Erika Costell - Karma (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Nov 2, 2018
  • The official music video for Karma!
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    Directed by: Taylor Chien
    Assistant directed and edited by: Shannon Curry
    Styled by: Kara Wilson and Ali Molan
    Hair by: Chris Dylan
    Makeup by: Aaron Paul
    Song Produced by: Harvey Mason Jr.
    Song written by: Erika Costell and Brittany Burton
    Special Thanks to the crew:
    Gonzalo Digenio
    Nick Serabyn
    Ben Smith
    Jacob Steagal
    Massimo Legittimo
    Shoutout to DOPE for helping us make this happen.
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Comments • 19 894

  • Reynaldo Dumandan
    Reynaldo Dumandan 20 hours ago


  • devin cagnolatti
    devin cagnolatti 21 hour ago

    bad in a bad way.

  • it's Angel
    it's Angel 22 hours ago

    you look old not kidding hahahah

  • Koiji
    Koiji 23 hours ago

    erika looks like she is 60, this is concerning

  • Käthlin Riim
    Käthlin Riim Day ago

    Haha is this really jake's diss track?

  • Isabella Crisantes

    Why does she thinks she can sing?

  • Potina Haobijam
    Potina Haobijam Day ago

    WTF.. i wish all these youtubers to stop producing their so called songs.. Like seriously man..

  • Zero YT
    Zero YT Day ago +1

    Erika: i dont jave to be a bich
    Me:too late u already are since u left jake

  • Pug Tube
    Pug Tube Day ago

    Omg those Botox honeeeeeeeeeeyyyy they make you look super olddd😳

  • Morgan f
    Morgan f Day ago

    hi erika i first saw you on jake paul and you are just like me i love you this song is just about me my friends are so mean to me and then bully me so one day i want to talk with you i love watching with you because you make me be me so i love you
    i wish we can make a song together come down to west Virgina please talk to ya soon love ya be you to and can i have a shout out

  • Deisy Bahena
    Deisy Bahena Day ago

    1:28 * just casually flexes her fit body *

  • WhyDoThisTo TheBro

    Why is she saying I know karma’s gonna “dee weh deh”

  • Alysha Corin
    Alysha Corin Day ago

    4M views?! I only get 270 on my best mukbang video. Oh why? 😢

  • NPC 1
    NPC 1 Day ago

    Is this a jak Poul dis trak? Ples repply

  • feona slime
    feona slime Day ago

    I love it

  • Kailey H.
    Kailey H. Day ago

    ok but what happened to her face?

  • Richie peapell
    Richie peapell Day ago


  • Allison Krasick
    Allison Krasick Day ago

    Can u talk about the brack up

  • Madison Embry
    Madison Embry Day ago

    love the this music video

  • brentlover98
    brentlover98 Day ago

    its so obvious this is about jake...

  • Masons awsomes channel Masons awsomes channel

    Keep doing you erkia

  • Kimberly Diaz
    Kimberly Diaz Day ago

    Can you please make a video about what happend between you and jake

  • Cass Flower
    Cass Flower Day ago

    You are not queen naija

  • Andres Garcia
    Andres Garcia Day ago

    Erika What do you mean Jake Paul I was made for you

  • Ayden Fowler
    Ayden Fowler Day ago +1

    She looks so old and jake Paul gave you all this fame btw

  • May Abdu
    May Abdu Day ago

    im confused did erika and jake break up or not? if they did, im just gonna say that i only watched j pauls vlogs cuz of erika ;)

  • Candy 5615
    Candy 5615 Day ago

    Why you and jake broke up I miss jerika


    Did you brake up with Jake

  • SonicSwift99
    SonicSwift99 Day ago

    This "song" makes me question my sanity.

  • Ellie Marie
    Ellie Marie Day ago

    I hope this is about jake for cheating on you

  • Cheryl DeVellis
    Cheryl DeVellis Day ago +1

    Iove it

  • Krystal Bethany
    Krystal Bethany Day ago

    Somebody is mad about the Break up TBH I am to 2:00 I loved that part it's okay But is you. Mad

  • Frankie Theiling

    dam when the hell did your face get so busted

  • sabrina dickson
    sabrina dickson Day ago

    This was amazing!!! You do you girl!!

  • Ellesue.x
    Ellesue.x Day ago

    You were the best thing that happened to Jake then he just goes and does what he done your to good for him. Love all your music

  • Riya Kumar
    Riya Kumar Day ago +1

    What is with her cheek bones they look terrible and to much makeup

  • Elizabeth Nabarro

    What the heck all couples are breaking up in this year

  • Hai c: c;
    Hai c: c; Day ago

    Yassss u just slay!!

  • JennyLovesAnimals AndFood

    All these mean comments really? KARMA COMING!

  • Sophia Foot
    Sophia Foot Day ago

    her body 😧😧😧

  • Terry Tp
    Terry Tp Day ago +5

    She's high on botox

  • Lou Scholl
    Lou Scholl Day ago +3

    When she try’s to make jake jealous lol

  • Sophie Ohanlon
    Sophie Ohanlon Day ago

    why just why

  • Art Girl
    Art Girl Day ago +1

    Why do you people has to mean to her. She’s a human being. So she famous. That doesn’t mean you can be mean to her. Be more respectful

  • Nina Gabrielle
    Nina Gabrielle Day ago

    Directed by: Jake Paul

  • Grønne Gamborg
    Grønne Gamborg Day ago

    You look beautiful!

  • Philip Gillett
    Philip Gillett Day ago

    Is this about Jake paul

  • Noelle Davis
    Noelle Davis Day ago

    It was good. But kinda weird but I liked it

  • olivia ann
    olivia ann Day ago


  • Kristy S
    Kristy S Day ago

    I will sue who did your cheeks.

