Too Faced Peaches and Cream WUTS GOOD?! | Jackie Aina

  • Published on Sep 18, 2017
  • Today I'll be doing a full review/demo of the entire Too Faced Peaches and Cream Collection. This will include a review of the Just Peachy Matte Palette included in the peaches and cream collection.
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  • Trina Marxen
    Trina Marxen 5 days ago

    11:28 asmr lol🤣

  • alysha lew
    alysha lew 6 days ago

    I love your videos!!! I like your hair but I love natural hair sooo! much I think you would be especially beautiful with it. I wish I had natural hair but as you can tell by my p,f I'm a white girl with dead hair XD. xoxo

    ROAA ROAA 8 days ago

    Your so cute, ❤️❤️❤️

  • Nicole Teeney
    Nicole Teeney 18 days ago

    They did expand the range a bit more...would love to know what you think about it now.

  • itsyagirl amy
    itsyagirl amy 27 days ago

    what do you use for your eyebrows?

  • Steffi Tanzil
    Steffi Tanzil 28 days ago

    just a suggestion, finish your make up step before too much talking, as it will dry down before you take care on it because of too much talking :)

  • Kyla Lafferty
    Kyla Lafferty Month ago

    I don’t know about you guys but I want these so badly and I’m sad because I’m broke and can’t afford anything in this collection😂😭

  • Hydie 007
    Hydie 007 Month ago

    I'm not a mixer with my foundation...I want it straight up...right out the bottle.....lmao I love that.. absolutely PRICELESS! YOU'RE GOOD! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Right up my peachy nude aaaaaally....classsic!

  • Julia I guess
    Julia I guess Month ago

    You look so bomb yassss queen 👑

  • Emilly M
    Emilly M Month ago +1

    I love the fenty beauty in the background 💗 @ 15:23

  • DreamersCosplay
    DreamersCosplay Month ago

    I love how natural you can go or how dramatic you can go with the big peach pallet. I use it for cosplay and do a gradient from light in the corners to pink at the edge and it make my eyes so big! 10/10 amazing pallet!

  • isajay12 J
    isajay12 J Month ago

    Intro= Jackie jackie, call that bitch BOJANGLES

  • Alaina Bechard
    Alaina Bechard Month ago +1

    Girl I love your natural eyebrows they honestly look so nice

  • FayPixs
    FayPixs Month ago

    I died at 16:13 that music🤣🤣🤣

  • Gabi Moura
    Gabi Moura Month ago

    u are just AMAZING love u jackie jackie jackie

  • georgetta perri-butler

    Lol, I LOVE those powder sifter thingies, my parents are divorced so I go back and forth every week and my powders are always filled with extra powder

  • Live with the Mic
    Live with the Mic Month ago

    You should make a video we're you show all of your makeup

  • ella mae
    ella mae 2 months ago

    i honestly have fell in love with your channel. all of your reviews are so fun yet still super honest. i feel like you really explain the product and how it works. i have learnt so much about makeup and it's formulas over the past week just from watching your videos! 💖

  • Briana Kelley
    Briana Kelley 2 months ago

    SO pretty! And why did I never think of that lipstick technique?! 🔥

  • Swag Ksjyeidujd
    Swag Ksjyeidujd 2 months ago

    W- did you say five years of that setting powder? I use that setting powder at t lasts me like three months lmao😎

  • Swag Ksjyeidujd
    Swag Ksjyeidujd 2 months ago

    That packaging is so cute! I want it :(

  • alright She dropped the cheesecakekimbapi kiddin

    i am gonna subscribe this is gooood

  • Ava Bomberger
    Ava Bomberger 2 months ago

    OMG I love the collection also you look so beautiful in your makeup

  • Cydney Norton
    Cydney Norton 2 months ago


  • Eve Dawn
    Eve Dawn 2 months ago +1

    Peaches And cream *plays BTS blood sweat And tears*

  • babydoll
    babydoll 2 months ago

    I wish i had darker skin tbh it looks so beautiful.

  • João Vítor
    João Vítor 2 months ago +1

    Fenty on the background

  • khadijah khan
    khadijah khan 2 months ago

    Your so funny!

  • Ebony Faulk
    Ebony Faulk 2 months ago

    “Ask dry as ur dm’s”
    You right tho

  • Park사쿠라
    Park사쿠라 2 months ago +2

    peaches and cream

    you mean BTS song blood sweat and tears?

  • Priscila Nosoma
    Priscila Nosoma 2 months ago

    Loooooove your personality! So funny and delightful to watch!

  • anastasia
    anastasia 2 months ago

    wow you're so pretty wth

  • Noelle Elise
    Noelle Elise 2 months ago

    Girllll your fallout comment is LIFE. I am so with you!!

  • Ali Smith
    Ali Smith 2 months ago

    Too faced definitely stepped up there shade range with the born this way because of you which is amazing!

