How High Can We Build?

  • Published on Jun 3, 2012
  • What's the tallest THING we've ever built? How tall will we EVER be able to build?
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    music by:
    see two sunrises/sunsets and calculate the Earth's Radius:
    also HERE:
    Tallest Structures TIMELINE:
    Tallest list incorporating building/structure distinction:
    falling person and terminal velocity:
    KWTV, first radio mast taller than the Empire State Building:
    radio mast collapse VIDEO:
    Dubai and Burj Khalifa in fog:
    Pictures of Burj Khalifa:
    Burj Khalifa and Ramadan:
    Shuttle / ISS height:
    Sunrise from orbit VIDEO:
    XKCD Date Idea"
    Space elevator: (be sure to enjoy the Conan Space Pirate Toy .gif)
    Another possible way to make a super-tall structure:
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  • Steve Fortuna
    Steve Fortuna Hour ago

    Did you deliberately choose to have the most annoying background noise playing during your talk because of self-hatred, or are you just sadistic bastards? KILL THE BACKING TRACK

  • Flying Dog
    Flying Dog 2 hours ago

    That made me dummer.

  • kirk0831
    kirk0831 2 hours ago +1

    Tell you a secret: the earth is flat.

  • TheLightningFalcon
    TheLightningFalcon 2 hours ago

    Jump off the top and place a bucket of water right before you land

  • Justin S
    Justin S 2 hours ago +1

    I can definitely build while high, so I'd say pretty dang high

  • Marek Pražák
    Marek Pražák 3 hours ago

    2 sun sets? are you telling me that earth is not flat?

  • Saydiyoulous
    Saydiyoulous 3 hours ago

    obviously 256 blocks

  • John Ruud
    John Ruud 3 hours ago +1

    I bet you the pyramids were orgy chambers.

  • mick hanks
    mick hanks 4 hours ago

    I'm only for a space elevator if 90% of the materials and construction come from space. The damage to the environment to deploy a space elevator from earth to space would be devastating.

  • Sergio Colon
    Sergio Colon 5 hours ago

    Can u do how high we can get

  • Music And Cubes
    Music And Cubes 7 hours ago

    You can't get the radius of the Earth, because the Earth is actually flat XD

  • hair-tu fucwit chu
    hair-tu fucwit chu 7 hours ago

    Honestly would you take an elevator to space? Hooked to a boat that's rocking and moving around. Planes buzzing around hell no.

  • Shoaib Siddiq
    Shoaib Siddiq 9 hours ago

    He must be really rich

  • Hans Geiger
    Hans Geiger 10 hours ago

    What an idiot, who takes him serious?

  • boulderbash19700209
    boulderbash19700209 12 hours ago

    What if we keep piling up dirt in pyramide shape until it reached space? No carbon nanotube. Yay!!

  • Sandy Fraser
    Sandy Fraser 15 hours ago

    Interested in video
    Guys a moron
    Comments that guy is a moron
    Clicks another video

  • Ben Turley
    Ben Turley 15 hours ago

    How high can we build?
    I dunno, how high can we GET?

  • PandaWamen
    PandaWamen 17 hours ago

    But, the boat woulds sink from the weight of the elevator.

  • walter kersting
    walter kersting 18 hours ago

    From the Burge Khalifa you can see desolation and dust for miles...

  • Luke Brizendine
    Luke Brizendine 20 hours ago

    The earth is flat bro video discredited

  • Sir HK91G3
    Sir HK91G3 20 hours ago

    I'm surprised North Korea hasn't announced the sun never sets there.......

  • Heru- deshet
    Heru- deshet 20 hours ago

    Whatever you do, don't ask CNN. They will bull shit you like no one has ever done it!

  • Jay22
    Jay22 21 hour ago

    But I heard the earth is flat, so how is this all possible?

  • Michael Cowell
    Michael Cowell 23 hours ago

    hey I enjoyed this video, good job

  • Matthew Morycinski

    For a more practical tall structure (80 km tall), see

  • Brian Porter
    Brian Porter Day ago

    This guy is the Highest thing on earth

  • Patient Grasshopper

    He says a space elevator will save money to send things up but it must be pretty expensive to make, so how long would it take before the savings are worth it?

