SNOW GLOBE CAKE! | Holiday Baking | How To Cake It

  • Published on Dec 18, 2018
  • This holiday season, make a cake that is truly one of a kind - like this snow globe cake. It will turn your holiday gathering into a winter wonderland!
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    Hi, I'm Yolanda! Some people call me the Beyoncé of cakes. I post my drool-worthy, jaw-dropping caking creations every Tuesday at 11am EST! My novelty cakes come in all shapes and sizes - giant versions of foods, gross stuff like brains, movie characters and some of my favorite things! Basically, I love to build stuff out of cake, buttercream, fondant, candy, cookies and anything sweet!
    This cakeception snow globe cake starts with 11lbs of my Ultimate Vanilla Cake dyed an icy blue ombre. The cake then gets stacked with sweet Italian Meringue Buttercream covered in pretty fondant details before getting topped with my figurine of choice - a cake of course! Starry sprinkles act as the snow in my globe for one magical cake!! See the recipe here:
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  • How To Cake It
    How To Cake It  10 months ago +236

    I don't think the holidays are truly here unless it's ️❄️SNOWING️❄️ and it's always a Winter Wonderland in snow globes!☃️​ I always thought it was a missed opportunity that no snow globes have cake inside!!🍰 So this week, I’m caking my own 😋 What do you think??

    • Dark Alice Lily
      Dark Alice Lily 3 months ago

      I agree!! This year,here in ??, it didn't snow on Christmas and I feel like it didn't even happen...

    • Melba Ruiz
      Melba Ruiz 7 months ago +1

      Hola Yolanda: Tus tortas son obras arte, mil gracias por enseñarme , tus técnicas que Dios te bendiga.

    • Milo Blumberg
      Milo Blumberg 7 months ago

      You good

    • Lilia Blair
      Lilia Blair 8 months ago

      How To Cake It no matter what people say, mr. Crumb coat and chill is not annoying

    • Ciana Martin
      Ciana Martin 8 months ago

      How To Cake It what a cute cake

  • Aria Aponte
    Aria Aponte 8 days ago

    You should make a cake without fondonte , that would be soo cool to see

  • Char Mughogho
    Char Mughogho 8 days ago

    I have advice,when you are patting down your fondant instead of patting down pat it up so the fondant doesn't rip.

  • Bella Bella
    Bella Bella 13 days ago +1


  • Jack Daly
    Jack Daly 14 days ago +1

    I'm disappointed that it isn't completely edible.

    It would've been cool if she made the dome out of molded molten sugar (after cooled).
    Actually it would be pretty cool if she made it out of gelatin or agar agar.

  • Maria Naranjo
    Maria Naranjo 17 days ago

    I love your videos I always ask my mom if I can make your cake

  • Madisyn wilson
    Madisyn wilson 21 day ago +1

    Your older than my parents.......

    You could be my mom

  • Elene Barnhill
    Elene Barnhill 24 days ago

    Lovely E. Beautiful cake

  • Kenady Hansen
    Kenady Hansen Month ago

    This would be super cute for a winter wedding if you put a couple in the globe!

  • Debbie Smith
    Debbie Smith Month ago

    I hate the excessive talking

  • yara dweck
    yara dweck Month ago

    You should make a mini wedding/birthday cake

  • Maddie C
    Maddie C 2 months ago

    QUESTION do u make your fondant or buy it and if so where what brand? Walmart fondant does not work very well

  • Your boy Zed
    Your boy Zed 2 months ago +1

    The ‚what do you mean‘ killed me 😂

  • nadine sansoni
    nadine sansoni 2 months ago

    Miss Yolanda my mom and i saw something on another channel that gave us a really cool idea. They made sugar glass. It was yellow ish in color and transparent. Me and mom figure that if food coloring is added during creation it will be other colors. So that gave use the idea to make a stained glass cake. So i have a challenge for you i challenge you to make a stained glass cake the only rules are the colors of the frosting and sugar glass must complament eachother the sugar glass must be the focal point of the decoration and it needs to be in peices small enough to eat can you do it?

  • K Gooding
    K Gooding 3 months ago

    Why not, make a cake for Happy New Year?

  • Cordella Lewis
    Cordella Lewis 3 months ago

    Like that cake

  • Fabian H
    Fabian H 3 months ago

    This deserves more views and likes!

  • Kevay Weis
    Kevay Weis 3 months ago

    You should be on a cooking show

  • Tina Davies
    Tina Davies 3 months ago

    These thumbnails are insane! I only was going to watch one HTCI today... this is now my 5th!🤷🏼‍♀️ these thumb nails get me every time!! 👏👏Props to the editor or whoever does the thumb nails for this channel!👏

  • Dream Sisters
    Dream Sisters 3 months ago

    I love the microphone

  • Danikka Sayson
    Danikka Sayson 3 months ago

    Really love your videos ms yolanda ❤ i can finished an entire day just watching your videos.

