NBA 2K League Kicks Off

  • Published on Apr 30, 2018
  • The NBA 2K League will see its first round of games with this week's opening tournament in New York City. Group starts Tuesday and ends on Friday, culminating with the win-or-go-home round on Saturday. Catch the championship game at 11 PM ET and all the rest of the action throughout the week streaming on Twitch!
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  • Paulooping
    Paulooping 4 months ago

    all you do is to play and earn

  • Jacob Johnson
    Jacob Johnson 6 months ago

    I have a idea, how about they have a legend mode where you can play as that legend for their whole if you choose kobe you get to play every game from 96 to 2016 but the injurys happen to them too

  • Austin Osgood
    Austin Osgood 7 months ago


  • Dylan's account
    Dylan's account 7 months ago

    Haha not even 10K views

  • jcgcarolina1984
    jcgcarolina1984 7 months ago

    I have a good post scoring rebounder and play team ball. All 2k is a bunch of shooting 3s playing no defense. Most these cats live with mommy and daddy still. With no job. Fuck that stupid 2k league.

  • Achint Singh
    Achint Singh 7 months ago

    2k18 sucks

  • RM Lorenz
    RM Lorenz 7 months ago

    What the fck is that in the thumbnail?!! That was some scary shit 2k!

  • Darren Holmes
    Darren Holmes 7 months ago

    That mj day weekly challenge wtf....Bronze player really.

  • Nick Longe
    Nick Longe 7 months ago

    "Daddy, when I grow up, I wanna play a 2K player!"

  • Legends Mixtape
    Legends Mixtape 7 months ago

    Fuck ur shit 2k stop with this dumbass 2k leauge dis shit is useless! U really think people will watch this over the nba? This is a fucking game 2k why tf would u want it to be like the nba? Instead of doing this fix ur dumbass fucking shitty ass game! Every year we ask that and all u do is add new shitty ass stuff that we dont even want! Its been so long we have asked for u to fix ur game and u still havent done that! Thats why people stopped playin 2k including me so pls just stop making nba 2k cuz im moving on to live or fortnite, we have asked as u for so long but we are done with ur bullshit! FUCK U 2K!

  • Zify XXIII
    Zify XXIII 7 months ago +1

    Fortnite Season 4 is so lit, fuck this dead game

  • BBBrandon GotHoes
    BBBrandon GotHoes 7 months ago

    Thank god for Fortnite

  • BBBrandon GotHoes
    BBBrandon GotHoes 7 months ago

    Haven’t played 2k18 since October!!! Horrible fucking game. Will never buy another 2k

  • Gatoxki PG
    Gatoxki PG 7 months ago

    Fuck 2k,,scammers!!!!

  • Connor22
    Connor22 7 months ago +1

    Ronnie, the only people who care about NBA 2K League, is the NBA 2K League-PLAYERS. Instead of wating money on something that NOBODY cares about, focus on improving the actual gameplay. Just a tip.

  • Lazar Sorak
    Lazar Sorak 7 months ago +2

    NBA2K18 is dead. You fucked up, 2K.

  • Caleb Hall
    Caleb Hall 7 months ago

    You guy can say all you want about 2k but if you really hated it then you wouldn’t of bothered looking at this video and commenting to me about how much you hate the game

  • DaSkillaBros
    DaSkillaBros 7 months ago

    NBA VC

  • Rondo2Raw
    Rondo2Raw 7 months ago +1

    LMFAOOOOO🤣🤣🤣🤣nigga the game is dead gtfoh

  • Zee Nee
    Zee Nee 7 months ago

    Plss stop comparing Fornite to NBA2K

  • Jason Vorhees
    Jason Vorhees 7 months ago

    in 2k19, can you make our myplayer easier to control like 2k16? the movement seems a bit sluggish and delayed

  • Luke Cells56
    Luke Cells56 7 months ago


  • Garlix
    Garlix 7 months ago

    Fix ur game

  • Niggatron
    Niggatron 7 months ago +1

    the fortnite community is just as trash and cancer as the 2k community...