  • Thomas Daquila
    Thomas Daquila Day ago

    I love her but when her and Jake broke up I cried a lot. Jerika is over 😭😭

  • Graciestar2005
    Graciestar2005 Day ago

    Does anyone understand u say this online but it’s better to not say anything at all if u don’t like someone go it’s not a battle to be rude and obnoxious because u make fun of what she looks like but if ur the ones getting made fun of that different it’s not okay because u don’t know what going on behind closed doors everyone has something wrong and u lot seem to make it worse so if u have nothing nice to say bye bye

  • Thomas Daquila
    Thomas Daquila Day ago

    She looks like she is 40 years old

  • goonk FX
    goonk FX Day ago

    that make up making u look like a grandma tryna still trying to be a ho

  • Ninja Fruit
    Ninja Fruit Day ago


  • Rochelle Drager
    Rochelle Drager Day ago

    I don't care what anyone says, this will never not be an awesome song

  • Rochelle Drager
    Rochelle Drager Day ago

    I wish I had Erika's body

  • LifeWithEmz
    LifeWithEmz Day ago

    Ooo Jakey Pauley presure

  • Prism
    Prism Day ago

    I didn’t even watch the video I’ve been reading the comments 😂

  • Varnesh_24
    Varnesh_24 Day ago +2

    Pause at 2:02 pls

  • Loulou Rydon
    Loulou Rydon Day ago

    is she rosting jake paul after they broke up

  • IamJoan P
    IamJoan P Day ago

    Wow people can be mean. Dang.

  • Dakota Grant
    Dakota Grant Day ago

    did jake and Erika break up?

  • Oliver Pietrucik

    Have you and jake split up

  • Amber Thomas
    Amber Thomas Day ago

    1 learn how to do ya makeup 2 put some clothing on 3 stop get some help 4 to much auto tune 5 I'm sorry but yerr 😂

  • Killer Dude
    Killer Dude Day ago +3


    UWU_JIN _UWU Day ago

    Ok your voice 👌
    The song. 👎
    Your a great singer but I don't really like this song much

  • Lefart
    Lefart Day ago

    When she sings like Jojo Siwa

  • Jesus Flores
    Jesus Flores Day ago

    you have a body of temptation but a face of repentance

  • Super gacha show 2009

    Why yall gotta be rude!
    Ya know she might go through the comments and be upset and god wouldn't like that

  • Gubbed
    Gubbed Day ago +1

    I don’t see how she looks like an old lady, I thinks she’s hot tbh

  • Jamison Stonionis

    Y’all wanna insult and talk smack about her and how she looks but none of you would go to her and say it she has feelings and you think hiding behind a screen is ok but if it came down to it you’d all never say it to her

  • Shasta Shopkin
    Shasta Shopkin Day ago +1

    Ever since she post this song she never been posting

  • Eden Traill
    Eden Traill Day ago

    Jake hates u any way

  • Eden Traill
    Eden Traill Day ago


  • Issy McQueen
    Issy McQueen Day ago

    So cute!

  • Only Faye
    Only Faye Day ago +1

    3:25 I got you boo ;)

  • GamerGirl_X
    GamerGirl_X Day ago

    Girl why all the surgery etc u r so much prettier without all that ❤️ not hating btw I’m just being honest u don’t need surgery, it makes u look older then u acc are but without it all u r so pretty and u look ur age

  • Rachelle Djordjevic

    You're the last person who should be talking about karma considering the snakey ass moves you pulled on your two friends lmfao

  • Lilli Shaw
    Lilli Shaw Day ago +2

    (sooo relatable 😏) Karma is gonna deal wit it 😈👿

  • E A
    E A Day ago

    This is so terrible it's offensive.

  • Betthany Remigio

    This was made to tell everyone who like messed around with her and she saying that karma is gonna get to them and it's also telling jake Paul karma is coming becuz have cheated and since Erika doesn't want to see jake she used the other guys as jake to show something like jake did

  • Rachel Anderson
    Rachel Anderson Day ago

    LOVE IT!! forget the haters ;)
    Killin it

  • Syed Hassan Askari


  • Darcey Ashcroft
    Darcey Ashcroft Day ago +6

    I actually can’t watch this.....

  • Catch me knuckles For the legends


  • Soccer Legend
    Soccer Legend Day ago

    You know, I like Erika. But I honestly think she shouldn't really make music. It sounds like it's all auto tune.

  • Cuzito LGD
    Cuzito LGD Day ago

    If you like or liked this song .

    You have serious problems.

  • Nicole M
    Nicole M Day ago

    This sucks karma is not gonna deal with

  • Ruan Booysen
    Ruan Booysen Day ago

    You sing better than Jake

  • Hans St Pierre
    Hans St Pierre Day ago

    The guy at the end is an upgrade

  • TheNoobSquad 05
    TheNoobSquad 05 Day ago +1

    Ugliest face ever

  • Gabi Zuniga
    Gabi Zuniga Day ago

    Do you think this was for Jake 🤔 Erika pls tell us why you guys broke up pls

  • trances script
    trances script Day ago

    That face looks awfully awful.

  • Jessica Lyngkhoi

    how old is she.. she doesn't look young at all

  • Lucas  Jeremy
    Lucas Jeremy Day ago


  • GTA V Decoders
    GTA V Decoders Day ago

    How about a porn career?

  • Fang Chi kim
    Fang Chi kim Day ago

    To be honest, she looks so old even she put her make up on. I know why jake is leaving u...

  • Brianna Dove
    Brianna Dove Day ago

    Are you an jake still jerika

  • Terry Shameem
    Terry Shameem Day ago +1

    Now that's a face only a mother could love 😂