next stop pies!

  • Published on Nov 28, 2019
  • happy thanksgiving to all of you..i'm so unbelievably thankful i get to do what i do here for a guys rock my socks
    the pie recipe book i used:
    ingredients list:
    -potato starch
    -brown rice flour
    -arrowroot flour
    -tapioca starch (enriched)
    -maple syrup
    -beyond beef
    -white onion
    -worstershire sauce
    -assorted spices
    -evaporated cane juice
    -vanilla extract
    -coconut oil
    -standing sugar
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Comments • 3 965

  • Danny Lopez
    Danny Lopez 6 hours ago

    When Debbie showed up I was half asleep and thought “when did Jenna get bangs?”

  • Jillian J
    Jillian J 7 hours ago

    Why am I cry laughing at the two seconds of peach jumping to see the counter toward the end?! 😂 😂

  • Kelsey Smith
    Kelsey Smith 10 hours ago

    I wanna try it

  • HiveyBuzz
    HiveyBuzz 13 hours ago +1

    pov celiac aries kitchen dad chef prepares you pies for school

  • Saige Evers
    Saige Evers 16 hours ago

    It drives me insane that he says “fourths” instead of “quarters”

  • Jamie Denise
    Jamie Denise 17 hours ago

    If you make the meat pies in Texas muffin tins, you can carefully take them out and have a meat pie on the go! True Aussie style 🇦🇺

  • itsmolly 00
    itsmolly 00 Day ago

    For the trauma that was experienced in the making of this video...

    You really did do it to em

  • julla adolfo
    julla adolfo Day ago

    the easiest pie crust: vegan butter, flour & a bit of water. PERFECTION!

  • Elle Sea
    Elle Sea Day ago

    “Don’t do celiac kids”... lol I have two kids with celiacs... these actually help give me ideas on what to make for them!

  • Another Aesthetic
    Another Aesthetic Day ago +1

    The way you said pecan made me want to unsubscribe

  • L I
    L I Day ago

    What's that tattoo of a tv in a suit man from?

  • Kelli Põldsalu
    Kelli Põldsalu Day ago

    At 6:00 what the heck my eaaarrsssssss rip :D

  • Mobfe O
    Mobfe O Day ago

    Wow, today is the day I learned looking at gluten-free pie dough gives me considerable anxiety.

  • Madison Muennich

    Tomato bisque soup and grilled cheese

  • Auliya Jones
    Auliya Jones Day ago

    I think I woulda added more coconut oil instead of water but idk lol I'm not very skilled 😅

  • Mikayla Cox
    Mikayla Cox Day ago

    12:50 omg why did he just leave the strawberry tops and close em into the container???

  • Mikayla Cox
    Mikayla Cox Day ago

    StrawBERies 12:06

  • Ray anansi
    Ray anansi 2 days ago

    If you're desperate corn starch acts a little like agar too, it's what I use in vegan pumpkin pies as a binder.

  • Chelle Lynn
    Chelle Lynn 2 days ago

    "is anybody still here?"

  • macy turner
    macy turner 2 days ago

    i just fell asleep... when the heck did it switch to strawberries?

  • Levi Henstock
    Levi Henstock 2 days ago

    What does Debbie say at 28:21 I've listened to it over and over and I can't make it out

  • Hazel Overman
    Hazel Overman 2 days ago

    Maybe the dough didn’t want to cooperate because the coconut oil wasn’t melted when you put it in the food processor? So the liquid ratio was off? I hate when I follow a recipe exactly and it doesn’t turn out

  • Spencer Allegra
    Spencer Allegra 2 days ago

    Julien and The Machine™️♥️

  • Courtnea Ledger
    Courtnea Ledger 2 days ago

    Please make soup. In Aries Kitchen. Then share with Jenna. Jenna wants it. Jenna gets it. Please.

  • Melody Morningstar
    Melody Morningstar 2 days ago

    Making the handpies tomorrow

  • Megan Yang
    Megan Yang 2 days ago

    Sometimes the amount of water you add to dough depends on the climate you live in!! If you happen to live in humid climates, your dough should form better without adding water

  • Jes Les
    Jes Les 2 days ago


  • Cinema OCD
    Cinema OCD 2 days ago

    Re: the amount of water in the recipe, sometimes even a teaspoon of water can make a difference, and if you live in a dry climate, you may need a bit more water in recipes.

