We Tried The Weirdest Bra On The Internet


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  • ItsFunneh ,
    ItsFunneh , 7 hours ago

    Are those headphones

  • Kylee Meza
    Kylee Meza Day ago

    Lol this is a joke. Buzzfeed ought to do better. I’m a 34G and the bra works for me wonderfully. Did any of you actually read instructions? The strap is supposed to go on the black bar and not the gold cups??? Did any of you also talk to Amanda the owner who is readily available to take advantage of a fitting? This is an absolute joke and buzz feed is destroying the company’s morale by displaying such false use of a product.

  • MoonlightPotato
    MoonlightPotato 8 days ago

    I already feel uncomfortable

  • tilly
    tilly 10 days ago

    I feel like its ment to go under a bra to give like a bigger cleavage

  • Im ready to Skedaddle guys

    they got them 1990 beats

  • animal love23
    animal love23 14 days ago

    The young lady with the British accent looks like Sophie turner !!!!!! From GOT

  • Saavik Wilcox-Hamilton

    Girls with small boobs have it so easy 😂

  • Ma’ayan Praiss
    Ma’ayan Praiss 16 days ago

    All Nina needs is a bra that it easy to get and her boobs won’t sag so much

  • Anna Johnson
    Anna Johnson 16 days ago

    Chastity belt! 😂

  • Alexandra ortiz
    Alexandra ortiz 17 days ago

    I cried when they walked into the office and the office all turned to look at them with a serious face And that girl asks “why are y’all working all weird” 😂

  • AveryLee Fnaf
    AveryLee Fnaf 21 day ago

    2:03 She says as her shirt shows a friendly amount of cleavage!

  • Katie 123
    Katie 123 21 day ago

    I wonder how many boys watching this?😂

  • Reef
    Reef 22 days ago

    I'll call them booby headphones
    Or titheadphones

  • FriedRamen
    FriedRamen 23 days ago

    Oof I relate to Nina 😭😭😭 it was not confortable sksksk

  • Maggie chandler
    Maggie chandler 24 days ago

    Chloes such an angel. I wish she could see how beautiful she is - inside and out.

  • iridescent subliminals

    my boobs are *exaclty* like Nina’s. They are huge and saggy and just ughhhhh! i know this bra won’t work for me lmao

  • Sarah Semon
    Sarah Semon 25 days ago

    I’m sorry, did they not do any actual research on the product? Or even try to read the instructions? Because they did not set them up or fit them to themselves properly at all. And then they go ahead and post a terrible review of a pretty genius product because of their bad experience due to THEIR error. Sure it might not work for everyone, but if you’re going to dedicate an entire USclip video to “trying it” then how about actually respecting the inventor by giving it a fair chance.

  • Dani + Ant
    Dani + Ant 26 days ago

    Not worth $85.......

    ARIANA VIDS 28 days ago

    It only works if you have a flat chest I guess also I have a big chest and sometimes I don’t get why some woman with small boobs would like to have big boobs it’s the worst pain ever

  • Bad Ending Cosplay
    Bad Ending Cosplay 28 days ago

    That girls saggy boobs make me uncomfortable...

  • Dolan edits
    Dolan edits 29 days ago +1

    bruh my cleavage is better then that with or without a fuckin bra

  • Kate Timmers
    Kate Timmers Month ago

    I feel bad cuz I feel like Nina is like unaware of her boobs and how she need to have different style of bras and fittings to work with them. Like aw sweetie your boobs are gorgeous but you need to know you can’t live ur life as if ur a c cup

  • Unique Productions
    Unique Productions Month ago


  • Lifewith Sade
    Lifewith Sade Month ago

    I really would absolutely love to work for this company 😭😭❗️ y’all literally have so much fun

  • the tester of wood and earth

    She's waring black underwear

  • Pearl The Spinster
    Pearl The Spinster Month ago

    Looks like boobphones😂😂😂😂

  • username
    username Month ago

    why the heck i am watching this now ?

