Everything wrong with Jojo Siwa in a 10 minute video part 3


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  • DramaDaily
    DramaDaily  23 days ago +476

    Check out our latest video on our second channel, "Everything wrong with Laura Lee in a 6 minute video" here!

    • Debbie Miller
      Debbie Miller Day ago

      DramaDaily Mabey she’s trying to be kid appropriate and Mabey she can be extra if she wants whoever u are do one on someone that is worse and a lot of people prank people on it’s not really ur car prank so I don’t know why ur hating on her for that cause other USclipers to it to soo

    • cat queen
      cat queen 4 days ago

      Do a part 4

      ARE U KIRRING ME RIAA!! 5 days ago


    • zoe tonXD
      zoe tonXD 10 days ago

      DramaDaily Are you late to comment on your videos is that a why you pin your own comments?

    • WolfFlame LoneWolf
      WolfFlame LoneWolf 10 days ago

      Being Honest DramaDaily. I rather watch and subscribe to you then even hear that thing talk. Like no offence if you like her just i don't think she deserves this "fame"

  • 38 heart
    38 heart Hour ago

    My cousin don't even dress like her, and she is 12 and rich

  • Misty_Lioness
    Misty_Lioness 4 hours ago

    Wait, was she wearing Esme Squalor’s circus outfit in the thumbnail?! 🤔😯

  • Lucia Juarez
    Lucia Juarez 4 hours ago

    Your the worst your just jealous of her

  • Samantha Rodriguez
    Samantha Rodriguez 4 hours ago

    Wow she is a real brat. OOf. She’s real mean too. WHAT A BRATTY CHILD

    CURLY SAM 5 hours ago

    Bruh Im 12 and I will NEVER wear those retarted bows my god, and that’s why she famous?¿ 🤔🤮

  • Feargal _ Google
    Feargal _ Google 5 hours ago +1

    She doesn't act like a 12 year old, she acts like a 6 year old.

  • Ray Rogers
    Ray Rogers 6 hours ago

    More like 10 minutes of reading

  • Sadikha Saneha
    Sadikha Saneha 7 hours ago +2


  • Mel Thecow
    Mel Thecow 7 hours ago

    She don’t dress like a 12 year old... SHE DRESSES LIKE A 2 YEAR OLD, I DIDNT DRESS LIKE THAT WHEN I WAS 12

  • Delaney Dysthe
    Delaney Dysthe 7 hours ago

    I feel like nowadays kids don't really have that many *actual* celebrity role models, jojo is innocent and it's nice to see that still existing today

  • Take 2
    Take 2 7 hours ago

    JoJo is


  • Neva Seleš
    Neva Seleš 7 hours ago

    when she grows up shes probably gonna be one of those weird gold diggers that turn themselvs into barbie dolls with plastic surgeries that often shows up on the series on e news called botched 😥

  • claudia roussel
    claudia roussel 10 hours ago

    In jojo Silas live stream she says that she dresses like she’s twelve! More like you dress like you seven or even six! I am ten and EVERY SINGLE person i know dresses a lot older than her, even some do their younger siblings dress older than her!

  • Gay_Lester
    Gay_Lester 10 hours ago

    *sexualizes a child for the thumbnail and views*

  • Jhazzandra Llobrera
    Jhazzandra Llobrera 10 hours ago

    She's too young for this 😡😡

  • •D̤̈ö̤ẗ̤ D̤̈ö̤ẗ̤•

    The photo on her car makes her look fat no offense

  • Iman Haq
    Iman Haq 11 hours ago

    Btw her car wasn’t her choice- it was a gift

  • Sani K.
    Sani K. 12 hours ago

    She isn’t even singing. She’s talking😑😑😑😑

  • Tintin Unicorn
    Tintin Unicorn 13 hours ago


    SHUNTED 13 hours ago

    We must tear that car apart, then burn it to set it's soul free.

  • TheKnox63
    TheKnox63 14 hours ago

    That prank was sick I dont like this chick at all

  • Marim Mamdoh
    Marim Mamdoh 15 hours ago

    Actually my little sister dressed in her life a lot of things that ain't like her tho.. my sis was trippin

  • dusty3741
    dusty3741 16 hours ago

    How in the fuck is this ding dong famous?

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 16 hours ago +3

    If someone at my school came driving a JoHoe car they’d get bullied for like 5 years straight

  • Spencer Phelps
    Spencer Phelps 17 hours ago

    The video is not 10mins long it’s 10:04 mins long

  • Jikook Shipper
    Jikook Shipper 17 hours ago +1

    She doesn't dress like she's 12, she dresses like she's 3. I'm 12 and I dress my age, crop tops tops and tights, basic bitch style

  • Yzabel Audrey Cayabyab
    Yzabel Audrey Cayabyab 18 hours ago

    She's like saying the lyrics not singing

    She can maybe have a great chance on rapping

  • everybody's tough until the man comes around

    Jojo siwa fans a fans are 7 year old fan girls that have nothing better to do than watch a 13 girl that has no talent my cat has more talent than she does and don't get me started on the hair line its so far back

