Can Scientists and Religious Leaders See Eye to Eye?

  • Published on Dec 16, 2018
  • Scientists and religious leaders come together to find middle ground in exploring their worldviews.
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Comments • 14 219

  • Jubilee
    Jubilee  6 months ago +2965

    Middle Ground is back!! Thanks everyone for watching this highly requested episode. As always, we are not saying science and religion necessarily have to exclude each other - there are religious scientists out there! Instead, we are exploring two sides that society often pits against each other in hopes of finding middle ground #radicalempathy. Let us know in the comments below what future episodes you'd like to see!

    • saher khaled
      saher khaled 4 days ago

      Trust me a muslim imam will make the scientist believe i am 100% sure cause islam talks in depth about science and relgion more than any other religion

    • Caitlyn Snavely
      Caitlyn Snavely 4 days ago

      Jubilee this was my favorite episode

    • lander
      lander 9 days ago +1

      Sanya Ss Even better, Mohammed Hijjab. Or a knowledgeable theist that can defend their beliefs.

    • Sanya Ss
      Sanya Ss 9 days ago

      It would have been great if u added a muslim as well. Like Nouman Ali khan. He would have fit in perfectly in this group of people. Something for future reference maybe

    • Sean Rice
      Sean Rice 9 days ago

      Jubilee do Capitalists vs Socialists!

  • Rahma Putri
    Rahma Putri Hour ago

    Hmm hopefully someday you invite Islamics..

  • //SuperAsh4U//
    //SuperAsh4U// 2 hours ago

    Science is fact.
    Religion is theory.
    Spirituality is truth.

  • Sawmtei Chongthu
    Sawmtei Chongthu 7 hours ago

    They should have included a Muslim religious leader, more simliar with Christian and Jewish Faith than Buddhist.

  • trav w
    trav w 9 hours ago

    While I don’t practice, I have my beliefs. But I see the point of life as not worrying about what happens when we are gone. Worry about what happens now. The people that you love, the things you love to do. Living life to where you have no regrets and you do all that you love

  • Renae
    Renae 14 hours ago

    Science kind of came from the curiosity of Religious people wanting to explore the how's and why's though. As time went on the two became more and more divided.
    Kind of Ironic.

    • TBat87
      TBat87 12 hours ago

      No, science came from the Enlightenment, which was largely an anti-religious time period.

  • Aditi Baraily
    Aditi Baraily 16 hours ago

    The monk and the pastor were just so welcoming to others ideas and point of views.

  • Sarah Malcolm
    Sarah Malcolm Day ago

    the man in the robe seems like such a peaceful and respectful person. id honestly love to get coffee and just talk about life with him lol

  • Gryffith 13
    Gryffith 13 Day ago

    I really think these should be Socratic seminar style but with only inner circle. They should be able to have their own conversations

  • Jenny_ MLOL
    Jenny_ MLOL Day ago

    Religious scientists vs non religious scientists

  • Antediluvian Atheist

    Why, no.
    Science is an investigation of the real world, religion is ignoring that to maintain faith.
    So, no.

  • Jameel Salami
    Jameel Salami Day ago

    yall pls do this again and pls grab a muslim leader

  • high on infinity

    i'm confused why the rabbi is included? she seems agnostic, not at all religious. yes, she's culturally jewish, but she seems to relate more to the scientist's side as far as religion lmao

  • Lauren Heck
    Lauren Heck Day ago

    I wish people like this weren't so biased based on their positions, I wish the scientists didn't automatically feel like they weren't allowed to believe in the supernatural quite frankly I personally believe there is a scientific explanation of God but it is not acknowledged in our society because everyone so afraid to explore something that contradicts their personal beliefs personally when I was confused on how things were possible in this universe with a God I did a LOT of research and broke things down and explained a lot.

    • TBat87
      TBat87 12 hours ago

      Which god do you believe in?

  • Luvuyo Merile
    Luvuyo Merile Day ago +1

    Many scientists have a spiritual belief system. Spiritual people also believe in science. Science and spirituality are not mutually exclusive. An individual's choice to believe in one thing over another has little to do with their profession.

    • TBat87
      TBat87 11 hours ago

      Faith cannot be reconciled with science because of their definitions. Faith is believing without evidence whereas science requires evidence for belief.

