimagines 5 months ago

    So my mom is African American and my dad is Trinidadian..(most of my mom and dads side are light skin). I am a light shade of brim like I’m lighter than Rihanna but almost the same shade... My friend thought I was mixed and then someone said this I was Spanish... I was like I’m black.. Someone asked which one of my parents were white I said neither and they were shocked...

  • jkk jkk
    jkk jkk 5 months ago

    the way you makeup in this video is so koreaboo eugh

  • 린Rin
    린Rin 5 months ago

    regarding 07:03 I AGREE! I'm African because I was born there, and have lived there my whole life, but whenever I tell online people that, they think I'm lying or something because I happen to be super European. (My profile photo)
    It gets really annoying sometimes, trying explain myself over and over again... Also they like to assume that if you're living in Africa, a lion lives in your backyard or something. XD
    It can be funny sometimes

  • tanner122772
    tanner122772 5 months ago

    Hell, if Drew Carey said he was black, there would be some black person arguing you down to the ground, saying that him and Mariah were brother and sister.
    My people My people.

  • Nana the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

    Ypu aren't black you just a dumb bitch that wishes she was korean

    • jkk jkk
      jkk jkk 5 months ago

      ikr, look at the way how she do her makeup looks so much koreaboo

  • DatFaceClan
    DatFaceClan 5 months ago +1

    UHHHH I RELATE SO MUCHH!!! So my mum is arab and my dad is African and EVVVVERYBODY at school never believe that I am part African even though my hair is curly and frizzy. I think it's because my hair colour is black and my nose is small like my mothers but other sibling got my dad's nose. It's actually quite sad, people call me fake African at school and it really hurts me deep inside because its like a piece of you is missing and people and breaking it.

  • sugqrlust
    sugqrlust 6 months ago

    the first 3 seconds of the intro gave me Kim Possible vibes anyone else?

  • Wheatly The Moron Core
    Wheatly The Moron Core 6 months ago +1

    *Doctor Phil has joined the chat room*

  • Ken Rose
    Ken Rose 6 months ago

    I don't get it! You have black DNA. Who cares?

  • buster C
    buster C 6 months ago

    Yes you are black. Your father's seed is black

  • tanner122772
    tanner122772 6 months ago +1

    *Black people are so insecure, we accept anybody who claims they are black, and swear a black person can have blue eyes and long stringy hair without being mixed. Half of the time the person don't wanna be considered black, but we make them black. Their black parent wants them to claim black, so they can be treated like royalty by black people. They know black folks will do everything to have a mixed person represent being black, so that's why mulattos and mixed people say they are black.*

  • Daysha Johnson
    Daysha Johnson 7 months ago

    Most Black American are 65-75% african, European or other.

    • Onyx Fire
      Onyx Fire Month ago

      no they arent, not every damn slave was raped you moron. black people love being anything BUT african smdh

  • Bath House Becky
    Bath House Becky 8 months ago

    It’s nuts how some cultures don’t understand that all skin shades come from all regions. My mother in an Arab from West Africa.

  • beatuy charms asmr
    beatuy charms asmr 8 months ago

    She looks black and korean

  • ess lps
    ess lps 8 months ago

    i live in GA

  • Jerry_Springer_isdaddy
    Jerry_Springer_isdaddy 9 months ago

    Everybody like, i cant tell ur black. Im sitting over here 99.9% black not suspecting shit😂😂😂

  • Metal Quintessence
    Metal Quintessence 9 months ago +2

    You are not exactly Black, rather you are mix-race.

  • VentionMGTOW
    VentionMGTOW 9 months ago +1

    You're not black. That's like me identifying as native american when I'm only 1/16th.

    • cogforreal
      cogforreal 6 months ago +1

      but she is 67% black according to her dna analysis

  • Lepidocrocite Quartz
    Lepidocrocite Quartz 9 months ago +2

    But you aren't...

  • Kitty Johnson
    Kitty Johnson 9 months ago +3

    If your skin is not dark or tan you are not black . Black is a color not an ethnicity or race gtfo

  • Kayla Pounds
    Kayla Pounds 9 months ago

    Africans cannot be white? I should look up this kid from south Africa I went to school with whose white and let him know.

  • KeyMrLock
    KeyMrLock 10 months ago +2

    Not even black lol.

  • Schmeeegle h
    Schmeeegle h 10 months ago +3

    your not black your not white your mixed. If your mixed y would u say your black or white?

  • Jokoya
    Jokoya 10 months ago

    They was probably speaking Farsi

  • Jokoya
    Jokoya 10 months ago

    They think only Americans are only blonde and white

  • Jokoya
    Jokoya 10 months ago

    You have pretty eyes

  • Jokoya
    Jokoya 10 months ago

    I like the thing on her hand

  • amandamadd
    amandamadd 10 months ago

    Glynn county!!! So cool I'm from SSI! So nice to see another girl from my neck of the woods.

