Solo Vermonster Challenge (Record Time)

  • Published on Apr 5, 2013
  • Worth a Thumbs up??? I got one from the Employee =]
    *note* - is isn't actually a "Challenge" offered by Ben & Jerry's, its just a giant sized sundae they offer on the menu. I had to pay the whole $41.50 ='[
    The weather is warming up, and that means one thing, Ice Cream!! Yummy decious Ice Cream served in inhuman porportions =].
    The Vermonster is...
    - 20 Scoops of Ice Cream
    - Brownies
    - 3 Cookies
    - Whipped Cream
    - 4 Ladles of Hot Fudge
    - Caramel and Chocolate Sauce
    - 10 Scoops of Walnuts
    - 2 Scoops of your choice of 4 toppings.
    - 4 Bananas
    Will all this sugar and candy be enough to take me down? Apparently the Employee there though so. Watch and see =]
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  • Ronald Ghion Ong
    Ronald Ghion Ong 2 days ago

    When are you gonna make another video its been like a month now in 2019

  • aj pass
    aj pass 2 days ago

    I remember when this came out

  • Mae ellis
    Mae ellis 3 days ago

    Legend says that he's still waiting for his million dollars.

  • Kodi Airwaves
    Kodi Airwaves 11 days ago

    He is like Picasso but with a spoon

  • RJ Bengal
    RJ Bengal 11 days ago

    They don't know Matt Stonie !!!They don't know Matt Stonie !!! I'm fan girling so hard right now !!!

  • twisted1800
    twisted1800 16 days ago

    I bet you pooped a tree trunk after eating that bruh!!! lmao

  • enlowkimberly35
    enlowkimberly35 19 days ago

    love how u shock the workers lol

  • Mr. Mango
    Mr. Mango 22 days ago

    I get brain freeze after eating fast 4 spoon's of normal size ice cream

  • Leonard Stanley
    Leonard Stanley 24 days ago

    That employee was a pompous jerk.. o would like to have seen you order a other bucket of ice cream and dump it over his ugly head

  • Bryan Vieira
    Bryan Vieira 26 days ago

    The BEST

  • radsdad1
    radsdad1 Month ago

    Soy Boy should pay up.

  • victoria d
    victoria d Month ago

    I want one! Good work!!

  • Smita singh singh
    Smita singh singh Month ago


  • Efren Lopez
    Efren Lopez Month ago

    what the it takes me like 2 mins to eat just a spoonful

  • Justin Pleasant
    Justin Pleasant Month ago

    That guy was probly so mad

  • generalqwer
    generalqwer Month ago

    You should do this challenge again with the guys reaction

  • PaOK
    PaOK Month ago

    That guy is probably hidden far away from Matt 😂😂😂... #Respect

  • Leah Gurshumov
    Leah Gurshumov Month ago

    at 2:13 he looked like a girl. he has some girl features lmaooo😂😂😂😂

    JOHN MARSTON Month ago

    When the end of the world is coming *and you know it*

  • キムマスター
    キムマスター Month ago

    Where da million dollar at tho

  • Mr. 2006
    Mr. 2006 Month ago

    Why doesn't the employee wear disposable gloves? That's pretty unsanitary and disgusting.

  • thevolt6
    thevolt6 2 months ago

    *me after a breakup*

  • Melinda kitty
    Melinda kitty 2 months ago

    Your hair is toooo long

  • jrlomy2k
    jrlomy2k 2 months ago

    Clearly he does not know how famous Matt is. He does now

  • Cristobal Guzmán Vilca
    Cristobal Guzmán Vilca 2 months ago +1

    How much is it???

  • Alana Williams
    Alana Williams 2 months ago +2

    Please do a ego waffle challenge

  • The Irish Cheesehead
    The Irish Cheesehead 2 months ago +1

    Videographer laugh is annoying lol.. its forced and fake as hell..
    You're the man though Stonie!!! The Best Ever

  • Whos Datguy
    Whos Datguy 2 months ago +1

    Diabetes? Yes please!

  • Lil' Li
    Lil' Li 2 months ago

    Did you guys see that matt has different eye colors? He has brown and a greenish color... I am so amazed cause I just noticed it😅

    See it for yourself 2:18

    • GamerStudio
      GamerStudio 2 months ago

      Lil' Li it’s just the lighting

  • Shirley Fryer
    Shirley Fryer 3 months ago

    When a man pulls out his own spoon you better look out

  • Jess Anastase
    Jess Anastase 3 months ago

    Caramel & chocolate sauce******
    Since nobody knows how to spell here

  • Keira Ng
    Keira Ng 3 months ago

    Where’s his billion dollars?