  • Rowena Ravenclaw
    Rowena Ravenclaw Day ago +1

    Ok I really don’t appreciate what Don said about the Earth being created because I understand that he has his own opinion and that’s great, but it’s not okay when you tear down other people’s opinions and beliefs. Like how he was saying how sloppy the earth is (which I personally don’t believe anyway) after someone literally just said that they believe the earth was created by God. Like religious beliefs are something that I feel very passionately, should not be torn down or debated aggressively against.

    • Tzwixi
      Tzwixi 5 hours ago

      the issue is the pastor should have say something but he didn't so they all missed the point. The pastor want to be nice before everything which is a complete dead end for him. He should speak the truth (nicely) no matter what . which he doesn't do. The bible is very clear that we are living in a fallen world and that at the end of the world, there will be much earthquake, floods, war and misery. (after the bible we are CLEARLY living near the end of times) The heavens and earth were created by God but the perfect creation has be corrupted by Adam and eve eating the forbidden fruit. The world is not as it was at the very beginning. The entire bible explain and declares it. The scientist is saying at the beginning like he can not believe the earth has been made by God because they are so many issues. He has no idea how close he is from the Bible teaching. But again, the pastor is the one missing his role by trying to be only nice. Only useless Pastor do that. If you are a Pastor, you will be addressed and there will be much much heat towards you. This one only want o be nice and avoids the truth o things and at the end everybody miss the point of how we will get out of this world which is the underlying question of all scientist research.

  • silver faux
    silver faux Day ago

    if this was a game the religious leaders have the rules and the scientists are attempting to figure out the rules and the game.

  • Jonathan Moor
    Jonathan Moor Day ago

    It's funny because we know what paleontoligy is because of friends. Admit it.

  • BibliomaniacMe
    BibliomaniacMe Day ago

    Not everything needs to be seen just to be valid and true. Not all questions have an answer but that doesn't mean that the question and answer doesn't exist. Not everything needs an explanation, because not everything is comprehensable.

  • Georgia D
    Georgia D Day ago

    Another wholesome video from jubilee 💜💜💜

  • Nova Briana
    Nova Briana Day ago

    Why you didn't invite Muslims leader?

  • Sowmya Voona
    Sowmya Voona Day ago

    Science is getting one step closer to supernatural thing with every new discovery.

    • TBat87
      TBat87 11 hours ago

      How so? Do you have specific examples of this?

  • Yasam Farooq
    Yasam Farooq Day ago

    Bring the muslims on this for crying out loud!!!! Muhammed Hijab or someone

  • Jeronimo Arrubla
    Jeronimo Arrubla Day ago +1

    I have 2 ideas, pro aboriton vs scientist, and LGBT vs scientist

    • Maksie0
      Maksie0 Day ago

      What makes you think pro-choice people and LGBTQ+ people are somehow against science?

  • Celi Méndez
    Celi Méndez Day ago

    The Jewish lady was way to intense. I sense a trend with American Jewish people 😅😂

  • Devon Spiller
    Devon Spiller Day ago

    Science is facts. Religion is beliefs and opinions.

  • mimi Jayne
    mimi Jayne 2 days ago

    4:25 Pain killers

  • mylife asArkina
    mylife asArkina 2 days ago

    I'm Arkina, it's 1:00 am and i'm supposed to be asleep.😩

  • Xiral
    Xiral 2 days ago

    I really liked everyone in this group, what awesome people.
    Also, I have always wanted to know what will happen after this life. Most people have not experienced dying but the few who have (and been resuscitated), come back with some interesting stories sometimes and that gets me curious. I am Christian by the way.

  • M S
    M S 2 days ago

    Strange "Rabbi"... Believing that the universe wasn't created is like diametrically opposed to Judaism.

  • Retarded N.
    Retarded N. 2 days ago +1

    Ok first of all, Gyokei was 40, he doesnt age, he was fine.

  • jeon park
    jeon park 2 days ago

    you should call a muslim to for their opinions too though

  • Siddesh Gannu
    Siddesh Gannu 3 days ago

    Scientists? Choose some physicists, mathematicians, or something.

