Gordon Spits Out Disgusting Microwaved Food from Lying Chef | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Jun 28, 2017
    Gordon is forced to spit out yet more food at this troubled restaurant.
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  • profetional veiwer
    profetional veiwer 2 hours ago

    He's like a food cop

  • Cathie Imohi
    Cathie Imohi 10 hours ago

    Owner: Did you use the microwave?
    Chef: No.
    Cameraman: Imma expose this boi so badly

  • steve gale
    steve gale 17 hours ago

    Here in Japan they cook in plain sight.

  • Lilith Flower
    Lilith Flower 21 hour ago

    I'm tryin to sleep but this is too good !

  • Who's Your Daddy?

    You can't fool Gordon....Pleeease!

  • Daniel Mesa
    Daniel Mesa Day ago

    "A slurpy mess of blap"

  • Maya UwU
    Maya UwU Day ago

    That chef scares me :(

  • kate pp
    kate pp Day ago

    The cameraman deserves double the paycheck lol

  • Maria Kellogg
    Maria Kellogg Day ago

    They called Ramsey and couldn’t just fire this dude???

  • BDM Figure Fanatics

    Martin has a beard in interviews and when he is cooking he doesn’t have one. 🤨

  • Jarvbs Jones
    Jarvbs Jones Day ago

    Why would she call him a creep in under her breath... in front of his cameras? This show always feels staged

  • Zeus YT
    Zeus YT 2 days ago

    Owner:Did you use the microwave?
    CameraMan: Im gonna end this whole man’s career

  • Go Bucks
    Go Bucks 2 days ago

    Martin- goatee, no goatee, goatee again

  • Chris Plissken
    Chris Plissken 2 days ago

    If I had a dollar for every idiot that said my food is good he'll love it.....I would already own one of Gordon's restaurants xD

  • Lolrus
    Lolrus 2 days ago

    5:29 "He loves to run up the tables and go HI I'M NINO!"

  • Davin Joseph
    Davin Joseph 2 days ago

    I dont get it why serve ppl food if u food if u dont wanna cook

  • Clemente Moreno
    Clemente Moreno 3 days ago

    I would love to see Gordon team up with John Taffer!

  • Default Demolition
    Default Demolition 3 days ago +4

    Me: *SlOwlY eAts MicRoWavEd POrrIge*
    Also me: microwaved food is disgustang.

  • 50 subs no video challenge

    My little brother who doesn’t no who Gordon Ramsay is said he looks like Donald trump

  • jumbo juice29
    jumbo juice29 3 days ago

    "backed up??" 😂😂

  • Cris Champ
    Cris Champ 3 days ago

    I feel like it's fake but I still like it

  • Doughnuts
    Doughnuts 4 days ago

    All the people say Gordon were failing we don’t need your help then they say we’ve been serving this for years what’s wrong with it

  • Shawn Swigart
    Shawn Swigart 4 days ago

    The problem with being a pretty good cook like Gordon is that you almost can't eat out any more or fairly evaluate restaurant food. Something that might be good enough isn't going to cut the mustard when you know how good you could do it yourself.

  • Brett Stanton
    Brett Stanton 4 days ago

    Marteen is a shit cook and a liar..

  • Daniel Albert
    Daniel Albert 4 days ago +3

    Owner: Did you microwave?
    Chef: No
    Cameraman: I'm about to end this man's whole career

    DA VARKADAS 4 days ago +9

    Gordon: can i have water?
    *Gives water*
    Gordon: ITS BLAND!!!

  • jonwop
    jonwop 4 days ago

    Looks like someone already punched the chef

  • Alocent Pon
    Alocent Pon 4 days ago +1

    Me: That doesn’t look too bad.
    Gordan: It’s disgusting.
    Me after: It’s disgusting.
    Like if you’re the same ahaha.

  • Mr. Peanutbutter
    Mr. Peanutbutter 4 days ago

    Al Pacino lost his job

  • Simi Sunmola
    Simi Sunmola 4 days ago

    To a chef the food they cook is delicious

  • OooferGangSus18
    OooferGangSus18 4 days ago

    Idk what the heck a quiche Lorraine is, but it really be lookin like a big chungus dish pizza from little caesars

  • Marcus Arceneaux
    Marcus Arceneaux 4 days ago

    That chef's face shows evidence of a recent fight. Got clocked.

