• Published on Nov 17, 2019
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  • Hat Mr
    Hat Mr 5 hours ago


  • Tiana Escobar
    Tiana Escobar 3 days ago

    I love your short hair!

  • Nathan Stone
    Nathan Stone 4 days ago

    I love your hair like this 👌🏻it’s would lush with a balayage with lose curls

  • Nick Gurr
    Nick Gurr 5 days ago


  • Matthew Glump
    Matthew Glump 8 days ago


  • Peighton Palmer
    Peighton Palmer 9 days ago

    NO NO! your short hair is to cute

  • Megan Paulson
    Megan Paulson 9 days ago

    so pretty LOVE UR HAIR 🥰

  • Donovan Riley
    Donovan Riley 11 days ago +2

    You look SO good with short hair. You should go even shorter tbh

  • Sasha Froese
    Sasha Froese 12 days ago

    I love your short hair, I think “became an angel” is a good way to discribe passing. And I love you and your family best wishes😘

  • Sarah Mayer
    Sarah Mayer 13 days ago +1

    I loooove your short hair!!!

  • Krista hathaway
    Krista hathaway 14 days ago

    I like your hair a lot shorter then long I think you look really pretty with your hair short it brings out your face more brings out your eyes you just look so pretty with your hair shorter you're pretty before but just brings your face out more when it's shorter

  • Annabelle M
    Annabelle M 15 days ago +1

    My brother had cancer when he was 13 and every year i have wanted to donate to this fundraiser to help support families that are going through what my family did, however i haven't had the money. This year I am finally able to donate and I'm so happy I can!! Thank you so much colleen for putting together this fundraiser, it means alot. The spreading of awareness about childhood cancer is so needed and so appreciated.

  • vaniller bean
    vaniller bean 15 days ago

    I absolutely love the short hair like if you grow it out I’ll be kinda sad lol

  • Samantha Enriquez
    Samantha Enriquez 15 days ago

    I love your short hair it is so pretty 😍

  • smiley face
    smiley face 15 days ago

    It’s beautiful

  • Lily Pendergast
    Lily Pendergast 15 days ago +1

    I don’t have kids but the story made me cry...

  • Beverley Blair
    Beverley Blair 16 days ago

    😭 This is heart breaking

  • Addi Sullivan
    Addi Sullivan 16 days ago +1

    I got my hair cut and the next day a girl at school told me it looked weird, and I was insecure the rest of the day.

  • pufferluver14
    pufferluver14 16 days ago

    I love your hair short!!

  • Vanessa_soccer 04
    Vanessa_soccer 04 16 days ago +1

    Colleen:loves her hair cut
    Miranda: hates her short hair

  • Sara Slatter
    Sara Slatter 17 days ago

    colleen you’re short hair is the cutest thing. i think you should keep it that way for a while!!!!!! #shorthairforcolleen

  • vera _00
    vera _00 18 days ago

    You are wonder woman, girl. God bless you and your family 😇❤️

  • Morgan DeRaad
    Morgan DeRaad 19 days ago

    Flynn is so cute omg

  • Kylie Wardell
    Kylie Wardell 19 days ago

    I love the short hair!

  • Dood Guy
    Dood Guy 20 days ago


    ROSEBILL 20 days ago


  • Hrair Galstian
    Hrair Galstian 21 day ago

    nobody even tried to get away from the fart smell all her friends are used to it lol

  • Saige Robbins
    Saige Robbins 21 day ago

    Omfg I love it

  • donrainesoh
    donrainesoh 22 days ago

    Were those people lying or did it act like it worked and then it never came out of their accounts? That happened to me once and I wouldn’t have appreciated the person saying I lied because they didn’t get the money. I had a confirmation number and everything, but like a week later the money still wasn’t out of my account. Had I not called the organization doing the fundraiser they would have missed out one $500.

  • Seanthebon
    Seanthebon 22 days ago +1


  • Emery Oudshoorn
    Emery Oudshoorn 22 days ago

    I love your short hair!! 💕💗💕💗💕

  • Jocelyn Emily
    Jocelyn Emily 22 days ago

    Omg it’s going to be so weird when it grows out again

  • Anon Cutie
    Anon Cutie 22 days ago

    Who is Aiden????????