    • Brittany Crooks
      Brittany Crooks 12 hours ago

      He also definitely needed to let the dough rest in the fridge so that the flour could properly hydrate

  • Kristy Russell
    Kristy Russell 2 days ago

    Reminds me of Rachel trying to make an English Triffel on "Friends" hehehe

  • Ariana A
    Ariana A 2 days ago

    “You win some and you lose most” that needs to be on some merch 😂😂👏🏼

  • Kaylen Caraballo
    Kaylen Caraballo 2 days ago

    Listen an apple crisp pie is the best apple pie you could make

  • Allison
    Allison 2 days ago +1

    Julien. Its not the water. Its the evaporated ingredient you didnt put in that you REALLY NEEDED.

  • Bailee Cope
    Bailee Cope 2 days ago +1

    Random question. Anyone else hear a high pitch squeal every time the induction burner is on??

  • Pastel Kidd
    Pastel Kidd 2 days ago

    No one:
    The Machines: *I wAnnA tRy It*

  • Pastel Kidd
    Pastel Kidd 2 days ago

    When the book *HITS*

  • Ashley Campbell
    Ashley Campbell 2 days ago

    debbie & jenna saying “i wanna try it” is my personal hell

  • vicky206
    vicky206 2 days ago

    I strongly agree with this contact thank you

  • Taylor Kacirek
    Taylor Kacirek 2 days ago

    wait is it literally for reals actual for real life really called pie face?

  • Ben Bristow
    Ben Bristow 3 days ago

    Jennas mum looks like Bill Gates circa 2002.....

  • Katie Boyd
    Katie Boyd 3 days ago +2

    Boy, you DID NOT just throw the tops of those cut strawberries back into the container

  • Ameronot
    Ameronot 3 days ago +1

    There's this highpitched background screech in so many of his videos and it's killing my poor ears :'D

  • reina
    reina 3 days ago


  • burntappleslice
    burntappleslice 3 days ago +1

    thank u for new zealand recognition with the meat pie lmao

  • Chloe King
    Chloe King 3 days ago +1

    EEYAAEEE I’m Australian and meat pies and party pies are foods to buy from Aldi and have for an easy dinner after you chuck um’ in the microwave until it burns all ur tastebuds of

    LIUBA MONDINI 3 days ago

    more Peachy and the freekishly weird Kermit with Bobby!! Best Dogs everrrrrr!!!

    LIUBA MONDINI 3 days ago


    LIUBA MONDINI 3 days ago

    please tell Jenna to blog more dog content, the hell with the cooking!

  • sadisticvans
    sadisticvans 3 days ago

    when julien pronounces agar wrong 👀

  • Raven Sherwood
    Raven Sherwood 3 days ago +1

    Julien is real life Rachel from Friends...

  • Lauryn Watson
    Lauryn Watson 4 days ago

    Omg the page-flipping reminded me of the friends episode where Rachel tries to make a trifle but the pages get stuck together and she actually makes a beef trifle concoction 😂

  • peyton leigh
    peyton leigh 4 days ago

    omg what did Bunny think of Guildie???

  • peyton leigh
    peyton leigh 4 days ago

    Julien and Machine are wearing the *same glasses*

  • Kendra
    Kendra 4 days ago +4

    “I’m a man of precision” *uses blade of knife rather than flat side to make it even*

  • Cat
    Cat 4 days ago

    this has the same energy as Rachel making her trifle with ground beef

  • mortis vril
    mortis vril 4 days ago +1

    how could you not find the agar? its in any local asian market

  • awkszoo
    awkszoo 4 days ago

    when dad packs your lunch and its 'sweet calzones'

  • Beverley Blair
    Beverley Blair 4 days ago

    Aww jenna's mum is so cute your all so cute

  • Beverley Blair
    Beverley Blair 4 days ago

    Lol I worndering when jenna was going to pop in

  • Mara Muva
    Mara Muva 4 days ago

    when you made the hand pies i was expecting youd put a wash on it like egg replace even butte to make it look nicer

  • Lissy Meyerowitz
    Lissy Meyerowitz 4 days ago

    when he just closed the lid of the strawberries at 12:50 i almost fainted