Tallerz - Next Up? [S2.E34] | @MixtapeMadness

  • Published on Jul 29, 2019
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Comments • 168

  • S R
    S R 2 days ago


  • Ur marj
    Ur marj Month ago

    second beats too cold❄️

  • major flava0161
    major flava0161 Month ago +3

    Cold but that jacket pisses me off

  • 💳
    💳 Month ago +33

    _Who here is actually from Brum 😂_

  • Rufus Caines
    Rufus Caines Month ago +3

    Most underrated in brum🤯guys cold❄️

  • BradleyBTw7
    BradleyBTw7 Month ago


  • Hlfq
    Hlfq Month ago +2

    Someone post this on Soundcloud

    • Madara Beatz
      Madara Beatz Month ago


  • Gh Gjj
    Gh Gjj Month ago +1


  • Muhsin - 0113
    Muhsin - 0113 Month ago

    Listen to his hoods hottest u man then you'll know what he's about still

  • Zachary Yin
    Zachary Yin Month ago +2

    500 likes I'll release tallerz x digga d Kick it back

    • Ssav
      Ssav Month ago

      Ill payfor it msg me on ig rs.a24z

  • MilstarGamingOfficial

    The Keisha and Becky bars are so dead

  • Kay
    Kay Month ago +1

    Diggas snap💯💯

  • oP Sniping
    oP Sniping Month ago

    Was good until got to bit with auto tune

  • Crude Catcher
    Crude Catcher Month ago +5

    Who’s scrolling through the comments looking for the “who came from digga d snap” comments

  • trillz official__
    trillz official__ Month ago

    He’s so underrated

  • Mr Unknown
    Mr Unknown Month ago

    Chilling up in Raddy? Is he a Notts yute?

    • H Unknown
      H Unknown Month ago

      Mr Unknown Yhyh

    • Mr Unknown
      Mr Unknown Month ago

      H Unknown oh thought it was Radford in Notts cause bare people
      Call it raddy. I know ladywood still, proper ends like Handsworth

    • H Unknown
      H Unknown Month ago

      Blingo Sha swear it’s woodz g he’s based round there radley

    • Blingo Sha
      Blingo Sha Month ago

      H Unknown his on about h town

    • H Unknown
      H Unknown Month ago

      Mr Unknown he chills round there

  • O Z
    O Z Month ago +4

    Anyone else actually just wanted to see how tall this guy must be to be called Tallerz??

    • Zx Zx
      Zx Zx Month ago

      O Z yeah

  • dead breat
    dead breat Month ago +2

    it a nice flow but i feel it could be improves by rap in your free time when you not recordning even in shower. nice sound!

  • Abdul suleiman
    Abdul suleiman Month ago

    He’s cold

  • Money Maker
    Money Maker Month ago +19

    This guy is so unknown but he’s cold I still don’t get how every rapper knows him even the famous ones

    • JAX
      JAX 17 days ago

      He’s bait in brum

    • S R
      S R Month ago

      SalahxZaman lool shutup

    • Money Maker
      Money Maker Month ago +1

      SalahxZaman young adz fucks with fredo heavy tho

    • SalahxZaman
      SalahxZaman Month ago

      Money Maker hes digga d and young adz cousin

    • JSA
      JSA Month ago +2

      Money Maker digga d cousin apparently

  • uhhsi
    uhhsi Month ago

    music runs in the digga bloodline

  • Imonsomebangbanghitemup

    Molegrip that door that’s how we getting in

    • 💳
      💳 Month ago

      Imonsomebangbanghitemup shut up u nitty doin up burgs

    MIND_PLAYER Month ago


  • Zachary Yin
    Zachary Yin Month ago


  • lord of the frogs dad
    lord of the frogs dad Month ago +7

    my man said 40 in his nans house then in the rap he said dont keep burners in my nans house alwys lying in raps

    • Lz Loyal
      Lz Loyal Month ago

      Your favourite rappers lying

  • Charlie Hadfield
    Charlie Hadfield Month ago

    so dead ahahahahaha

  • Official. kdot_
    Official. kdot_ Month ago

    He’s gunna blow up soon ❄️

  • Baba Baba
    Baba Baba Month ago +39

    Whos here from digga d snap

    • S R
      S R Month ago

      Baba Baba I’m not

    • w s
      w s Month ago

      @Solo he's diggas cuz u nerd

    • Solo
      Solo Month ago

      Jstickzzz No he’s not 😂 He’s Ice’s cousin

    • Jstickzzz
      Jstickzzz Month ago

      He’s diggas cousin

    • JSA
      JSA Month ago

      Baba Baba ✅✅

    ABZO TV Month ago +1

    I’ve been listening to this guy from his first song

  • Zyron Blue
    Zyron Blue Month ago +3

    Second beat prod by me💥💥🥶

    • 💳
      💳 Month ago


    • Ay Beats
      Ay Beats Month ago +1


    • Joseph Jeremy
      Joseph Jeremy Month ago +1

      Zyron Blue hella cold bro keep it up

    • Zyron Blue
      Zyron Blue Month ago

      Joseph Jeremy ohhh🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ its called “circle” mist x fredo type beat

