Gordon Spits Out Disgusting Microwaved Food from Lying Chef | Kitchen Nightmares


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  • Lewis C.
    Lewis C. 3 hours ago

    He's a terrible chef, but that racist fat white girl is a cunt! I'd knock her racist ass out if she talked ot me like that!

  • Sarah Key
    Sarah Key 4 hours ago

    he's like a child, eating a single bite, spitting it out and sending it back. what a cunt.

  • Jordan G
    Jordan G 5 hours ago +1

    If a chief microwaves food they’re bound for failure

  • NJMoo3652
    NJMoo3652 9 hours ago

    MAR-TEEEEEEN (if you know you know)

    IVXY STORM 11 hours ago +1

    There's always someone right

  • Ice Bear
    Ice Bear 12 hours ago

    Rorden gamsey

  • Alex Nightkid
    Alex Nightkid 13 hours ago

    Bruh this b🤬ch

  • PharoahQ8
    PharoahQ8 15 hours ago

    You can’t spit food out like that even if it’s bad

  • Zyam Legend
    Zyam Legend 21 hour ago

    5:24 "That was easy" XD

  • Ri Yo
    Ri Yo 22 hours ago

    A very sensitive tongue

  • Frisky Beats
    Frisky Beats 22 hours ago

    I wonder who the foley artist is on the show because you an tell how fake the noises are 😂

  • The Windzz
    The Windzz 22 hours ago

    Tbh some of the food actually looks good

  • andrew parente
    andrew parente 23 hours ago

    i love how these cooks that act hard are so sensitive, can't take a little criticism and walk out as soon as they are challenged

  • lukas the gamer
    lukas the gamer Day ago +1

    Gordans a fuckin pussy

  • Mr.freddiboy
    Mr.freddiboy Day ago

    She's so cute

  • Can’t relate 0w0


  • country city
    country city Day ago +1

    🤢🤮 just like chef boyardee 👱🏻‍♂️ wanna be home cookin too - word

  • [Usernotdeleted]

    Gordan is merciless lmao

  • Gretchen Waldvogel

    The cook is a pain in the ass.

  • mexuser2014
    mexuser2014 Day ago

    El Martín se parece al qliao del xodaaaa

  • Pandes Mandes
    Pandes Mandes Day ago

    that salad looked disgusting

  • Natalie Plays
    Natalie Plays Day ago


  • Coolgirl118 #GD
    Coolgirl118 #GD Day ago

    I can cook better than that and I’m 11!

  • Can Tin
    Can Tin Day ago

    I could not eat an entree, a meal and a desert, no matter the quality.

    Also, am l the only one who's not bothered by the temperature of food?

  • z Scuzzy
    z Scuzzy Day ago

    Hed chef lookin like luigi wit a bandana on

  • z Scuzzy
    z Scuzzy Day ago

    She made sure to have her T hillfigure sports bra on

  • z Scuzzy
    z Scuzzy Day ago

    Did you drop dicc on this platter with special sauucce??......"YES CHEF" 🥊🔊🎸

    CORN CORN Day ago


  • vinny
    vinny 2 days ago

    We have plenty waiting at my border in Cali looking to cook anything. Cause you know, there's always authentic "Italians" in a Italian restaurant lol they use Mexican s like everyone else, cause it's cheap. Just how it is

  • Fifi
    Fifi 2 days ago

    I love Gordon's honesty. We need people like that in the food industry. I don't want to get sick, do you.

  • T Shoemake
    T Shoemake 2 days ago

    What episode is this

  • Joe Culpepper
    Joe Culpepper 2 days ago

    Gordon doesn't know what good food is. Rich pompas AssHole

  • Melanie Stanley
    Melanie Stanley 2 days ago

    Not much english woo mo wowo walk out az p prayers

  • Johnny Cancer
    Johnny Cancer 2 days ago

    The waitress could get it

  • Todd Decker
    Todd Decker 2 days ago

    He loves to run up the tables and go “Hi I’m Nino”

  • Aunt Melisa
    Aunt Melisa 2 days ago

    I DIED when she said “that was easy”😂

  • dhruv punetha
    dhruv punetha 2 days ago +1

    Chef frenzy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    DOGE AMAZ 2 days ago

    Gorden doesn’t take any shit from people. If he wants to eat something good, he wants to eat something good.

