Nice Shot: Golfin' & Gunnin' - PART 1 - Game Grumps

  • Published on Dec 8, 2018
  • Golf is better when played with ammunition.
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Comments • 1 162

  • Cassandra Hsu
    Cassandra Hsu 21 day ago

    God I sincerely wish this were a real sport

  • Virus Of Cyrus
    Virus Of Cyrus Month ago

    How do they have so many subs when they arent even funny? 5 Million brainless, simple people, thats a LOT of stupid.....Sigh.

  • Dylan Cheplic
    Dylan Cheplic 2 months ago

    “I love guns.”

  • Kevin Meeker
    Kevin Meeker 2 months ago

    Arin: "I should have done the tutorial."
    Dan: "Yea...Do the tutorial."
    A: "I feel like it's not too hard-"
    D: "Arin..."

  • Norwegian Canoe
    Norwegian Canoe 3 months ago

    idk if Dan knows what Nu Metal is lol

  • Svinja
    Svinja 5 months ago

    I fucking knew Arin was going to make a Filter reference

  • Cam Hisle
    Cam Hisle 6 months ago

    I love it when they sing! The 420 bit was great

  • Marie Frazier
    Marie Frazier 7 months ago

    Dan: Music sounds like Shinedown or Breaking Benjamin!
    Me: Um.... no? Maybe it's my sound quality...
    Grumps: *immediately start joking that it's country music*
    Me: I don't think those bands sing what you think they sing.

  • Tick Dickler
    Tick Dickler 7 months ago

    Only Arnold Handsomes could totally fuck up a totorial

  • MrEpic7203
    MrEpic7203 7 months ago

    Man the new Wii sports update sure is weird

  • HeroicWarriorSoul
    HeroicWarriorSoul 7 months ago

    Dan referring to Shinedown and Breaking Benjamin makes me so happy

  • TheDeadCobra
    TheDeadCobra 7 months ago

    Arin wants to do the tutorial sins when does he does anything that he never does?

  • Dragon Underbelly
    Dragon Underbelly 7 months ago

    dude, in Idaho, you don't even need a permit to concealed carry
    you can just hide a gun
    anywhere on your person
    as long as you're 18

  • Eggsalad Supreme
    Eggsalad Supreme 7 months ago

    Turn on captions and watch intro.
    "hey I'm not Zhu Goff"

  • J J
    J J 7 months ago

    Sooo this is where shooter Mcgavin learned to play golf😀 like if you get😅

  • Pasta King
    Pasta King 7 months ago

    As of January 1, 2012, according to California open carry laws under California Penal Code 26350 PC, it is a crime to openly carry any firearm in public, even if the gun is unloaded.

  • Christian Perreault
    Christian Perreault 7 months ago

    My personal favorite putting caliber is 357

  • Dappis
    Dappis 7 months ago

    That song got pretty hype tho

  • Crimson Vulpes
    Crimson Vulpes 7 months ago

    Can confirm, This is how we Americans play golf

  • SuperSilver759
    SuperSilver759 7 months ago

    They should come back to this game, I honestly really enjoyed it

  • J B
    J B 7 months ago

    I don't think they just "give you a gun." They ensure the free exercise of your second amendment right in public. And since when is self-defense not a sufficient reason?

  • Hezkore
    Hezkore 8 months ago

    This should just been called "American Golf".
    Like "American Football", that's got guns as well, right?

  • TheBarbaricTain
    TheBarbaricTain 8 months ago

    They sound like a Cristian heavy metal band

  • Brody Paris
    Brody Paris 8 months ago

    I love their creed-esc singing at the end

  • Lil' Birdie
    Lil' Birdie 8 months ago

    I fired and I missed

  • beastboy168268
    beastboy168268 8 months ago

    Upon opening this video, I thought I was hearing cryaotic at 0:05 - 0:19

  • Stanley
    Stanley 8 months ago

    y'all 'member old RocketJump?
    Peppridge Farm remembers

  • Sweg Lard
    Sweg Lard 8 months ago

    This looks very fun

  • Puppy [XFYR]
    Puppy [XFYR] 8 months ago

    I fucken hated this game when I played it... mostly because there was just not much to do and I couldn't aim... rip me.. also limited ammo on the gl was a dumb decision.... like let us break it... please.. let me.. I promise I'll behave... for now..
    Read More
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    Read More
    The fuck am I saying anymore...

  • Kaylah Hancock
    Kaylah Hancock 8 months ago

    I legit reeled when Dan mentioned Breaking Benjamin.

  • M KZ
    M KZ 8 months ago

    I know what the next power hour should be...
    cuts to arin slapping a gun on the table

  • CCBG
    CCBG 8 months ago

    1:22 I think that in this single second, Arin had a sudden flashback to every time he said "I feel like it's not too hard"

  • AnimeMaven
    AnimeMaven 8 months ago


  • Guts
    Guts 8 months ago +2

    10:06 It possibly could if you just nick the edge, but they'll pass through, otherwise. Me and my friend were actually shooting golf balls with a pistol at my house a few months back.

  • Guts
    Guts 8 months ago +1

    I really doubt LA has open carry, considering that they have some of the strictest gun laws in the country. Lol My state has open carry though. 😊

  • Jacob Butterfield
    Jacob Butterfield 8 months ago

    I'm goin to the country
    Gonna eat a lot of peaches.

  • Tallik
    Tallik 8 months ago

    *Be careful not to overcharge*
    And Arin succumbs once more to reverse psychology.

