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  • En En & Ai Ai
    En En & Ai Ai 21 hour ago

    Who saw elle and Catherine at 2:19?

  • Adeel Rehman
    Adeel Rehman Day ago

    Any one saw elle from the ace family

  • Hanane
    Hanane Day ago

    8:20 i see Elle too 😍❤❤

  • Sama Zohary
    Sama Zohary 2 days ago


  • Winie Alya
    Winie Alya 2 days ago


  • Brinley C0500
    Brinley C0500 2 days ago

    2:19 ELLLLEEE

  • Laura Smith
    Laura Smith 4 days ago

    i think the car is a great idea

  • Brianna's World
    Brianna's World 4 days ago

    Yeah but just painted blue and put fish paint them to spray paint it

  • alejandra salazar
    alejandra salazar 4 days ago

    jojos house is like Bardies

  • Stacy Cortez
    Stacy Cortez 5 days ago


  • Stacy Cortez
    Stacy Cortez 5 days ago

    ACE familyyyyyy 💓💓💓

  • Matilda Ryan
    Matilda Ryan 5 days ago

    Leave a like if you new elle from the ace family

  • ROBLOX Master
    ROBLOX Master 5 days ago

    Did anyone saw Elle from The Ace ♠️ Family

  • Mishael Faisal
    Mishael Faisal 6 days ago

    Who saw Catherine and Elle from the ace family

  • Zack Studer
    Zack Studer 7 days ago


  • Abi R
    Abi R 7 days ago

    Jo Jo

  • NESSA says PIZA bolle

    Jojo never got mad

  • NESSA says PIZA bolle

    01:45 Se the crepy face to the doll

  • Giada De Jesus
    Giada De Jesus 8 days ago

    Elle is there omg she is so cute

  • arabelle TV
    arabelle TV 8 days ago


  • Mikayla Hayes
    Mikayla Hayes 8 days ago


  • Paloma Mayrany
    Paloma Mayrany 9 days ago

    Vlogging taytum and Oakley ... bailey walks by ... jojo carrying Elle 😍😍😍😍😭 ommggg BEST VLOG EVER ❤️😭😍 All my favorites in 1

  • Slimers.🖤
    Slimers.🖤 9 days ago

    I love ur videos

  • Katriel Zager
    Katriel Zager 9 days ago

    Who else saw baby Duncan ballinger

  • Evi Kimble
    Evi Kimble 9 days ago

    hi jojo siwa its addison evis sis and where do you hang out? evi says your a spoield brat but i dont think so i love you so much on my b day i think i might meet you i dont know im going to bring my cousen kadence she is a fan to and i subed to your videos i love you so much xd means laughing btw love you lots

  • Alexa Vega
    Alexa Vega 10 days ago

    Can you please say hello for me at the ACE family

  • Alexa Vega
    Alexa Vega 10 days ago

    You are lucky

  • pia kundra
    pia kundra 10 days ago


  • shelley lambert
    shelley lambert 10 days ago +1

    2:17 Thats Elle and cathrine from the ace family in the background!

  • Zeinab Rahmani
    Zeinab Rahmani 10 days ago

    Omggggg Elle was there and Austin’s and Cathie yayayya

  • Charleigh Jones
    Charleigh Jones 11 days ago

    This was so fun to watch luv u guys

  • juanluve1
    juanluve1 11 days ago

    That was the ace family’s daughter

  • Shannon Gill
    Shannon Gill 11 days ago +1

    To spoilt
    Not. A Have comment

  • Esmi Perez
    Esmi Perez 11 days ago

    The girls jackets and shoes are so cute we’re did u get them

  • Erika Ojeda
    Erika Ojeda 11 days ago

    Wow! The difference in behavior between the twins & Elle is like day🌞& night🌛! Elle was looking at them with this expression on her face that said “Whoa!” Obviously they have very different personalities, but maybe they should have some play dates so hopefully the twins could learn a thing or two from Elle!

  • Czaria’s World
    Czaria’s World 11 days ago

    I saw Elle from ace family

  • Yimi Cortez
    Yimi Cortez 11 days ago

    I love you

  • Chase Mckee
    Chase Mckee 11 days ago

    Who else saw the Ballingers?

  • Jennifer Yantis
    Jennifer Yantis 11 days ago

    Me a 9 year old madisyn

  • yokima abraham
    yokima abraham 12 days ago

    omg.. i screamed when i saw catherine and elle and when jojo was holding elle.. i keep repeating .. cant wait for the play date..

  • Jose Arredondo
    Jose Arredondo 12 days ago

    Do Not talk to her

  • Yoreka Cupcake
    Yoreka Cupcake 12 days ago

    Omg Elle is so cute and The twins so so so cute!!

  • Douglas Cox
    Douglas Cox 13 days ago

    No fish tank

  • Taufik Mustak
    Taufik Mustak 13 days ago

    I saw elle at 2:20

  • paige sharp
    paige sharp 13 days ago


  • Jenni Terrones
    Jenni Terrones 13 days ago

    I love Kyler and Mad

  • Brandon McKinley
    Brandon McKinley 13 days ago

    Was that the ace family omg tell them I am a big fam if it was

  • Hailey fun
    Hailey fun 13 days ago


  • Chuy Sanchez
    Chuy Sanchez 13 days ago

    Who else saw the ace family and Catherines mom at 11:30 and Ryan at 10:40

  • XxDanettxX 0707
    XxDanettxX 0707 13 days ago +2

    9:30 that was kinda mean

    • Erika Ojeda
      Erika Ojeda 11 days ago

      Not mean! It’s called discipline & half-assed disciplining at that, but at least Kyler’s trying! Madison doesn’t even seem to care what the girls do! They could have knocked over a Christmas tree & she wouldn’t have been a bit fazed. A tad worried for when that new little one arrives!