  • melody ellen
    melody ellen Month ago +1

    Maybe if they used people that didnt have such saggy boobs like the one chick it would be a better result

  • Ella Sofiya
    Ella Sofiya Month ago

    that is *not* a bra.

  • Tshegofatso Padi
    Tshegofatso Padi Month ago

    00:52 Is that yesreneau😁

  • Zak Arranda
    Zak Arranda Month ago

    Welcome to Buzzfeed: At some workplaces, it's called sexual harassment :-D

  • Alex Frost
    Alex Frost Month ago

    "How is it staying up?" I love that shot of five women in the workplace all staring with confusion at a stupidly designed bra.

  • Miriam Fease
    Miriam Fease Month ago

    Did a middle aged man child make this bra? JEEZ

  • Ruby Whitfield
    Ruby Whitfield Month ago

    Chantel's boobs aren't even big

  • about lele
    about lele Month ago

    They look like headphones.

  • Kayla Bahri
    Kayla Bahri Month ago +1


  • Rai Joy
    Rai Joy Month ago

    I feel like that would be more for a modeling company rather than just a regular bra.

  • Deborah S
    Deborah S Month ago

    I don't think they are meant for pendulous breasts.

  • Foxy Lime
    Foxy Lime Month ago

    I have like no chest

  • Nightshade Kelly
    Nightshade Kelly Month ago

    I hate my boobs so much. I have so many problems because of it. I wear 32 K bra and im getting breast reduction surgery lol. I have realy bad back and shoulder problems

  • Giddy Pumpernickle
    Giddy Pumpernickle Month ago


  • Mary Lesan
    Mary Lesan Month ago

    jeez her boobs are loww

  • Noa De lamo Martínez
    Noa De lamo Martínez Month ago +1

    Is not going to work if you dont have elevate boobs! Dont try it!

  • Senni B
    Senni B Month ago

    5:45 omg yes her laptop had haroldddd

  • iureun
    iureun Month ago +1

    "i have clothes that fit in my body but not in my chest"

  • Rowan Pierson
    Rowan Pierson Month ago +2

    Maybe you guys should stop commenting on Nina's appearance and pay attention to the functionality, or lack there of, of the bra. Large breasts are NOT perky. Not to mention she's a little hunched over, but that's what happens when you're top heavy.

    • Bad Ending Cosplay
      Bad Ending Cosplay 28 days ago

      Actually, not all large breasts are saggy like hers. I'm an e cup and my breasts are perkier or just as perky as most of my friend's who have a smaller cup size

  • Rowan Pierson
    Rowan Pierson Month ago +3

    Maybe you guys should stop commenting on Nina's appearance and pay attention to the lacking functionality of this 'bra'.

  • Bella Floro
    Bella Floro Month ago +1

    The other girl has the saggiest boobs I have ever seen 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Angela D. Gardiner
    Angela D. Gardiner Month ago

    �Your clothes would look nice on my bedroom floor.�

  • daddys lil metalhead
    daddys lil metalhead 2 months ago

    A man probably created that bra

  • smafia asd
    smafia asd 2 months ago

    Why would our boobs need to listen to music?

  • Crystal Dadal
    Crystal Dadal 2 months ago +4

    damm every other comments have more than a thousand likes how many an this one get?

  • Masher Lauren
    Masher Lauren 2 months ago +1

    Brunette says she usually doesn't wear a plunging neckline.
    Camera zooms out to show her plunging neckline.

  • chloe Reed
    chloe Reed 2 months ago

    Hey my name is chloe

  • Ambar Lopez
    Ambar Lopez 2 months ago

    Don’t like bras? Give your boobs some headphones! Lol
    N O! T H A N K S!

  • Irrelevant Bitch
    Irrelevant Bitch 2 months ago +1

    Saggy tiddies

  • ꧁༺ imayelogrr ARMY ༻꧂


    im not a dog

  • sofi sumbeiwa
    sofi sumbeiwa 2 months ago

    I had saggy boobs but I decided to wear bra that fit properly and we'll paded and please leave sports bra for sports

  • Life Theorist
    Life Theorist 2 months ago

    Metal headphones arn’t for your boobs.