  • Martin Septim
    Martin Septim 3 days ago

    they all were really nice to each other

  • Mars
    Mars 3 days ago

    They were all so respectful!! Love it

  • Ben Jones
    Ben Jones 3 days ago

    Can Christianity please die and be replaced by secular Buddhism?

  • susuilu
    susuilu 3 days ago

    The guy looks like Dwayne Johnson- no joke

  • Context Should Matter
    Context Should Matter 3 days ago +1

    Just because you don't believe in a god, doesn't mean you aren't religious.

    • TBat87
      TBat87 Day ago

      +Context Should Matter Then what are your religious beliefs?

    • Leo
      Leo 3 days ago

      I don’t believe in God, and I’m not religious at all.

  • Juliana Chaparro
    Juliana Chaparro 3 days ago +1

    WHY CANT THE WORLD FUNCTION LIKE THIS ROOM ? With such respect and realness in their own experience as human beings. It's so frustrating how everybody BOTH in the believers or non-believers communities just seem to want one thing : TO BE RIGHT and have the absolute truth, like what's the point, gosh.

    • Tzwixi
      Tzwixi 5 hours ago

      because we live in a fallen world and we are fallen people. We are not leaving in youtube video or a Starbuck Cofee Shop. Jalous + Hate + Divison + bad habits (+ more) are really present and can't be erased because it is in our hearts.

  • Long Legs
    Long Legs 3 days ago

    Is it bad that I forgot there were other religious teachers than Christian teachers

  • Khoirun Nisa
    Khoirun Nisa 3 days ago

    Why no a muslim there?

  • m y
    m y 3 days ago


  • Alison Ste
    Alison Ste 3 days ago +1

    The paleontologist/ geologist believing in ethical realism had me stumped

  • Eisen Hower
    Eisen Hower 3 days ago +2

    Moses : In the beginning God created earth and sky
    rabbi : yas and Amen
    Also rabbi : (no spoiler)

  • lilyusi
    lilyusi 4 days ago

    So its ultimately 3 scientists, 2 religious leaders, and 1 pseudo-athiest/agnostic-religious leader?

  • Amadeus Torres
    Amadeus Torres 4 days ago +2


  • Syaf Zami
    Syaf Zami 4 days ago +1

    Even Albert Einstein research reach one point that he can knew..A powerfull thing

  • Katy Goerss
    Katy Goerss 4 days ago

    God created evolution. Does anyone really think that Christ is so simplistic as to not incorporate adaption, natural selection, and evolution?

    • TBat87
      TBat87 Day ago

      +Katy Goerss The bible claims that all birds existed before all land animals, that there was a first man created out of dirt and a first woman created out of a rib bone, and that there was a global flood survived by a 600 year old man and 2 of every animal. These biblical claims are disproved by evolution, so how do you explain that? Obviously it's because the bible is nothing more than a man-made work of fictional mythology, written by ignorant middle-eastern men a millennia ago.

  • Willow K
    Willow K 4 days ago

    The monk was incredibly articulate

  • KidClashGaming 200
    KidClashGaming 200 4 days ago


  • KidClashGaming 200
    KidClashGaming 200 4 days ago


  • Ethan Doyle
    Ethan Doyle 4 days ago +1

    Drop a couple of the complete version of these, not just for middle ground but all of the conversations. Often we don't get to hear every opinion following questions.

  • NuclearWinter
    NuclearWinter 4 days ago

    Where's the Muslim imam

  • NuclearWinter
    NuclearWinter 4 days ago

    Brings in people of faith but forgets to bring in someone to represent one of the world's largest Faith's Islam

  • Antonio López de Santa Anna

    Tide goes in tide goes out.

  • Rodrigo Gonçalves
    Rodrigo Gonçalves 4 days ago +2

    So am I the only one that thinks the pastor is Andy Sandberg in disguise

  • kermit suicide
    kermit suicide 4 days ago

    2:03 i dont believe in a supernatural god, zooms in pastors face.

  • Vincent Nguyen
    Vincent Nguyen 4 days ago

    The Rabbi doesn't seem very religious, fits much more in line with the scientist crew.

    I also always find it fascinating when two people of two different beliefs share their beliefs...they do realize that they both can't be right don't they?

