Can Trump Supporters And Immigrants See Eye To Eye?

  • Published on Mar 4, 2018
  • Trump supporters and immigrants come together to find middle ground. Together, they discuss President Trump's immigration policies and media bias in portraying both sides. SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉 👈
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Comments • 71 647

  • Viktor Muller
    Viktor Muller Day ago

    if everyone has empty balls, enough money to have fun booze and sex good food (gigs if you smoke) attend the interest group of his beliefs where he would get educated in his passion and does not interfere with any other interest group ... what would be the outcome of that? Happy person that does not care about no bullsh.t what Trump or anybody else says ... I can say for Trump few things everybody I know supports him ok, I am also not opposed to him but there are certain things that he does wrong very wrong, he publishes nonsense on social media (like me when I drink too much) he interferes with everything too much and also he does not take salary? and give it to the charity? So? why the f...k would he need few hundred thousand dollars? He is a freakin billionaire he piss on 100k bucks, but he also stands for his opinion and that is really rare.

  • Viktor Muller
    Viktor Muller Day ago

    Summerian king, established the true law 4000 years ago , now it is just addition that uneducated "leaders and lawyers" added to it

  • Amna Tasneem
    Amna Tasneem Day ago

    What does trump hate muslim for?

    • Amna Tasneem
      Amna Tasneem Day ago

      +Pac Tu i forgot the a😫

    • Pac Tu
      Pac Tu Day ago

      cause they can't spell like you...

  • Sara Rezvani
    Sara Rezvani Day ago

    That white woman want’s to play the victim sooooooooo bad when she’s really not.

  • Viktor Muller
    Viktor Muller Day ago +1

    to the race problem? mixed women are the best looking

    • Viktor Muller
      Viktor Muller Day ago

      +Pac Tu cant argue with that swedish are sexy, but I also like slightly tanned Brazilian or any other, man I want to travel the world taste the food, booze, learn about culture and last but not least have sex with the local chicks (as many as possible) :D :D this is what I consider the thing that is important ... political bullsh.t and the so called representatives mean sh.t for me ... I would like to go to Singapore, Las Vegas, New York, Istanbul to huge city on a big party with chicks :D

    • Pac Tu
      Pac Tu Day ago

      White women are hotter pure...

  • Viktor Muller
    Viktor Muller Day ago

    and by the way I see a hot mexican muslim and blonde girl three beautiful women ... and those three guys may go home you are a disturbance in the view :D :D

  • Viktor Muller
    Viktor Muller Day ago

    See here also applies the ancient wisdom be semi open, semi aware, be aware of your beliefs do not force your opinion on other people race religion has nothing to do with that just common sense, anyway everyone has rights to believe in what they want .. basically said love everyone help everyone but be ready to raise a weapon and fight, accept everybody but be aware dont judge people be SEMI suspicious ... centrist best way

  • Paige Tyler
    Paige Tyler Day ago

    she made a clothing line for maga i-
    like who has that much time on their hands? 🤣

  • Paige Tyler
    Paige Tyler Day ago

    the blonde lady needs to go somewhere, maybe pick her kids up from soccer practice 😌

  • Mama Kyle
    Mama Kyle Day ago

    I wish this could just happen much more often. Where people can sit with someone with the opposite opinions and try to understand or learn about said opposite opinions. Listening with empathy is such a lost trait.

  • katie castillo
    katie castillo Day ago

    i can’t stand the blonde lady talking to them like they’re uneducated children and she def thinks she’s spitting pure facts smh

  • e p i p h a n y
    e p i p h a n y Day ago

    "We EaT tHE sAmE YoGuRtH"
    Wow, you ended racism honey.

  • Xo. Josellyynn
    Xo. Josellyynn Day ago

    Bro I’m heated 🙄

  • Amber Morgan
    Amber Morgan Day ago

    The lady with the blonde hair and the ClOtHiNg LiNe needs to stop being so disrespectful.

  • EyFmS
    EyFmS Day ago

    I think we have find the solution to racism.......yogurt.

    • Pac Tu
      Pac Tu Day ago

      White yogurt is the best.

  • i live for boybands

    how are you the enemy in your own country if the person you support is your president? if him being elected is the reason you feel like you’re under attack (even though it’s probably just your ignorance), why’d you vote for him then lmao

  • Panda TaeTae
    Panda TaeTae Day ago +1

    I hate it when people interrupt me.

