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  • superguy7060
    superguy7060 23 hours ago

    Jelly you are a god

  • Esmeralda Rodriguez

    Gta 5 is better than Call of Duty

  • Bhawana Kumar
    Bhawana Kumar 3 days ago

    Jelly,slogoman and kwebblekop could not do it🤣

  • #Depressed
    #Depressed 5 days ago


  • CJ PD
    CJ PD 5 days ago

    I'M just wondering if you could do a merch giveaway

  • Vari Howard
    Vari Howard 7 days ago

    Happy early v-day

  • Primal Rocket9
    Primal Rocket9 10 days ago

    Xbox d

  • nav buttar
    nav buttar 10 days ago

    Jelly can you pls not say the f word my mum doesn't let me sea vds that say f word and I love your vds

  • JOHN CENA Roblox and more

    I love you jelly your my fav out of all of you
    2019 anyone

  • Elias Larsson
    Elias Larsson 11 days ago +2

    I love jellys laugh

  • Jude Ferguson
    Jude Ferguson 12 days ago

    Press Y

  • Whitney Duer
    Whitney Duer 12 days ago +2

    JELLYI’m glad you’re actually playing this instead of Fortnite

  • RoyalLegend
    RoyalLegend 14 days ago


  • grant mitchel
    grant mitchel 16 days ago +2

    No it's not

  • Robert Ramstedt
    Robert Ramstedt 17 days ago

    Why fuck you

  • Tonya Kennedy
    Tonya Kennedy 18 days ago

    Jelly i love you and your videos and can i win a giveaway bekuze i never won .

  • KaeGamerPlayz
    KaeGamerPlayz 22 days ago

    7:17 that laugh though....

    (Voiceover) you are now in a mental hospital jelly

  • Kids4Life
    Kids4Life 23 days ago

    jellly ur soo silly and fun in a good way 🤩

  • angela dael
    angela dael 23 days ago +1

    I think so genial

  • Weston Wilson
    Weston Wilson 25 days ago

    I like your car

  • Suhail Alameri
    Suhail Alameri 26 days ago


  • April  Bernal
    April Bernal 26 days ago


  • Fortniteaddictions Portal

    My favorite color is green to

  • thomfer
    thomfer 27 days ago

    Je steam staat op nederlands lol

  • Bloodbaby Irby
    Bloodbaby Irby 28 days ago

    Fortnite is better than gta

  • isaac blobdude
    isaac blobdude 29 days ago

    why is azzylands boyfriend azzyland

  • yusuf seedat
    yusuf seedat Month ago

    what it takes jelly 1 hr and 20 mins to play it only takes us 11 mins and 38 secs to watch

  • creative distruction gamer

    Jordi and josh are not as funny as you

  • Ggej lake Bro.s
    Ggej lake Bro.s Month ago

    What is your favorite gta 5 video you have done in the time you have played gta 5

  • Thatcher Gang
    Thatcher Gang Month ago

    1 like = jelly wins all of the races he does with Jordi and josh and jelly becomes a god at fortnite

  • John Rai
    John Rai Month ago

    We have allready seen this map

  • Beau WADEY
    Beau WADEY Month ago +1

    Do you even english bro

  • Haithi5
    Haithi5 Month ago

    I prefer Fork Knife Because I'm A Mannered Lad

  • Kale Carden
    Kale Carden Month ago

    JELLY DNF KING not he's the best at races love the disstrack also Jordi will never know how it feels to drive in gta or is the gosh

    LIVE DEAD MeME Month ago

    8:25 100 years later

  • Mychael Williams
    Mychael Williams Month ago

    0:58 are u on all wheel drive

  • Ivan Kuzminskyi
    Ivan Kuzminskyi Month ago

    Bruh Did anyone else think about First Person when they we're at 3:09 throw 4:58

  • Neel
    Neel Month ago

    Jelly Ben Jij ijgenlijk van België of Nederland

  • Finley
    Finley Month ago


  • Zywren Akkhino
    Zywren Akkhino Month ago

    You know jelly you need to shave your hairy armpit 8:40 😂😂😂

  • Pro Gamers
    Pro Gamers Month ago

    love your video bro

  • Maxim Gamer boy
    Maxim Gamer boy Month ago

    gta is like the best game in the world but jelly is the best thing in the world

  • Maxim Gamer boy
    Maxim Gamer boy Month ago

    gta is like the best game in the world but jelly is the best thing in the world

  • nijae byrd
    nijae byrd Month ago

    I saw jordis archery ad with azzyland

  • Tyl3r Bugica
    Tyl3r Bugica Month ago

    Pause on 4:59

  • Chayse Blackburn
    Chayse Blackburn Month ago

    U guys should have a contest have a fan join n a race winner get prize cash or game whatever

