Can Trump Supporters And Immigrants See Eye To Eye?

  • Published on Mar 4, 2018
  • Trump supporters and immigrants come together to find middle ground. Together, they discuss President Trump's immigration policies and media bias in portraying both sides. SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉 👈
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Comments • 78 684

  • Dayum Right
    Dayum Right 10 minutes ago

    "Muslims continuously have to defend not only their religion, but their humanity" That hits the nail on the head so perfectly 👏

  • garrett gonzales
    garrett gonzales 36 minutes ago

    THE PROBLEM ISNT AMERICA it’s the countries that are not doing their jobs and making people who are living a terrible life come to America to make a better living fix the problems in YOUR country then the illegal immigrants will not need to be illegal immigrants

  • tim
    tim Hour ago

    This yogurt Lady is just like the Boss of Haley in Modern Family hahah

    LEAGUD Hour ago

    This is not trump supporters this is *trump*

  • James Maguire
    James Maguire 2 hours ago

    The blonde lady needs to read a book instead of watching fox news

  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin 2 hours ago

    i wanna slap tht blonde omg

  • Arturo Blanco
    Arturo Blanco 3 hours ago

    Gay Liberals vs Gay Conservatives

  • Gage Swanson
    Gage Swanson 3 hours ago

    she really said yemAn huh??

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin

    Ken looks like Donald Trumps little brother Donald Tramp

  • Lhenns
    Lhenns 4 hours ago +1

    All white people were immigrants, the indians were the original owners of america

  • William E
    William E 4 hours ago

    Tip: Enter the country Legally.
    You can’t just cross the border and be a U.S. citizen lmfao. I hate paying tax money for people that don’t deserve to be in the country. We’re paying tax money for murderers and rapist. Not all illegally are rapist and murderers but 1 and every 5 people in prison are undocumented..... HUMMMMMMM.

  • derp face
    derp face 5 hours ago +1

    That blonde lady NEEDS to let others talk 🤦‍♀️

  • Alvin Del Rey
    Alvin Del Rey 5 hours ago +2

    The blonde girl is on another level of delusion.

  • Melissa Orellana
    Melissa Orellana 5 hours ago

    *I fEel veRy aTtaCk RiGhT nOw*

  • Marisol Trujillo
    Marisol Trujillo 5 hours ago

    The blonde lady makes me angry every time

  • Melissa Orellana
    Melissa Orellana 5 hours ago

    The guy wanting something good for every immigrant that comes to USA
    The Yogurt Lady :YEs aNd uS

  • Sara Kishta
    Sara Kishta 5 hours ago +1

    *cough cough* trump supporters are immigrants

  • Velma Enzo
    Velma Enzo 6 hours ago +1

    90% of the comments: yogurt lady
    8% of the comments: I have black neighbors
    2% of the comments: the Muslim girl is so strong

  • Country Type
    Country Type 6 hours ago

    Just lock them in a room with a mosquito. Only the strong will survive

  • junior 22
    junior 22 7 hours ago

    Dammn everyone hugged, shaked hands and the blonde lady just walks out 😂😂😂

  • hello i suck flat butts

    Imigrant person:UR RASCIST
    white person:DuDe my shadow is black

  • Frosty
    Frosty 7 hours ago +1

    If they're not illegal immigrants, it doesn't matter.

  • Aislinn Spaman
    Aislinn Spaman 7 hours ago

    Omggg that blonde hair lady is trying to sound smart by piggy backing on what the other trump supporters said lmaoooo girl that did not do you good though

  • fallon
    fallon 10 hours ago

    4:57 she really thought she did something here

  • joel denneboom
    joel denneboom 10 hours ago

    "I have black neighbours"

  • dean gagatr
    dean gagatr 11 hours ago +1

    The Bible Is Full Of Murder Killing Baby’s And Killing Gay People WTF Is He Talking About

  • Hec the mother heccing wheat

    *the blonde lady looks like my damn gym teacher who I happen to hate*

  • I Love This Gamer Pic
    I Love This Gamer Pic 14 hours ago

    "Freedom is not worth having If it does not include the freedom to make mistakes." - Mahatma Gahndi

  • Anaëlle Deniel
    Anaëlle Deniel 15 hours ago

    Racism, homophobia, islamophobia or any kind of hatred is not political, is not " your choice " it's hatred and it validate my disrespect for you.