  • Austin Moore
    Austin Moore Day ago

    The Muslim girl said that she was scared when Trump was elected... She also said she is legal... Sooo there is nothing to be afraid of whatsoever, just making an excuse to victimize herself, fuckin baby

  • Rãna Gonçalves

    Cadê a legenda em português? Poxa

  • Austin Moore
    Austin Moore Day ago

    Sensitive fuckin city-slickers

  • Andrew King
    Andrew King Day ago

    Obama started the war in Yemen. Slaughtered multiple thousands of innocent people through drone strikes. Helped fund and weaponize "moderate rebels " who literally became ISIS. Overthrew Gaddafi..... But, NPC media say Trump bad so NPC people say Trump bad! Simple.

  • wintersoul
    wintersoul Day ago

    I really do wonder if trump supporters were dropped on the head as a child...

  • Infinite Life
    Infinite Life Day ago +1

    Anybody here in 2019?

  • Andrew King
    Andrew King Day ago

    The immigrant were all hesitant because they knew right from the jump that it's not true! (Media question) next question"i was scared" and what happened?? Nothing! very irrational fear ,no?

  • Gretchen R
    Gretchen R Day ago

    It doesn't matter because they're ALL crazy Californians

  • Lauren G
    Lauren G Day ago

    11:39 now I know you’ll get mad at me and then her face

  • msimera89
    msimera89 Day ago

    At some point they were all immigrants...probably even illegal ones. Forgetting where they came from...Oh and it's interesting how they believe bombing Yemen is to save people WOW..someone is obviously not educating themselves. USA is after oil and power, it is as simple as that. As soon as people acknowledge that as a fact, the sooner things will become clearer. While we're here discussing about putting up a wall, how long it should be and what color...someone out there is plotting..

  • Jason TruckinAround

    The Latina made us looks less educated than what we really are.

  • Alejandra Abad
    Alejandra Abad Day ago

    *"We are bombing Yemen to save the people"*


    • EyFmS
      EyFmS Day ago

      Hey who wouldn't want some D.U in their environment? Makes kids grow stronger.

  • Aji Priambodo
    Aji Priambodo 2 days ago

    Im support the Mexican girl to bring the topic back and make wise decision ✌

  • Enrique
    Enrique 2 days ago

    she’s pulling the victim card sooo hard *white maga girl *

  • Devin D
    Devin D 2 days ago

    bunch of unemployed people trying to act dignified talking like news reporters lol.

  • Kali Satterfield
    Kali Satterfield 2 days ago

    Still don't understand that the founding fathers based the constitution off white needs and desires. The constitution was not intended to be all inclusive if the authors of it saw blacks as non humans, chattel.

  • Taylor Owens
    Taylor Owens 2 days ago

    The male trump supporter with the orange hair mentioned the 166 places where bad things were supported, and you see the Muslims never denied it 😐. I’m just saying

  • SeriousGamer753
    SeriousGamer753 2 days ago

    Dear god it's so annoying. If you are a minority how the hell can you expect the majority to treat you completely the same REGARDING social interactions. Of course they are gonna stare because you have a bloody hijab, which is not very common to see!!! Like what do you expect? If i went to africa or India or Japan i would probably get stared at as well!!! And you know why? BECAUSE I AM DIFFERENT FROM THE MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE THERE. This is why i don't get america. Personally i think if you are thinking of living in a different country you can't expect the whole population to mold towards your beliefs and your feelings on how you want others to percieve and treat you. You will get a different treatment because you ARE BLOODY DIFFERENT.

    • SeriousGamer753
      SeriousGamer753 Day ago

      +whah It is not that they would look at someone with a hijab for the sake of looking at someone with a hijab but rather something catching your eye that is unusual and is standing out from the crowd. Im pretty sure if a bloody clown was prancing around the street you would definitely look at it not because you like looking at clowns but because its standing out

    • whah
      whah 2 days ago

      why would people stare at someone with a hijab because they dont see hijabs much that is not a normal thing lol

  • Ingvild Kvakestad
    Ingvild Kvakestad 2 days ago

    The white woman is absolutly disgracefull. I cant believe anyone can be so ignorant and disgusting

  • Samuel Elwell
    Samuel Elwell 2 days ago

    you guys shouldn't have included the white woman swear she's a closet racist, made me stop watching.