  • GaMiNG BoY
    GaMiNG BoY Month ago

    love u vids jely

  • DaOne Golden Electric

    10:00 actually played for an hour but video 12 mins

  • Reecethegamer 08
    Reecethegamer 08 Month ago

    F in the chat

  • YouAlwaysWin089 I'm the GOAT

    Jordi had no parachute

  • Ana Robles
    Ana Robles Month ago


  • Monkey Mayhem
    Monkey Mayhem Month ago

    I play btw 5 i like it it's fun

  • Frea Azalea Prananto

    Jordy borrow azzys computer because theres no kwebelkop writing theres Azzyland

  • Aiyanna Mccauley
    Aiyanna Mccauley Month ago


  • Sharan Thind
    Sharan Thind Month ago

    GTA 5 is good game

  • Grace Rudd
    Grace Rudd Month ago

    How do u even have subscribers when you don't do a intro and you don't even say hi to ur fans haha

  • Omega_ Duke
    Omega_ Duke Month ago

    7:16 jelly went psycho

  • Jeidy Garcia
    Jeidy Garcia Month ago

    I love the the vids that jelly do

  • Tee Penn
    Tee Penn Month ago

    Jelly why do you cuss in your videos

  • Aland Akram
    Aland Akram Month ago


  • Sketch Girl
    Sketch Girl Month ago


  • Riley Caldwell video games and vogs

    I lost gta so I can’t play it so I’m watching you jelly

  • V6_Stone
    V6_Stone Month ago

    He could just pick them up from the other area

  • IDEK
    IDEK Month ago

    UPLOADING VIRUS.EXE ████████████████] 99%

  • Datboiwhoplayz Mystic

    To be a nice person I’m going through the comments liking them as I go Xd

  • Devon Stuart
    Devon Stuart Month ago

    Do you know how to pull your parachute on controller on a pc

  • Alpha Pack
    Alpha Pack Month ago

    Has anyone noticed that jordes gamer tag is azzyland I think he is playing on his girlfriends account

  • Linda Wash
    Linda Wash Month ago

    Hi 👋 is the video

  • the derpies for life

    You can do it Jordy you can do it!!! SPLAT!!! THANKS JELLY!!!

  • mdoski60 Mnm
    mdoski60 Mnm Month ago


  • mdoski60 Mnm
    mdoski60 Mnm Month ago +2

    amed adel

  • royal jones
    royal jones Month ago

    my brother name is intence

  • Davi da Silva
    Davi da Silva Month ago


  • E Rondon
    E Rondon Month ago


  • E Rondon
    E Rondon Month ago

    You're using too many words of from the Bible like you watch your language

  • Kobekeiriz Cute
    Kobekeiriz Cute Month ago

    1 win 1 i phone

  • I like trains guy
    I like trains guy Month ago

    Dude I made this map

  • PRO Playz
    PRO Playz Month ago

    gta is better than fortnite like if you're in 2019

  • Gaming Kartik
    Gaming Kartik Month ago

    First you complete the race☺️☺️☺️

  • Zeref Dragneel
    Zeref Dragneel Month ago

    What jelly u dont like me? 😭xd

  • goehm
    goehm Month ago


  • Shanti Gomes
    Shanti Gomes Month ago

    Worst video ever

  • Its me tyrone Gm
    Its me tyrone Gm Month ago

    Yes jelly is the better

  • Shubham Darge
    Shubham Darge 2 months ago

    Jordi falls is my best laugh in 2018 so far

  • Wafik Ayman
    Wafik Ayman 2 months ago

    Jelly is the best and robust is ultimate

  • Lapper Guy
    Lapper Guy 2 months ago

    10M subs for jelly keep up the Great work

  • Yvng BerZerk
    Yvng BerZerk 2 months ago

    Jelly like if you love Gta 5

  • B-owl Nuts
    B-owl Nuts 2 months ago

    Give me some mercy please

  • Jen Nonis
    Jen Nonis 2 months ago

    Jelly is the best if you agree

  • ItsDonutCraft
    ItsDonutCraft 2 months ago

    why is kwebbelkop on azzy's acount?

  • Alex Plays
    Alex Plays 2 months ago


  • Brianna Larson
    Brianna Larson 2 months ago


  • Baxter Plank
    Baxter Plank 2 months ago +1

    Jelly I feel sorry for you because you had to edit that🥴

  • Lewis Boyd
    Lewis Boyd 2 months ago

    also plz comment on this jelly in the comments you Josh and jordy can you ever do anything else like toilet paper fort or maybe hide and seek at each others houses ??

  • Lewis Boyd
    Lewis Boyd 2 months ago +1

    wow nice ad on your merch I hope I don't get the 1 that's been thrown around the room 😉😉

  • Rocco Cove
    Rocco Cove 2 months ago

    True Fortnite is better than gta

  • ravenous king37
    ravenous king37 2 months ago


  • Dylan McKnight
    Dylan McKnight 2 months ago

    I like your video

  • Jelly Carstar
    Jelly Carstar 2 months ago

    Evry thing is easy for Jellyboy