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  • Published on Sep 14, 2018
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    Zelda & Chill combines the Legend of Zelda video game music with laid-back lofi hip hop beats. Produced by German beat-maker Mikel and mastered by Philadelphia based Dj CUTMAN, Zelda & Chill features 14 Zelda themes from the across the series history.
    Zelda & Chill contains music from the original Legend of Zelda for NES all the way up to Breath of the Wild. These tracks were recreated with classic keyboard sounds, atmospheric synths and laid back beats, the perfect soundtrack to study, chill, and save Hyrule to.
    Zelda & Chill’s tracklist features music from the original LoZ, Link To The Past, Majora’s Mask, Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time, Skyward Sword, and Breath of the Wild. Themes like Gerudo Valley, Song of Storms and Lost Woods are sure to please long time series fans.
    Compositions by Koji Kondo, Toru Minegishi, Hajime Wakai, Takeshi Hama, Manaka Kataoka, and Yasuaki Iwata have been licensed for the sale and streaming of Zelda & Chill.
    Zelda & Chill is available on platforms worldwide. ~ smarturl.it/zeldachill
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    Shoutout to GameSpot for the official weather timelapse used for Song of Storms visualization ~ usclip.net/video/mzDJ6DI170g/video.html
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    ▾ About GameChops
    GameChops is a record label dedicated to releasing and remixing the best video game music out there. The name first appeared in 2010 as a mixtape by Dj CUTMAN, who later went on to found the label in 2012. GameChops was one of the first record labels to license and publish video game music on platforms like iTunes and Spotify.
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  • GameChops
    GameChops  7 months ago +2487

    CDs and Vinyl now available ~ music.gamechops.com/album/zelda-chill
    Support Zelda & Chill by adding tracks to your playlists ~ smarturl.it/zeldachill
    00:00 ~ Fairy Fountain
    02:44 ~ Dark World
    05:31 ~ Lost Woods
    08:09 ~ Song of Storms
    11:47 ~ Minuet of Forest
    14:41 ~ Gerudo Valley
    17:45 ~ Oath to Order
    20:45 ~ Dragon Roost Island
    23:38 ~ Kakariko Village
    26:14 ~ Ballad of the Goddess
    28:54 ~ Breath of the Wild
    31:12 ~ Hateno Village
    34:54 ~ Legend of Zelda
    37:56 ~ Ocarina of Time

    • M3M3 Life
      M3M3 Life 3 days ago

      +keldeo sword dude you're life's short don't try to speed it up lmao

    • M3M3 Life
      M3M3 Life 3 days ago

      Am I free to use this when live streaming as background music?

    • Britney Shaw
      Britney Shaw 7 days ago

      Love This Mix Here I Really Do🤩 Do More Collabs In The Future ! 🤟🏽💯

    • EmpireKnight
      EmpireKnight 12 days ago

      +Doge_ Soup That's exactly what I meant

    • Doge_ Soup
      Doge_ Soup 12 days ago

      If you don’t mind, I was wondering if I could be approved to use these songs for my USclip videos, much thanks if you approve! (You need more subs)

  • applegame
    applegame 43 minutes ago

    who ever disliked the video then why you watching

  • StormCaller
    StormCaller 2 hours ago

    How could you ruin zelda's music so badly? Please stop.

  • Thijs Huizer
    Thijs Huizer 3 hours ago

    this is just.......good. Thats it

  • Donovan Hatake
    Donovan Hatake 4 hours ago

    its not chill its a remix

  • dat berd
    dat berd 5 hours ago

    I remember watching my sister play Ocarina of Time on her Nintendo 64 when I was younger, good memories...

  • PEAcHγ UWU
    PEAcHγ UWU 6 hours ago

    i sadly just finished breath of the wild, so this really cheered me up :))

    MAD-MEGA 7 hours ago +1

    I can't find a negative comment so well done and thank you for this

    Its currently 20 past 2 in the afternoon were I am and made me tried don't know if that's good but thanks it helped me relax and an amazing ending thank you again

  • DefyMaster
    DefyMaster 15 hours ago +1

    You guys know whats sad?
    That I have lots of ideas for things like games... but this ideas will probably never be known...and I’ll die, and most of this ideas will stop existing. And anybody will never know.