  • Mehdi Rizvi
    Mehdi Rizvi 3 months ago

    I wanna see the shopkeeper reaction 😂😂

  • Ronaldo Ferguson
    Ronaldo Ferguson 3 months ago

    Please don't eat pussy

  • Javier Gomez
    Javier Gomez 3 months ago

    sprinkles fucked up the whole thing

  • The HoennHunter
    The HoennHunter 3 months ago

    **enters diabetic coma**

  • Theazy Hunnit
    Theazy Hunnit 3 months ago

    If you ever have an encounter like that make sure you get the persons reaction after, make for a better video.

  • Zach Mendoza
    Zach Mendoza 3 months ago

    DUUUUUUUUUDE goodluckbro

  • Seo Cho
    Seo Cho 3 months ago

    Big silver!

  • laurenalrees
    laurenalrees 3 months ago

    I miss videos like this. Where he makes a mockery out of arrogant people like that dude by being friendly but also a beast!

  • Henry Kile
    Henry Kile 3 months ago

    Uncle stonie is great

  • Robbie Salit
    Robbie Salit 3 months ago


  • eduardo Dp
    eduardo Dp 4 months ago

    Corbucci ! Brasil

  • 7E26 TSE Tsz Hei TSE
    7E26 TSE Tsz Hei TSE 4 months ago

    Worker: you got no chance bro
    * Matt slowly eats *
    Worker: at least he tried
    * Matt takes out his own spoon, a fellow worker shows him his channel *
    Worker: NANI
    * the worker looks at the bowl... but it’s not there anymore. *
    * look at the bin, see a bowl *
    Worker: oh, welp.

  • mrpounds1980
    mrpounds1980 4 months ago

    Matt, I think you need to revisit this challenge. I found someone who supposedly completed the challenge in 2:30.

  • Lord H4773Rthe2nd
    Lord H4773Rthe2nd 4 months ago

    Bet that Ben & Jerry’s worker was so salty after you proved him wrong! Matt didn’t rub it in his face because he’s very humble, something Mr. Career Ice Cream Scooper could take notes on!

  • Oreo Milkshake
    Oreo Milkshake 4 months ago

    Ohhh I see, they tryna give people disbeetus😂😭

  • Amrita Beeharry
    Amrita Beeharry 4 months ago

    I challenge you to eat 500000 calories in one day for one week and show us if you gain weight

  • jen rivera
    jen rivera 4 months ago


  • xLɪsᴀKɪʀɪ2
    xLɪsᴀKɪʀɪ2 4 months ago

    Where's his money

  • Luis Fontiveros 777
    Luis Fontiveros 777 4 months ago

    God bless you bro!!

  • Damario Thomas
    Damario Thomas 4 months ago +1

    He sounds disabled

  • Damario Thomas
    Damario Thomas 4 months ago +1

    May stonie’s friend is a fucking Asian prick

  • LA for life
    LA for life 4 months ago

    Ok the camera man is so dumb "YoU DoNt NeEd TeEtH" THaTs NOt A BRowniE

  • Simon Tormod
    Simon Tormod 4 months ago

    Did anyone else hear “are you guys gay?” In the beginning of the video, or am I just hearing wrong because I could have sworn I heard that

  • WaaDoku 【和ァ独】

    I'm gonna call my normal table spoons "the big silvers" from now on. Thanks, Morgan.

  • ko sumiyoshi
    ko sumiyoshi 5 months ago


  • Minnie Mina
    Minnie Mina 5 months ago

    Hah! To the people in the beginning of the video. HAH!!

  • NiceSauce 96
    NiceSauce 96 5 months ago

    That’s not a brownie

  • Christine Winston
    Christine Winston 5 months ago

    Hi Morgan! How are you doing bro? :)

  • Christine Winston
    Christine Winston 5 months ago

    The Vermonster ice cream, etc. looks very yummy to eat! Enjoy Matt! :)

  • Jason Yang
    Jason Yang 5 months ago

    Did u get the million dollars

  • Jason Yang
    Jason Yang 5 months ago

    Next time for ice cream challenges, put a tray or bucket of ice on the bottom so it doesnt melt.
    Melted ice cream is nasty

  • Gengar tophat
    Gengar tophat 5 months ago

    Who here got SUPER hungry while watching this

  • xXMooder
    xXMooder 5 months ago

    Corbucci nem best record

  • elmo thedank
    elmo thedank 5 months ago

    Diabetes in a bucket

  • Master Saverz
    Master Saverz 5 months ago

    Wassup matt can you make a crazy food challenge you can ever think of. Luv ya man

  • Clarysela E
    Clarysela E 5 months ago

    Matt should have made that bet. And hustle them haha he knows hes going to win

  • Jargalan Byambaa
    Jargalan Byambaa 5 months ago

    Big ice cream eating please

  • Brason Denton
    Brason Denton 5 months ago

    Matt Stonie needs to be the next host of Man vs. Food! He'd win every challenge lol.