  • blahblah man
    blahblah man 2 days ago

    wow the comments are full of leftwing cry babies lol can't stamp the trump.

  • Andrea Aidoo
    Andrea Aidoo 2 days ago

    Has he read the whole Quran? No. The Catholic church has paedophiles and still gets away with.

  • Joseph Martin-Woods
    Joseph Martin-Woods 2 days ago

    Is the blond lady SERIOUSLY trying to play victim. Wow you've ended racism by have black neighbors.

  • Siaji Elisha
    Siaji Elisha 2 days ago

    The muslim lady asked about Yemen was so composed and responded with such maturity. Woah! thank You

  • Belgianbadger
    Belgianbadger 2 days ago

    freedom of speech is not the same thing as freedom from criticism.

  • Israel Alvarado
    Israel Alvarado 2 days ago

    But I eat the same yogurt tho?

  • Emily Smith
    Emily Smith 2 days ago

    The blonde girl is babbling nonsense her attention span is so fkin short

  • Ryan Fischer
    Ryan Fischer 2 days ago

    These videos can be terribly good and terribly bad. I might suggest, for someone who is not able to think critically and is driven to react (as you see rampant in the comment section) instead of connect, on the basis of a universal human condition, will be misled and indoctrinated into the idea that human beings are able to have singular identities. I find it very crass to label another or yourself by just one identity: "I'm just Muslim." "I'm just poor." I'm just an immigrant." "I'm just a Trump supporter." etc. It is my hope that the creators set out with good intentions in making these films, but, good intention certainly does not always equate to good execution. It appears that the heart is in the right place and truly it's far more diabolical of the forces in this world which operate on bad intentions and good execution. 'Identity and Violence' by Amartya Sen is a great book which elaborates on my thoughts in a distinctly more profound way.

  • AstroMiggy 19
    AstroMiggy 19 2 days ago

    That blonde lady is the most fuckin annoying person I’ve ever met, she said she didn’t know why they were bombing Yemen and she’s saying “Here it comes”, “poke a hole in the barrel”, honestly stfu

  • *sips tea*
    *sips tea* 2 days ago

    Why does it say "Trump supporters vs immigrants?" Its should say Trump supporters vs. ILLIGAL immigrants. Do people not know the difference between legal and illegal immigrants?

    • whah
      whah 2 days ago

      someone literally said that theyre a legal immigrant why would they just lie in the title lol

  • Alexandra DM
    Alexandra DM 2 days ago

    Rising your voice doesn't make your point right...

  • Lauren Pham
    Lauren Pham 2 days ago

    wow, thanks to Trump the government partially shut down.

  • odOUL1si_Tater
    odOUL1si_Tater 2 days ago

    13:32 nobody has to explain what they are to you but make sure to ask for peoples pronouns before you talk to them

  • Annabelle Browning
    Annabelle Browning 2 days ago

    "ive never seen racism in my county"
    racism doesn't exist it's comfirmed.

  • Amanda Martin
    Amanda Martin 2 days ago

    So we're just not going to talk about how Ken Looks *EXACTLY* Like Donald Trump..?

  • Israel Alvarado
    Israel Alvarado 2 days ago

    Is it me or the guy in black on the Donald trump side gay??....

  • Dragon Breath
    Dragon Breath 2 days ago

    I think the next one should be ‘can genius lovers vs normal humans see eye to eye?’

  • Austin Smith
    Austin Smith 2 days ago

    Lol this blonde ladies point is being proved in this comment section

  • mari mari
    mari mari 2 days ago

    Just because you don’t see racism where you live doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

  • Best Commentseva
    Best Commentseva 2 days ago

    I'm a Muslim and I love Trump, Islam and leftism are polar opposites, Islam is for conserving the ancient values and big laws of the bible and koran. It's hard to be a Muslim and not to stand for the security of your home country, the people you should dislike the most should be criminals, and if criminals are passing the border without control you should be against that, the list goes on and on from abortion to taxes, from gunrights trough individual liberty in the realms of 19th century america and europe (individual liberty didn't include homosexuality, prostitution and other evils and abonimantions wich were severly punished in the US and northern Europe aka. civilized Europe).

  • Stephen
    Stephen 2 days ago

    Just cause you're afraid to practice your right to free speech doesn't mean you can't practice it. Yeah there's social consequences but freedom of speech was meant for the courageous.