  • Shemac14
    Shemac14 10 months ago

    The Moroccan thing is completely understandable. Morocco is in west Africa, after all.

  • canackcanack
    canackcanack 10 months ago

    Skin color is only determined by 1 fucking chromosome. It's the most insignificant thing ever.

  • S D
    S D 10 months ago +1

    Some of these comments and the liberties people take with their opinions ARE JUST DISRESPECTFUL AND MEAN!
    She has been brave enough to open up about HER racial experiences and some people are still coming for her.
    If you don't have anything nice to say - say nothing!! We won't know you're ignorant and small-minded until you open your mouth. 🤐🤐

  • e We
    e We 10 months ago


  • Sonya Bowles
    Sonya Bowles 11 months ago +1

    I am white. But I swear, I am darker than you. 😂😂😂 I actually have been thinking about trying some of the Korean skin products for lightening my skin. Lol

  • Niners94
    Niners94 11 months ago

    In America you’re black but overall you’re mixed. You’re not 100 percent one race.

  • CL _
    CL _ 11 months ago


  • Karoliina Mikkonen
    Karoliina Mikkonen 11 months ago

    My sister and two of her daughters have dark hair and eyes and tanned skin, and they are Finnish but they look more Southern European

  • Taylor Camille
    Taylor Camille 11 months ago +1

    @Megan Bowen
    This is really sad that everyone is arguing about your "blackness" in the comments. Both of your parents are black, so... why is this even an argument?

  • Pools Without Ladders
    Pools Without Ladders 11 months ago

    I feel creepy watching your older videos. But I totally get it. I'm mixed race but I was born and live in Scotland, which you can imagine if you're mixed/black/Asian whatever the lack of vitiman d strongly effects your skin tone (which can vary anyway) and sadly, I still get abuse over being mixed race, but in the last few years I've gotten abuse for being too white and I get told I'm appropriating Indian culture when I'm Scottish Indian because "you're paler than most Indians." it's infuriating, its not like my distant twice removed aunt was like 5‰ Asian, my biological Dad is Indian. I got Indian hair, dark eyes and deeper skin but I'm too white for some people and too Asian for others. Can't win. Infuriating.

  • BTS AteMyHomeWork
    BTS AteMyHomeWork 11 months ago +4

    I'm from England but I'm actually 1/8 African - American but have really pale skin and no resemblance rather as my father is tanned and has the facial structure so u can't necessarily tell someones heritage by looking at them

  • 진유
    진유 11 months ago

    what, YOU'RE BLACK?

  • Beastgirlem
    Beastgirlem 11 months ago

    But in South Africa there's a handful of white people XD

  • The Computer Artist

    that remember when my young brother was born, definitely too light skin, then he grew up and today, he is more brown skin.

  • Lagmen23
    Lagmen23 Year ago +1

    Okay so your mom is Max and your dad is black but yet you did not come out black you're obviously white as hell

  • Haruka Takahashi
    Haruka Takahashi Year ago

    Your mom is black,white & mongoloid , a total of 3 different races. Native american isn't a race & american indians weren't the first americans, anicent europeans were the first people to walk in american before mongoloids walk the bridge from russia to the americas.

    • Haruka Takahashi
      Haruka Takahashi 10 months ago

      S D i don't get it? Why?

    • S D
      S D 10 months ago +1

      Haruka Takahashi you need to take several seats!!

  • Johnny D
    Johnny D Year ago +2

    white people don't understand how genes work.
    they're all the same color, so they think that race and color are the same thing.

    • Rob Gav
      Rob Gav Month ago

      +S D yeah white and more white unless they're mixed

    • S D
      S D 10 months ago

      Johnny D, no white people are not all the same color. They have different skin tones, just not as varied as black people.

  • Kazza Love
    Kazza Love Year ago

    Yesss Atlanta baby lol ClayCo

  • al murphy
    al murphy Year ago +1

    You're not black! Northern African/ Mediterranean

  • Ezmeralda Zella
    Ezmeralda Zella Year ago

    It's not just your skin. You got a gang of recessive genes. It's in the structure of your features.

  • JAZZ J
    JAZZ J Year ago

    Cheecks like Michelle Obama! Beautoful girl

  • woethatswillow 21

    You can tell she black

  • Thu Trang Nguyen
    Thu Trang Nguyen Year ago +1

    Hi Megan, how your skin become really whiter than your earlier video? Did you do the Cinderella drip to make skin whiter? Please let me know you secret to make your skin change. Thank you

    • AnastasiaLUVSU
      AnastasiaLUVSU Year ago +1

      Thu Trang Nguyen And she wont answer your ignorant question disguised as curiosity.