  • Bigg Snoop N Da Coup
    Bigg Snoop N Da Coup 7 months ago

    Is there any possibility that we can get 1 Court to be Loser's Out, & 1 Court Make it Take it on the 2's Court at the Park & Anti-Up?

  • Not My 2k
    Not My 2k 7 months ago

    Progress is too costly, 2k.

  • Skip Bayless
    Skip Bayless 7 months ago +1

    Lol the Like/DISLIKE ratio

  • Ethan Whitcomb
    Ethan Whitcomb 7 months ago


  • Baller 2 Times
    Baller 2 Times 7 months ago +3

    2k trash af😂😂😂 Back to Fortnite!

    FRESHBOYPETER 7 months ago

    Can’t wait till Fortnite season 4.... Oops wrong video

  • Elijah P
    Elijah P 7 months ago +1

    They don't look like their archetypes

  • ThaRunna3D
    ThaRunna3D 7 months ago

    Why has this bitch Ronnie not been fired

  • Pat
    Pat 7 months ago

    Soooo who else buying that Season 4 Battle Pass ???

  • Pat
    Pat 7 months ago

    God bless all y’all who disliked this video just bc 2k is trash

  • Xavier 2k
    Xavier 2k 7 months ago

    Bring back mascots

  • lil Sahbabii
    lil Sahbabii 7 months ago

    Fix 2k noone cares about 2kleauge (Fortnite gang )

  • Outtacontrollaz
    Outtacontrollaz 7 months ago

    Yall greedy mother fuckers finally got what you deserved! Haven't played 2k since November. First year I haven't paid for ANY VC and I will NOT be purchasing your trash broken product next year. Big fuck you to your company. Until next time please kill yourself.

  • That’s a GG
    That’s a GG 7 months ago

    “Highest rated”

  • Anthony Davis
    Anthony Davis 7 months ago +1

    PD rose or I’m playing fortnite because season 4 tomorrow or drop another batch of PD ZOs

  • RatchetSprite
    RatchetSprite 7 months ago

    This is actually kinda awesome tbh

  • Torrance Ingram
    Torrance Ingram 7 months ago


  • wweecwwcwtnanba1928
    wweecwwcwtnanba1928 7 months ago


    GREEN AND GOLDFIRE 52 7 months ago

    Ronnie 2K can plz fix 2K and listen to the community cause you are losing money to fortnite and NBA live 18

  • mokhalmoe
    mokhalmoe 7 months ago +1

    fix your fucking game

  • MattDog lol
    MattDog lol 7 months ago +1

    Bro 2k no one gives a shit about yalls stupid 2k league, how about y'all actually listen to the fuckin community instead of adding retarted features that we don't need for money. Maybe y'all should take some notes from fortnite and actually put features that we want and actually fix bugs and glithes that are always in the game!!!!!! And to keep the parks fresh rather than having the same blan courts!!!!!!Fortnite updates their game with new features all the time and but y'all don't cause all of you guys are lazy as shit. Y'all can't expect release the game and think that it will be good all year long!!!!!! This is the last straw 2k!!!! 2k19 is y'all final chance before the game dies so y'all better step it up quick. LISTEN TO THE COMMUNITY AND GIVE US WHAT WE WANT!!!!!!! #MAKE2KGREATAGAIN

  • division100
    division100 7 months ago +1

    I miss when there wasn't any try hards on Fortnite and now everybody is a try hard now

  • Kevon Culix
    Kevon Culix 7 months ago +3

    For the people that read this have a good day and I hope you'll all have a successful future

    • BlueNinjas75
      BlueNinjas75 7 months ago

      Kevon Culix Right back at you 😁

  • Shore Amaze
    Shore Amaze 7 months ago

    Trash as fuck, cant wait to spend money on BO4 and Red Dead Redemption 2.. not 2k19 an they pay to win ass VC