  • Jordyn M
    Jordyn M 18 hours ago

    With the car she didn’t make it

  • Iconic
    Iconic 19 hours ago +2

    I mean she’s not hurting anyone

      SHUNTED 30 minutes ago

      +Iconic hope ye r jokin m8

    • Iconic
      Iconic 35 minutes ago

      SHUNTED I’m definitely not a fan of her, if that’s what you are thinking😂 I’m just saying she doesn’t do anything to anyone like a lot of other UScliprs

      SHUNTED 13 hours ago +1

      Hope ye r jokin m8

  • Joker is_mad8765
    Joker is_mad8765 19 hours ago

    Even tho I’m not a fan of jojo cuz her shit is so ridiculous this vid was way too picky and the points were terrible

  • *. Ruby .*
    *. Ruby .* 19 hours ago

    Seriously guys! Ok i just want you guys to stop with all this "OMG Jojo has so much money!" Really guys? Her mom and dad worked so hard to give her all this stuff to be successfully in life, and she certainly is!! So what you don't like the her, the bows, and the "girly girly things?" Then don't like them!! There is no need to be so cruel to someone who's already been hated! I'd like to see you all work you butt's off like her parents did. She cares and loves her parents. So what if she's has a engergetic personality, or is it becaus you love to bully so much? Personally i'm not really a fan of Jojo but all this hate drive me nuts!! LEAVE HER ALONE IF YOU DON'T LIKE HER!!

  • Mr. Bear
    Mr. Bear 19 hours ago

    We get it JoJo is a soulless child.

  • Mr. Bear
    Mr. Bear 19 hours ago

    It's funny cause who ever is making these is so obviously a butt hurt 13 year old who is jealous of JoJo's success. Quite pitiful to be frank. Like this video of pointing out how much of an annoying ungrateful brat she is could have been done better. If you just showed the videos and a sentence of what it is and how its bad that would have been fine. But reading what you wrote was just so stupid don't know how else to put it my god dreadful.

  • Marshmallow Fan73736:7
    Marshmallow Fan73736:7 20 hours ago

    Who’s worse Jojo shitface or Danielle cock


    getting a car with your own face on it is honestly goals

  • 100 subs without no content? Shamrock

    I can make my farts sing better than her.

  • 100 subs without no content? Shamrock

    She’s a dick....pranks are suppose to be fun.

  • Sadie Cesena
    Sadie Cesena 21 hour ago

    2:09 the people in the back!😂😂

  • Tiffanymakeup A
    Tiffanymakeup A 22 hours ago

    Wow. The car was fucked up. She could easily buy her brother a cheap ass jeep car. But she messes with him. Wow

  • Nukewolf97
    Nukewolf97 22 hours ago

    ....she ruined that bmw...why....just...why

    • Nukewolf97
      Nukewolf97 12 hours ago

      SHUNTED yes, it is the only way

      SHUNTED 13 hours ago +1

      now we must tear it apart then burn it to set it's soul free.

  • KittyMeowrYT Gaming
    KittyMeowrYT Gaming 23 hours ago

    Song; Buddha
    Artist; Kontekst
    The description was wrong so I fixed it

  • ZyAnne Grace
    ZyAnne Grace 23 hours ago

    “She dresses like a 12 year old.” I’m 12 and I don’t dress like her. I think she meant to say 5 year old

  • Astrid Díaz
    Astrid Díaz 23 hours ago

    She is Jake Paul's adopted sister

  • Gacha girl Ashlyn!
    Gacha girl Ashlyn! 23 hours ago

    Um mojo is the best singer..... how is she not the best like how...

  • cait
    cait Day ago +2

    don’t you have better things to do than hate on a fifteen year old lmao

      SHUNTED 13 hours ago

      Good point mate

  • {S i s s y}
    {S i s s y} Day ago

    Jojo siwa And Billie eyelash Are almost the same age

  • Kanysha Bax-Leaney

    I dont think danielle intends to be a role model

  • Kanysha Bax-Leaney
    Kanysha Bax-Leaney Day ago +1

    Her voice sounds like the tana mongoose

  • Não Te Interessa

    wtf my sister is 12 and she wouldn’t dress Jojo’s clothes if I payed her
    Well if I payed her maybe she would but that’s not the case

  • Não Te Interessa

    *cop sees JoJo driving her car*
    Oh shit is that a giant 8 year old

  • Lorenzo Buttignol
    Lorenzo Buttignol Day ago +1

    I thought bitch meant female dog but then I realized it meant jojo siwa

  • Kelsey Pooley
    Kelsey Pooley Day ago

    the funny thing is her family buys her a whole fucking car and what does she get them in return? Nothing!😂

  • Kelsey Pooley
    Kelsey Pooley Day ago

    I feel so bad for jojo’s brother that’s horrible:(((

  • Raven Cake
    Raven Cake Day ago

    I prefer her over bhad baby or whatever the fuck Her name is, plus her general audience is kids and she never really had much of a childhood because of dance moms.

  • Harry and Ginny 4 eves

    12 year olds don't act like that you act like an 5 year old and btw I am 12 !!! So chew chew chew on that

  • Poly 65
    Poly 65 Day ago

    She is fucking copying Freddie Mercury at 5:35 just look she is holding the microphone just like Freddie!

