Nintendo Booth Tour at E3 2015 [Electronic Entertainment Expo]


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  • Name Less
    Name Less 3 years ago

    I saw jovenshire there from smosh

  • YTninjaGameZ
    YTninjaGameZ 3 years ago


  • Bryan’s Toy Haven
    Bryan’s Toy Haven 3 years ago

    Man some of those Amiibos are just sick looking! Can't wait! Thanks for sharing all the E3 goodness!

  • Far Crafter
    Far Crafter 3 years ago

    You have 1080views in 6hours that is not really good for having 400000subs.
    You should make less videos and focus more on skylanders you are destroying your channel.

    • Spidermanmax123
      Spidermanmax123 3 years ago

      It's not all about the views it's about what the UScliprs want too do on there channel.

  • GianPierre Salazar
    GianPierre Salazar 3 years ago

  • DaxingtontheEpic
    DaxingtontheEpic 3 years ago

    Jovenshire taking a pic of an amiibo

  • Max Nowicki
    Max Nowicki 3 years ago

    8th comment

  • David Cubillan
    David Cubillan 3 years ago

    5th comment thumbs up for blue the raptor and the raptor squad

  • T-Wayne Mckanye
    T-Wayne Mckanye 3 years ago

  • Nate Gettins
    Nate Gettins 3 years ago

    4th comment

  • Rezziyy
    Rezziyy 3 years ago

    3rd comment

  • Dakota Hood
    Dakota Hood 3 years ago

    Second comment meow

  • Mr.Abercrombie
    Mr.Abercrombie 3 years ago

    1st comment :):):):):)

    • Omengta
      Omengta 3 years ago

      +gabriel glogowski Nope eightbit was