    • bananahop 2000
      bananahop 2000 21 day ago

      Anon Cutie watch the video and you’ll find out

  • Oddbjørn Lystad
    Oddbjørn Lystad 23 days ago

    Colleen is the nicest person on erth. Even tho this event is really stressfull for her, she dont want to use money on a team bc she could
    use the money on Kids with canser❤️ real queen😍

  • baby rae
    baby rae 23 days ago

    we all love having long hair, but honestly Colleen, you look SO MUCH BETTER and happier and freer with the short hair

  • Naomi T
    Naomi T 23 days ago

    I get sad when I hear that families that has kids with cancer, can get economic problems. Because for me it's obvious that healthcare is free, because it's free in my country.
    I wish it was so everywhere:(

  • Beth Elt
    Beth Elt 23 days ago

    This makes me so mad because it's more likely than not that they've found the cure but they aren't sharing it because they get money from Chemotherapy and it just makes me so mad 😡😭

  • Kirsten Faith
    Kirsten Faith 23 days ago

    She looks so pretty with short hair!

  • Mia Mia
    Mia Mia 23 days ago

    love your hair colleen -

  • mikeysrose
    mikeysrose 23 days ago

    Gus's Party Face: "Place me at the center of your world and worship me while I remain completely unimpressed by the pointlessness of your very existence."

  • peachy joann
    peachy joann 24 days ago

    You have such a big heart 💖 we love u Colleen 💞💓

  • Willow Garside
    Willow Garside 24 days ago

    my friends are doing are fundraiser for kids with cancer in the sydney childrens hospital

  • Brittany T
    Brittany T 24 days ago

    Colleen I absolutely LOVE your short hair. It suits you so well I especially love it when it’s wavy/curly

  • thelittlemuffet
    thelittlemuffet 24 days ago

    It's super sexy! I think it's very freeing

  • Hannah Daugherty
    Hannah Daugherty 24 days ago

    You have such a beautiful soul.

  • Cocker Spaniel luvs u :D
    Cocker Spaniel luvs u :D 24 days ago +27

    Colleen: kisses Flynn
    Flynn: rubs it off and gets fussy

    Colleen: *Am I a joke to you?*

  • melody bonilla
    melody bonilla 24 days ago

    I think short hair really compliments your face shape. I really like it! But honestly you look so pretty with short and long hair

  • akvilexox
    akvilexox 24 days ago

    I love your short hair so much!

  • Emily Guasco
    Emily Guasco 24 days ago

    You look beautiful short or long hair! ❤

  • Vale Mansi
    Vale Mansi 24 days ago

    I cant believe you want long hair again... you look SO much better like this

  • Emma
    Emma 24 days ago

    I loooved having short hair! I went from waist length to chin length and I felt so LIBERATED but now a sis is growing out her hair bc she wants a change ✌️

  • SuperReezyBaby
    SuperReezyBaby 24 days ago

    I think a angled Bob would be amazing on you. Idk why.......

  • Rᴇᴇsᴇ ᴄᴇʀᴠᴀɴᴛᴇs

    I have a classmate called Aiden. Anyways that is so sad tho.😢😢😢😢😢

  • It’s Me Tyra 101
    It’s Me Tyra 101 25 days ago

    Is it just me or does she look like Velma with that straight hair cut??

  • Aleksandra Couturier
    Aleksandra Couturier 25 days ago

    The short hair looks so good !

  • Sarah Rose
    Sarah Rose 25 days ago

    please keep your short hair 🥺

  • Lynn Setter
    Lynn Setter 25 days ago +1

    Colleens short hair is _so cute ngl_ I think she should keep

  • cait
    cait 25 days ago

    Colleen I am SOBBING I did not expect to SOB watching this video 🥺

  • blaziinbarbiie
    blaziinbarbiie 25 days ago

    It's hard sometimes to believe Miranda sings and this woman is the same person