  • Christopher
    Christopher 15 hours ago

    Lost your freedom of speech? Is that the reason why you’re on Jubilee 😂😂

  • Halle Ann
    Halle Ann 16 hours ago

    The issue isn’t with legal immigrants, it’s with illegal immigrants.

  • Halle Ann
    Halle Ann 16 hours ago

    Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • heyheybobbyj
    heyheybobbyj 16 hours ago

    Chastina likes to make everything out to be like a personal attack to her. Sad!

  • Fly Like A Lamb
    Fly Like A Lamb 16 hours ago +1

    Its not as serious but you'll get a lot of attention from fandoms
    Can Mariah Carey Fans and Jlo Fans See Eye To Eye?

  • Jenna Jereb
    Jenna Jereb 17 hours ago

    This lady has a fashion line but is wearing uggs? Hmm

  • Perp Vid
    Perp Vid 17 hours ago +1

    The blonde old man is trying to look Iike trump on purpose

    • Maksie0
      Maksie0 41 minute ago

      The golden raisin look is so hot right now

  • Brandon Wolff
    Brandon Wolff 20 hours ago

    I would love to see an uncut version of this if there is discussion that was cut out

  • sweet cupcake dreams
    sweet cupcake dreams 21 hour ago

    Blonde lady: “ThE rEAsOn We ARe BOmBInG YAmAN”

  • Guy whi says some really gay shit

    I'm pretty sure that guy on the orange shirt is just Donald Trump on disguise

  • hana taye
    hana taye Day ago

    My dad is an immigrant and a trump supporter 😂

  • Izzy
    Izzy Day ago +2

    That blonde chick was totally a Karen

  • X X
    X X Day ago

    I got a a minute and eight-teen second in and I’m already mad.

  • Pepperidge Farm
    Pepperidge Farm Day ago

    *Foreigners laughing in the distance*

  • The Running Penguin

    The blonde man have islamophobia

  • Gingham V.
    Gingham V. Day ago

    i just don't understand how you can be non-minority in any way and feel scared for your life to go outside. i mean im not saying white people can't be scared (i'm white) or whatever but like nobody is going to go out of their way to target the white lady. racist people will target the poc, islamophobes will go to target the muslims and homophobes will go to target the openly gay but nobody will go out of their way to target the white lady wearing her own maga line. what, did they say mean things to you? welcome to the world of not being 100% privileged.

  • feronia d
    feronia d Day ago


  • Megan Youell
    Megan Youell Day ago

    the blonde lady literally reminds me of the vegan girl in another episode of "middle ground"

  • NPC 86740296
    NPC 86740296 Day ago

    12:12 then she clearly has never read Scripture.

  • NPC 86740296
    NPC 86740296 Day ago +1

    30% of prison inmates are illegal immigrants... they're less than 1% (their population estimate is around 2 million) of the population, they're more crime leaning then any other demographic we have available to us.

  • NPC 86740296
    NPC 86740296 Day ago +1

    Well Donald Trump and by proxy the mainstream right isn't opposed to immigrants, theyre opposed to illegal immigrants and Muslims from muslim countries (since they tend to be more violent and religiously extreme, I said from MUSLIM countries.)
    I'm an immigrant and I like Trump a lot, right wingers haven't really done anything to me really they've actually encouraged me, the left as well.

  • BottleofFaygo 500

    I was happy when Trump beat Hillary

  • Booklover 4life
    Booklover 4life Day ago +1

    Why was that one lady whispering?