  • Niall Horan
    Niall Horan 13 days ago

    pin this if you love your family and fans

  • Kira Henry
    Kira Henry 13 days ago +1

    Her name is elle from the ace fam

  • Sabrina Oliveira
    Sabrina Oliveira 13 days ago

    the ballingers were there

  • Sabrina Oliveira
    Sabrina Oliveira 13 days ago

    for their car they should have a fish tank but the fish are them but...they shouldn't do it untill Halston in born

  • Jenesy Aguilar
    Jenesy Aguilar 13 days ago

    I know im late but at 10:42 its ryan and valentina (Catherine's brother and sister) from the ACE Family

  • Lisa Hodrick
    Lisa Hodrick 14 days ago


  • Kelsey Kalicharan
    Kelsey Kalicharan 14 days ago

    Collab with the ace family

  • Gacha Angels
    Gacha Angels 14 days ago

    A White Christmas!

  • Samantha Garcia
    Samantha Garcia 14 days ago

    Hey ACE FAMILYYYY !!!!!!

  • Emma Wall
    Emma Wall 14 days ago

    I haven’t watched ur channel in a while and the girls have grown up so much

  • Alex D
    Alex D 14 days ago

    can i baby sit theme i will give u my number or you can give me your number

  • Hannah Pung
    Hannah Pung 14 days ago

    Quick question, didn’t Austin and Catherine wake up at the Fish Fam house one day during vlogmas? But at the end of the video, Kyler said it was the first time they had met Elle. Just wondering. Love you guys!!!

  • Alex Productions
    Alex Productions 14 days ago


  • Amy Ren
    Amy Ren 14 days ago


  • Haley Ballinger
    Haley Ballinger 14 days ago

    I love the ace family

  • Sebastian Gonzalez
    Sebastian Gonzalez 14 days ago

    omg jojos house has alot of thing and santa is there too have a new year kyler and mad and your littlegrils

  • Chantelle Cawley
    Chantelle Cawley 14 days ago

    The twin can have a USclip channel

  • Charlie Silvas
    Charlie Silvas 15 days ago

    Kyler you are kind of like the Grinch

  • AshleySidhu
    AshleySidhu 15 days ago

    I don't mean to hate but learn how to control your kids before you bring them to parties. I feel so bad for JoJo.

    • AshleySidhu
      AshleySidhu 15 days ago

      Especially Mad, like you, were just enjoying the party and other people could not enjoy it cause your kids were ruining everything. smh

  • Arianna Apachee
    Arianna Apachee 15 days ago

    Brooooo the ace family!!!!!

  • Funneh Guerra
    Funneh Guerra 15 days ago

    Omg when kyler said at least we're not the only ones that was Ava and jeannet from dance mom

  • STC 123
    STC 123 15 days ago

    I got this notification 6 days late!!!!

  • Kayla Susie
    Kayla Susie 15 days ago

    I love long vlogs!!!!

  • Gemma Garland
    Gemma Garland 15 days ago


  • Gemma Garland
    Gemma Garland 15 days ago

    Hi JoJo

  • Clare Johnson
    Clare Johnson 15 days ago +2

    Kyler, you are not nasty you are very nice this year!

  • Jocelyn Weaver
    Jocelyn Weaver 15 days ago

    I love the fishfams

  • michael carter
    michael carter 15 days ago

    Bad Bad Bad

  • michele medina
    michele medina 15 days ago +1


  • Llarah Bandoquillo
    Llarah Bandoquillo 15 days ago

    I saw elle!!from ace family😍

  • Radiya Islam
    Radiya Islam 15 days ago +1

    You know what is the best thing on Christmas Santa 🎅 claus

  • Amber Grace Carter
    Amber Grace Carter 15 days ago +1

    The girls look so innocent and cute

  • Andréa Filliette
    Andréa Filliette 15 days ago

    Those twins need an éducation... Their out of control

  • Westlake fam
    Westlake fam 15 days ago

    Is that the real grinch

  • Jane Meg
    Jane Meg 15 days ago

    2:31 Abby lee miller in the wheelchair

  • The Bike rider
    The Bike rider 15 days ago

    It is 2019 here now

  • Lauraine O
    Lauraine O 15 days ago

    Taydum & Oakley: ummmmmmmmmmmmmm.... Who dat


  • Naiba Kazmi
    Naiba Kazmi 15 days ago

    Omg Elle from the ace family wow the twins looks so cute

  • Gladys
    Gladys 15 days ago

    Yes . panit the fish fam car plz

  • Melissa Noel
    Melissa Noel 15 days ago

    So cute mad and Tyler and the twins and JoJo siwa

  • Teagan Epema
    Teagan Epema 16 days ago

    You should do your car as a fish tank

  • Kate Fletcher
    Kate Fletcher 16 days ago

    Love you guys so much 💙💙💙💙

  • Georgia Peckham
    Georgia Peckham 16 days ago +1

    I have a phobia of balloons

  • Nataly Ortiz Gonzalez
    Nataly Ortiz Gonzalez 16 days ago

    the ace family ☺❤😍🙈🐱

  • Justin Miller
    Justin Miller 16 days ago

    Lol who is in 2019 like if you are

  • Jamie Minyard
    Jamie Minyard 16 days ago

    I don’t remember her name very much

  • Jamie Minyard
    Jamie Minyard 16 days ago

    Tautum and Oucley look 👀 like that little girl in the new “How The Grinch Stole Christmas

  • Angeline Germain
    Angeline Germain 16 days ago

    9..40 crying

  • Aubrey Beavens
    Aubrey Beavens 16 days ago

    It’s like when tv shows collided tv shows ( youtubers collide)