The Internet's Cringiest Dating Show 2

  • Published on May 24, 2019
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    We're back, baby!!! Me and Dean were planning on filming a different video, but then someone sent me the newest episode of the infamous "Bestie Picks Bae", and after watching the first 30 seconds, I knew we had to do a part 2. Enjoy!
    thanks for watching!
    comment "stupid dean cheetahs can't fly planes" if ur reading this

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  • rainbow
    rainbow 9 minutes ago

    Why are those teen girls in a dating show like they're just sixteen they have a lot of time to find a guy🙄

  • Hannah Gs
    Hannah Gs 39 minutes ago

    They need to stop featuring upper middle class white girls for the show

  • S u n F l o w e r
    S u n F l o w e r 55 minutes ago

    the thing is
    all the people i've known that have had a relationship, and they were similar as
    got separated like a week later.

  • Its a Theatre thing
    Its a Theatre thing 2 hours ago

    These 2 girls look like the walmart version of Carly and Sam from ICarly

  • Mollie McNally
    Mollie McNally 3 hours ago

    “i love fun.”

  • Mollie McNally
    Mollie McNally 3 hours ago

    Oh you don’t know what you want to study in college? Sorry - I ONLY dAte GuYS wHo dO despite it having nothing to do with the actual relationship

  • Ki Ko
    Ki Ko 6 hours ago

    "He's is a sweet all American boy. Golden Retrievers, baseball, the beatles..."
    Yeah, something's wrong there. I'm pretty sure that the beatles is a British band.

  • abi grace
    abi grace 11 hours ago

    texting is important

  • ok
    ok 13 hours ago

    wow love that blatant racism 😩

  • Sylvia Tyers
    Sylvia Tyers 15 hours ago

    6:26 Oh my god I can't stop laughing

  • jiminahs
    jiminahs 20 hours ago

    The guy that won was cute but was the blandest biscuit in the sewing kit

  • jiminahs
    jiminahs 20 hours ago

    Frickim hell they re literal children and only think about the D. Why is this so gross to me. Multiple relationships by the time you re 16? Why. Obnoxious

  • Arianna Pridmore
    Arianna Pridmore 22 hours ago

    Lmaoooo what is up with these girls liking such mayonnaise ass boys 😂😭
    And these questions???

  • Infinite Spiral
    Infinite Spiral Day ago

    I actually think that the double texting question probably made the most sense, idk. It indicates how communicative a person is, how open, how prideful. That actually matters a lot in a relationship, especially one where the two people have separate lives.

  • princess kai
    princess kai Day ago

    Why does she look like a downsyndrome child?

  • Ema Lopez
    Ema Lopez Day ago

    “he wants to do business
    *up up and down* “
    HAHAHAH am I ok

  • playerkingawesome

    Sorry, but I'm fairly certain "Ed Sheeran of Lacrosse" doesn't mean anything.

  • ginny weasley
    ginny weasley Day ago


  • featherqueen31
    featherqueen31 Day ago

    Why does Giants look British?

  • Josh Gamber
    Josh Gamber 2 days ago

    Please omg we need a part 3 😂😂😂

  • Lauren Riggs
    Lauren Riggs 2 days ago

    I'm pretty sure the pitbulls are mean stereotype has pretty racist roots so like

  • madison nichole
    madison nichole 2 days ago

    i remember when i got my first phone and like the day after this random ass album from U2 was just downloaded on there and i was like just so confused and then thought apple just gave away free music and when i found out they didn’t i was very disappointed 😂

  • Sophie Schroer
    Sophie Schroer 2 days ago +3

    *doesn’t like rap and r&b*
    *ends up with guy who specifically said he likes hip hop and r&b*

  • Diamond Reynolds
    Diamond Reynolds 2 days ago

    I feel bad for the first dude 😶😭

  • Georgia J
    Georgia J 2 days ago


  • Wandering Coconut
    Wandering Coconut 2 days ago

    The fact that they said pit bulls are controlling, have they ever met a pit bull?! Super nice dogs

  • Hiya There
    Hiya There 2 days ago +1

    Do more videos with your friend, he’s funny

  • Hiya There
    Hiya There 2 days ago

    Do another one!