  • Chen Lee
    Chen Lee 4 days ago

    quiche is a pie we cook fresh for the night. Are you supposed to cook one for every customer order? No. Do you keep one hot for hours? No. We used a combo short time in the microwave and then in the salamander.

  • Renissa Go Maclang
    Renissa Go Maclang 4 days ago

    Hey Guys! Need some help! I want to watch the full episode of this scene :) can you tell me what season and number episode is this???

  • Lara Mudallal
    Lara Mudallal 5 days ago

    gordon: ehh. the salad is bland.

  • Rosita Blanca
    Rosita Blanca 5 days ago

    “Backed up??” Hahaha

  • Chief Tahchawwickah
    Chief Tahchawwickah 5 days ago

    The food and COOK look disgusting.
    People stop calling yourselves chefs just because you have weaseled your way into the kitchen.
    -Comanche Nation

  • captain barbell
    captain barbell 5 days ago

    we have different taste gordone...... so your cooking is the only good taste? insulting other chef....

  • Noah Lorenzo Vencio
    Noah Lorenzo Vencio 5 days ago

    Gordan’s child: Dad I made you breakfast for Father’s Day
    Gordan: ok let me taste it
    Gordan: (eats food) f*cking bland

  • Parker's NBA Videos
    Parker's NBA Videos 5 days ago

    Why would he lie about the microwave when they are filming everything for the TV show? Lol

    HEXONE 5 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey, Jeremy Clarkson, Simon Cowell all belong to the same class

    And i love it!!

  • Necroglobule
    Necroglobule 5 days ago

    Serving that quiche out of the microwave just makes me so angry.

  • Willz __
    Willz __ 5 days ago

    Martin the scumbag.

  • Last name first, First name last

    When they throw the food away I'm like, "Nooooooo!".

  • Heather Chandler
    Heather Chandler 6 days ago +2

    Gordon: Was my lunch in the microwave?
    Martine: *“Well yes but actually no.”*

  • nusret mustafic
    nusret mustafic 6 days ago

    Omg ewwww

    EUPHORIC Le-WiS 6 days ago

    I like how he eats everything with a fork and knife.

  • Rebecca K
    Rebecca K 6 days ago

    3:07 he's squaring up

  • Pizza is my last name
    Pizza is my last name 6 days ago +1

    Does Gordon like ramen?

  • Glenn A. Jaspart
    Glenn A. Jaspart 6 days ago

    This sounds terribly scripted.

  • Azura Winteran
    Azura Winteran 6 days ago +12

    Owner: Did you use the microwave?
    Head chef: no
    Cameraman: lEt mE jUsT zOom In aNd dEstrOy tHiS gUy'S rEpuTatiOn

  • Diana Di Grazia
    Diana Di Grazia 6 days ago

    Water:it’s bland...

  • Dimensional Doom
    Dimensional Doom 6 days ago

    S3 E11 - La Frite on Hulu

  • Marc Paradis
    Marc Paradis 6 days ago


  • HowToSports
    HowToSports 6 days ago

    How is salad bland?
    Gordon: It has lettuce in it

  • Myrkuris 1
    Myrkuris 1 6 days ago +1

    *Martin leaves*
    Waitress: "Well that was easy"
    I died on that part.

  • John O'Brien
    John O'Brien 6 days ago

    Gordon Fonzied that shit out of that cake fridge.
    Now that's cool.

  • The silver blade24
    The silver blade24 6 days ago

    The crepe looks like the eggs from the movie aliens

  • Monkey D.Luffy
    Monkey D.Luffy 7 days ago

    God tongue hahahahha just kidding

  • oof Playz
    oof Playz 7 days ago

    5:28 That was easy

  • lolasum sumi-san
    lolasum sumi-san 7 days ago

    I dunno why but that 'Ninoo soundtrack' always cracks me XD can't help it.

  • 5 panels
    5 panels 7 days ago

    Not sure why I laughed so hard at the title of this video lmao

  • Ben Radford
    Ben Radford 7 days ago +1

    This show is reason I will not end it all

  • julianne mislang
    julianne mislang 8 days ago

    No wonder why there isnt people on the restaurant!!

  • Joel Mccurdy
    Joel Mccurdy 8 days ago +6

    Chef looks like that pimp from taxi driver

  • intldawn
    intldawn 8 days ago

    My girl Celine like BYEEEEEEEE!