    • Thu Trang Nguyen
      Thu Trang Nguyen Year ago

      AnastasiaLUVSU there is no right or wrong to become the one who i want to be. My obsession is none of your business. My question was given to Megan, not to you.

    • AnastasiaLUVSU
      AnastasiaLUVSU Year ago +1

      Thu Trang Nguyen Shut up, you idiot Asians always obsessed with white skin. Be proud of your yellow skin. Her skin is paler than yours Because she has some European in her blood.

  • NadiaSofia17
    NadiaSofia17 Year ago

    Hi Megan! I wanted to know if you would ever be willing to do a AncestryDNA or 23andMe video. I’m personally obsessed on getting one done myself so I thought it would be a cool and fun video for you to do next!

  • Black Magician
    Black Magician Year ago

    Nice! I was born in Illinois, then moved to Florida, then Georgia!

  • Mayi
    Mayi Year ago

    Omg ! So it means you are fake America 😂😂😂😂

  • Savannah Nicole
    Savannah Nicole Year ago +1

    Black is not a race....in fact in Egypt, which in part of Africa, some have very light skin, still not black, it's called Afirican decent.

  • Nicole Oliver
    Nicole Oliver Year ago +1

    She's a nice girl but I find her videos to be a bit disingenuous. The tone of her videos is "Can you believe these people don't think I'm black? How narrowminded." Meanwhile she makes her appearance look as ambiguous as possible down to Korean-styled makeup.

  • jj jj
    jj jj Year ago +1

    Nah idc u deffo look mixed. Stop identifying as "black" ur not 100% ur mixed that's what it says on ur passport so own that

    • marlon green
      marlon green Year ago +1

      Kyasia Talbert Lol no one's 100 percent anymore probably not even in Africa.

  • susuabc0090
    susuabc0090 Year ago +1

    You look like me. We are Earthlings and related by Noah. Hi cousin! There is only ONE Race...HUMAN.
    God loves diversity.

  • Rei Joon Y
    Rei Joon Y Year ago

    Do Koreans accept middle eastern people?

  • Candace C.
    Candace C. Year ago +1

    I don't think a lot of people understand that African-Americans or Black-Americans are a group of people UNITED by our blackness. Due to our history, it's not uncommon for us to have other things in our mix. However, not everyone claims such ancestry because for a lot of us it is the result of our African ancestors being raped. We take pride in being "black," although we come in different shades. And our culture is heavily shaped by the traditions of our African ancestors.

    SHESOAWESOME 314 Year ago

    Here in the states, when i go to beauty supplies. The asian people there, thinks im mixed with Chinese or that i am chinese. I've had people argue with me about what I am. Lol... My mom had to tell people that im black and my daddy is black. (This since i was a baby) Lol... Im use to it now. It doesn't bother me anymore

  • FireBomberBassist
    FireBomberBassist Year ago +1

    I use to believe I was white as a kid due to my lightness. Boy did I feel stupid later on.

  • Aloba Stephaniezs

    Actually there are blacks from sub-Saharan Africa that are pale or light skin. My mom is pale skin and my grand parent but we don't have white genes

  • Girlunique
    Girlunique Year ago +2

    You are mixed not black so why lie to people ??? Just be honest say you consider yourself black and grew up as such but you are mixed !!! WHY are Americans so fucking ignorant, uneducated and have zero knowledge of science !!! America is in bad shape especially with this trump scumbag in the white house it has gotten even worse !!! Btw take a genetic test and we will see how black you are !!! LMFAO fool who thinks she has no white blood !!!

    • AnastasiaLUVSU
      AnastasiaLUVSU Year ago +2

      marlon green Lol. This bitch is a waste of air. Hate these recessive demons.

    • Girlunique
      Girlunique Year ago

      Your mother and father got run over by a trailer you worthless American dirt ball !!!
      +marlon green

    • marlon green
      marlon green Year ago +2

      SexyFeminineGoddess Cant even spell right your father must of slept with his sister. Waste of space trailer trash inbred.

    • AnastasiaLUVSU
      AnastasiaLUVSU Year ago +1

      SexyFeminineGoddess Her mother is mixed you dumb bitch. Her father is not. Megan is black.

    • marlon green
      marlon green Year ago +1

      SexyFeminineGoddess Lol your white you have no right to comment on what mixed people consider themselves. Especially with your racist ass history.

  • Aaron Kolatch
    Aaron Kolatch Year ago +1

    It's kind of crazy that Korean people are like that. It's almost like they're not in touch with world wide media. There's really no excuse for not knowing that there are millions of blacks that are native to the United States. If they assume all black people are from Africa, why don't they just assume that all white people are from Europe, and not even think about North America?