  • Sav Saint
    Sav Saint 7 months ago

    I hope this shit fails

  • Horsin
    Horsin 7 months ago +15

    worst 2k ever how you let a free game make more money than your game tht cost $60

  • caybandz
    caybandz 7 months ago +1

    2K 18 is trash if it doesn’t have rep or travel parks not Byeing 2K 19 in change the jump shot bar back how it was like in fix the block animation in your graphics are trash the centers look like point guards

  • Joseph Porter
    Joseph Porter 7 months ago +1

    I ain’t watching this shit unless they add a in game crowd and change that bumass arena

    GREEN AND GOLDFIRE 52 7 months ago +8

    Ronnie 2K plz listen to the community

  • Michael
    Michael 7 months ago +7


  • Justin Moore
    Justin Moore 7 months ago +2

    Nba live and Fortnite fans, Y'all mad huh?! 😂😂😂

    • Supreme Kobè
      Supreme Kobè 7 months ago

      Justin Moore Yes actually. Copying and pasting last years 2K and making in-game items more expensive, and not even fixing their broken, cheesy animations, "mad" is an understatement.

  • king gaming
    king gaming 7 months ago +11

    If you can make a whole entire league WHY the hell can't you give us more content

    • Curly Top
      Curly Top 7 months ago +1

      king gaming factsss

  • Antonio K
    Antonio K 7 months ago +5

    Ronnie is a freaking annoying hindu

  • theodore long
    theodore long 7 months ago

    Fix myleague start today glitch assholes

  • TheFornite 78
    TheFornite 78 7 months ago

    Wtf I player 2k18 is breaks shoot no Green

  • Emanuel Palmer Jr.
    Emanuel Palmer Jr. 7 months ago +19

    Can't wait til season 4 of Fortnite

  • Derick Mcfail
    Derick Mcfail 7 months ago +3


  • savethename
    savethename 7 months ago +11

    Who still plays this game?

  • Gawd Zell
    Gawd Zell 7 months ago

    I think you guys should subscribe to my channel because 2k18 sucks

  • JayPainGaming
    JayPainGaming 7 months ago

    Aye, don't support this bullshit. I love the game of basketball. You can't get to 99. My homie grinded for over 1000 pro-am games and still ain't got it. You can't multiply your vc. Pushing microtransactions all in your grill. Fuck the greed that is within the company. Not the employees.

  • I only shoot
    I only shoot 7 months ago +10

    Wow a bunch of no life’s that live in their moms basement.

    • I only shoot
      I only shoot 7 months ago

      Shoota gang in the Building shut up with your bum ass shit pussy broke ass lmao


      I’m a Savage do I care if they making more money than me child stfu with your bs

    • I only shoot
      I only shoot 7 months ago

      Shoota gang in the Building they also making more money than your broke ass too


      And at least they making more money than your family

    • Limbus 2
      Limbus 2 7 months ago +1

      I’m a Savage they boutta move to the main floor with the check they grabbing from 2k lol

  • dion mitchell
    dion mitchell 7 months ago +2

    wow that's great man i can't wait until next year when they call my name up there

  • Dominique Edwards
    Dominique Edwards 7 months ago +17


  • brickfighter 14
    brickfighter 14 7 months ago

    Why the dislikes tho

  • AyyyLance
    AyyyLance 7 months ago +12


  • Kingcwash
    Kingcwash 7 months ago +10

    On Itachi i ain’t played this in months

    • Wave God
      Wave God 7 months ago +2

      Lol on Itachi tho fam

  • IsWavy
    IsWavy 7 months ago +10


  • Brock Page Productions
    Brock Page Productions 7 months ago

    👍 loved watching your video! Great job and keep it up! Your channel is gonna make it some day! 👏

    • Supreme Kobè
      Supreme Kobè 7 months ago

      Brock Page Productions Lmao, hope that was sarcasm. This is the official 2K channel.