  • A Z
    A Z 3 days ago

    Martin: *cHeF RAmSey iS GoINg To lOvE* *thE fOod, beCaUsE my foOd iS gOoD*
    Gordon:**spits the food**

  • Kelvyn Stark
    Kelvyn Stark 3 days ago


  • Mare Care
    Mare Care 3 days ago

    Ma name is NINOOOOO

  • Dan_the_ Architect
    Dan_the_ Architect 3 days ago

    All these chefs got 1 thing in common microwave nasty shit and serve Ramsey

  • Blair Frost
    Blair Frost 3 days ago

    At least he's honest 😃

  • Lucas DeGenna
    Lucas DeGenna 3 days ago

    Lol just imagine that in the end when he called s name he said “he Marti.....fuck you”

  • Hemin Cai
    Hemin Cai 3 days ago +1

    I hate when the chefs say that nothing is wrong with the food like gordon is at ur restaurant for a reason and its probably cuz the food sux

  • Delilah Rayas
    Delilah Rayas 3 days ago

    When people say that it’s not in the microwave and it is I’m so annoyed 😒 omg 😲

  • Totally_Not_ BB
    Totally_Not_ BB 3 days ago

    Martin needs to get bitch slapped by that nice woman

  • Chezzus Cheetos
    Chezzus Cheetos 3 days ago

    Gordon genuinely sad “Why would you *lie* to me??”

  • Slay_gamer Queen
    Slay_gamer Queen 3 days ago

    Chef:If it's time for me to go, I'll go...
    Waitress:That was easy...
    Me:uh buh bye

  • Matt Cyprian
    Matt Cyprian 3 days ago +1

    Ramsay's producer: "OK now when he comes microwave everything."

  • Hasan Malik
    Hasan Malik 3 days ago +1

    Why do all the waitresses who come on this show become such snakes

  • smpls
    smpls 3 days ago

    funny how the staff turn into straight traitors when gordon is there but they carry on up until this point not giving a fuck. snakes

  • Miranda Dawson
    Miranda Dawson 3 days ago

    I just dont understand how a restaurant can be this BAD🤦‍♀️

  • slowmopoke
    slowmopoke 4 days ago


  • Aisha Something
    Aisha Something 4 days ago

    “That was easy” 😂😂😂

  • Psyclone The Seahawk

    It's bland but the dressing is strong? That's like saying somthing light but heavy.

  • expendableloner
    expendableloner 4 days ago

    I will never understand how this guy acts like god on earth cause he can cook. One day his insults will deliver him a reality check also known as major beatdown, good luck eating with a straw on a wheelchair, gordon ass-holmsay

  • Pugsmart Yt
    Pugsmart Yt 4 days ago

    So Gordon is the one who called my mom gay

  • Elshaniah Segi
    Elshaniah Segi 4 days ago

    Get new martin

  • The amazing Beast
    The amazing Beast 4 days ago

    Golden sucks

  • Ian Helgerson
    Ian Helgerson 4 days ago

    Microwaved new it

  • Martin Espinoza
    Martin Espinoza 4 days ago

    Ahhh I Blame The White Lady As Well For Acting Like If She Never Agreed To Any Of That, Until She On TV 👎🏻

  • Barry Rhoades
    Barry Rhoades 4 days ago


  • NoName 101
    NoName 101 4 days ago

    i like my food

  • FamSquad Media
    FamSquad Media 4 days ago

    “Chef Ramsy will like all my food because all my food is good”


  • bill webb
    bill webb 4 days ago

    Why would anyone pass this shit off as food?

  • Sam Ross
    Sam Ross 4 days ago

    Martin is a bad immigrant 😡

  • Perceus Black
    Perceus Black 4 days ago

    Who eats. Salad with a fork?!!!

  • Dongjun Yoo
    Dongjun Yoo 4 days ago

    What if Gordan actually lied?