  • Lunasol Ramos
    Lunasol Ramos 2 months ago

    I absolutely love the primer ! I have oily skin and this made a huge difference ❤️

  • Brenda Warner
    Brenda Warner 2 months ago


  • Brandy McDonald
    Brandy McDonald 2 months ago

    Does too faced have make up brushes

  • Lil’ Birb
    Lil’ Birb 2 months ago

    For some reason, I had the subtitles on and it “corrected” Jackie’s intro to Cheka instead of Jackie. Uh what?

  • Shea Brandon
    Shea Brandon 2 months ago

    IM SOLD in gonna go bye that foundation it's so nice 😍😍😍😍

  • Trinity Stewart
    Trinity Stewart 2 months ago

    I love this look because it looks really matte and I love that ! Instead of looking Cakey or glossy it is matte!

  • Hey I’m so sorry
    Hey I’m so sorry 2 months ago

    Jackie you are so pretty

  • rissuhhh .faithhh
    rissuhhh .faithhh 2 months ago

    I have literally been binge watching ya for 3 hours. I am such a fan now. My eyes are literally BURNING since it’s 1am here lol. Love you Jackie!!

  • Lauren
    Lauren 2 months ago

    What foundation brush is that?

  • Life With Lulu
    Life With Lulu 2 months ago

    I just subscribed, I love your personality ❤️

  • Holiday Pup
    Holiday Pup 2 months ago +3

    *_Peaches and cream,_*
    *_Sweeter than sweet,_*
    *_Chocolate cheeks,_*
    *_Chocolate wings._*
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Chloé Barteaux
    Chloé Barteaux 2 months ago

    Got the sweat peach palette for Christmas, I’m dying 😍❤️

    MOLLY GOBBEL!! 2 months ago

    I have the primer and the setting powder a
    nd getting some other ones soon. They are great! And I do have dry skin.

  • しゆき
    しゆき 2 months ago

    This looks like peripera’s refrigerator.... wtf...

  • It's Shaza
    It's Shaza 2 months ago +1

    *Auntie Jackie Binge Watch Night Y'all*

  • Christine Nann
    Christine Nann 2 months ago

    jack aina is the most beautiful woman ive ever seen and her personality just makes her even better love you girl

  • Rose_ Lea
    Rose_ Lea 3 months ago

    Jackie: “Like your DMs dry.”
    Me: “Where you trying to personally attack me?” 😢

  • makeyla charrise
    makeyla charrise 3 months ago

    you looked a bit like liza when you showed your falsies

  • Angel Vloggs
    Angel Vloggs 3 months ago +1


  • Jayleen Perez
    Jayleen Perez 3 months ago +1

    I know I’m late to the party lol but I actually have a good amount of acne scarring (skinceuticals has helped a lot) and I love this foundation. It’s so lightweight I feel like I have nothing on. But I do have issues with finding a good match. I’m Puerto Rican and my cheeks are pink but the rest of my face is neutral. 😩🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Ashley Neary  (STUDENT)
    Ashley Neary (STUDENT) 3 months ago

    OMG you're just so pretty

  • bébé, sauve moi
    bébé, sauve moi 3 months ago

    All I'm saying is that collection looks like it was made for white people and Jackie hyped it up too much... just saying...

  • Extra Val
    Extra Val 3 months ago

    1:16 Just listen. 😂

  • lalalarebecca23
    lalalarebecca23 4 months ago

    I’m pale as fuck, foundations are either too pink or too yellow. I have to mix as well, SOOOOOO annoying to keep mixing and spending twice as much for foundation.

  • Sonja Maria Dover
    Sonja Maria Dover 4 months ago

    Okay...imma go ahead and hit that button.

  • Khalilah Lawrence
    Khalilah Lawrence 4 months ago +1

    I LOVE LOVE the Peach Perfect setting powder however that peach scent messes with my sinuses!!! I hate to take it back! Smh 😥

  • Beril Özgün
    Beril Özgün 4 months ago

    4:30 Jackie is immortal, CONFIRMED.

  • Ana Luiza Damo
    Ana Luiza Damo 4 months ago

    i love the foundations

  • Amanda Leib
    Amanda Leib 4 months ago

    Jackie your honestly a queen I love you girl💙💜

  • emma aquino
    emma aquino 4 months ago

    pEaChEs aNd CrEaM
    sWeEtEr tHaN sWeEt

  • Princess A
    Princess A 4 months ago +10

    Who else is watching the video while looking at the comments??

  • Hana Omer
    Hana Omer 4 months ago

    How cute would it have been if they added a peaches and cream soda to go with the fridge. Like an actual soda, kinda like A&W cream soda

  • Maritza Rivera
    Maritza Rivera 4 months ago

    Hi, I love your videos, quick question would you recommend Too Face for oily skin women?

