• Published on Sep 10, 2017
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    Thank you, Aussies and Australia for being so sweet!
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  • Love, Lauryn Pink
    Love, Lauryn Pink 29 minutes ago


  • Colin Craggs
    Colin Craggs Hour ago

    I live in Australia and love all those foods!

  • nm_player1 _
    nm_player1 _ 6 hours ago


  • Connor Bevis
    Connor Bevis 8 hours ago

    I am from Australia and these are amazing

  • EmmatheLlamagirl Emma
    EmmatheLlamagirl Emma 9 hours ago +1

    I’m ausi yayyyyyy

  • •Gacha Moon •
    •Gacha Moon • 11 hours ago


  • Ryan Graves
    Ryan Graves 21 hour ago

    There’s a lot happening in my mouth right now..........that’s what she said

  • Emily C
    Emily C Day ago

    Aussie food is bommmmmb mainly because I am australian

  • Ava Rose Brogan
    Ava Rose Brogan Day ago

    You do a tv show called double dare

  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki Day ago

    Dude you don't fucking eat straight up vegimite you put it on toast or something

  • pinkie phantom
    pinkie phantom Day ago

    why the hell will you eat vegemite like that!

  • Y E L L O W W
    Y E L L O W W 2 days ago

    Im Australian because my Dad

  • CE Bowden
    CE Bowden 2 days ago

    Um that’s not how you eta be Vegamite you put the tinyest bit on bread

  • catherine zaro
    catherine zaro 2 days ago

    I'm Australian and you eat vegemite on your bread and put little bit on with butter not alot of vegemite 😠😠😠😨😨😈😈

  • Bianca Chagoya
    Bianca Chagoya 2 days ago

    I swear, it’s like mustered you don’t eat it like that

  • SugaIsMyBias43v3r
    SugaIsMyBias43v3r 2 days ago

    I'm Australian and I like vegemite on buttered toast

  • Kylie Bower
    Kylie Bower 2 days ago

    You don’t eat that much vegimite stupid

  • Photo Magic
    Photo Magic 2 days ago

    You put vegemite on toast not straight in your mouth

  • beth hooson
    beth hooson 2 days ago

    There's french fries In Australia?

  • Fnaf Wolf
    Fnaf Wolf 2 days ago

    Hey mom rucy

  • The Ottone’s
    The Ottone’s 2 days ago

    Australian team

  • Horse_Lonely_Girl
    Horse_Lonely_Girl 3 days ago

    Bruhhhh yesss I’m from Australia only eat vegemite lightly spreader over toast

  • Chelsea Vangeli
    Chelsea Vangeli 3 days ago

    Vegimite goes in toast but only put a bit

  • shaela langshaw
    shaela langshaw 3 days ago

    Ok first u need to put a little bit of Vedigimit u put it on toast

  • Chelsea Stocks
    Chelsea Stocks 3 days ago

    Vegemite is with bread not just by itself

  • Victoria Sheppard
    Victoria Sheppard 3 days ago +1


  • Anyssa Downes
    Anyssa Downes 3 days ago

    I love all the things in this video. I’m Aussie btw🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  • hello gracie
    hello gracie 3 days ago

    u gotta put the vmite on the toast wtf and butter

  • Fish Outta Water
    Fish Outta Water 4 days ago

    That’s is NOT show you eat vegemite 😂

  • Charlotte Roberts
    Charlotte Roberts 4 days ago

    You don't eat Vegemite by itself you have it with toast. No USclipr who isn't Aussie eats Vegemite right

  • Abbey Shine
    Abbey Shine 4 days ago

    Did any Australians cringe when they ate the vegemite wrong?

  • Amelia Vincent
    Amelia Vincent 4 days ago

    Gabby: it looks like a little cat butthole
    Me:😂😂😂 Help me im dead...