  • Red Legs
    Red Legs 4 days ago

    I don’t care what anybody says I will fuck all that food up lmao

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  • Blassas Tugan
    Blassas Tugan 5 days ago

    Funny how waiters are always on Gordon's side

  • Juan peralta
    Juan peralta 5 days ago

    why hasn't anyone said he sounds like scarface when he was a dishwasher

  • sean ahmed
    sean ahmed 5 days ago

    chef martin is a little bitch!!! lol

  • Kenzie _xoxz101
    Kenzie _xoxz101 5 days ago

    Sometimes I really don't get people they get mad when people get their food judged and then they don't like the criticism so they get defensive I mean seriously don't run a restaurant if you can't take the criticism.

  • miklos alice
    miklos alice 5 days ago

    I can't figure out how there's so many restaurants with shitty chefs and they get away with fucking up and over the owners and customers can't believe how long it takes before people realize to fire shit bag Chefs to get better chef that will care about cooking and standards for owners and restaurant.

  • Nemisis McCormick
    Nemisis McCormick 5 days ago

    ninoooninoooninoooo 🚨🚔🚔🚨

  • Scarea
    Scarea 5 days ago +2

    Martini looks like he was in a street fight before filming

  • Jt Zoo God Wap
    Jt Zoo God Wap 5 days ago

    Gordan: eats cookie

  • J Lam
    J Lam 5 days ago

    why does the chef look like he's been jumped?

  • terces nam
    terces nam 5 days ago +1

    imagine if he went to applebees... oof

  • Galaxy Owl
    Galaxy Owl 5 days ago +4


  • Gian
    Gian 5 days ago +1

    I usually think Gordon, might be too picky but that all looked really nasty... I don't even know what that was after the salad, freaking gross!

  • blalien777
    blalien777 5 days ago

    Is seems like almost, If not Evey Chef on this show seems to believe their food is "Great" and they're "Great" Chefs and they are not! Then they give Gordon Ramsay shit when he critiques their food. Umm, he has restaurants all over the world for a reason you DUMB ASSES!! THEIR ARROGANCE IS THE PROBLEM!

  • ThatFloweryDonut63
    ThatFloweryDonut63 5 days ago

    My favorite line is, it's so acidy, hEH i kNoW

  • Allan Zhao
    Allan Zhao 5 days ago

    The reason I'll never be a famous public food critic like Ramsay:
    I'm just kind of too polite to say things like "Your food is garbage" XD

  • Exigent Incursion
    Exigent Incursion 5 days ago

    Shut up and eat it Gordy

  • Shaun Oneil
    Shaun Oneil 5 days ago +1

    Gordon’s face looks like it has aids

  • Anthony C
    Anthony C 5 days ago

    Martin: OK, if it’s time for me to go, I GO!

  • BP are Gorgeous!
    BP are Gorgeous! 5 days ago

    ‘Sometimes if he gets a little backed up I’ve seen him do it before’ cut to 4:00 when there is literally no other customers lmaooo 😂😂it’s like it was a scene from sponge bob or something 😂😂😂

  • TheStylishFox 5
    TheStylishFox 5 5 days ago +1

    Subscribe to pewdiepie *now*
    And earn one free pack of fries 🍟

  • Michael Leonard
    Michael Leonard 5 days ago

    Gordon is funny as hell

  • GUNNER 765
    GUNNER 765 5 days ago

    Lord that waitress is so fucking hot

  • Zin Zy
    Zin Zy 5 days ago

    Ok fine yt I well watch it

  • Fi Yasmine
    Fi Yasmine 5 days ago

    Looked like iceberg lettuce to me...🙅

  • MonsterVerse Godzilla

    Gordon: *inhales air*
    Also Gordon: IT'S FOKIN RAW!

  • Tatiana Hernandez
    Tatiana Hernandez 6 days ago

    Can Gordon make me breakfast rn

  • Christine Beah Mariñas

    He's a great critique btw.
    Awful restaurant should be shut down. Ain't worth it

  • John Haver
    John Haver 6 days ago +1

    Martin is my neighbor. He comes off looking really bad here but he’s a great guy. Makes amazing arachera

  • Kriti Bhaskar
    Kriti Bhaskar 6 days ago

    It’s 2 am and I’m binge watching these videos. Only me?