  • saffron fields
    saffron fields 4 months ago

    “casket ready” oh my word! Jackie, I LOVE your videos.

  • Rere Jenkins
    Rere Jenkins 4 months ago

    I don’t like this foundation it makes you look casket ready I love the Born this way on you ❤️ you was really popping 😘😘

  • Kate Cardell
    Kate Cardell 4 months ago +2

    My goodness I’ve been on a Jackie Aina binger .. can’t stop binge watching her videos for the past two days .. I love her she’s hilarious

  • Mckenna Wagner
    Mckenna Wagner 5 months ago


  • gabby besson
    gabby besson 5 months ago

    you are a *queen*

  • Emilie Olszewski
    Emilie Olszewski 5 months ago

    For some reason I was so happy your shirt matched with the fridge😂

  • Flo Donaldson
    Flo Donaldson 5 months ago

    That looks so good!

  • Kennziie.!!
    Kennziie.!! 5 months ago

    What brush is that?

  • Tyra Ellen
    Tyra Ellen 5 months ago

    *THATS the darkest shade?! That’s appalling to me*

  • Dianna Hudson
    Dianna Hudson 5 months ago

    Does anyone know how much the fridge like make up kit cost?

    • Donna Evelyn
      Donna Evelyn 4 months ago

      Dianna Hudson. The fridge package isn’t available for sale. that is a PR package that’s sent out by the company for influencers to review.

  • Myles Fe
    Myles Fe 5 months ago

    You’re not gonna be looking casket ready this century? Aren’t you like 20 something?! You’re gonna live to like 130?

  • Natalie Perez
    Natalie Perez 5 months ago

    This is really weird but the setting powder and the eyeshadows taste like peach too!!!!🤠

  • Bella Jarufe
    Bella Jarufe 5 months ago

    Yo dm’s dry😭😭😭😭

  • Alex Guthrie
    Alex Guthrie 5 months ago

    I actual wish I was a beauty guru you tuber just so I can get PR

  • Brittany Vinson
    Brittany Vinson 5 months ago

    I love me some Jackie!!!

  • A N N E - M A R I E
    A N N E - M A R I E 5 months ago

    *nick nack patty wack*
    me:(remembers wild n out) cannon got no balls, when you lost mariah you know you lost it all............

  • Seigi_37
    Seigi_37 5 months ago

    Wow I can't go any damn where without ridiculous BTS fans popping up. Not everything is about them.

  • Devan Trimble
    Devan Trimble 5 months ago

    Love how the subliminal message in the background is Fenty...JK love you jackie😂😂😂😊

  • suga's kookie
    suga's kookie 5 months ago

    Peaches and cream.


  • RelaxationHouse :-]
    RelaxationHouse :-] 5 months ago

    12:46 Asmr? HELLS YES GIRL GET IT

  • Slime Testers
    Slime Testers 5 months ago

    Lick the setting powder it tastes like peaches❤❤

  • Debbie Rice
    Debbie Rice 6 months ago

    I love your videos but please stop using God's name in vain"

  • Sydney Deyo
    Sydney Deyo 6 months ago

    her shirt matches the package lol

  • Aitawna Bennett
    Aitawna Bennett 6 months ago

    Thanks for making my day 100x better and throughout your makeup videos you make women feel beautiful and confident. Props to you Jackie!!! ❤️

  • hobilovesnicole
    hobilovesnicole 6 months ago

    8:00 AHA OW

  • Hon Perry Hill
    Hon Perry Hill 6 months ago

    My dms are very wet thank you very much

  • God's heart
    God's heart 6 months ago

    Can you compare this palette to a huda palette, please?

  • God's heart
    God's heart 6 months ago

    Can you compare this palette to hit a palettes please

  • God's heart
    God's heart 6 months ago

    Thank you girl for the review ..I love too faced and I'm so happy for this palette, all matte,yah!!!°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°😉😉😉😉😉😉😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙

  • Deshon Deshon
    Deshon Deshon 6 months ago

    Your makeup tutorials very helpful thank you Jackie Aina

  • Crystal Witch
    Crystal Witch 6 months ago +1

    Figs are fruit that grow on a tree. Smh. They have a lot of vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants that benefit your overall health and help and heal and balances your skin like so many natural herbs, fruits and other wonderful things found in nature growing from our amazing earth. It isn’t “random” and or unusual and it is better than chemicals. And skincare and make up companies are now just realizing how beneficial natural ingredients are and how detrimental chemical ingredients are to our skin and our health.

  • THETeaWASspilled
    THETeaWASspilled 6 months ago

    Omg hahaha 0:00

  • Toniann Cerasoli
    Toniann Cerasoli 6 months ago

    I’ve watched so many videos in a row that I now sing with you 😂