  • bruce Hur
    bruce Hur Year ago +1

    please go back to america! i beg of you!

    • S D
      S D 10 months ago +1

      bruce Hur......rude ass comment! We all have the rite to live in ANY country we want to..... period!

  • Onyx Crescent
    Onyx Crescent Year ago +2

    This whole comment section is problematic.

  • Holy Shnitzel
    Holy Shnitzel Year ago +1

    Nobody in england believes my race, so they will never guess it in korea!!

  • David Saintloth
    David Saintloth Year ago +1

    Colorism is not served when light skinned people OWN their blackness. It directly contrevenes the evil of white supremacy which is designed to leverage mixed race people as a buffer between whiteness and blackness.
    Divide and conquer....so when some one balks at your own self identification it is them caping for colorism and indirectly white supremacy (this can happen from whites and blacks).
    What you should do is when this happens confront the person with why it is they feel they can define who you are and why your owning your blackness causes such cognitive dissonance for them...tell them that's their problem with their inborn bias that they need to deal with not yours and keep it moving. Don't joke about it...don't laugh it off...we've been giving white supremacy and colorism a pass for far too long.
    Fuck that "mixed" nonsense....be black every where you go. I'm 20% white but I don't call myself mixed.
    Rock on sis.

  • TrueTrife
    TrueTrife Year ago +1

    She looks just like her mom.

  • 캐세키씨빌
    캐세키씨빌 Year ago

    You have a really unique look

  • Lila Schmitt
    Lila Schmitt Year ago

    Moreover justify read krbtnb recognize sorry yesterday incentive me.

  • marlon green
    marlon green Year ago

    She looks more Asian in this video then black.

  • JMB
    JMB Year ago

    Everything that is not anglo-saxon white is considered black or a person of color in US....it's weird for the rest of the word.
    I get really upset too when people say I don't look like I am from my country, only the stereotype is the opposite of yours there. I get like: " shut up, you don't know shit about my country!", of course only in my mind...

  • Albxrtinx
    Albxrtinx Year ago +1

    Girl I feel you, (i don't live in Korea but ^^') even in America I still get looked at weirdly when I tell people I'm black. My complexion is really light (mainly because my father is white) but my mother is very dark skinned and whenever my mother tells people that i'm her daughter they look at me like "huh?"

  • N N
    N N Year ago +1

    Lana G
    Yes I saw her parents but this woman is not black she looks like a white woman. She clearly has other ethnicities in her heritage. She will not face the same struggles a black woman will face. She will receive white privilege just like a white woman because she looks white she is not black. If she was walking down the street she would not be described as a black woman. How we visually look in society will not be ignored. She will be treated the same as a white woman.

    • Rob Gav
      Rob Gav Month ago

      White people say white privileges doesn't exist

    • AnastasiaLUVSU
      AnastasiaLUVSU Year ago +1

      N N No shit, but shes black. 65% black. More than anyrhing else in her.

  • esteban baker
    esteban baker Year ago

    but your mixed so what

    • esteban baker
      esteban baker Year ago

      heh heh,simple heh heh

    • AnastasiaLUVSU
      AnastasiaLUVSU Year ago

      esteban baker No shit she's mixed. Shes 65% black. Shes majority black, now shut the fuck up.

    • esteban baker
      esteban baker Year ago

      mixed is mixed but I can see where applicable a person may say or inject that one this and this but mostly of this,but personally I find it silly to claim one over the other or others but just my opinion as you and her are entitled to yours and also to what one considers themselves to be,no offense was meant.

    • Lana G
      Lana G Year ago

      esteban baker ....Okay? I don’t know why you brought up Jim Crow. She showed her parents. So are you saying because she isn’t 100% she isn’t black? Because that applies to most African Americans.

    • esteban baker
      esteban baker Year ago

      nope she mixed like me ,aint no jim crow no more

  • N N
    N N Year ago +1

    If she is black then every body's black. Who would accept a black looking person as white??? So why should a white looking person be accepted as black???

    • Lana G
      Lana G Year ago +2

      N N She’s black. Did you not see her parents?

  • Laio Brum
    Laio Brum Year ago

    I think that this thing of mixed people be considered black is pretty much only in America. I know Europe and I am from Brazil and being black is the same as being dark skinned, not about culture or ancestory

  • I Like Cheese
    I Like Cheese Year ago


  • Niki Bronson
    Niki Bronson Year ago +1

    Chica, I'm black and you have hair just like mine. Don't worry. You look black (whatever that's supposed to mean) but you definitly sound like it.