  • Vhargon
    Vhargon 8 months ago

    I'm the disciplined boy! I'm the one who shoots!

  • J.J. Shank
    J.J. Shank 8 months ago

    Someone NEEDS to upload the soundtrack of this game!

  • Neil Donahoe
    Neil Donahoe 8 months ago +1

    I'm so proud of arin, he like.. grew

  • nexra
    nexra 8 months ago


  • Lemon Scented
    Lemon Scented 8 months ago

    I'm gonna be honest... I only clicked the video for the Filter reference.

  • John Witt
    John Witt 8 months ago

    bro, you can open carry in VA without any kind of license.

  • Jason Hayes
    Jason Hayes 8 months ago

    Filter reference was surprising...and awesome!

  • lilttlekevin89
    lilttlekevin89 8 months ago

    10:20 soooooo who's taking one for the team and shooting golf balls in slow mo?

  • Katelyn Meitz
    Katelyn Meitz 8 months ago

    10 minute power hour idea: Putput Golf

  • Automata Productions
    Automata Productions 8 months ago

    This game would be a Gangstas Paradise

  • XenomorphFiend
    XenomorphFiend 8 months ago

    13:20 Didn't know Tobuscus was a guest grump

  • McDubbs
    McDubbs 8 months ago +1

    Almost as good as kirby dream course

  • Andrew Bono
    Andrew Bono 8 months ago

    To answer your question, yes, bullets go right through golf balls. They almost explode when you shoot them

  • j_burrrd
    j_burrrd 8 months ago

    That dad chevy song pops up on my pandora all the time 😂

  • Colleen Glanville
    Colleen Glanville 8 months ago +1

    Wait, so the whole point of the game is to shoot a golf ball with a gun, that seems challenging! 🤔😄😁👍
    This is to funny! 😂😄😁👍

  • Emily Seddon
    Emily Seddon 8 months ago

    Remix? Yes? Yes.

  • colbalias
    colbalias 8 months ago

    Welcome to episode four of me asking the grumps to play smash ultimate

  • Joshieboy Studios
    Joshieboy Studios 8 months ago

    This new Breath of the Wild DLC is crazt

  • unit378
    unit378 8 months ago +1

    Your knowledge of the laws on firearms hurts me.

  • Cypherus15
    Cypherus15 8 months ago

    This is obzerd. You can't pew a golf ball into the hole.

  • magicstix0r
    magicstix0r 8 months ago +2

    The fact that you have to justify exercising a Constitutional right in LA shows that it's a complete shithole that doesn't respect the law...

    • Miles Peterson
      Miles Peterson 8 months ago

      @magicstix0r What @Maize and Blue is trying to say is that our Founding Fathers weren't gun-wanking crazy people and that they wrongly assumed their constituents would have the common sense to wield their portable death machines responsibly.
      And as for having to justify exercise a constitutional right: laws are meant to benefit people- not the other way around. If I have to explain that to you, then responding at all was a mistake.

    • magicstix0r
      magicstix0r 8 months ago +1

      @Maize and Blue You spewed a whole lot of words there, and said absolutely nothing.

    • Maize and Blue
      Maize and Blue 8 months ago +1

      Not everyone can conceal carry in a large residential area. You need a license in order to do so, and sometimes it requires a cause and effect so they aren't just letting everyone walk around with a gun. Only those that are mentally stable and plan on using it for self defense only.

  • y tho
    y tho 8 months ago

    "I never stuffed my CDs into a cassette box"

  • Ganjagank
    Ganjagank 8 months ago

    >up and coming METAL band

  • David Jimenez
    David Jimenez 8 months ago

    "It's like I'm at a Breaking Benjamin concert!"
    Me: EEEYYYYY! This sounds more like Blink-182 track with Avenged guitar.

  • wariodedede
    wariodedede 8 months ago +4

    golf game with guns + game grumps = start of a good series

  • David Fox
    David Fox 8 months ago +1

    Guys, if you ever find yourself in Minnesota and wanna shoot some real guns, hmu.

    • TheBloodofAges
      TheBloodofAges 8 months ago

      I kinda want Paul Harrell to collab with the Game Grumps now after seeing this.

  • Jack Hammer
    Jack Hammer 8 months ago

    This is basically just the golf game type from halo

  • Dan Scannell
    Dan Scannell 8 months ago +3

    It's been five and a half years, and Arin FINALLY says "...all right, fine" to a tutorial.
    What a time to be alive.

  • Stacey 'C0LDE' Evans
    Stacey 'C0LDE' Evans 8 months ago

    they just come back laughing without us experiencing it :

  • Nick Turgeon
    Nick Turgeon 8 months ago +1

    Arin loves guns as much as he loves weed xD

  • Michael Hudson
    Michael Hudson 8 months ago

    For real though, I want this soundtrack

  • Kevtendo
    Kevtendo 8 months ago +1

    1:27 there's a cut

  • Foxfire0002
    Foxfire0002 8 months ago +1

    You have to “apply” for open carry? I can just open carry. Period. No questions asked. I just need a gun..........

  • MagicManMo
    MagicManMo 8 months ago


  • Phillip Emmanuel Clemens Leopoldo Horatio Bartholdi

    This is the most distinctly American game I've seen in awhile.

  • Jakesomnia
    Jakesomnia 8 months ago +1

    omg...danny knows Breaking Benjamin. made me very happy.

  • SavagetheMaker
    SavagetheMaker 8 months ago

    Dan is the savior of this series

  • Daniel Solis
    Daniel Solis 8 months ago +1

    I loved their soft rock song