  • Lily COLLIER
    Lily COLLIER 4 days ago +2

    I’m in Australia ps supposed to have veggie might on toast

  • Zozza Cartoons
    Zozza Cartoons 4 days ago

    You do not eat vegimte like that that

  • sherry warren
    sherry warren 4 days ago

    I'M SIDEKICK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 12345 _g_b
    12345 _g_b 4 days ago

    It really irritates me when people say veggiemite is bad, your only ment to use a bit

  • Ron Pierce
    Ron Pierce 4 days ago

    Liza you know we have those to but there called potato stix that is the name I didn't just spell it wrong

  • Poppy Wolter
    Poppy Wolter 4 days ago +1

    There is nothing wrong with us you are just eating it wrong you are supposed to put vegemite on toast with butter

  • Max Bonanno
    Max Bonanno 4 days ago

    I’m australian

  • Krystal_the_giraffe
    Krystal_the_giraffe 4 days ago

    Vegemite is fucking gross. And I’m Australian.

  • Isabella ANTONIOU
    Isabella ANTONIOU 4 days ago

    why is it that every American eats vegemite by itself is for toast like not trya be rude i mean ily

  • Kaidence Adams
    Kaidence Adams 5 days ago

    If you don’t eat as much vegimite it is really good

  • Ally Howard
    Ally Howard 5 days ago +2

    Hey I’m an Aussie aka Australian and I love when Americans or other countries react or taste to Australian stuff it makes me happy
    I’m from Australia Aussie Aussie Aussie oh oh oh
    Like if your Australian🇦🇺

  • TheWreckerBOSS//Roblox

    I'm Australian and i still use alot of vegeshite #LazarBeam aka LazyBum

  • Mickey G
    Mickey G 5 days ago

    Im from Canada and we have some of the stuff

  • Helena Rodrigues
    Helena Rodrigues 5 days ago

    Literally not a fucking soul:
    Australians watching this vid: tHaTs NoT hOw YoU eAt VeGeMiTe!!!!!!

  • I'm bored
    I'm bored 5 days ago

    What is wrong with you vegemite is gross bruh marmite biches is where its at

  • Sam Bennett
    Sam Bennett 5 days ago

    wagon weels arnt from astralia because they are in the uk

  • michelle Quick
    michelle Quick 5 days ago

    I’m Australian

  • Alexandra Chronis
    Alexandra Chronis 5 days ago +1

    Your not meant to eat the vegemite like that lol

  • Megan Kamler
    Megan Kamler 5 days ago

    I am AUSSIE🇦🇺

  • Arthur Moser
    Arthur Moser 5 days ago +1

    How do u not like australia food you are making australia look bad when u just ant eating it right

  • Jessica Fordham
    Jessica Fordham 5 days ago +2

    I am Australia so I love this cause I eat these like every day

  • Sahar Qasem
    Sahar Qasem 6 days ago

    I am but I hate Vegemite

  • ClareDCM
    ClareDCM 6 days ago

    Well you guys aren't used to the taste of vegemite you gotta start slow. When we were young we only had a little bit, now I eat it from the jar.

  • Peter Hatzimihalis
    Peter Hatzimihalis 6 days ago

    I am a Australia

  • whydoyoubotherreadingthis idontneedalastname

    Is no one gonna talk about how Liza moaned at the end...?

  • Sarah 12
    Sarah 12 6 days ago

    you put vegemite ON TOAST with BUTTER and a LITTLE bit of vegemite

  • Kawaii Narwhal
    Kawaii Narwhal 6 days ago

    *why do I think of Caleb.finn while watching this???*

  • Purple Cream
    Purple Cream 6 days ago

    I’m from Australia and I like almost everything in his video

  • Poopie Guy
    Poopie Guy 6 days ago

    not everybody likes vegimite tho

  • ii sixella ii
    ii sixella ii 6 days ago

    hey! im Australian and your mean't to put Vegemite on a knife then put it on toast or bread then eat that ;-;

  • Eve Diamond
    Eve Diamond 7 days ago

    Ur not meant to eat vegimite like that it’s meant to be a little bit on toast

  • SlytherinHusky _23 Gacha

    Wagon wheels are in the UK too

  • Katharine Downer
    Katharine Downer 7 days ago

    I am Australian and I live Liza but Vegemite isn't actually in a tube it's in a jar and you have it with butter on bread and you have like a tiny bit

