I bought the World's Biggest Puppy

  • Published on May 18, 2019
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  • Wrynn Dragon
    Wrynn Dragon 8 hours ago

    Wait did Logan Paul fight a bear and he almost got eaten by a coyote

  • RemiPlays Fortnite
    RemiPlays Fortnite 8 hours ago

    Gets a perfect shot of Ginger
    *1 second later*

  • livi loo the kangaroo
    livi loo the kangaroo 9 hours ago

    How he said micropenis 😂😂😂

    BOBTHEBUILDER BTW 9 hours ago

    Fuck dogs

  • johnwin
    johnwin 11 hours ago

    anyway,, adopt dont shop

  • George Shishinashvili
    George Shishinashvili 12 hours ago

    Coyotes? Man have u ever heard bout Caucasian Ovcharka? Google pls

  • Amanda Cernethy
    Amanda Cernethy 12 hours ago

    I want a guy to treat me the way Logan treats this dog

  • Nazma Farhat
    Nazma Farhat 12 hours ago

    Ohhh my god what a big puppy...and he is a qute also wowwww

  • Danijel Vogrinec
    Danijel Vogrinec 13 hours ago +1

    omg i loooooooooove her!!!! btw im obessed with dogs

  • awesome Daughtry10
    awesome Daughtry10 14 hours ago

    I don’t think those are extra toes, those are their ooclaw. All dogs have them and it’s the owners choice to get it removed. :)

  • Backpack. X
    Backpack. X 14 hours ago

    Big dogs are the best dogs

  • Ken O
    Ken O 15 hours ago

    Now you have a girlfriend finally

  • Rose EARLY
    Rose EARLY 16 hours ago

    My rottweiler is bigger he's 50kg

  • Bryan Khu
    Bryan Khu 17 hours ago

    Buy 10

  • suzanneflynn
    suzanneflynn 17 hours ago

    What type of dog is she? She is stunning!!

  • Gacha Hønėy
    Gacha Hønėy 17 hours ago +1

    What kinda dog is iy

  • mia lynn
    mia lynn 18 hours ago

    Bro at the beginning I thought it was a movie

  • It’s Makayla
    It’s Makayla 19 hours ago


  • Paige Marya'
    Paige Marya' 19 hours ago

    Okaaay...iono how many ppl got the workout ad that i did with the megan trainor track playin, buuuuut..... The thicc chic tho😮💜😍😵👀💝🎥😚😃😍😍😍

  • Max A
    Max A 20 hours ago

    Can he just feed them raw meat

  • King JZT
    King JZT Day ago

    That’s the cutest fucken thing I ever saw in my life

  • Xavier Thompson
    Xavier Thompson Day ago

    I meant kong sorry my bad

  • Xavier Thompson
    Xavier Thompson Day ago

    That a beautiful dog and I bet long will be happy for you and will always be in your heart

  • Jocelynn Garcia
    Jocelynn Garcia Day ago


  • Kendra Wilson
    Kendra Wilson Day ago

    ok i love this video

  • windycitycrew21
    windycitycrew21 Day ago

    I pray for that dog being tortured by him

  • O James Hill
    O James Hill Day ago

    My cousins dog died 6/23/19 he was the best dog ever!😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 he just died from old age

  • Lani Kao
    Lani Kao Day ago


  • Mason Collins
    Mason Collins Day ago

    It’s called an ingrown toe nail and usually it is best that you get it cut off while she is young

  • Luka Katuric
    Luka Katuric Day ago

    Adopt a fucking dog

  • Kasper Keuhey
    Kasper Keuhey Day ago

    “She’s peeing upside down! What an incredible trick!” 😂😂😂

  • Morgen Barwick
    Morgen Barwick Day ago

    Aww she's so cute and adorable I love her

  • Espeon 1
    Espeon 1 Day ago


  • Dellidandy
    Dellidandy Day ago

    Looks like your dog’s replacement is big enough to not get carried off by coyotes again.

  • Derek Nycum
    Derek Nycum Day ago

    You're such a Great Person bro❤

  • Annabelle Colby
    Annabelle Colby Day ago

    My dog has 7 toes on both is back feet and six on his front right foot and he’s a St. Bernard

  • كحيلان الروقي

    Follow up from Saudi Arabia

  • كحيلان الروقي

    I love you, Logan Paul, and you are the best Utopers

  • Connor McLoughlin

    Ginger is a beautiful dog I want her

  • the girl
    the girl Day ago

    Kids wear your seatbelt

  • janit06
    janit06 Day ago

    Name her willow

  • Brody T
    Brody T Day ago

    Sooooo cuttttteee dooogeyyy😊😊😭😭😭

  • Elle's World
    Elle's World Day ago


  • DrinkCentral
    DrinkCentral Day ago

    It looks like kong evolved

  • DrinkCentral
    DrinkCentral Day ago

    Get a German Shepard xd

  • Janiyah Scott
    Janiyah Scott Day ago

    Why am I crying 🤧

  • Luca Szalay
    Luca Szalay Day ago

    Buy a time machine for kong

  • Dan Handfield
    Dan Handfield Day ago

    Bro she is acting like kong da savage am I right or am I wrong

  • Konstandinos Efthimiou

    I love you logan

  • Liskul 07
    Liskul 07 Day ago

    Logan u are Our hero

  • مستر بطاطس

    32 kilos daaaaamn that dog is heavier than me

  • MissMisplayTV
    MissMisplayTV Day ago

    I have dreamed of getting a Tibetan for most of my life. My first dog I ever had was a German Shepherd/Chow mix- named Ginger. So... I'm coming to live with you now. K?