  • Anna V
    Anna V 2 days ago

    Don't come in illegally. Enough said. We have rules for a reason. I'm not a supporter of any politics but I know when something should be enforced.

  • William Newkirk
    William Newkirk 3 days ago

    The reason we’re bombing Yemen is to save the people..... 🤔 right

  • Bonor M Ayambem
    Bonor M Ayambem 3 days ago

    The blond man was just so disrespectful

  • karla berrios
    karla berrios 3 days ago

    Y’all should of brought me there , would of roast all those Americans with facts

  • Kavya Bajaj
    Kavya Bajaj 3 days ago

    What is wrong with the blonde women I mean girl listen and speak less, you're making no point.

  • PanDuh Gaming
    PanDuh Gaming 3 days ago

    notice how selfish the trump supporters are

  • Jelly Dough
    Jelly Dough 3 days ago

    Honestly was expecting that girl to explode

  • Salem Baron
    Salem Baron 3 days ago +2

    These comments are hilarious.

  • Hobiii Flw
    Hobiii Flw 3 days ago


  • Fun Music and Stuff 07

    what if we say, The Indian existed long before the British come to America and claim the land. I think that same oh oh or The aborigins existed long before British come to Australia and claim the land

  • Nob the Knave
    Nob the Knave 3 days ago

    Hey, you know what IS baked into Christianity? Loving your neighbor. Giving to the poor. Making sure people dont go hungry. Healing the sick. Not judging others. Not being violent. Paying your taxes.
    But yeah let's just focus on the speck of dust in the other people's eye and ignore the plank in our own...

  • Troy G
    Troy G 3 days ago

    Blonde Chick is so off target. WOW

  • kittysrock16
    kittysrock16 3 days ago

    Comment section solidarity is wanting to throw hands with the white blonde lady

  • kittysrock16
    kittysrock16 3 days ago

    Props to the immigrants for keeping their cool. I would’ve lost it as soon as the white blonde lady was basically acting like she was oppressed for liking trump

  • Ghostkiller martix
    Ghostkiller martix 3 days ago

    I’m sorry my patience with the blonde ran out the moment she started saying I fear for my life well I have a real simple solution for that make a clothing line that doesn’t involve politics problem solved then she wanted to play the victim nope she’s clearly the product of disastrous inbreeding

  • Bi Bi
    Bi Bi 3 days ago

    The blonde lady was like "I don't support any kind of Bombing" then she agrees with the dude and says "he answered you ! It's to save the people !!"

  • Beyoncé T.
    Beyoncé T. 3 days ago

    wtf is the blonde lady talking about 😭😭😭 "wE bUY tHe sAme yOgUrt" what does that even mean

  • Young RB
    Young RB 3 days ago

    Democrats are feeling real “scared”

  • Travis Snell
    Travis Snell 3 days ago +1

    The Qur'an does have an abundance of war-like, evil (by human nature) verses scattered throughout. The problem is that the vast majority of these verses are completely taken out of context by either 1. misinformed Islamophobic people or 2. radical jihadists (and or ISIS) who unfortunately adopt a more traditional and sinister-like ideology of Sharia law and the Islamic faith. But also, in regards to his interpretation of her religion compared to others, he's right in the fact that no other religious text on earth so vividly and openly mentions for its followers to commit acts of evil (like killing, i.e. "When you meet
    disbelievers, smite their necks"), whether these verses are taken out of context or not!

  • Sloane Bergner
    Sloane Bergner 3 days ago

    I get that blonde lady is fuckin annoying as hell but that ken guy

  • RcyberGaming
    RcyberGaming 3 days ago

    The blonde lady walked away without hugging anyone

  • Michael Matz
    Michael Matz 3 days ago

    Trump supporters don’t hate immigrants we don’t like illegal immigrants

  • clarity paris
    clarity paris 3 days ago

    this man said that there are no verses in the Bible that promote violence, but i've found at least 5...

  • Killer Kok
    Killer Kok 3 days ago

    Lemme Break it down most Trump supporters at least the ones I know want and easier way to come into the country but not illegally. We don’t hate Muslims or Mexicans or blacks we just think that people shouldn’t be able to just stroll into the country and I don’t see y people can wrap their head around it

  • Killer Kok
    Killer Kok 3 days ago

    The blonde lady is not what trump supporters are like btw

  • Dalal Mustafa
    Dalal Mustafa 3 days ago

    what she means by death threats is a black person walked by her

  • Hannah Murdick
    Hannah Murdick 3 days ago +2

    wow... good job girl...