  • Monica Flores
    Monica Flores 2 months ago +2

    why are her boobs so saggy?

  • Misster Miki
    Misster Miki 2 months ago

    "Is this sexual ?"

  • anomynous weirdo
    anomynous weirdo 2 months ago

    What is that models face in the thumbnail?!

  • Turbo Last
    Turbo Last 2 months ago


  • tokyolights
    tokyolights 2 months ago

    I thought those were headphones

  • SugarTits716 O.G.
    SugarTits716 O.G. 2 months ago

    It is a bra cor woman with no boobs. The chick with itty bitty titty committee winner!.

  • RirixDolan
    RirixDolan 2 months ago

    When I saw the thumbnail I thought they were head phones

  • My Scooter
    My Scooter 2 months ago

    I genuinely thought it was one of those weird desk lamps

  • Lepa Love
    Lepa Love 2 months ago

    Lol .. My boobs have a will of their own lol ... I totally understand that lol ...

  • Close Shot TV
    Close Shot TV 2 months ago

    Quit trying to make yourself look like you don’t have saggy boobs... guys will notice

  • Chloe Scales
    Chloe Scales 2 months ago

    Got a hair curler vibe

  • Honey
    Honey 2 months ago

    my friend niner and i

  • Raven
    Raven 2 months ago

    Looks uncomfortable

  • MimWhispers ASMR
    MimWhispers ASMR 2 months ago

    as usual with these weird bras the person modelling them in the ad or instruction video has fake boobs. Not real ones that squish, sag and move. even as 18 yr old with perky D boobs i could never wear any of the new 'miracle' bra products cause real boobs behave in a way that needs all round support.

    • Too queer to be here fangirling
      Too queer to be here fangirling Month ago

      MimWhispers ASMR
      Yeah that’s helpful sorry if that was weird I was just curious thank you for answering my question

    • MimWhispers ASMR
      MimWhispers ASMR Month ago

      +Too queer to be here fangirling Yes and No. I believe we are never really ever happy with what we look like because we just what things changed. Having said that I did like having boobs that size when I was younger. It did make me feel more attractive, but I also had big thighs and a big butt so I needed it to even my body out. Having the body I did as a 18-25 yr old NOW I would have had a very different time with my self esteem. When I was your age women like Cameron Diaz/Paris Hilton had the aspiring body shape. Very slim, basically curves werent in unless they came from your boobs.
      The thing to remember with boobs is they dont stay put. I a now 34 with 2 kids and my friends with smaller boobs who have also had kids, their chests are in much better condition. I am now an F cup. I wear some sort of support during every waking hour. My back hurts and can no longer wear strapless bras.
      Yes I did like my boobs when I was younger, but I always had to wear a bra then too. I was never able to put clothes on and not have a bra on. Strapless things were basically out of the question because I find strapless bras so uncomfortable. But I really can't say I feel like I can understand what it feels like to have an A cup. I am though all for plastic surgery if it will help your self esteem. I think going crazy into a D cup implant would be silly. a B or C cup would still give you confidence. But there are a lot of people out there who love their little boobs. And im jealous of the not having to wear a bra all the time part of it.
      I hope I have helped without being too confusing.

    • Too queer to be here fangirling
      Too queer to be here fangirling Month ago

      MimWhispers ASMR question from a 17 year old with a cup boobs
      What’s it life having d cup boobs bc honestly it seems like it would bring good confidence and stuff
      Like does it do good to the self esteem
      Sorry that it’s weird asking this

  • Madi Saldana
    Madi Saldana 2 months ago +1

    You need to squeeze the wire together so it looks more like a V instead of a U. That's why it didn't work.

  • Tip Aly
    Tip Aly 2 months ago

    Just watched the creators videos, talk about the most uncomfortable item for a women’s bust. Damn.

