Morgan Freeman on Black History Month


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  • Captain Bonesoup
    Captain Bonesoup 11 hours ago

    That's really all there is to it, color is color and nothing more. When we group whites and blacks it spawns racism. If you won't notice race then how can you be racist. It'd better to just forget the labels white and black and that we're people, and then what makes things worse is that people who would "stand for the blacks" would also want to attack the whites and everyone is still being labeled off of what is just an adaptive trait

  • Cnw#8701
    Cnw#8701 16 hours ago

    Stop talking about racism, and quit throwing the race card to get out of trouble! People who ARE actual victims of racism almost always get ignored just as often as actual rape/sexual harassment victims. It's a sad world we live in now.

  • Panoramic Knight
    Panoramic Knight Day ago +1

    There are no Black people, no White people, there are no barriers, there is only humanity, humanity is the only race of people in the world.

  • Druidball
    Druidball 2 days ago

    Morgan Freeman was once asked if he thought about death, his answer is no. This man is an absolute unit

  • Bryan Cooper
    Bryan Cooper 2 days ago

    This man has wisdom that has been Lost in our new generation, and soon it will be gone forever. This man makes sense yet so many people are so blind to see what's right and what's wrong. Just talk to Morgan Freeman for 5 mins so he can school your ass. If you listen then maybe you'll learn something

  • Tom Foolery
    Tom Foolery 2 days ago

    Mr. Freeman should be the official spokesman for bhm.

  • Michael S
    Michael S 3 days ago

    Love my man Morgan but he's the oldest naive person I've seen. Get rid of racism by "not talking about it"..
    That's what my grandmother thought about cancer. We'll never be "rid" of it. Geezus get me a drink.

  • john walterman
    john walterman 3 days ago


  • Kuper Spyronic
    Kuper Spyronic 3 days ago

    I agree with Morgan Freeman.

  • Louis Johnson
    Louis Johnson 3 days ago

    But call him white and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back.

  • xxXxX_Trigger_Finger_XxX xx

    Honestly this is the funniest and most real fucking reaction

  • peoples champ
    peoples champ 4 days ago

    Stop talking about? 🙄....if there's is a serial killer in your town and you want them to stop, do you just stop looking for them? 🤔....Racism is not something that will just go away. Talking about it is the only way to manage and combat it.

    • Ktowers
      Ktowers 4 days ago

      Jeff Laguerre hate cant stop hate he meant if we stop seeing each by the race we are and just by our character

  • LuchaOr
    LuchaOr 4 days ago


  • Exceptional Pleb
    Exceptional Pleb 5 days ago

    "Black History is American history"
    I'm tired of all the division. Black people should be proud

  • The Black Guy From Allstate

    My nigga

  • Mark Catanzaro
    Mark Catanzaro 5 days ago

    Most intelligent point of view I've ever heard on any subject!

  • Art Handy
    Art Handy 6 days ago

    White history month is July

  • Tacodog 76
    Tacodog 76 6 days ago

    Get rid of black history month! God damn out if context this sound bad.

  • Souls Baby
    Souls Baby 7 days ago

    Now white people say we call him uncle tom.

  • The Arcadian
    The Arcadian 7 days ago

    Yeah Freeman, which month is white history month, if the blacks get one, why don't the Whites?
    Oh, he's Jewish Morgan.....He thinks he's not white lol

    DC MEDIA NEWSWIRE 7 days ago

    I don't like Black History Month. If people really care about honoring black leaders, they should honored them every days. I understand that us black people have been mistreated and a month honoring black leaders are needed, but this is stupid. Honoring black leaders should be a every days thing, not an one month thing.

  • Casual 716
    Casual 716 8 days ago

    If only this sentiment was shared on a wider scale. Stop with the labels other than simply Americans.

  • grndragon7777777
    grndragon7777777 8 days ago

    Every black history month I come here

  • Killa Watt
    Killa Watt 8 days ago

    How are we going to get rid of racism? "stop talking about it" POWERFUL

  • TheKnokou
    TheKnokou 9 days ago

    Turn the Jews' own creation against them and they will have no golem to save them.

