Greg Anthony on his Years with Pat Riley & More - NBA 2KTV S4. Ep.13

  • Published on Dec 16, 2017
  • This week on NBA 2KTV: We sit down with NBA commentator, Greg Anthony, after his 2K8 recording session. He talks about his NBA career, shares which current players he thinks play like he did & more! Then, Expert Tips on historic players, the latest to reach 98 OVR on the Road to 99, and exclusive news on MyTEAM’s Pack and Playoffs! Plus, your Top Plays!

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    ESRB Rating: EVERYONE 10+
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    MRHURL3Y Year ago

    Can we just point out that Flampo is actually the biggest booster and doesnt deserve anything you give him.

  • TJM Matthews29
    TJM Matthews29 Year ago

    that new pro league event sounds good, i wanna join as soon as I can happy holidays 2017-2018

  • TJM Matthews29
    TJM Matthews29 Year ago

    why they didn’t make a new Nba2k League logo for all 30 nba teams for the new 2k pro League event tournament? but as long as the servers work and the game works good then I’m be good

  • Kyle Matthews
    Kyle Matthews Year ago

    Rachel is a slut

  • SD_Baller 44
    SD_Baller 44 Year ago


  • Yahir A. Melo Santos

    I love 2k but they only think in the ps4 and the Xbox one and they forgot about the ps3 an Xbox 360.I know it's old but not everyone has money for the new console

  • Game News
    Game News Year ago +2

    hello 2k in my opinion, should not each year create a new game of 2k but update it, since that would not have to start every year from the beginning, but update each month with ratings, lineups and everything else so 2k would be much better, and in these updates can improve the graphics:) ........ IF THIS COMMENT COMES TO 1K LIKES TAKEN ME INTO ACCOUNT

  • Jason Parrott
    Jason Parrott Year ago

    The game vip looked rather similar to the rapper 9:03 mark

  • Shdhd polel
    Shdhd polel Year ago +3

    Fix your servers!

  • Davyne Wright
    Davyne Wright Year ago +1

    U don't care about your consumers

  • KJSingh97
    KJSingh97 Year ago +1

    Rachel seems like such a libtard lmao

  • jocsx
    jocsx Year ago +1

    Vuestro juego es una puta mierda, fisicas estupidas ia penosa, sois una basura de compañía

  • Expedito Martínez

    And give player that there grades are A+ 1.000 vc every game

  • Expedito Martínez
    Expedito Martínez Year ago +1

    Add the rookie diffeculty

  • Manelzin Swag
    Manelzin Swag Year ago +1

    what about PC players ??? Everyone knows PC players are unique.

  • Paddy Russell
    Paddy Russell Year ago +1

    Why did Robbie say there are cool prizes for pack and playoffs? You get 5 gold players for winning 16 games, none of which sell for 500 mt

  • Harris In Paris
    Harris In Paris Year ago +1

    Dude Jaytopnotch is a 98 you really hurt his feelings , you should have put him there

  • Georgio Famous
    Georgio Famous Year ago +1

    The 3 point shooting is easier for people who didn't make shooters...pure sharps getting snatch blks...terrible

  • Trapboy Jay productions

    What’s wrong with the clothes store

  • Jackson Bueckert
    Jackson Bueckert Year ago

    I’ve always wondered what immortalization was

  • Projectile Vomiting
    Projectile Vomiting Year ago +2

    2k sucks

  • Sonal Ranjitkar
    Sonal Ranjitkar Year ago +1

    Rachel.. why do you always wear some weird boots or whatever that is...the combos not working

  • dorien cherry
    dorien cherry Year ago


  • CaptainHarley
    CaptainHarley Year ago +1

    woohoo! thanks for the feature 2K! Give me a week and i'll be at 99 :)

  • Zach Zach Zach
    Zach Zach Zach Year ago +2

    What are all the answers for this episode?

  • Tom
    Tom Year ago +1

    Give another double rep farrrrk

    CASPER_ TRAP Year ago

    My team is broken so stop advertising it

    CASPER_ TRAP Year ago

    Why are we still playing this game

  • Jbizzle302
    Jbizzle302 Year ago +1

    Ayeeee We litttttt 🔥🤘🏾#BizzleGang

  • Vaka
    Vaka Year ago +2

    Fix your game, NBA live is better.

    1.3M Views Year ago +6

    Why would this game be rated E but you got to be 18 to play n the league

    • Ayaan
      Ayaan Year ago +1

      FNF Realistic in the e-league, you need to cooperate with others older than you, and you even have to travel to places. In this game, well... You just sit here all day! So yeah I hope that explains it well:)

  • Nathan Andrew
    Nathan Andrew Year ago +11

    Rachel so bad 😍😛

  • Milan Drazic
    Milan Drazic Year ago +26

    I'm only here because of Rachel
    otherwise the game is crap

      BLANK MAN Year ago

      Hh i was thinking the same thing... Rachel is very petty. :)

    • HH - 1888
      HH - 1888 Year ago +1

      Sergio Jara Are you gay or blind? Jesus...

    • Milan Drazic
      Milan Drazic Year ago +1

      but sexy bro

    • Sergio Jara
      Sergio Jara Year ago +1

      Milan Drazic she is ugly bro

    • Nathan Andrew
      Nathan Andrew Year ago +1

      Milan Drazic faxxxx

  • OGMM Backup
    OGMM Backup Year ago

    2K > Live
    I wouldn’t be caught dead playing a Live game.

    • TJM Matthews29
      TJM Matthews29 Year ago

      OGMillyMillz NBALIVE18 isn’t as bad as y’all think , it’s been updated post launch

  • Jarius Sims
    Jarius Sims Year ago +13

    Rachel god dam sexy

  • Caleb Wong
    Caleb Wong Year ago +7

    Rachel Is gorgeous

  • Stavros Kon
    Stavros Kon Year ago +13

    Rachel out there looking like a snack 😋

    KING ICE Year ago +6

    A basketball game for the PlayStation Vita 2K sports will make this happen everybody want a basketball game on the Vita did it for the PlayStation Portable do it for the PlayStation Vita

    • Zee Nee
      Zee Nee Year ago

      Yeah thats cool if they going to make nba2K on Vita but i hope the graphics doesnt look like old gen

  • HH - 1888
    HH - 1888 Year ago +1

    FS, Rachel 😰!

    SUB TO PEWDS Year ago +2

    1:36 was that a travel or not by Josh jackson

  • Aglistic
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    • Aglistic
      Aglistic Year ago

      Sub back

    • CamXArt
      CamXArt Year ago

      An Asian Hypebeast can you sub to me please?

  • CamXArt
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    Sub to me for NBA2K18 Shoe creator videos!!!

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  • ballislife 5630
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  • KingCashYT
    KingCashYT Year ago +12

    Fix your trash game

    • IN DA' PAINT
      IN DA' PAINT Year ago

      KingCash3024 😂😂😂

    • CamXArt
      CamXArt Year ago

      KingCash3024 can you sub to me please?

    SUB TO PEWDS Year ago +2

    First baby!!!

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      Elias 2007 can you sub to me please?

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      SUB TO PEWDS Year ago

      FlashyyCam I did already

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      Elias 2007 I need the subs 😬😬

      SUB TO PEWDS Year ago +1

      FlashyyCam why

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