  • tiffany toledo
    tiffany toledo Day ago

    This white face blonde hair SUPREME thinking girl is annoying much like a mosquito in cow’s shoulder! YOU DON’T OWN THE COUNTRY! IF OWNERSHIP IS THE ISSUE, INDIAN AMERICANS HAVE RIGHTS TO IT! Please shut your idiocy up!

  • Jacob Moore
    Jacob Moore Day ago

    how can u support someone thats a sexist and touches women

    • NPC 86740296
      NPC 86740296 Day ago

      1. Because we don't.
      2. We believe he's not snd there's no evidence to come to that conclusion, saying "when you're rich women let you grab then by the pussy." Isn't that bad.
      3. He didn't touch women? Except his wives of course.

  • Gloria EMan
    Gloria EMan Day ago

    The women didn’t even enter any conversation. she just made everything about her..

  • Anindo Mahmud
    Anindo Mahmud Day ago

    People will call me racist, ignorant and far-right but I believe that there should be stricter immigration policies in western countries so that only those who are willing to integrate with western values will be allowed to enter.

    • NPC 86740296
      NPC 86740296 Day ago

      That's a centre right idea, lol the people who call you far right are the alt lefts

  • Deanna Rent
    Deanna Rent Day ago

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that found the blonde lady annoying af

  • Robin Wu Lei
    Robin Wu Lei Day ago

    I dont think the cast producers did a good job of casting the "representational" individuals as in the depth of opinion from different people are not on similar level. There were too much frustration among them while lots of important but basic points were not established from the beginning so the conversation turned increasingly "trivial" in the context of logical reasoning or communication. All in all, it wasn't facilitated well at all and I think it was just released irresponsibly.

  • Nene
    Nene Day ago

    "It's almost like you have some semblance of the reality that people of color live with for centuries."👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💯 and her face at 5:08 💀 chilee, I'm living for it🙌🏽

  • Taylor Millard
    Taylor Millard Day ago

    The blonde woman was making me mad idk why

  • Eman Ghannam
    Eman Ghannam Day ago

    everyone: politics, terrorosts, important stuff
    blonde lady: yOgUrT // cOoKiE jAr // cLoThInG LiNe/ yemAAN

  • LightCeruleanBlue Turtle

    Trump just wants to protect any LEGAL citizen in the US

  • William Gaylord
    William Gaylord Day ago

    I'm feeling some intense vibes from muslim girl

  • Z AMV
    Z AMV Day ago +1

    Definitely there has to be a reason to make bombs. Definetly😂. Idk, money maybe. And if someone says its wrong to mass produce weapons such as that, then they are wrong. And so no one can talk about bombs and America, we like to divert their attention to the muslims who use the bombs, because ofcourse, it's good to make them but bad if someone uses them against us 😂. Very nice

  • Master Gaming
    Master Gaming Day ago +1

    The old guy with the orange shirt looks like trump

  • Chunciney Kinard

    The blonde guy has to be Trump in disguise or something lol he sounds just like him

  • 오사랑
    오사랑 Day ago

    ewww that blonde woman is just so disgusting, i dont usually wanna be rude but this woman almost killed me

  • Daisy Kotalik
    Daisy Kotalik Day ago +1

    Blonde woman: I love immigration
    Also blonde woman: we need to close the border
    Me: 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

    • NPC 86740296
      NPC 86740296 Day ago

      ... retard.
      She's anti illegals and pro legals.

  • Arsalan Chohan
    Arsalan Chohan Day ago +1

    The blonde woman is the type of person to try to drown her pet fish

  • David Wilson
    David Wilson Day ago

    How exactly do you pick a radical muslim out of a group of peaceful muslims. You don't.