    • TheOneWhoMightBe
      TheOneWhoMightBe Hour ago

      Like all things, the answer is 'it depends'.
      Mostly on how much stuff gets sent up and how much it cost to build.
      If it cost $10bn to build and had no running costs (impossible), then it would take ~50 sat launches (Assuming each sat costs $200m to launch; ULA/ESA more expensive, Roscosmos/SPX less).
      An Orbital Ring is better imo because we can build that with common materials we have today and it has a much higher capacity.

  • LordOrange :D
    LordOrange :D Day ago

    256 blocks, that's basic knowledge!

  • DailyMeds
    DailyMeds Day ago

    T H E S E F A C T S A R E T O O H O T F O R J A C K E T S

  • Dark Thoughts
    Dark Thoughts Day ago

    No such thing as centrifical force!

  • obotish1981
    obotish1981 Day ago

    waste of time

  • Damien Oleary
    Damien Oleary Day ago

    Make it easy for Muslims to fly into.

  • SkyGamer
    SkyGamer Day ago

    Cant we just build a pyramid?

  • Southern Triskel

    Again, Vsauce, respect! - love your show...however, when it comes to a presentation on tall buildings I believe you omitted a huge revolution which was the invention of the Arch. The Roman's did not have the technology or no how on how to reinforce with steel above windows therefore the hight of a building was restricted until they came up with the Arch wich enabled further hights at the time....just saying...
    Thanks again for the very insightful guys rock! Cheerz from South Africa !

  • Garrett McLees
    Garrett McLees Day ago

    Phineas and ferb already proved that we can build the to the moon.

  • Slyger
    Slyger Day ago

    ahh, remember when Michael still had his sanity?

  • George Augustus
    George Augustus Day ago

    earth is flat

  • BloatedBlitz
    BloatedBlitz Day ago +2

    To bad we can only build 256 blocks high

  • Hotshotgaming15
    Hotshotgaming15 Day ago

    Na bro the transformers made tht shi

  • J. Mac Jordan
    J. Mac Jordan 2 days ago

    The end of the video makes me think a cherry picker was rented...but not needed - it was after all an idea for "a date." Hence the "theoretical" explanation & the lack of footage to show it...& why, subconsciously, the girl was edited to be at the very end, the stopping point--he subconsciously showed his attempt, how long it took to awkwardly get shut down, thereby completely stopping the whole pursuit. Thus, the cherry picker was not used, he had no date, & the simple camera shot was just too painful to try.
    "Ok, visit Egypt, visit Dubai, check & check, & a cherry picker? ....Nah; I can explain that idea by talking. Now... Hey! You! Behind the counter! Where my plane tickets at?! Emirates is supposed to be about service! I got places to be..."

  • Izskat
    Izskat 2 days ago

    I feel very high after watching this my mind is blown

  • Amazing Chad
    Amazing Chad 2 days ago +1


  • Bubble's Jams
    Bubble's Jams 2 days ago

    wAtEr FrOm ThE nIlE

  • Eternal Vigor
    Eternal Vigor 2 days ago +1

    I got hype when he said North Dakota had a record (I’m from ND)

  • Nick Brutanna
    Nick Brutanna 2 days ago

    The biggest problem with the Orbital Tower concept is that it begs to be the victim of a terrorist attack. And if such an attack is at all successful, we would see a civilization-destroying cataclysm as the likely result.

  • Toyota4runner TrdPro16

    And now your phone has dysentery

  • Omer Gouner101
    Omer Gouner101 2 days ago +1

    The build limit is 256 blocks.

  • 1
    1 2 days ago

    The sound effect at the very end was from "Mega Man 3" I believe.

  • Kurt Elliott
    Kurt Elliott 2 days ago +1

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  • GotDemNoscopez
    GotDemNoscopez 2 days ago

    *minecract nibbas: 255 duh idiot*
    Normal people: very high

  • nyk31
    nyk31 2 days ago

    You can only build as high as the firmament that hast been bestoweth't upon the Lord's flock, which doth protect us from Satan's realm who hath taken'th't the name, NASA. Repent for the end is nigh when the flat earth will cracketh and give waye as ye scientists and fools tumble through the eternal abyss of Obama's partaking therein.