  • Yoke Chin Chong
    Yoke Chin Chong 5 months ago


  • Ashley Humphrey
    Ashley Humphrey 5 months ago

    How does he not get a brain freeze?

  • Savannah Carlos
    Savannah Carlos 5 months ago +1


  • Haihsi Francis
    Haihsi Francis 5 months ago +1

    S0 if he didnt finish it would he have to pay or ........

  • BtsxTxt subtitles
    BtsxTxt subtitles 5 months ago

    Me I would only top it with big ass oeros nothing else,😎😎😎🤤🤤🤤

  • Harman Jaswal
    Harman Jaswal 5 months ago +1

    Legend says that he is still waiting for his money

  • Gorillabiscuit19
    Gorillabiscuit19 6 months ago

    and thats how he can afford everything :) from that guys bet

  • Leïla G
    Leïla G 6 months ago

    I love you.

  • Kurhea
    Kurhea 6 months ago

    Dayyyyyyum good luck bro!

  • Imaqinous
    Imaqinous 6 months ago

    Still today the worker is still paying Matt stonie

  • Frostfield Batters
    Frostfield Batters 6 months ago

    Papa's freezeria

  • Emond Jeremie
    Emond Jeremie 6 months ago

    1 million from a guy who works in an ice cream shop
    hope they're hiring

  • Ethan Kaminski
    Ethan Kaminski 6 months ago

    I bet you a million dollars!!!
    He obviously doesn’t know the legendary Matt stony

  • Lau
    Lau 6 months ago

    At least he got his fruit for the day, right

  • Daniela Breidents
    Daniela Breidents 6 months ago

    Denle un cucharón a ese hombre!!!.

  • Jyotiraditya Satpathy
    Jyotiraditya Satpathy 6 months ago

    *Hot fuuuuuudge*

  • Aliyah Dent
    Aliyah Dent 6 months ago

    Did anyone else notice when he was naming toppings it said "10 scoppes of and toffee walnuts" 😂😂

  • Crab Gal
    Crab Gal 6 months ago

    That one bucket is dessert for a month wtf

  • Emily Holman
    Emily Holman 6 months ago

    That Loooookkkksss amazing🖤🖤🖤

    JJY REACTS 6 months ago

    I will bet you a million dollars

    But I don’t have 1 million dollars..

  • KINGHAYDEN 9000k
    KINGHAYDEN 9000k 6 months ago

    I guess he's not giving you your money

  • KashiwaDaisuke
    KashiwaDaisuke 6 months ago

    I wonder why this took 7 minutes, yet the 12 pint B&J's challenge took almost 36 minutes

  • Shania Jordan
    Shania Jordan 6 months ago +1

    Matt stonie is incredible

  • Takesha Leonard
    Takesha Leonard 6 months ago

    Do sushi challenges

    GAY GAY 6 months ago

    who is slapping their dick on their hand at 5:54?

    XxX_FATLOSER21_XxX 7 months ago +11

    "You got no chance, bro"
    I wonder if anyone said the same thing when Matt was about to eat 70 hotdogs.

    • Lucas James
      Lucas James 12 days ago

      Or 20plates of pasta, or 200 ribs

  • Andre C
    Andre C 7 months ago

    I thought the challenge is called the diabetes challenge..

  • Holy Knights Bible Reviews

    Should of had that guys reaction who was saying NO way!!! That would of been the best part of the challenge

  • Rodney White
    Rodney White 7 months ago +1

    You need to go back there and get in his face and be like "Pay up, bitch. You bet me a fucking million dollars that I couldn't beat the Vermonster and I did it." Then get all Stewie Griffin on his ass and be like "YOU GOT MY MONEY?!?!?!?!" "WHERE'S MY MONEY!"

  • BldgWha7
    BldgWha7 7 months ago +1

    Ben Jerrys is trash, full of thickeners and gums blahhh!!!