  • Nada AZ
    Nada AZ 4 days ago

    Why there isn't a muslim religious there ?

  • RachelnotRachael
    RachelnotRachael 4 days ago

    my boyfriends a minister and a scientist and this is my everyday life ahahah

  • Kofi Acquah
    Kofi Acquah 4 days ago

    She's a rabbi?😂😂😂😂

  • Kofi Acquah
    Kofi Acquah 4 days ago

    But there are scientists who are religious🤔

  • Mark Nguyen
    Mark Nguyen 5 days ago

    All the religious leaders look youthful and vibrant. And the scientists... well. You don’t need me to point out the difference.
    Regardless of religion, faith is important for the soul. Life leaves hints. Take them.

    • TBat87
      TBat87 13 hours ago

      @Mark Nguyen Faith is belief without evidence, I don't hold any beliefs which are not supported by evidence.

    • Mark Nguyen
      Mark Nguyen Day ago

      @Maksie0 I think faith in yourself is important.

    • Mark Nguyen
      Mark Nguyen Day ago

      @TBat87Thanks for the reply. You're entitled to your own opinion, neither of us are right or wrong.
      Atheists can have faith...? Just bringing light to the positive energy that the religious leaders are emitting compared to others.
      I'm neither for nor against religion.

    • TBat87
      TBat87 4 days ago

      +Mark Nguyen Would you like me to cherry-pick some pictures of youthful and vibrant looking atheists and compare them to some lifeless and infirm looking religious leaders? Or maybe we shouldn't stereotype millions of people based on small sample sizes, huh?

    • Maksie0
      Maksie0 4 days ago

      Faith isn't really good for anything besides maybe some peace of mind.

  • Safira Willemsen
    Safira Willemsen 5 days ago

    The pastor (Matt) looks like Andy Samberg

  • JOKER 797
    JOKER 797 5 days ago +1

    Yo should do a part 2 with different religions

  • Alejandro Cruz
    Alejandro Cruz 5 days ago

    Omg yesssss the best video!!!

  • Anne Frank
    Anne Frank 5 days ago

    next please believers in global warming vs non believers in global warming! thanks in advanced

  • Anthony Tello
    Anthony Tello 5 days ago +3

    I thought what the Buddhist said about the ocean and how human life in their culture is compared to waves was beautiful

  • RORO roro
    RORO roro 5 days ago

    That was a nice session. Very fun to watch.

  • RORO roro
    RORO roro 5 days ago

    Japanese people always seem so at peace. It's shocking that the suicide rate is so high in Japan.

  • yash kaithwas
    yash kaithwas 5 days ago

    Buddhist church..?

  • M. Planck
    M. Planck 5 days ago

    Sience 😍

  • raph009
    raph009 5 days ago +3

    The whole point of science is to question everything. Something you know as fact now might get totally destroyed by something you still won't know for the next 500 years. That's all the beauty of science.

  • deepz513
    deepz513 5 days ago

    The so called rabbi should not be on the other side ..edit no I think she should be on her own..odd one out

  • Yagirl kaykay
    Yagirl kaykay 5 days ago +2

    Preachers, Scientist, ministers, Hotel Trivago

  • Yagirl kaykay
    Yagirl kaykay 5 days ago +3

    Forgive them lord for they no not what they are doing
    lol 🙏🏽🤲🏽⛪

  • Chelli Reyes
    Chelli Reyes 5 days ago +1

    I love science, I’m team science

  • Isaac Nieves
    Isaac Nieves 5 days ago +1

    That rabbi. Full of crap

  • Daiki Hayashi
    Daiki Hayashi 5 days ago +2

    “Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind”
    -Albert Einstein

    • chris sonofpear1
      chris sonofpear1 5 days ago

      Einstein was a follower of Spinoza, and so, arguably, more of a Deist.