  • Kia Pakravan
    Kia Pakravan 18 hours ago

    Listened to it on my break and it was the best music I heard in my life!!!!

  • Karen Nagy
    Karen Nagy 19 hours ago

    I almost just fell asleep holding
    My IPad 😪😪😪😪

  • Shadow Wolf
    Shadow Wolf 21 hour ago

    This video was posted two days before my birthday, a real present :)

  • Ottilie_Kakimasu
    Ottilie_Kakimasu Day ago +1

    These are the only songs I can read to, write to, and draw to.

    (that's good)

  • Chaloa *
    Chaloa * Day ago

    I love this o my goooood💕

  • Pootis Berd
    Pootis Berd Day ago

    I love this... I listen to it on loop, the first time hearing it i was kind a taken away...

  • Butsagington811
    Butsagington811 Day ago


  • Sebastiaan Hols
    Sebastiaan Hols Day ago

    This is pure gold 👌

  • Ashiro 12138
    Ashiro 12138 Day ago

    Am I the only one that's getting steins;gate vibe from the beginning?

  • Emma Montes
    Emma Montes Day ago

    Lost Woods is my favorite 💚💚

  • edward scare
    edward scare Day ago

    fuck this was awsome it's first time i hear a chill/beat-remix of Zelda's ost and i liked this.

  • ODSG Lunar
    ODSG Lunar Day ago

    Thanks bro.

  • Trill JoJo
    Trill JoJo Day ago

    omg this is so fucking hard tho wtf

  • Isidora Abusleme Bucarey

    Listening to this is highly addictive.

  • THE Z-Gaming
    THE Z-Gaming Day ago

    If i use this song as my intro in my video, im gonna get a copyright strike?

  • sara blabla
    sara blabla 2 days ago

    is it possible to use these in videos (i’d credit you of course!)

  • Loki W. Holmes
    Loki W. Holmes 2 days ago

    Starting at 8:13 what's that one? So I can listen

  • Rasmus Lyngklip
    Rasmus Lyngklip 2 days ago

    When you search for Minecraft Soundtrack, and this is the first thing that pops up.

  • Dwak Solo
    Dwak Solo 2 days ago

    Very nioce.
    How much?

  • Equaltoyou
    Equaltoyou 2 days ago

    Get these on spotify! This is gold.

  • Riley Philpott
    Riley Philpott 2 days ago +4

    Dude, honestly. Every beat I jump and every time I get nostalgic I also jump, therefor leading to me wearing headphones and constantly JUMPing whilst walking down the street. This is my favourite youtube video, thanks for making my day every time I listen to this. : }

  • HardlineCoast 46
    HardlineCoast 46 2 days ago +1

    this has 2.4K dislikes? YOU UNCULTURED SWINES!

  • Tristan Labbé
    Tristan Labbé 2 days ago

    This is awesome, part 2 please! ;)

  • TheSilent AngryCat
    TheSilent AngryCat 2 days ago

    love it :3

  • That weird anime lover That weird anime lover

    was not expecting that beginning

  • Yusuf Çiftçi
    Yusuf Çiftçi 3 days ago

    Türk yokmu Türk

  • TheCreep7
    TheCreep7 3 days ago

    god i fucking love hestu. Since the first interaction with him, i grew a love for him.

  • Rocker Baby
    Rocker Baby 3 days ago

    I should have expected this... I prefer NCS.

  • Lauscus
    Lauscus 3 days ago

    Muted tone melody + bass track. It's cool, but I was hoping for more variety than the same formula for every song.

  • RhiniedaGenie
    RhiniedaGenie 3 days ago +1

    wow that was fun. a bop track

  • duckyjr
    duckyjr 3 days ago +1


  • Matrinique
    Matrinique 3 days ago +1

    i adore this. thank you.

  • Stuff And Thangs Studio

    my favorite GAME!

  • Agustín Quetto
    Agustín Quetto 3 days ago +1

    Love it! Awesome!!!!