  • Mellow _ya dig
    Mellow _ya dig 3 days ago

    Sorry if this offends people who are caucasian but I don't understand why you guys usually try to sympathize with people of other ethnicities by mentioning you know someone or "is neighbors " with some of another race

  • Garo Kahkejian
    Garo Kahkejian 3 days ago

    this is sooooo typical liberal propaganda come on

  • Mellow _ya dig
    Mellow _ya dig 3 days ago

    The Blonde Lady Needs a couple books to read and maybe an acting gig too

  • Tala
    Tala 3 days ago

    the blonde guy pissed me sooooo much -_-

  • Mess Over
    Mess Over 3 days ago

    The reason why we have to talk about Islam is because Islam does say it’s ok to hurt women and kids. I’m no longer Muslim for that exact reason. My own family, my first cousins raped me because Islam allows it! This girl hasn’t been raped by her own family so she can say that until she is hurt. I’m sure people are going to comment about how I’m not Muslim or I’m lying, yada yada. But my entire family is Muslim and they’re against me because I’ve denounced Islam for what it allows. I’ve lost everything but gained freedom in America. I’m NEVER going back to that God forsaken land again!

    • Mess Over
      Mess Over 3 days ago

      Anvo you’re a Muslim and you’re going to argue with me because that’s what we’re taught to do. You’re not going to listen just like I did until it happened to me. I’m not going to sit here and argue with someone who’s not willing to research. Why don’t you read the Quran in its entirety. Muhammad clearly allowed to take other women during battles they won and not all of them willing came. They were forced. In Islam we are allowed to lie if it benefits the religion, and beat, torture anyone who don’t listen and obey. Even if it’s someone in your own family. You know very well as well as I do it’s ok to do that. My own aunty allowed her sons to do that to me. When I complained to her, she said I was a lying American whore and they turned a blind eye to everything. One of her sons who raped me died of gangrene 20 years later. God watches and serves justice even if it’s later in life. If you’re going to lie to yourself, remember God knows. You can’t hide your thoughts from Him. Do you really want Him to serve you justice? Truly think about it. Do the right thing for yourself and your future. I mean future in heaven, this world is temporary.

    • Anvo
      Anvo 3 days ago

      Can you please write me evidence in comment here,from Kur'an or from Sunnah,that says "it is alowed for cousin to rape its own cousin" or so..Islam does not promote any kind of rape or violence so that statment you made "in islam it is alowed for cousin to rape its cousin" is absolutely wrong,in real islam that is prohibited.Maybe its up to your culture or maybe your people are not practicing islam like it is meant to be done.But im sure that islam had never promoted rape and never will there is no evidence on Kur'an nor in sunnah.

  • Mariam xo
    Mariam xo 3 days ago

    ok but is no one gonna talk about the white old guy

  • Mariam xo
    Mariam xo 3 days ago


  • Tanaka
    Tanaka 4 days ago

    Ladies and Gentlemen, we got her

  • Joey Lopata
    Joey Lopata 4 days ago


  • deaxd1
    deaxd1 4 days ago

    It's funny to listen to Trump supporters about immigration, but forgetting how America was "created" and celebrating Thanksgiving.

  • Paris Siripavaket
    Paris Siripavaket 4 days ago

    "You said it was a slap in the face, I take offense to that".
    What a snowflake.

    • Paris Siripavaket
      Paris Siripavaket 4 days ago

      Also...what about the guy justifying xenophobia with.. being anti-homophobic?

  • Gitte Van de velde
    Gitte Van de velde 4 days ago

    Yep, that's a trump supporter.

  • Kevin
    Kevin 4 days ago

    I don't like the general defensive demeanor in the trump group. That's all I needed to see to confirm any suspicions I've had.

  • SummerRocks50
    SummerRocks50 4 days ago

    I’ve also been raised with the whole “American dream” idealization and have always wanted to move to the US, but seeing the ignorance and intolerance come to light when Trump was elected really killed that. It’s not a dream over there and it’s not free in any sense of the word. So much overpowering by white people and men. We need to change our ways and views on humanity. Yes, this will take so much time, unfortunately. But I hope minorities can be heard and change the entire world one day, but just like what this series is aimed for, we need to find common ground.

  • vkook trash
    vkook trash 4 days ago

    I felt physical pain listening to the blonde girl