  • Mason G
    Mason G 9 days ago

    Talib Kweli narrated a movie about this some time ago where he echoed Morgan Freeman's thoughts here.....and I agreed with him on that issue because it made sense. But, then I got in a Twitter spat with him because he called Ben Shapiro a racist without any evidence besides the fact that Ben's a white conservative. So I called him out on it and he fired back lol.....ohh Twitter

  • Rory Carter
    Rory Carter 9 days ago

    Why is morgan freeman so.........??????

  • TheBatugan77
    TheBatugan77 10 days ago

    I've always felt the exact same way. Shitcan the history months.
    Just teach actual History in schools.

  • Christopher Lucas
    Christopher Lucas 10 days ago

    Morgan Freeman didn’t play God. Morgan Freeman IS God. Brilliant actor and brilliant human being.

  • Dennard Johnson
    Dennard Johnson 11 days ago

    Wishful thinking my brother

  • murky thronehawk
    murky thronehawk 11 days ago

    Said there should not be a black history month and it should be taught with the rest of u.s history. all i see from white folks is them saying see no more black history month like they shouldnt fix what their ancestors made in the first place interesting. Day 500 with the humans still don't think we should make contact observe and report still in effect.

    • TheBatugan77
      TheBatugan77 10 days ago

      My ancestors came from Canada and England. The only thing they owned that was 'black' were cars and phones. Your comment is a racist as it gets.

    • TheBatugan77
      TheBatugan77 10 days ago

      White folks? Like Morgan Freeman? Dunce.

  • Krogg Rache
    Krogg Rache 11 days ago

    Black invention month could be relegated to one brief sentence.

  • saintcharlezful
    saintcharlezful 13 days ago

    *Too bad they dont have RAPIST HISTORY month huh Morgan?*

  • Phon Xieng
    Phon Xieng 13 days ago

    oh oh whit liberal self hated guilt wont like this they want everyone to feel guilty and give ppl of color a month. this is why i hate white liberals they get more emotional then black people over slavery

  • Grano Jay
    Grano Jay 14 days ago

    Being jewish is probably the greatest privilege someone can get

  • Clintonomo Bay
    Clintonomo Bay 16 days ago

    I dont know why this video popped into my head today, but i think it's because i cant get over the fact that the interviewer tried to deflect the question with "i'm jewish".

  • Calvin the Cow-Cat
    Calvin the Cow-Cat 16 days ago

    Wow. You mean that treating people by the content of their character is better than the color of their skin? Who woulda though.

  • MrVvulf
    MrVvulf 16 days ago

    To paraphrase the revolutionary war hero Nathan Hale - "I regret that I have but one thumbs up to give Morgan Freeman".

  • mrmofo36
    mrmofo36 16 days ago


  • Dumb Turtle
    Dumb Turtle 17 days ago

    Racism affects people's lives. You can't just ignore it and hope it goes away.

  • MagicalPuddinPops
    MagicalPuddinPops 17 days ago

    Logic is hard

  • Martellion Daniels
    Martellion Daniels 19 days ago +1

    The point of black history month is to give light to black accomplishments over the years. This Jim Crow uncle Ruckus mentality had us convinced that all black people was poor and uneducated working under the Qhite man. What I appreciate about BH month is it tells kids that great people of the past are as brown as they are. Really dosappointed in Mr. Freeman,such a naive and idiotic answer.

    • TheBatugan77
      TheBatugan77 10 days ago +2

      His answer was brilliant.
      Unlike yours.

  • Sultan Arya
    Sultan Arya 20 days ago

    He isnt blackman
    He is freeman

  • Deshra Dine
    Deshra Dine 20 days ago +1

    Race isn’t skin color anyway, it’s genetics and genetics says all of us, no matter the ethnicity or culture, all of us are one race- HUMAN. Skin color (and eye color) are controlled by pigment which according to science is NOT a determining factor for race. Boom scienced! Love you Mr. Freeman, you sir are amazing!

  • kingcam0775
    kingcam0775 20 days ago

    This is some ignorant shit.

    • TheBatugan77
      TheBatugan77 10 days ago

      Because you disagree?
      You're some ignorant shit

  • Ramon Ramirez
    Ramon Ramirez 20 days ago +1

    But it seems like it's black history month every month.. always rubbing it in our face

  • Devon Smith
    Devon Smith 21 day ago

    Get rid of racism by not talking about it? Nice try. You dont solve problems by not addressing them.
    Oh, and Jewish history month is May.
    This is what you get when you get two old people in a room that are ignorant.