  • Celin
    Celin 2 days ago +1

    Having Disneyland as a dreamdate is such a "white girl"- thing

  • Julie Greene
    Julie Greene 2 days ago

    I’m 13 and I don’t know what double texting is, so you’re good 😂

  • allison groth
    allison groth 2 days ago

    he doesnt know what he wants to do in college? mr.struggle over here

  • rainphee
    rainphee 2 days ago

    maybe i’m just gay. but why are like, 99% of these guys just... so boring. so dull.
    (and it’s totally sus that the non-white guys never get booted...)

  • Talia Marija
    Talia Marija 2 days ago

    Stupid dean cheetahs can't fly planes. Look at the description

  • Ella Durbin
    Ella Durbin 2 days ago

    has anyone ever told you that you look kinda like evan peters?

  • Alexis S.
    Alexis S. 2 days ago

    Ok so im 16 and this makes me feel so uncomfortable. Why do they all look like they are 20 and act like they are 12. Is there something wrong with me for being normal

  • savingthesalt4later
    savingthesalt4later 3 days ago

    stupid dean cheetahs can't fly planes

  • Dina Anckina
    Dina Anckina 3 days ago

    stupid dean cheetahs can’t fly planes

  • In Love With A Were
    In Love With A Were 3 days ago +1

    #jonnaton the king

  • In Love With A Were
    In Love With A Were 3 days ago +1

    Dean: “He didn’t blink and he TUCKED IN HIS SHIRT”
    Kurtis: “Murderer.”

  • 20Little Princess04
    20Little Princess04 3 days ago

    If i was on the show:
    Me: *starts listing off preferred characteristics*
    Me: *literally lists all the qualities describing my bestie*
    My bestie: Bro. I think we have a winner already.
    Me: bRO :’)

  • bang yongguk is god
    bang yongguk is god 3 days ago

    Dean and kurtis the best duo ever😭

  • Hannah Fuhlhage
    Hannah Fuhlhage 4 days ago +5

    Carrie: I want a guy with good taste in music
    Gianna: Sorry but Carrie only likes pop :(

  • Ava Drake
    Ava Drake 5 days ago +1

    still mad they had the first guy leave but :/

  • TheEdgySunflower
    TheEdgySunflower 5 days ago

    Wait.. why didn't other guy get sent home??? Bullshit.

  • TheEdgySunflower
    TheEdgySunflower 5 days ago +1

    The model guy is Cultured

  • Louis B
    Louis B 5 days ago

    Yoo these comments are straight Gold

  • Austina Lee
    Austina Lee 5 days ago +4

    9:17 wtf did the guy just BLINKED SEPARATELY??

  • liya lawley
    liya lawley 5 days ago

    HMMMM 🤔

  • Lauryn Mills
    Lauryn Mills 5 days ago

    Dean's fucking mouth... I'm scared

  • BTS Butter
    BTS Butter 5 days ago

    "La la la la la laaaa"

  • Petra Brand
    Petra Brand 5 days ago +3

    I was never that kind of girl who has an celebrity crush, but Kurtis is freaking cute man..

  • i eat cocaine
    i eat cocaine 5 days ago +7

    I bet the kicked the hip hop fan off because before the shoot she was like “I don’t date black guys

  • BJR 14
    BJR 14 5 days ago

    the gianna girl kicked tracy out because he liked rap and r&b...but he never said that...he said rock and roll, hip hop, and basically anything

  • Riley Krisch
    Riley Krisch 6 days ago

    Dean is Schmitt from New girl

  • Riley Krisch
    Riley Krisch 6 days ago

    Dean is Schmitt from New girl

  • kee lytle
    kee lytle 6 days ago

    i can imagine the winner realizing how shallow this girl is and thinking "nah man fuck this". he wins the show but still rejects her.

  • ava
    ava 6 days ago +3

    get a lesbian in here i BET YOU itll be the cutest thing

  • Winter
    Winter 6 days ago +1

    “You’re the golden retriever of humans dude” - I spat out my tea

  • Mia Skraba
    Mia Skraba 6 days ago

    The guy who won looks like the kid from breakfast club.

  • Ana Benavides
    Ana Benavides 6 days ago

    i like your friend