  • 5doges
    5doges 2 days ago

    But the build limit is 256 meters!

  • Errortale Sans
    Errortale Sans 2 days ago +1

    I thought the hight limit was 256 meters

  • Jay Rachlen
    Jay Rachlen 2 days ago

    Music distracting and very annoying

  • Alex Benavidez
    Alex Benavidez 3 days ago

    I used to watch the sun set as much as I could on my trampoline
    By just jumping and bouncing, I could see the sun after it had already set from me standing stationary

  • Papa Bless
    Papa Bless 3 days ago +4

    We can build pretty but we shouldn't dig straight down

    • Papa Bless
      Papa Bless 2 days ago

      @nyk31 yea dude

    • nyk31
      nyk31 2 days ago

      ...because there is a lot of lava and caves below block level 30?

  • kevin byrne
    kevin byrne 3 days ago

    "well, because it would be awesome"


    earth is not round idiot !

  • zola mo
    zola mo 3 days ago

    Space elevator is not possible, it's speed through the atmosphere as the earth rotates would be a slight hazard to aircraft, even if it could hold together and not be torn from it's moorings on the ground. Comic book stuff-space elevators.

  • Feline Grace
    Feline Grace 3 days ago

    I am extremely curious about the effect this would have on the earth's orbit. If something would be pulling on the space elevator, wouldn't it have an effect on earth's gravity? Or the velocity in which the earth spins? The thing with space debri is that they need to develop a spaceship that can "knock" the debri out of orbit (that might not work because of earth's gravity could possibly not allow the debri to go off too far into space. It also is potentially disastrous if we happen to knock the space debri into the earth's atmosphere....) or develop a spaceship that can "suck up" the space debri. Having space trash around the earth is not a good idea. But anyways, back to the tower....I'm still trying to wrap my head around the negative consequences of having a space tower.

  • James White
    James White 3 days ago

    Can't say I think much of the Walter Carlos background music.

  • Xan_Griegor
    Xan_Griegor 3 days ago +1

    You're a monster @vsauce. How dare you not say your camera was "in de-nile"! This is heresy against puns!

  • Rudy Krasnal
    Rudy Krasnal 3 days ago

    Came to make a minecraft joke to find out I'm a month late

  • Alex
    Alex 3 days ago

    The max block limit explained

  • Kermit the frog
    Kermit the frog 3 days ago

    256 meters

  • talha butt
    talha butt 3 days ago

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  • Yoovie
    Yoovie 3 days ago +1

    256 blocks, it used to be 128

  • I Got 99 Problems But My Alt Aint One

    Untill it throws off the earth's orbit.

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User 3 days ago

    Soy sauce...

  • m'aster chief
    m'aster chief 3 days ago

    ~256 blocks

  • David Bradbury
    David Bradbury 3 days ago

    Loving the Wendy Carlos background music.

  • Swazi Prince
    Swazi Prince 4 days ago

    Why can't they get rid of space debris?

    • M T
      M T 3 days ago

      Someday when the US government admits they own gravity propulsion systems (UFOs), maybe they will. A gravity based craft could be used to collect space garbage in a gravity well and de-orbit it.

  • chris cooper
    chris cooper 4 days ago

    what dumb bullshit

  • Rose Winter
    Rose Winter 4 days ago

    did you go to egypt just for this

  • Claudia Lazlok
    Claudia Lazlok 4 days ago

    I want to jump off from that ! gota go fast!

  • Lee Mccoy
    Lee Mccoy 4 days ago

    The Tower of Babel was supposed to reach into heaven.

  • Alex Price
    Alex Price 4 days ago

    every flat earther needs to try the sit down stand up sunset trick. explain the flatness

    • SLAM
      SLAM 3 days ago

      Explain? Not a flat earth guy but I am a little lost lol

  • Akash Iswary
    Akash Iswary 4 days ago +11

    Why is a building called a 'building' even after being built🤔

    • Cody Lee
      Cody Lee 2 days ago +1

      Why are apartments called apartments, when they're all together?