    • Etne
      Etne 21 day ago +4

      not talking about it IS A SOLUTION, he adressed the problem, BY NOT TALKING ABOUT IT. I think you got some definitions messed up.

  • Jay Benton
    Jay Benton 21 day ago


  • Race Card
    Race Card 23 days ago

    He sounds like the white people who like to claim that they don't see color. If you stop talking, thinking, and acknowledging race, then racism will not magically go away.

  • Johnny Buddox
    Johnny Buddox 23 days ago

    5000th comment

  • Jenlwè
    Jenlwè 23 days ago

    much respect toward a freeman morgan InI say. Since them all would have major reparations toward the hue man. Them can’t teach the real history. InI say “ study and observe the stars them heavenly bodies. Or better yet KNOW YOUR SELF.

  • The Land of The Destitute

    Malcolm X had the most viable solution for blacks.

  • Ghosts
    Ghosts 28 days ago

    Classic Jew behaviour....uh well uhm uhhh I’m Jewish....

  • Luke Coenen
    Luke Coenen Month ago

    Damn this was beautiful

  • Shekel Detective
    Shekel Detective Month ago +3

    Black man makes schlomo drops his shekels, April 2009 (Colorized)

  • vubhuhjkbhubohjb
    vubhuhjkbhubohjb Month ago

    Given how enlightened he was in this interview you have to wonder why did Morgan Freeman sell out his principles?

    • Henry Stanley
      Henry Stanley 25 days ago

      Who hasn't?

    • vubhuhjkbhubohjb
      vubhuhjkbhubohjb 25 days ago

      +Henry Stanley he recently jumped on the victimhood bandwagon that dominates Hollywood which was sad because the only way to end racism is truly to stop talking about it! Instead the US went the other way and now it's worse it's regressive which is ironic because the sheeple think they are actually being progressive by carrying a chip on their shoulder. But Black lies matter especially when repeated by white dudes like Shaun King.

    • Henry Stanley
      Henry Stanley 25 days ago

      Sell out? What?

  • Grazz
    Grazz Month ago

    I'm not white... I'm jewish *casts shield of invulnerability*

  • Word
    Word Month ago


  • WhatGoinOn People
    WhatGoinOn People Month ago

    The irony behind Black History Month, yet no other race celebrates their history in any given month. I believe that it was only given to manipulate the minds of people to only focus on black history in only one month. This does nothing but separate us from American history as if theirs two “Separate” histories. Black History is American history period.

    • Tha Block Thinka
      Tha Block Thinka 19 days ago

      American history does love downplaying and ignoring black people's contributions we need black history month is here to stay FOREVER

  • WhatGoinOn People
    WhatGoinOn People Month ago

    Well I’m Jewish🙄 well do you want a Jewish history month? Oh no!! As if being Jew is a race🙄.

  • Pachinko
    Pachinko Month ago

    superior wisdom

  • Eric Singley
    Eric Singley Month ago +1

    Comments section full of oblivious dolts. Have you honestly never seen 60 Minutes or a Mike Wallace interview? They've rehearsed and went over these questions in advance, people. Wallace knows what he's going to say. He's a brilliant interviewer, and these guys are friends. Wallace is purposely playing along with the line of questioning in a predicable way (how the average person would respond) because he agrees with Morgan Freeman and wants to help him make his point.

  • Peter Kennett
    Peter Kennett 2 months ago

    Respect, Mr. Freeman. You absolutely nailed it in 4 words. Stop-talking-about-it.

  • Scriptorius Stefanos Sidiropoulos


  • Hubert Phillips
    Hubert Phillips 2 months ago

    I heard him say that he is jew-ish but know this that ish is a suffix that was added to the word Jew. There is no such thing as Jewish in the Bible and many of your so call preachers will not speak on this. When we talk about ish It means to be similar or identical but it doesn't mean you are a Jew. You are jew-ish which means you wish you were a Jew. The so called afro Americans are the Jews the Bible speak of Jeremiah 14: verse 2 says Judah mourneth and the gates thereof languish they are black unto the ground and the cry of Jerusalem is gone up. For those who say they are jew-ish are imposters. Yeshua said in Revelation 2: verse 9 I know thy works and tribulation and poverty but thou are rich and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews and are not but are the synagogue of Satan. My case is closed December 19, 2018

  • Wilt C.
    Wilt C. 2 months ago

    🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿. The shortest and coldest MONTH at that.