    • Daiki Hayashi
      Daiki Hayashi 5 days ago

      Maksie0 You do you :)

    • TBat87
      TBat87 5 days ago

      +Daiki Hayashi "The word god is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses, the Bible a collection of honourable, but still primitive legends which are nevertheless pretty childish. No interpretation no matter how subtle can (for me) change this."
      - Albert Einstein
      "It was, of course, a lie what you read about my religious convictions, a lie which is being systematically repeated. I do not believe in a personal God and I have never denied this but have expressed it clearly. If something is in me which can be called religious then it is the unbounded admiration for the structure of the world so far as our science can reveal it."
      - Albert Einstein
      "It seems to me that the idea of a personal God is an anthropological concept which I cannot take seriously. I also cannot imagine some will or goal outside the human sphere.... Science has been charged with undermining morality, but the charge is unjust. A man's ethical behavior should be based effectually on sympathy, education, and social ties and needs; no religious basis is necessary. Man would indeed be in a poor way if he had to be restrained by fear of punishment and hope of reward after death." - Albert Einstein

    • Maksie0
      Maksie0 5 days ago

      I disagree with Al. Science without religion isn't lame. It's rad!

  • GregHead 13
    GregHead 13 5 days ago

    So they're not even considering philosophy as a science?

  • MrCheesecakeLp
    MrCheesecakeLp 5 days ago

    The problem is that the rabbi doesn't really represent the opinion of the majority of Jews and therefore might create a false picture of Judaism in the audience

  • Leonardo Da vinci
    Leonardo Da vinci 5 days ago

    Body mods Vs people strictly against body mods

  • apolashimself iii
    apolashimself iii 5 days ago

    "...we are kinda missing the point that we are part of that greater ocean."
    This is what the scientist called as "tools." The monk saw it in his own "tools", from his own phylosophy- his beliefs, if you want. He came up with his own theory, and it's even scientific, because we've always been communal.
    Maybe science and faith coincides with one another. I believe faith is sparks curiousity. The pastor said it himself--he takes every opportunity to test his out.
    The scientists in this video we're just a little close-minded. But the conversations ended up being more of a refreshing take on faith and science relationship. More than ever, I believe they're a recurring process.

  • Whi te
    Whi te 5 days ago

    I believe in eternal life. I believe we have our souls which exist inside these material bodies. When our bodies die our souls continue to live on beyond this worldly life.
    To me that’s a beautiful thing. We have this one life on earth to live, love, and accomplish as much as we can. However when we die, we still get to live on in a spiritual form and share our lives with others who have lived.

    • chris sonofpear1
      chris sonofpear1 5 days ago

      We'd have to work on it. Biophotons and subtle envelopes do not seem to have caught on...

    • TBat87
      TBat87 5 days ago

      What empirical evidence supports the existence of a soul in homo sapiens?

  • Pixies&fairys •
    Pixies&fairys • 5 days ago

    Please go read ‘the moral landscape’

  • Xxprima_noctaxX
    Xxprima_noctaxX 5 days ago

    Finally a religious person admits there afraid of death that's why they believe in heaven

  • Matara Triaglanie
    Matara Triaglanie 5 days ago

    why you not have imam for islam?

  • Egypts Pyramid
    Egypts Pyramid 5 days ago

    I find it weird how they’re insulting & complimenting the universe at the same time as if it’s its fault that it’s “sloppy”, when we the people destroy it; which reverts back to do we believe this Universe is created... I believe so. Earth is so perfect. Everything is mysteriously mathematical down to the T

    • chris sonofpear1
      chris sonofpear1 5 days ago

      Not even Nephilim ( : ?

    • TBat87
      TBat87 5 days ago +1

      +Egypts Pyramid Do you know how many mass extinction events have occurred throughout the Earth's history? Human beings had nothing to do with that.

  • eitan Vlogs
    eitan Vlogs 6 days ago +1

    She's. Not a rabbi she's reformed. Only a man can be a rabbi

  • WillDaBeast
    WillDaBeast 6 days ago +2

    people take the bible too literally, something very dangerous
    who says god can't have created science
    edit: if you have questions u want to ask me pls do i love to give answers and can't think of everything on my own

    • WillDaBeast
      WillDaBeast 5 days ago

      @chris sonofpear1 ?

    • chris sonofpear1
      chris sonofpear1 5 days ago

      Where does it say WHY demons were permitted to reach Earth?