  • Tom Yazel
    Tom Yazel 4 days ago

    this dude had got to be the biggest party buzz kill ever.

  • Tropical Storm Rain
    Tropical Storm Rain 4 days ago

    Channel SUCKS

  • Yute
    Yute 5 days ago

    How high can Vsauce raise one eyebrow. He looks like a monkey performing a trick. Now touch your nose with your tongue. This guy is an actor, a puppet pushing Scientism.

    • M T
      M T 3 days ago

      And he's creepy

  • Nitroxim
    Nitroxim 5 days ago


  • p K
    p K 5 days ago

    Kristin is cute

  • CancersKryptonite
    CancersKryptonite 5 days ago

    Sooooooooo, what kind of magic super metal is the ISS made out of since it can withstand going from absolute zero -180 below 0 to over 2,800 degrees in the sunlight? Answer = NONE because this question alone proves that ISS is fake and nothing more than a low budget hollywood deception in plain sight.
    Want more clues to the truth? I'm not giving it away, you have to work for it, the answer lies in considering the following
    1. Wernher Von Braun's tombstone.
    2. How to create artificial rainbow indoors.
    3. 8" per mile squared.
    4. Charles Hapgood & the Peri Reiss Map.
    5. Does Antarctica in FACT receive 24 hours of sunlight in their summer?
    6. Operation High Jump & Operation Fish Bowl respectively.
    If you make it this far, message me for more.

  • Brian Lee
    Brian Lee 5 days ago +2

    If you're from Chi-town you know it's forever the Sears Tower

    • Layerz
      Layerz 3 days ago

      Brian Lee I'm not from Chicago, but I visited while it was called the sears tower. I loved that thing, so it will always be called sears tower to me.

  • Adolf Stalin
    Adolf Stalin 5 days ago

    Geizerss are dope

  • Mountain Man
    Mountain Man 5 days ago

    ??? What a pointless video...

    AMERICAN IDIOT 5 days ago


  • MaDriZz
    MaDriZz 5 days ago


  • Theboss47
    Theboss47 5 days ago +1

    Hmmm a cathedral in England that really ignites a fire in my brain but I don’t really know what it is

    • Gxlden Rosez
      Gxlden Rosez 3 days ago +1

      Why didn't he say something about the twin tour's i guess it was too plane

  • rrett44556
    rrett44556 5 days ago +1

    > be me
    > see thumbnail and title
    > see post date 7 years go
    > think 256 duh
    > click on video and go into the comments
    > see 8 people post the same thing in the first 20 comments
    > get no likes
    > cry from depression

  • Clifford Gill
    Clifford Gill 6 days ago

    Math explains everything ! 😄

  • Lizard King
    Lizard King 6 days ago

    why haven't we built a kevlar space elevator on the moon yet?

  • bobss85
    bobss85 6 days ago

    ha! I was a young boy, guess around 8-10yo, when I was wondering "damn, why don't we build an escalator to the space instead of flying shuttles.." :))

  • IngmarSweep
    IngmarSweep 6 days ago +2

    Irritating background sound / music

  • TheGamingNet
    TheGamingNet 6 days ago

    To build a space elevator all you need is minecraft bedrock

  • Chinese Jay YouTube
    Chinese Jay YouTube 6 days ago

    Minecraft: *256 is as high as u can go*
    Earth’s limitt: 1625271828%&#$@/@(#’kwkiauwtsfqh^€§_£{€}1]¥[§>

  • Hustle
    Hustle 6 days ago +2

    The build limit is 256 blocks, everyone knows that!

  • The Real Pizza
    The Real Pizza 6 days ago

    title: How High Can We Build?

    me: 256 blocks EZ

    • Jmanowar22
      Jmanowar22 6 days ago

      Honestly this video is a waste

  • J.B Productions
    J.B Productions 7 days ago

    9:56 nope not there