  • Jon
    Jon 2 months ago

    Please spread this video like a wild fire.

  • Jack Mc
    Jack Mc 2 months ago +1

    Pure wisdom from Morgan Freeman. People generally fail to understand that whatever we focus on will manifest into reality. The media know this and manipulate the fuck out of the masses by having them focus on nothing but negativity, to consolidate the power of the ruling class and eliminate potential competition. Divide and rule, oldest trick in the book.

  • FlixCreEightR
    FlixCreEightR 2 months ago +1

    Black History month is racist. Plain and simple.

  • Talking Bull
    Talking Bull 2 months ago


  • Dr. Peter Museberg, LLM

    Wallace was always a biplor dullard and the first of the leftist idiots. Freeman is right on the money.

  • Dr. Peter Museberg, LLM
    Dr. Peter Museberg, LLM 2 months ago +1

    Freeman is perfect here. I wish he would have said this to every leader in the free world. That POS trudeau mannequin in Ottawa needs to hear this a million times.

  • Superhatman64
    Superhatman64 2 months ago +1

    Morgan freeman a hero that we have, but not one that we deserve

  • Alpha6499 Killer
    Alpha6499 Killer 3 months ago +3

    To those people who seem a tad confused with Freeman’s “Stop talking about it”. He’s not saying acts of racism should be ignored, or that racism isn’t a issue. He’s trying to say that WE need to stop seeing people of different color as any bit superior or inferior. Stop living in this mindset where it’s ‘US v. THEM’ and that skin color defines who you are or how society should treat you. It always goes both ways and living with this mindset that blacks are the victims and the whites are the privileged (or EVEN the other way around) would only create more racism and divide within a community. Stop thinking that you’re a victim and that the other person with different skin is privileged. Just because your ancestors were bonded in chains or not doesn’t define who YOU are, and no one owes you anything for what has happened in the past. The best thing we can do is move on and continue to respect and treat others fairly even if a few don’t treat you the same.

    JPIERCE 3 months ago

    never seen or heard anything more true than these words by morgan freeman what a god

  • Ben Moss
    Ben Moss 3 months ago

    I wonder if morgan freeman is 100% black african? I think not. Thats black history right there.

  • Zillion X
    Zillion X 3 months ago +1

    I always imagine a baby in a nursery. There are black babies, white babies, they don’t care about any of these crap. When they grow up suddenly the white baby has to pay for what he did to the black baby. Can you start to feel me on how insane all of this is?
    Different races suffered throughout history, that’s why history is important to learn and don’t repeat the same mistakes, that’s it!
    You start to penalise the white baby for crimes he didn’t commit in this generation than you are instigating for a Race War.
    All equal, no advantages to any “race”, bring people together, start talking as human race, cut the bs victimisation crap and that’s when you start to walk towards the future.
    All of this black month, women day etc is just playing one against each other.
    The Art of War - Sun Tzu
    Divide and Conquer, that’s what these diabolical creatures are doing. They pretend to be nice while giving some advantages and others none, they want War. Simple as that, all you got to do is wake the fok up and stop this nonsense.
    Don’t talk about it best advice ever! Everything will heal in time.

  • Neil Roy
    Neil Roy 3 months ago

    People should be judged by the quality of their character, not the colour of their skin.

  • James The Zelda Geek
    James The Zelda Geek 3 months ago +2

    The color of one’s skin never once crossed my mind until I learned what racism was. I never once made an observation about how someone’s skin is darker than another’s. Everybody was different to me. Then once I was told what racism was, and it was shoved down my face, only then did I call myself a black person. Seriously, the only reason racism still exists is because we keep discussing it.

    • James The Zelda Geek
      James The Zelda Geek 19 days ago

      Tha Block Thinka I am American.

    • Tha Block Thinka
      Tha Block Thinka 19 days ago

      If your not American you would not understand America is a race based society it's been that way since the 13 colonies

  • Chan Gibson
    Chan Gibson 3 months ago

    Well as long as the liberals are around, it's going to be talked about.