  • Gerardo Leal Villarreal

    take my like, good man

  • Vantux
    Vantux 4 days ago +1

    This is amazing

  • Prince Ralsei
    Prince Ralsei 4 days ago

    What is this piece of music me thinks thou has placed much works?
    Me thinks me likes what thou has created

  • Andrew Critic
    Andrew Critic 4 days ago +1

    I was really happy to hear this, thnx u fren

  • Pistachio
    Pistachio 4 days ago +2

    These are strangely nice to have them playing in the background while I do things. I like them much better than most 'lofi' stuff, which I find the beats to be too distracting.

  • ant54600
    ant54600 4 days ago +1

    Dope as fuck :o
    Someone know where I can find the visualizer ?

  • H00d1yN1nj4
    H00d1yN1nj4 4 days ago +4

    I so need this visualizer for my Zelda Rainmeter setup.

  • Pikaboubou
    Pikaboubou 5 days ago +2

    I got my Zelda fix, now the question is... is there a final fantasy and chill? 😏

  • Isaac Muñoz Ordoñez

    Giby ASMR fans? She brought me here by her meme review

  • th1e_f
    th1e_f 5 days ago +1

    oath to order is probably the best one in this video.

  • Robert Allen
    Robert Allen 5 days ago +1

    when an album is dope but the name keeps you up at night

  • Jalex Dai
    Jalex Dai 5 days ago +2

    Thank you for blessing my ears.

  • TheReal FakeCaptain
    TheReal FakeCaptain 6 days ago +1

    Oath to Order it really starting to grow on me...

  • Shy Giggling
    Shy Giggling 6 days ago +1

    Ohhh, my childhood... my nintendo.... my childhood.... the memories and feels...

  • Planzom 345
    Planzom 345 6 days ago +1


  • Evan Garbe
    Evan Garbe 6 days ago +1

    One of the things I adore about this album is it's simple and clean. You didn't feel compelled to insert soundbites of navi yelling at us or Link's screams, like some other lofi remixes I've heard. You took the songs we love and made them fresh again. Thank you!

  • Marshwalker lol
    Marshwalker lol 6 days ago +2


  • Jorge López
    Jorge López 6 days ago +1

  • Crashing N94
    Crashing N94 6 days ago

    Came here from Gibi’s twitch streams.

  • Vaporwaved Chill
    Vaporwaved Chill 6 days ago +1

    Dude Gamechops is so underrated when I subbed he had like 57k subs but he still has less than he deserves

  • Jeff Dutch
    Jeff Dutch 6 days ago +2

    Sir, I first heard your work only yesterday and I have to say listening to this makes me feel so happy and nostalgic. I can't thank you enough for your effort. I am looking forward to hearing more! Cheers
    - your newest fan! 👌

  • Bluee IOS
    Bluee IOS 6 days ago

    Using this for a fortnite video

  • CL3M4S
    CL3M4S 6 days ago +1

    The legand of Zelda, Breath of the Chill

  • Blighted Death
    Blighted Death 7 days ago +1

    After 6 hours of one more video & then i'm going to bed i finally fell far enough down the USclip rabbit hole to stumble across this and now all i want to do is leave this on repeat because this, this is perfect! Thankyou

  • turnip head
    turnip head 7 days ago +1


  • Martell Tha Cool
    Martell Tha Cool 7 days ago +1

    So happy that it can put me to sleep 😴

  • Randomnoobi
    Randomnoobi 7 days ago +2

    Simply amazing.

  • Kaleb S. Davis
    Kaleb S. Davis 7 days ago +1

    This is surprisingly addictive

  • Britney Shaw
    Britney Shaw 7 days ago +1

    Thx For This 👌 You Did So Well 😊

  • Level100 BOSS
    Level100 BOSS 7 days ago +1

    I'm playing LoZ while listening.
    So good😁

  • EpicDonutDude
    EpicDonutDude 8 days ago +1

    I'm so glad I found this

  • Vince W
    Vince W 8 days ago +1

    This beat is fire

  • Da Cookie
    Da Cookie 8 days ago +2

    Im in love
    (Just wished that you would've used different instruments for each songs, or at least make them somewhat different to each other)

  • Jack O'Connell
    Jack O'Connell 8 days ago +2

    YOOOOOOOOOO Song of Stoooooooorms!! ungh...