  • A.J. Canady
    A.J. Canady 3 months ago

    Yolanda is a cake-gician..... cake magician! I love this cake Its such a satisfying build!

  • JaeJustice19
    JaeJustice19 3 months ago

    Flash who I only knew about sir squeeze

  • Maddie Schulte
    Maddie Schulte 3 months ago

    Who else only watched this to see how she made the glass dome?😂

  • Jocelynn Meraz
    Jocelynn Meraz 3 months ago


  • Evie Allander
    Evie Allander 3 months ago

    Theres only one man on the planet that does his job perfectly aka sir squeeze

  • Hedi Hostik
    Hedi Hostik 3 months ago

    How can you eat the cake with the cardboard?

  • Dark Alice Lily
    Dark Alice Lily 3 months ago

    10:21 I to would pick the cake over the bear, or almost anything else. Especially if Yolanda is the one making the cake. ; D

  • Dark Alice Lily
    Dark Alice Lily 3 months ago

    Yolanda is called by many names, the seam hider, the cake goddess, the youtuber who created how to cake it, Cake queen, maybe her own name. Or how I like to call her, one of the most funniest and creative youtuber of all times!!

  • Galaxy Gamer
    Galaxy Gamer 3 months ago

    Are you 59

  • Sandra M
    Sandra M 3 months ago

    I want fondant recipe please

  • Savannah Macdonald
    Savannah Macdonald 3 months ago

    A tiny knife?!??? I was exited until u didn't use that knife in a way other than cutting the cake

  • Elaine Twum
    Elaine Twum 4 months ago

    That should have been a sugar globe!

    DAVON D 4 months ago

    You are like the 2nd hottest lady on the planet next to my wife 🤪🤩 lol nice job once again. I tried to do a cake and eventhough it looks easy ITS NOT🤣. It took me 3-4 tries to get it but you are amazing with this stuff so big ups 👍

  • Mohan Maina
    Mohan Maina 4 months ago


  • Mohan Maina
    Mohan Maina 4 months ago


  • Jessamyn Rose
    Jessamyn Rose 4 months ago

    Orhan deserves an Oscar for this video...

  • Valor
    Valor 4 months ago

    Or the bride could kill the groom. Jk

  • Nyla
    Nyla 4 months ago

    This is my all time favorite cake!!!

  • Elle0011
    Elle0011 5 months ago

    "or Toronto" bahhahahha

  • Mira n ClaraYT
    Mira n ClaraYT 5 months ago

    Has anyone came from nailed it on Netflix?😂

  • Molly Miller
    Molly Miller 5 months ago

    Damn I wonder how family parties are in her house

  • Alyssa Garcia
    Alyssa Garcia 5 months ago +2

    She is in the show Nailed It!!!😮☺️😉

  • Vivianna Lynn
    Vivianna Lynn 5 months ago

    I love your videos and cakes they look so good

  • devikala senthil
    devikala senthil 6 months ago +1

    Omg my mouth is watering and I wanna taste it

  • Genevieve Bird
    Genevieve Bird 6 months ago

    wait....what do you do with all that extra cake.....

  • Kai Dawkins
    Kai Dawkins 6 months ago

    Born in the 70s? No way!

  • Joseph O Akinluyi
    Joseph O Akinluyi 6 months ago

    Make a Elsa ten cake 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🙋

  • Rio Bakes Cakes
    Rio Bakes Cakes 6 months ago

    Do a Disco cake

  • its_ anna
    its_ anna 6 months ago

    Could you pleeeeeeaaaaase bake winnieh puh 😍

  • Simon Tame
    Simon Tame 6 months ago

    You need to call the acetate square miss bendy

  • Ping Pong Ya
    Ping Pong Ya 6 months ago

    What's the difference between fondant and gum paste?

  • Kianna M
    Kianna M 6 months ago

    you should make stuff animal cake

    DELANEY SANTRE 6 months ago

    sorry but this cake looks ok but i can say you worked hard.

  • leslie huerta
    leslie huerta 7 months ago

    I have the big snowflakes cutter and I just realized I was using it wrong lol

  • Nicolli Muniz
    Nicolli Muniz 7 months ago

    Que legal 😋

  • cozymichelle
    cozymichelle 7 months ago

    I have snow globe collection at home and need to add this to the collection

  • まんまるおもち
    まんまるおもち 7 months ago

    Hello from Japan🇯🇵
    I always enjoy your video!!
    I'm happy to discover U❤️
    I hope you will be more popular.
    For Japanese,
    Any Japanese here?XD

  • Lydia Singleton
    Lydia Singleton 7 months ago

    Hamsters can't have sugar also I have a hamster

  • It's Rashelle
    It's Rashelle 7 months ago +3

    I love when you first cut the crust or the carmlisation (don’t know how to spell it) off and the colour just pops out