  • Lucrecia Chilel
    Lucrecia Chilel 2 months ago

    Okay i bought it and i did squished My boobs but not that much its that like i have rlly big boobs..

  • Lucrecia Chilel
    Lucrecia Chilel 2 months ago

    That intro was like.......U .dont.like it..

  • CAn’t rElaTe
    CAn’t rElaTe 2 months ago

    I bet Danielle Cohn used these on her Instagram..

  • Ella Sofiya
    Ella Sofiya 2 months ago

    that is *not* a bra

  • Queen Trash Bag
    Queen Trash Bag 2 months ago

    The girl in the red shirt/blue dress is annoying 😐

  • Hope Love
    Hope Love 2 months ago

    Bout to buy one and send it to As/Is to show ya

  • Commander Spud McPotato
    Commander Spud McPotato 2 months ago +1

    I legit don't hate bras. I don't have a problemoooo
    I sleep in one, go everywhere in one and only take it off in the shower.

  • Cindy Songbird
    Cindy Songbird 2 months ago

    looks like a medieval torture device.

  • angeleyes green
    angeleyes green 2 months ago

    That thing looked awful, and frankly, a little too much like stirrups at the gyno

  • -Stan Talent Stan DGNA-

    I kinda wanna try one 😂😂

  • Adder Bitez
    Adder Bitez 3 months ago

    It literally is just there to make your nipples unnoticeable

  • ダッシング
    ダッシング 3 months ago

    Pornhub material

  • 100s subs without any videos?

    1:17 *that's what she said*

  • Soumya Sharma
    Soumya Sharma 3 months ago

    FYI it looks like ya'll didn't adjust the bra at all...the website has a video on how to adjust for chest sizes and how to get the wire to lay flat usclip.net/video/pwetBJdlzE0/video.html

  • Nigel Cummings
    Nigel Cummings 3 months ago

    Long tittys . Lol she’s sexy tho 🤤

  • Marinda Guinn
    Marinda Guinn 3 months ago +1

    I actually have one of these and I wear a 42DDD. I feel really secure when wearing mine but it did take a little maneuvering of the wire for it to fit correctly. I use mine typically for open back clothing over plunging neckline.

  • Gabriela ramirez lara
    Gabriela ramirez lara 3 months ago

    omg I had bought this and did not work :( returned it plus it was really expensive

  • Autumn Clark
    Autumn Clark 3 months ago

    i’m currently a size 38B and i NEED pads in my bras or else my bra will kinda flop forward exposing my chest area.

  • Lillian Hazen
    Lillian Hazen 3 months ago

    anyone else bothered by the video editing here? the back and forth every two seconds is a bit much.

  • Misa Takahiro
    Misa Takahiro 3 months ago

    There are like VERY few products for large chested women that are confortable AND give support....if your C/D and up you wont find anything that'll be
    A) Strapless
    B) Backless/Low cut (like their tops)
    C) The right size over all your upper body
    And be comfortable and supportive and not dig into your skin, be ducktape and rip your skin off, stab you, rub you raw, or look unflatering.
    Fashion over function, beauty is pain...society and fashion need to step it up and be more excepting and change just ever so...

  • Nina Do
    Nina Do 3 months ago

    My irl name is Nina *wow*

  • Kenzie_ Kat
    Kenzie_ Kat 3 months ago

    #tiny tidy commitee

    • Mary Anne
      Mary Anne 3 months ago

      get it right. its the itty bity tittie committee. Had that name since 1975

  • Tatiana Sobchenko
    Tatiana Sobchenko 3 months ago +1

    Americans have weird sense of style or iis it logic - the girl wears a top with deep cleavage and says "you know, I don,t like cleavage".

  • Ric Owens
    Ric Owens 3 months ago

    OMG Nina will breast apocalypse after she has kids. 🤔

  • Jughead Jones
    Jughead Jones 3 months ago

    5:44 oh hi harry