  • ingrid b.
    ingrid b. Day ago

    White lady: my struggles wearing a tshirt that represents a discriminating and harmful message is equal to the discrimination and danger POCs face just for existing 😩

  • Plasma RL
    Plasma RL Day ago +1

    I hAvE lOsT mY FrEEdoM of SpeEcH

  • Syanika Princessa Natalegawa

    Why does everytime the producer says the wuestion or the statement the blonde women kept making sounds likse OoF wOw Hmm InTeReStInG

  • PerfectFlaw
    PerfectFlaw Day ago

    the blond girl was *pissed* when it ended. everyone was hugging and she just stormed off 😂

  • PerfectFlaw
    PerfectFlaw Day ago +2

    that blond girl *refuses* to try to agree with anyone.

  • Lee Henry
    Lee Henry Day ago

    Muslims playing victim as usual!

    • rio -
      rio - Day ago

      media play makes us looks an indonesian,SEA/archipelago......weve over 14.000 island,700 language,400 culture and many religion....even 80% is muslims were still in peace.....if u says muslim playing victim.....80 years ago.....CHRISTIAN,WHITE,ATHEIST,JEWISH........RAPE MY GREAT GRANDMA,SHOOTING MA GRANDPA.....AND TAKE OVER OUR COUNTRY FOR 500YEARS.....THEN JAPAN COME FOR 3 YEARS AND PISSED OFF BECAUSE THEY'VE LOST IN WW2 AND WE DECLARE OUR FREEDOM ...... AND MUSLIMS?????THEY HELP US......THATS WHY SO MANY HINDU CHANGE THEIR RELIGION.......IM A HINDU DESCENDANTS AND NOW 90% MA FAMILY IS A MUSLIMS......SRY FOR MA ENGLISH......IM ASIAN

  • PerfectFlaw
    PerfectFlaw Day ago

    7:40 that blond girl is rly getting on my nerves.

  • PerfectFlaw
    PerfectFlaw Day ago

    "but it doesn't mean you experience the same thing as me just because we eat the same yogurt."

    true words of wisdom.

  • PerfectFlaw
    PerfectFlaw Day ago

    "but it doesn't mean you experience the same thing as me just because we eat the same yogurt."

    what did this conversation turn into???

  • PerfectFlaw
    PerfectFlaw Day ago

    1:34 no it's not. america isn't your f***ing property.

  • Aesar Abbas
    Aesar Abbas Day ago

    Yoghurt lady just walked away without saying bye to her new yoghurt friends

  • Hissa Jassim
    Hissa Jassim Day ago

    Im a muslim and I accept anyone in the lgbtq+ community even if I’m not in it. All these comments make me so happy that the majority of people who watch this are accepting❤️

    • Hissa Jassim
      Hissa Jassim 23 hours ago

      NPC 86740296 Most of the “scriptures” in the quran don’t command us to be violent, they are made up and just written for the world to see or just translated wrong. Islam means peace.. but people preserve it as the total opposite in result of what ISIS has been doing.

    • NPC 86740296
      NPC 86740296 Day ago

      Read Qu'ran Scripture, your holy book promotes violent acts and commands it, but whatever just don't be a radical, enjoy Islam I'm a christian and don't agree with the Qu'ran but I do admire Islam's sense of Tradition and structure.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Day ago

    Since when does this old guy care about England or any other country apart from America

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Day ago

    This blonde b is saying that they need to care for people here yet I would bet she wouldn’t donate or give a cent to orphanages she is really taking America first to serious

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Day ago

    Free collage 😆

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Day ago

    This dude asked why he pays when most illegals also pay

  • tasteless Dragon

    that blonde lady was the most special snowflake looking/acting bench
    like idgaf abt your yogurt

  • Chrystinamarie Wellington

    In the bible it does say that you can rape your slaves, you can sell your daughters, and you can have children as slaves. So please don't say how Muslims are ingrained to be violent. How many were killed in the name of Jesus Christ before, during, and after the Crusades.
    The most dangerous weapon of mass destruction is the Ignorant White Person. They have the platform to be heard, the money to be funded, and the jaded history to bend their truths. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

    • NPC 86740296
      NPC 86740296 Day ago

      Have you ever read the bible? I doubt you've had I've read over 60 pages of the Qu'ran and most of the bible, the Qu'ran promotes violence far more frequently than the bible. Remember when Jesus saved the prostitute from being stoned?
      Remember Muhammed when he stoned 2 6yo girls?
      Take your pick.