  • Arabella Player
    Arabella Player Day ago

    Intro got me dying

  • Alvina Kuanysheva
    Alvina Kuanysheva Day ago +1

    When police stop the car

    Police: *bmw without a hairline stop*

    Jojo: 😑

  • Abby the Queenie
    Abby the Queenie Day ago +1

    Make one with her singing Radio Ga Ga

  • Techno Gaming
    Techno Gaming Day ago

    Watching this video makes me realize that i am broke.

  • Glam Gamer
    Glam Gamer Day ago

    *but did sis REALLY need ANOTHER car.... especially since her brother doesn’t even have his own dream car like come on.*

  • Extra
    Extra Day ago

    Tbh the only thing wrong w/Jojo is her hairline. I’m genuinely concerned

  • 1-800-i love you !

    bro they can get the bitch a car but not the brother like wtf

  • Kawaiicuties Tv
    Kawaiicuties Tv Day ago

    The first part tho

  • TBNRmaster K
    TBNRmaster K Day ago

    Im a 12 year old and girls dont dress like that, but 5 year olds do..

  • Gamer girl
    Gamer girl Day ago

    I mean I’m not hating but I think is a good person from heart but the social media is the thing that gets to people

  • Vixfix Pixtix
    Vixfix Pixtix Day ago

    You should have just said she’s completely wrong

  • Sophia Stevens
    Sophia Stevens Day ago

    I’m 12 and I’m more mature than Jojo...

  • Rwdy Piper362
    Rwdy Piper362 Day ago +1

    Splatoon 2 fans: This girl. Is Pearl's long lost sister.

  • Darek Blakesley
    Darek Blakesley Day ago

    I feel bad for that car.

  • Lilmisscutie
    Lilmisscutie 2 days ago

    It's so shitty to legit lie about a car and keeping the act for so long. Like what the actual.. if this happened to me the last thing she'd remember would be a big fat slap in the face, and she'd never see me ever again. Let alone spread so fake rumours as revenge bish 😏

  • Esther Medina
    Esther Medina 2 days ago

    I thought that was a 5 year old with a growing disorder guess I was wrong

  • Its Emily Siwa
    Its Emily Siwa 2 days ago


  • Maniac Memes
    Maniac Memes 2 days ago

    I feel so sorry for his brother :(

  • tiff tiff
    tiff tiff 2 days ago

    OMG I hate this bitch so much 😂

  • to m
    to m 2 days ago


  • yeet
    yeet 2 days ago

    seriously the first one wasn't even that deep. if she did something messed up but buying a car then saying "everything wrong with her" make you look like you need the money since you're putting out dumbass reasons to whats 'wrong' with jojo.

  • PixelCraft Style
    PixelCraft Style 2 days ago

    1:56 I would feel to bad and end up buying it for him COZ THIS IS TOO MEAN

  • ellie
    ellie 2 days ago +1

    I have the thumbnail as my background picture for my phone

  • stream epiphany
    stream epiphany 2 days ago

    that prank was the least, literally. i mean if she has the money to buy her a car with her own face on it, she also should be able to buy her brother a car

  • • laura •
    • laura • 2 days ago

    wth just stop sending hate to a child and go get a job

  • Roxi lver
    Roxi lver 2 days ago


  • Pandalover 27
    Pandalover 27 2 days ago

    wait she not 12?!?!?!

  • pappu 32
    pappu 32 2 days ago

    Jeez chill with the mid rolls

  • Saikou Colley
    Saikou Colley 2 days ago

    Leave the poor girl alone....she's a star and y'all haters are jealous of her

  • Black Power
    Black Power 2 days ago

    *Only ten minutes?*

  • Thanos
    Thanos 2 days ago +1


  • Lailax Ahmed
    Lailax Ahmed 2 days ago

    You s e l l o u t 10mins 3seconds and 5 ADs

  • Savannah Castillo
    Savannah Castillo 2 days ago +1

    On the car my brother said " why does she have a big face?"

  • naomi.x mcauliffe
    naomi.x mcauliffe 2 days ago


  • Good_Night
    Good_Night 2 days ago

    lol that bmw is too small her

  • CJ girl games
    CJ girl games 2 days ago

    That is not nice to say

  • Chloe Clark
    Chloe Clark 2 days ago

    I hate her

  • theDoodlemaste r
    theDoodlemaste r 2 days ago

    12 year olds do not dress like that (I'm 12 and I've been around enough 12 year olds to know this) she dresses like a 5 year old just saying

  • Cuteheilly
    Cuteheilly 2 days ago

    Why do you guys hate jojo so much! At least she isn’t like Danielle Cohn 😓

  • Autumn Tayloe
    Autumn Tayloe 2 days ago

    JoJo was like "I have the maturity of a 15 year old but I dress like im 12" ok! First of all, I'm 11 and we don't even dress like that!! JoJo looks like she could be my 6 year old sister going to her first day of kindergarten...

  • Emma Rose
    Emma Rose 2 days ago

    *burn it*

  • nopenopenope lol
    nopenopenope lol 2 days ago

    Her fucking HAIRLINE THO