  • Adrian The Sinner
    Adrian The Sinner 7 days ago +2

    Is anyone talking about how Lizza moaned at the end

  • *Br.OK.en* :P
    *Br.OK.en* :P 7 days ago

    Vegemite is disgusting, im aussieeee

  • bunni
    bunni 7 days ago

    I'm from australia

  • Evelyn Hersman
    Evelyn Hersman 7 days ago

    Gabby has a big nose

  • Jacinta Russell
    Jacinta Russell 8 days ago

    Your not suoposto eat the vegemint by its self

  • Meisha Gleeson
    Meisha Gleeson 8 days ago

    Your not meant to eat vegemite like that. I’m from Australia your meant to spread it lightly with butter on thick toast

  • Dakota Elizabeth
    Dakota Elizabeth 8 days ago


  • Libby Van Landeghem
    Libby Van Landeghem 8 days ago

    You need to put vegemite on a toast

  • Def Leppard
    Def Leppard 8 days ago

    I’m Tasmanian
    From Australia

  • YEET-mystahkal-Fazer -

    Btw you put vegemite on bread

  • Anna Crowe
    Anna Crowe 8 days ago

    hahahahaha i’m australia and i have never tried half of these

  • Flynn Goodwin
    Flynn Goodwin 8 days ago

    Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi

  • I Watson
    I Watson 8 days ago

    you eat vegimite on .......... TOAST not straight out the bottle im australian and eat vegimite 24/7

  • Bridget Dyke
    Bridget Dyke 9 days ago

    I’m Australian

  • amelie deliondupont
    amelie deliondupont 9 days ago

    im australian!! BUT DONT EAT VEGEMITE LIKE THAT!!!!!!!! you eat it with toast and butter with only a tiny bit of it

  • AAS
    AAS 9 days ago


  • Rara Ledgend
    Rara Ledgend 9 days ago

    You eat vegimite
    on toast and im Australian

  • Hannah Armitage
    Hannah Armitage 10 days ago

    im Australian!

  • kathryn bailey
    kathryn bailey 10 days ago

    the best time. when david and liza we’re dating, when they were all friends, when liza put out content, and when gabbie didn’t have recent scandals

    • kathryn bailey
      kathryn bailey 10 days ago

      ooof and when david didn’t have any scandals

  • kathryn bailey
    kathryn bailey 10 days ago

    i like how all the Australians are saying that Americans don’t know how to eat vegemite correctly but how tf would we know if we don’t have it in our country

  • Eric Bonaparte
    Eric Bonaparte 10 days ago

    This is probably the 27th time I've watched this video and I just got the popcorn joke...

  • Belle P
    Belle P 11 days ago +1

    Liza, ......... THATS NOT HOW U EAT VEGIMITE!!!

  • Colin Rocks
    Colin Rocks 11 days ago +2

    You got all are bloody bad snacks mate 😂

  • Fire Fox
    Fire Fox 11 days ago

    Im australian

  • Savannah's Vlogs/EDITS Petit

    I’m Aussie 🇳🇿🇳🇿

  • liv hancock
    liv hancock 12 days ago

    Australia is a continent and an island we have 6 states I'm pretty sure QLD Queensland NSW new south whales WA Western Australia SA south Australia VIC Victoria and TAS tasmania we also have one territory Northern Territory and most of us love tha Vegemite and hate da binchickensss there be some factsz

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith 12 days ago

    Im ausi

  • mya marquez
    mya marquez 13 days ago

    bro ur supposed to have a lil bit of vegimite on toast lol... i am aussie

  • Tasnim Sayadi
    Tasnim Sayadi 13 days ago

    Pleas trie tunisien food😏if you want

  • savage donkey
    savage donkey 14 days ago

    I swear and I'm from Australia

  • Masked Person
    Masked Person 14 days ago

    im from australia!

  • Bronnen Veal
    Bronnen Veal 14 days ago

    Some of these snacks are also British 😂😂

  • Taylorplayz 1234
    Taylorplayz 1234 15 days ago

    “IM PSYCHIC!” *continues to run into the wall*

  • lilrackks
    lilrackks 16 days ago +1


  • lilrackks
    lilrackks 16 days ago