  • Song Bird
    Song Bird 8 days ago

    Backed up??? 😂😂😂

  • Pearl Sandcs
    Pearl Sandcs 9 days ago +1

    Celine looks so much like her dad.

  • David Escobar
    David Escobar 9 days ago +7

    I like the fact that the waitress was brutally honest with Gordon 😂😂

  • Angel Villalpando
    Angel Villalpando 9 days ago


  • Frandroid88
    Frandroid88 9 days ago

    No wonder this prick has a black eye

  • The Golden Whale
    The Golden Whale 9 days ago +37

    “Chef Ramsay will like the food because all my food is good”
    Gordon Ramsay: *Press X to doubt*

  • Baron Official
    Baron Official 10 days ago

    1:04 turn on captions :)

  • Jonathon
    Jonathon 10 days ago

    0:23 lying shitbag

  • Epi Ashley
    Epi Ashley 11 days ago

    Everything he eats he says it blend

  • Mr. Azorian
    Mr. Azorian 11 days ago +1

    How dare you call yourself a Chef when you let Gordon Ramsey eat microwaved shit? Fools..

  • Fiza Aslam
    Fiza Aslam 11 days ago

    The server looks like Cece Drake 🤯

  • Rian Regi
    Rian Regi 11 days ago


  • Baker Mayfield
    Baker Mayfield 11 days ago +1

    That waiter is THIC

  • Ismat Shaikh
    Ismat Shaikh 12 days ago

    Everything to Gordon is too ‘bland’ 😆

  • Crowell Magallanes
    Crowell Magallanes 12 days ago

    I dont really know why that cook get angry when ramsay say its bad.😑

  • Chang William
    Chang William 12 days ago +25

    Head chef: it hasn’t been in the microwave
    Ramsey: ok
    Cameraman: Am I a joke to you

  • Zombie2sniper YT
    Zombie2sniper YT 12 days ago

    In one he made the owner cry because he said his food sucked and his lamps and tables sucked and everything sucked he’s a jerk!

  • Zombie2sniper YT
    Zombie2sniper YT 12 days ago

    Gordon is a jerk

  • Dolci Napoletani
    Dolci Napoletani 12 days ago


  • Kelly Star
    Kelly Star 13 days ago

    It’s bland yet the vinegar dressing is really strong.... um...ok...

  • mike devaney
    mike devaney 13 days ago

    Why is the salad that huge?haha

  • Esteban Neri-Enciso
    Esteban Neri-Enciso 13 days ago

    Bro you have a large ass tv camera in your face watching you cook how tf do you think you will get away

  • Dusk TheDvil
    Dusk TheDvil 13 days ago

    Gordon towards owners: THAT WAS DISGUSTING! *SwEArS SO MuCH*
    Gordon towards kids: That was good, but... (Gives harmless improvement advice)
    Gordon towards waiters/waitresses: Your kidding? Thank you my darling.
    Poor owners, when will the hate end? 😢😿

  • Snow Rider
    Snow Rider 13 days ago

    Is anyone else tired of McDonald's every day I would kill for this lol I'm poor

  • Jack Stanney
    Jack Stanney 13 days ago

    When you mess up a salad, you know your screwed

  • Iam Slytherin
    Iam Slytherin 13 days ago

    I liked that the waitress was honest

  • WOOZ !
    WOOZ ! 14 days ago +3

    1:03 turn on captions

  • beauty 336
    beauty 336 14 days ago

    How tf do you get a salad wrong

  • Hope Skelley
    Hope Skelley 14 days ago

    I love whoever made this title.
    “Gordon spits out SHIT FOOD from a CON MAN”

  • Kawaii Zach
    Kawaii Zach 14 days ago

    Gordon really is hard to make him like your food...and thats also rude to just spit he feels so full of him self

  • Jun Hunt
    Jun Hunt 14 days ago

    Nobody gonna talk about Martin beard ?

    DJ REKK 14 days ago

    I died when Gordon hit the wall😂😂

  • fearman026
    fearman026 15 days ago +1

    Hahahah this is why we eat karadjordjeva steak and kebabs

  • FreakyFred
    FreakyFred 15 days ago

    Sjw alert, woman who carries a plate from the kitchen to customer knows best. Who would actually listen to these dropouts if it wasn't made for tv