I bought the World's Biggest Puppy

  • Published on May 18, 2019
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  • Megan Cunningham
    Megan Cunningham 12 hours ago

    Did Kong really get eaten

  • Jayden Spinner
    Jayden Spinner 13 hours ago


  • skyjacker23
    skyjacker23 14 hours ago

    I had a cat with 6 toes each foot hes gone R.I.P

  • Thanos Brick
    Thanos Brick 14 hours ago

    My strange addiction todays episode Logan Paul he can't stop buying animals

  • IPa6
    IPa6 14 hours ago

    i hate this dog (not that much) cuz he killed maverick R.I.P

  • Yeshi Dawa
    Yeshi Dawa 14 hours ago

    Cutest Tibetan red massive dog

  • Adam Řoutil
    Adam Řoutil 14 hours ago

    What was the price?

  • Gabis random videos
    Gabis random videos 17 hours ago

    So when you say DONE buying dogs do puppies count as dogs because like my pit bull is having puppies and they are going to be sooooooo cute so yeah

  • Sydney Mck
    Sydney Mck 19 hours ago

    Ok totally off topic but don’t you hate when there’s a ad and it moves your comments

  • Audry Robirds
    Audry Robirds 23 hours ago

    He killed maverick!!!!!

  • Kimberly Figueroa
    Kimberly Figueroa Day ago +1


  • Kimberly Figueroa
    Kimberly Figueroa Day ago +1

    Rip Maverick and long!

  • Sofia Franciosa
    Sofia Franciosa Day ago

    omg maverick died people what don't u get!!

  • antjuice
    antjuice Day ago

    He needs to do some serious research. Tibetan Mastiffs are known as the world's largest dogs for a reason

  • Holy Lisa
    Holy Lisa Day ago

    What kind of dog is this o want one

  • Treasher Perryman
    Treasher Perryman Day ago +1

    I couldn't stop laughing when the dog was in the car 🤣😂😂

  • C.J. Robbins
    C.J. Robbins Day ago

    What big cutie bird murderer you are 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • JullanXxXBuildz
    JullanXxXBuildz Day ago

    0:13 though you said micro penis

  • Giorgio Muttoni
    Giorgio Muttoni Day ago +1

    lowkey don't like logan much but this is really sweet

  • Soso Drake
    Soso Drake Day ago

    I like how Mike is complaining about the dogs even though he used to watch like 20 dogs at once

  • Meikle
    Meikle Day ago

    Dogs > cats
    Change my mind.

  • Suana Ljeskovica 6A Dalumskolen

    My dog is bigger than yours

  • Itz Skylarz Playz

    *This Dog Will Finish The Cayotes Career*

  • Hui Hoho
    Hui Hoho Day ago +1

    Logan:I can wait to see what else goes wrong with this dog.
    Well this didn’t aged well

  • DNJY _gameplay
    DNJY _gameplay Day ago

    Fuck this wild dog only knowing how to eat fucking pets

  • Daniel Harding
    Daniel Harding Day ago

    Wait what kong got eaten by a coyote

  • Ethan Tarpening
    Ethan Tarpening Day ago

    U should bye a saint bernard

  • Arief Muslim
    Arief Muslim Day ago

    Is so cute

  • Susie King
    Susie King Day ago


  • Cringe Gamer
    Cringe Gamer 2 days ago

    You call that a puppy!?

  • Charles Foster
    Charles Foster 2 days ago

    I'm watching it after Maverick died

  • jack crane
    jack crane 2 days ago

    This is not real I never see the dog in the video

  • Rosendal Jr.
    Rosendal Jr. 2 days ago

    stop hating on Ginger it's a fucking dog she didn't know what she was doing smh

  • boi boi
    boi boi 2 days ago

    U a moron

  • Maryam Aileen Reyes
    Maryam Aileen Reyes 2 days ago

    Kick ksi ass

  • OutCalibered- YT
    OutCalibered- YT 2 days ago

    Rip GingerTheGiant 2022

  • Mr coochie Man
    Mr coochie Man 2 days ago

    I thought the thumbnail was a huge popeyes chicken 😂😂😂

  • Ryan Sheehan
    Ryan Sheehan 3 days ago

    Me its sad

  • Lee Fong
    Lee Fong 3 days ago

    I learn taekwondo

  • Holden Carter
    Holden Carter 3 days ago

    Friend: dude what a loser you like Logan Paul?
    Me: but the dogs tho!

  • faith lambert
    faith lambert 3 days ago +1

    soooooo cuuute ily

  • GO AT
    GO AT 3 days ago +1

    4:23 exactly what I would do

  • mr. panda
    mr. panda 3 days ago

    10:21 lol

  • Dani Dias
    Dani Dias 3 days ago +2

    Wanna do something cool? Adopt a dog. Dont fucking buy them!

  • Rxch K
    Rxch K 3 days ago

    Throw the whole dog away!!!

  • Gamer Hydra
    Gamer Hydra 3 days ago

    Next Video : I Sucked The Worlds Biggest Dick!

  • KingOfHearts
    KingOfHearts 3 days ago

    Logan: "I can't wait to see what else goes wrong with this dog"
    Couple of months later: The dog kills Maverick 😪😪😪

  • cecelia morris
    cecelia morris 3 days ago

    The dog was vomiting because no windows were rolled down. Dogs need air while in the car or else they start to feel carsick and eventually vomit.

  • Fanny Contreras
    Fanny Contreras 3 days ago +2

    E R. I. P Kong da savage and
    R. I. P Maverick

  • Hover Boss
    Hover Boss 3 days ago

    Cute we face

  • Nathan Carr
    Nathan Carr 3 days ago


  • Hsh w Shhhdkea
    Hsh w Shhhdkea 3 days ago

    Ngl not a fan of Logan but not a bad vid

  • Gloria Sarellano
    Gloria Sarellano 4 days ago

    1 like one pray for kong

  • Gamerdanyt 2132
    Gamerdanyt 2132 4 days ago +13

    His mom thinks it’s a bad idea and she was right because maverick died

  • Elizabeth Lefebvre
    Elizabeth Lefebvre 4 days ago

    Poor puppy got car sick

  • Shane 808
    Shane 808 4 days ago

    The biggest puppy ate the most popular parrot

  • Quaylen
    Quaylen 4 days ago


  • Gudelia Perez
    Gudelia Perez 4 days ago

    If you agree like it

  • Gudelia Perez
    Gudelia Perez 4 days ago

    She is so cute OMG aww

  • Roblox barak Obama
    Roblox barak Obama 4 days ago

    Get her a date WHOS WITH ME