  • pat carroll
    pat carroll 3 months ago

    Whenever he talks I always feel like I’m watching a movie hahaha

  • Me Good boy
    Me Good boy 3 months ago

    He’s fuckin right stop talking about it
    What a man

  • Rick Santos
    Rick Santos 3 months ago +1

    Well duha..ha I am Jewish... Jewish is NOT a race... for the love of God!!!

  • Johnny Chunders
    Johnny Chunders 3 months ago

    Any more compression and this would be radio.

  • Neo Luddite
    Neo Luddite 3 months ago

    When my crush asks me how I’m doing 0:16

  • Kevin Ford
    Kevin Ford 3 months ago +1

    Thank you for this Mr. Freeman, it was so refreshing

  • PSDz colossus
    PSDz colossus 3 months ago

    When the lightbulb went off in Mike's head

  • Just(A)Theory
    Just(A)Theory 3 months ago

    Just saying, their isn’t a separate history chapter for each race in America, it’s all intermingled. So why then do we have a separate month 🤔

  • T'was an old username and I'll change it soon.

    That's not the point. He's not saying he's a jew as an out or to escape the question. When he said that he was jewish, he meant that as "I'm not exactly white."
    You really think Jewish people are white?

  • Sho Nuff
    Sho Nuff 4 months ago

    Mike wallace is so confused. He thinks he is being a good liberal who cares so much about blacks. You can see his absolute confusion. He then so desperately tries to play the "I too am a victim" with the "I'm jewish" line.

    • pbradford021
      pbradford021 17 days ago

      Cmon now - its 60 minutes these are softball questions and answers - they did multiple takes, and they have an angle for everything. Its scripted - its television. Or as i call the glass toilet.

  • Iven Yuen
    Iven Yuen 4 months ago

    I'm all for black history month. You just gotta have white history, Asian history, Hispanic history to ensure everyone is equal. If not then it's just divisive and discriminatory...

  • 123456789 10
    123456789 10 4 months ago

    Very wise man.

  • Bray Jay
    Bray Jay 4 months ago

    0:24 That is a lie.

  • Hades Lord of the Underworld

    This little cuck a duck almost wanted Morgan freeman to accept black history month. Those libtards try so hard to push their agenda on other people they forget that most people
    Can think on their own:

  • Martin Allen
    Martin Allen 4 months ago

    "I'm Jewish" - What the hell has your faith got to do with that conversation?

    • adamzanzie
      adamzanzie 4 months ago

      @Martin Allen: Mike Wallace was simply pointing out that Jews, like blacks, are also a minority.

  • Tabitha Gilbert
    Tabitha Gilbert 5 months ago

    This man just oozes wisdom.

  • 6153calme
    6153calme 5 months ago

    Morgan Freeman is a very well spoken man. I definitely agree with his views about not wanting a Black history month because it's American history. On the Sunday evening CBS TV talk show 60 Minutes .Morgan Freeman did a very candid interview with Mike Wallace. Mike asked him about racism and he said stop talking about it. I do somewhat agree. Getting rid of the problem of racism by ignoring won't just simply go away. Especially in the United States of America and the rest of the world.

    . Mike added to another question to Morgan Freeman about race and ethnicity. He don't see me as a Black man and I won't see you as a White man. Mike Wallace told Morgan Freeman he is Jewish. Morgan knows how the race and ethnicity is looked at in this society. For many years seeing the famous journalist Mike Wallace you wouldn't know he is Jewish. I respect what Morgan Freeman said. About stop looking him as a Black man. Unfortunately we live in a society where people see you as you. Especially when you're Black. All they have to do is look at us.

    KLM NOP 5 months ago

    I just read an article saying that there's no ''white history month'' cause whites are celebrated everyday and of course didn't explain how that happens. it's typical of those people saying things without elaborating on it. cause they have no real argument. the simply lack of disadvantage is not an advantage. And what to say about the Irish? they are whites too! are they being celebrated everyday? they had a past of indentured servitude which was like slavery, but temporarily. Where's their month? They don't qualify because they don't have dark skin color?

  • Cade Washa
    Cade Washa 5 months ago

    God has spoken blm

  • George Kush
    George Kush 5 months ago

    I'm gonna stop calling you a (((white man))). And you're gonna stop calling me a gentile.