  • Flint
    Flint 8 days ago

    I'm impressed on how smooth the 60FPS are in this video. Unlike certain other UScliprs


    Gerudo valley had me thrown off then I heard the guitar and i knew my one of my favorites were playing.

  • Midori _ Green
    Midori _ Green 8 days ago +35

    my Spanish teacher loves Zelda... she often plays her favorite Zelda ost in class. Now it's stuck in my head lmao.

  • Ash Cachem
    Ash Cachem 8 days ago +1

    17:36 i hope he gets rich

  • Ash Cachem
    Ash Cachem 8 days ago +1

    Wow. Sweeping the sand. Wow. By the way ,Gamechops this is awsome!

  • The Smellybellian
    The Smellybellian 8 days ago

    plz put this on sound cloud

  • Alex Kinney
    Alex Kinney 9 days ago +1

    The other music is too harsh, or maybe the base is too strong and some of the notes are very strong. I'm not a music person but this is great because it doesn't grab my attention but instead relaxes me. Thanks for sharing it !

  • Nick Fessenden
    Nick Fessenden 9 days ago +1

    Yo, this is so fucking lit!

  • Sekyan [wanderlust]
    Sekyan [wanderlust] 9 days ago +1

    i'm like... just a bit _too_ fond of this series

  • Paolo Falconi
    Paolo Falconi 9 days ago +3

    wow this is the best recomended video ever

  • 8-Beats VGM
    8-Beats VGM 9 days ago +2

    Incredible stuff, can't get enough of Song of Storms!!

  • allykat12893
    allykat12893 9 days ago +3

    I played this nearly everyday I was pregnant, and now I'm here with a fussy newborn who just immediately started to calm down and doze when I put this on. My favorite thing to relax to and now apparently my son's! Thank you

    • Mikel
      Mikel 8 days ago

      This is the best thing i've read so far and congratulations!

  • Ghostraider202
    Ghostraider202 9 days ago +3

    Bruh you literally went around the whole map making clips for this instead of just one single image. That's what is called "Quality content". You got yourself a new sub my friend

    • GameChops
      GameChops  8 days ago

      Shout out to Great-Bit Arcade for the footage! It’s linked in the description, totally mesmerizing stuff~

  • Stephanie Garrett
    Stephanie Garrett 9 days ago +1

    You know that its going to be good when the first beat drop is 3 seconds in

  • Stephanie Garrett
    Stephanie Garrett 9 days ago +3

    The dislikes are just from a bunch of bocoblins that I slayed, also can they switch the background songs of the game to this!?

  • rootRaider
    rootRaider 9 days ago +1

    this is soooo dope!

  • Matt Mungaven
    Matt Mungaven 9 days ago +1

    You are a Legend in your own right.

  • Aries Aries
    Aries Aries 9 days ago +1

    This temperarly cures my depression

  • First Surname
    First Surname 10 days ago

    Any way to get each track individually? I'd love to add these to my music playlist, but a one hour video is a bit much haha

    • GameChops
      GameChops  8 days ago

      Yes we have a playlist. If you go to the smarturl in the description and tap USclip, it will take you to the playlist. Each song has its own video~

  • Jayk Koznesoff
    Jayk Koznesoff 10 days ago +14

    fairy fountain is my fav, need like an hour loop of it with slight differences

  • mister.nimoe
    mister.nimoe 10 days ago +3

    Mikel did a magnificent sonic and aesthetic vibe here.

  • Sean Jansen
    Sean Jansen 10 days ago +1

    I often struggle to keep my focus on work as I'm struggling with ADHD. However, the Zeldagasm I get from listening to this fills me with nostalgia and happy feelings. I've never felt this relaxed before.

  • Lu Ciel
    Lu Ciel 10 days ago

    Hi, I comeback once again, but have started to play Zelda. I have to say that.. *_thay stuff scary foe me_*