    • WillDaBeast
      WillDaBeast 5 days ago +1

      @TBat87 you can read the bible yourself, and i see you already have which i respect, but last time i checked, adam and eve were only in there once and there were other creation stories not connected to adam and eve. do you believe in adam and eve?

      i don't worship a god who is a homophobe. i worship a god all knowing and infinite who loves everybody no matter what and is infinitely forgiving. i do not see homosexuality as a sin, and i would highly reccommend watching jesus christ's video on is it okay to be gay.

      im not saying you have them memorized when you are born, i am saying that you don't have to know the commandments to know whether things are right or wrong.

      from what you say i can assume fairly that you believe in adam and eve. a religious catholic myself, i believe in the not fully proved but evidence backed big bang theory, evolution, and everything science has proved. people think there is either god or science, but i see it differently. they think this because the bible doesn't include these things, but keep in mind how easily it is for the bible to be completely different now than it was at its creation. i believe god created science

      wait, you worship other gods

    • TBat87
      TBat87 5 days ago +1

      @WillDaBeast "a lot of "christians" say that god created adam and eve. doing this to me makes no sense because there are over 7 creation stories in the bible"
      Which biblical creation story does not include the creation of adam/eve?
      "also when people say it is not okay to be gay and are prejudiced against the lgbtq community because of this they are disregarding something more profound in the bible, the commandment to love your neighbor as yourself."
      But the bible still has verses in it such as the following:
      1 Corinthians 6:9-10 "Or do you not know that the unrighteous[a] will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God."
      So you're still worshiping a god that hates homosexuals, don't you see how this is wrong?
      "you don't have to memorize the commandments, because they are all morals we know deep down in our hearts."
      Well in regards to the 10 commandments, I can tell you that I don't follow the first 4, along with the 10th one, and many other people in the world do not either, and therefore no, they are not deep down in our hearts.

    • WillDaBeast
      WillDaBeast 5 days ago +1

      ​@TBat87 one big thing is creation. a lot of "christians" say that god created adam and eve. doing this to me makes no sense because there are over 7 creation stories in the bible, so i find it illogical to chose one among others, or any for that reason. also when people say it is not okay to be gay and are prejudiced against the lgbtq community because of this they are disregarding something more profound in the bible, the commandment to love your neighbor as yourself. you don't have to memorize the commandments, because they are all morals we know deep down in our hearts. there are plenty more those are just a couple that i could remember at the moment

  • William Howle
    William Howle 6 days ago

    The frailer the mind, the more prone to seeing patterns that don’t exist, the more religious

  • hannah shaver
    hannah shaver 6 days ago

    Do teachers and politicians think the same?

  • Twizzy Flizzy
    Twizzy Flizzy 6 days ago

    So the earth decided to suspend itself told the stars to be above it, the sun to revolve, animals and birds and people and put people above all those things,the sea set boundaries with land on its own,languages emerged out of the blues.
    And nobody is incharge of the rain moon and stars ,so what if they drop on the earth,will your NASA save the earth with the machines,but beleiving and relying,on God and acknowledging,The owner of all laws on earth.He will spare us

    • TBat87
      TBat87 5 days ago +2

      Which god?

  • Johnnyiswhack
    Johnnyiswhack 6 days ago

    God bless you Matt.

  • Fenix1o
    Fenix1o 6 days ago

    I’m surprised more people didn’t come up for this first question. I mean the universe exists doesn’t it? So it’s been created. Am I missing something here? Lol

    • Fenix1o
      Fenix1o 5 days ago

      TBat87 I don’t know. It asked if they believed it was created, not if they believed it was created by someone or something. So when it was brought up my first thought was “well duh it was created, it’s here isn’t it?” And as such I was baffled when only one guy walked up.

    • TBat87
      TBat87 5 days ago

      Created by what?

  • Aaron Aryeh
    Aaron Aryeh 6 days ago +11

    This rabbi shouldn’t be a rabbi. Literally the first words in the Torah is: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth...”

  • Lara Neptali
    Lara Neptali 6 days ago +2

    Wow! They got Blake Shelton 😂

  • Drafter
    Drafter 6 days ago +3

    Uhhh well the world was pretty perfect before humans according to scientist

  • Alex Y.
    Alex Y. 6 days ago +1

    Well in the end, we're all human and idgaf what you believe in, as long as you're a good person : )

  • Hamze Hashi
    Hamze Hashi 6 days ago

    Crazy how everyone in tht circle is 100% going to hell if they die how they r