    • NPC 86740296
      NPC 86740296 Day ago

      What is it with American blacks hating whites so much like damn here in S Africa we try to work with our fellow man not label them as mass weapons of destruction.

  • Mackenzie Palmer
    Mackenzie Palmer 2 days ago

    Blonde lady is the definition of wanting to be the victim.

    Lost the freedom to wear that shirt?
    Sweetheart, you are wearing it now, for all of internet eternity to see!
    You don't know what lost freedom feels like, you couldn't even comprehend.

  • lil corky
    lil corky 2 days ago +1

    *Im a proud trump hater*

  • Imani H.
    Imani H. 2 days ago

    The blonde haired lady was very ignorant

  • 이존 혁
    이존 혁 2 days ago

    I think what the old old man said is really true about islam. I know many people will dislike me but i live in a muslim majority country and i’ve felt many harrassement from muslim.

  • Neko Bella
    Neko Bella 2 days ago

    I’m sorry but I got to ask. When America was great? When in America’s history was it great? And when we say great do we mean for everyone, or is it for one group? Because it’s never been great for everyone, no country has ever been. America was built from the backs of slaves and grew from the death of others. Like they said if we want to make America great again, we are going to have to decide who are we hurt. Looking back in history America has never been great, at least in my mind. I think it has been nice for certain people but never great. So I think we should say that we are going to make America great in general, rather than great again. I’m sorry for ranting and I’m sorry if I offended anyone, this is just my personal belief. (Also sorry for the bad grammar)

  • A communist Regime
    A communist Regime 2 days ago

    Blonde lady: YoGuRt

  • Shelley Fitch
    Shelley Fitch 2 days ago

    Keep up the good work! The dynamic you created with members of the two groups coming out of their respective corners in response to statements made, and then sitting and discussing what the statement brought up for each of them was very effective. It made for an interesting viewing experience. I would like to see an episode on age and youth.

  • Skitty Blossom
    Skitty Blossom 2 days ago

    You know what, SCREW Joseph all together

  • Z- CFM
    Z- CFM 2 days ago +1

    I'm super late but I'm watching this again. I'm a trump supporter and my family are immigrants. I love immigration and believe everyone deserves a better life. Yes I know the way to get into America should be easier and not take years to process and accept. I also don't believe it's ok for babies who's mother's and father's were illegal should have to be sent back after creating a life. However, I do not agree with illegal immigrants coming across the border and not contributing to society. Many people who are on illegal immigration side or just letting people in side live far north. You do not see what's happening here in the far south. There are scary things occuring and murders and rapes and theft. I do not think people can just come across without promising to contribute. It's tough on those who are working hard and have to pay thousands in taxes to people who don't work and have no disabilities whatsoever. I love all people but I do not like when people take advantage of others. That is what happens with ILLEGAL immigration. Notice I have never said immigration itself. I hope to see comments about other's point of view as I do like to keep an open mind. Thank you

  • Mónica Aguayo
    Mónica Aguayo 2 days ago

    omg! Shastina, you should move to Juarez IT IS SUPER SECURE! There you don´t have to be scared for your life :)

  • Little Guinea Pig Fun

    Power is scary in the hands of a monster. True. That's why we don't let you in

  • Sydney Wigder
    Sydney Wigder 2 days ago

    when that blonde girl said "i have black neighbors, i have muslim neighbors, i have neighbors of ALL kind"

    ....isn't that something trump has said?