    • Joseph Jeremy
      Joseph Jeremy Month ago

      no what’s the instrumental bro😂

  • Blingo Sha
    Blingo Sha Month ago +8

    Brum man more savage than these London batty boys

    • Blingo Sha
      Blingo Sha Month ago +3

      Bun the 10 everyone knows it’s true nearly all of London man just snap in brum every ends someone’s getting shot if u know then u know

    • OTk1
      OTk1 Month ago +3

      B town 💯❌🧢

    • OTk1
      OTk1 Month ago


    • Bun the 10
      Bun the 10 Month ago +1

      Must smoke crack if you think brum is more on than London

  • Ben Hughes
    Ben Hughes Month ago

    Drill is shit what happened to real street music not this shite, not even relatable

  • John Forbes
    John Forbes Month ago +2

    Man keeps checking the river Thames to see if the opps are coming by water

  • Tom Jackson
    Tom Jackson Month ago +2


  • Jay 1upp
    Jay 1upp Month ago +2


  • MJ
    MJ Month ago +1

    CGM/1011 claims this guy

  • Madara Beatz
    Madara Beatz Month ago +5

    First part produced by me x m1onthebeat

    • gun way
      gun way Month ago +1

      Madara Beatz hear that

    • Madara Beatz
      Madara Beatz Month ago +1

      Gun Way exclusive still

    • gun way
      gun way Month ago

      Madara Beatz name of it? ❄️❄️❄️❄️

  • Thimios Mattos
    Thimios Mattos Month ago +2


    • Thimios Mattos
      Thimios Mattos Month ago

      Zk Naruto 191 never Said i could hes shit tho

    • Zk Naruto 191
      Zk Naruto 191 Month ago +5

      Thimios Mattos shut up white boy you can’t rap for shut

  • lawson higgins
    lawson higgins Month ago +64

    Apparently this is Diggas cousin

  • Ssav
    Ssav Month ago +15

    Digga D's cuzzy uno.Twerking Tallerz x Twerking Dappz- My Marge Is NickiMinaj.Thats a hard tune

    • Loose 1
      Loose 1 Month ago

      Ssav this twerking ting is old now🙄

  • Tommy Dean
    Tommy Dean Month ago +5

    Mr Dingers got u here

  • kees van amstel
    kees van amstel Month ago +8

    I'm from Rotterdam (the netherlands) and I am not familiar with english rap, i have become a fan of UK rap since the next up of Sini sayso (part 1). Now I have listened to 1011, Bside, harlem spartans, CB, 30 and more. Anyone some tips?

  • Digga D’s sniper
    Digga D’s sniper Month ago +2

    Let's be honest this is hard💯💯💯

    MENVCE Month ago +37

    Does any1 kno where the next ups are recorded? 🤣

    • S R
      S R Month ago

      MJS MJS it’s not.

    • G-Money
      G-Money Month ago

      somewhere opposite canary wharf

    • MJS MJS
      MJS MJS Month ago

      Shit I never clocked it was a green screen 😊

    • Zen Nutrl MM
      Zen Nutrl MM Month ago +1

      Round the corner from Canada Water

    • pacesetter NO.1fan
      pacesetter NO.1fan Month ago

      @Tallerz hes saying its a greenscreen

  • Davante Adams
    Davante Adams Month ago +54

    this guys delivery is cold, especially in his die young remix

  • birmzz
    birmzz Month ago +3

    man like teez

  • Break
    Break Month ago +1

    next up fr hardd

  • J Stack
    J Stack Month ago +2

    First one arrright, second one hard

  • Gooner Jev
    Gooner Jev Month ago +26

    Been following this guy for time, soon to blow this guy is hard

  • Dzmal
    Dzmal Month ago +4

    His accent ruins it

  • Badr
    Badr Month ago +25

    Mole grip that door 🚪 thats how we getting in 🥶🥶🥶

  • Mone Crlo
    Mone Crlo Month ago +13

    Wait wait wait first he says ‘ 40 in my nans gaff’ then after towards the end says ‘never leave no burnaz in my nans house’ this is proof that half these rappers chat shit!!!

    • Diego Gomes
      Diego Gomes Month ago

      hes on about 40 racks

    • Zk Naruto 191
      Zk Naruto 191 Month ago

      Mone Crlo you embarrassed your self go jump off your building

    • Chop&Sand It Entertainment
      Chop&Sand It Entertainment Month ago

      Strongz Z he means drugs not a gun wtf is a 40😂

    • Strongz Z
      Strongz Z Month ago

      Mone Crlo fam you’re lost why would a man say 40 instead of 44 the only thing man ever say 40 is for a drink
      You tried to say it was for 44 now you’re saying it’s for any wap let it go my guy

    • Mone Crlo
      Mone Crlo Month ago

      Strongz Z he sed 40’s not 40 thats a short term for a wap dem ones i sed oredy!

  • NFA
    NFA Month ago +12

    Whats the 1st instrumental tho 🥶

  • Sohaib Ali
    Sohaib Ali Month ago +1


  • bk201
    bk201 Month ago +7

    Y did they reupload it

  • Chop&Sand It Entertainment

    Tallerz Due To Blow

  • S R
    S R Month ago +5

    He’s different

  • Pb Rambo
    Pb Rambo Month ago


  • Reece Bradwell
    Reece Bradwell Month ago +5

    Too fire mans gonna blow 💯❄️

  • Nelly -
    Nelly - Month ago +1