  • Frisky Life
    Frisky Life Day ago +1

    That’s my dogs name ginger

  • romeo ceballos
    romeo ceballos Day ago


  • Ariana Grade’
    Ariana Grade’ Day ago +1

    Dogs Are the cutest animals I’v ever seen

  • Ziah
    Ziah Day ago

    I wish I woke up with thousand subs

  • Zhsk 1896
    Zhsk 1896 Day ago

    I think thats kong inside of another dog

  • Kat Ryyn
    Kat Ryyn Day ago


  • Phoenix Cannady
    Phoenix Cannady Day ago

    Rip Kong:’( i wish I could see them together

  • thatguyadam4
    thatguyadam4 2 days ago

    Silly Logan, that’s not a dog it’s a couch

  • brandon udagawa
    brandon udagawa 2 days ago

    Dude if I had a big ass house, and a shit ton of money, I would have so many dogs

  • Funny Random Crap
    Funny Random Crap 2 days ago +1

    Ur gay

  • LiL RioTT
    LiL RioTT 2 days ago

    8:20 he's just too fire

  • Isabella Smart
    Isabella Smart 2 days ago

    Logan: *my name is logan paul and i have serious problems*
    me: it's been 5 seconds of the video

  • Dominick’s VLOG
    Dominick’s VLOG 2 days ago

    Logan you really good with dogs

  • Triple M Boerboels
    Triple M Boerboels 2 days ago

    You should get a South African boerboel from triple m boerboels insta@triplemboerboels

  • Marina & Kayla Lovers

    I was crying 😭

  • Madison Mattingly
    Madison Mattingly 2 days ago

    Logan doesn’t seem sweet but he’s actually sweet with puppies

  • Y O O S H I M O O C H I

    Ginger 👏🏼is 👏🏼adorable 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜😭

  • Han Megan Hua
    Han Megan Hua 2 days ago

    I'm soooooo jealous 😒

  • Han Megan Hua
    Han Megan Hua 2 days ago

    # I have no dog😩

  • PicturesPlay1008
    PicturesPlay1008 2 days ago

    Did I hear that right or did I miss something.... Logan Paul HAS A PIG! WHAT DID I MISS.....

  • Razan Darwich
    Razan Darwich 2 days ago

    Do more videos about that puppyyyy

  • Bear The Pup
    Bear The Pup 2 days ago

    Put on auto generated English caption at the beginning and read you will thank me later lol

  • Ross Nowson
    Ross Nowson 2 days ago

    oh god, Logan is such a fucking dick

  • Master Luke
    Master Luke 2 days ago +1

    3:53 I’m a big dog AAAUUUOOOO

  • Merxy C
    Merxy C 2 days ago

    Anyways Logan can be not the smartest one (not to be mean ) I think he would be a good dad one day

  • BackToBasics
    BackToBasics 2 days ago

    Is that a Newfoundland?!!
    Edit: Oh no, he said a Mastiff of some sort.

  • Kamarri Green
    Kamarri Green 2 days ago


  • Kamarri Green
    Kamarri Green 2 days ago

    Are you guys still looking for long?

  • Kamarri Green
    Kamarri Green 2 days ago

    I cried

  • Sean-Robert Slusher
    Sean-Robert Slusher 2 days ago

    It motion sick

    TENZIN NORBU 2 days ago


    TENZIN NORBU 2 days ago

    Why not adopt some puppies instead

  • MW Vlogs
    MW Vlogs 2 days ago

    I have an English Mastiff,not as fluffy but larger!

  • Landon Stambaugh
    Landon Stambaugh 2 days ago

    My dog has two toes as well

  • Alessio Del Fava
    Alessio Del Fava 2 days ago

    Sup Logan, I live in south Africa and I've got an African version of the mastiff check my insta SK. Ea

  • G & E
    G & E 2 days ago

    She is so cute!!!!

  • Angelyn Viazon
    Angelyn Viazon 2 days ago

    Do u edit ur videos because in ur caption it says spongebob when ur big pup was hiding in the bushes

  • dArK dEpReSsIoN
    dArK dEpReSsIoN 2 days ago

    She gonna be the new Snoop Dogg!!

  • Ava TDM fan
    Ava TDM fan 2 days ago

    You should buy a house rabbit lol

  • Subtupewds Please
    Subtupewds Please 2 days ago

    12:44 who’s the guy in the yellow T-shirt?

  • Kevahn Looose
    Kevahn Looose 2 days ago +1

    Logan: I have a problem
    Me: DON'T WE ALL

  • Zion
    Zion 3 days ago

    Awwwwwwwwww soooo cuuuuteee

  • Cameron Cook
    Cameron Cook 3 days ago

    You should go back to daily vlogs

  • Elizabeth Collum
    Elizabeth Collum 3 days ago


  • Animelord Chaos
    Animelord Chaos 3 days ago

    After dog puke right decision

  • Nike In Service
    Nike In Service 3 days ago

    This man does NOT deserve another dog.

  • Nick Holden
    Nick Holden 3 days ago

    Get a yellow lab next

  • trin Console
    trin Console 3 days ago +1

    The whole video i couldn't stop saying aww.....