  • PeterMc
    PeterMc 7 months ago +60

    Smh still haven’t got new parks

  • Devil666
    Devil666 7 months ago +5

    Ehi guys, if 2K give u a ban, don't should give u also the proof of the ban ? They don't give ! This is not serious ! They ban my account but they don't give me proof ! Next year NBA LIVE !

  • Young Buckets
    Young Buckets 7 months ago

    Trash ass game🗑🗑🗑

  • max mustermann
    max mustermann 7 months ago +5

    If you wanna play 2K League you need a 112 OVR and 80k VC

  • RPS World
    RPS World 7 months ago +5

    Wish I could qualify using the Nintendo Switch!

  • Nicholas Moore
    Nicholas Moore 7 months ago

    Breaking records? Yea ok this shit dying

  • Ghostfk688
    Ghostfk688 7 months ago

    Hold this L fuk this game

  • 3CROSS
    3CROSS 7 months ago

    Fuck 2k League #F2KL

  • JWhack7
    JWhack7 7 months ago +8

    I’m just gonna wait for one of the people who got drafted start going off on the game if they lose. Hopefully someone will

  • O h G e
    O h G e 7 months ago +83

    2k trash asf like if u agree! 🗑🗑🗑🗑

  • BenJo 2K
    BenJo 2K 7 months ago +53

    *Yo Ronnie, We Need NBA 2K15 Rep System And Parks In 2K19 Or else We gonna Quit 2K bruhh*

      GREEN AND GOLDFIRE 52 7 months ago

      Dualxtream yep

    • MattDog lol
      MattDog lol 7 months ago +1

      Dualxtream Can you please preach this!!!!!!!!!

    • Shore Amaze
      Shore Amaze 7 months ago +3

      Fuck that, they better bring they A game with 19 unless I will be grinding Black Ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2

    • Malik Harvey
      Malik Harvey 7 months ago +7

      Dualxtream nigga everybody been quit where you been

  • Limbus 2
    Limbus 2 7 months ago +29

    This game is so dead 😂😂😂
    The minute 2K realizes they can’t consistently produce bullshit and expect to slide by is the minute I’ll consider buying 2K19

  • Milton Horton
    Milton Horton 7 months ago +9

    I dont comment on videos much but this game is pure trash

    UNTAMED ADONIS 7 months ago

    Fix the park we want affiliations and mascots back bring back 2k17 dribbling bring back 2k16 defense bring take out the neighborhood please help the park community

  • vSplashh
    vSplashh 7 months ago +47

    2k is dead

  • Zechariah Cameron
    Zechariah Cameron 7 months ago +1

    Is this like Madden Nation?

  • BenJo 2K
    BenJo 2K 7 months ago

    *Hit Me Up For GFX Designs . Instagram: BenJo2K. And Twitter: Dualxtream. And 2K All Dayyyyyyy* 🔥💯💥

  • listeneric
    listeneric 7 months ago +59

    Just here to dislike the video
    Now back to Fortnite!


      Fortnite for little kids

    • Pat
      Pat 7 months ago

      Hypebeast Vlogs who r u? Lol my guy I want 2k to be a good game. It just simply isn’t. Now go back to grinding my career

    • Pat
      Pat 7 months ago

      Hypebeast Vlogs obviously bought the game, that’s how I learned how garbage it is. It’s not a question. The gameplay is trash, devs don’t care about community and much more

  • Limbus 2
    Limbus 2 7 months ago +110

    Fortnite season four starts tomorrow. Nobody cares about 2K 😂😂😂

    • Ezzy Pierre
      Ezzy Pierre 7 months ago

      This game trash.. only thing that decent is play now

    • Moist Shane
      Moist Shane 7 months ago +1

      Hypebeast Vlogs stfu dickrider

    • Moist Shane
      Moist Shane 7 months ago

      Lmao facts