3 Disturbing True Mall Horror Stories

  • Published on Jul 20, 2018
  • These are three allegedly true horror stories that took place in shopping malls.
    Story 1 : u/MallPatrol722
    Story 2 : James Pinto
    Story 3 : Joe Epstein
    Insta: instagram.com/realmrnightmare/
    Twitter: twitter.com/mista_nightmare?l...
    If you want to send a personal TRUE story of yours, please send it through email: mrnightmareinbox@gmail.com
    Anything with poorly structured sentences and grammar will not be read, so please just make them neat and understandable. Please also state how you would like your name to be credited in a video.
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  • James
    James 2 hours ago

    Are these stories real

  • LoOkOvErDeRxx
    LoOkOvErDeRxx 2 hours ago

    Yoooo Darth!!

  • Savannah Marie
    Savannah Marie 2 hours ago

    The 3rd story... why tf would you try to call your manager? Call 911 my dude.

  • Fernando Soriano
    Fernando Soriano 2 hours ago

    I love suspense

  • lilguzi vert
    lilguzi vert 22 hours ago

    Ur a legend Mr nightmare

  • predator 34
    predator 34 Day ago

    Is that Darth maul on 1:31

  • Dresha802
    Dresha802 Day ago

    My friend and I were planning on visiting the Rolling Acres mall. They tore it down though, and now we're both really upset about it😂

  • Grace Rios
    Grace Rios Day ago

    I almost shit myself when the video cut to the tall man starring from the top of the stall

  • Earthworm Sally
    Earthworm Sally Day ago

    3:54 "Yo, got some toilet paper?"

  • Faiiryliigxts
    Faiiryliigxts Day ago +1

    Rolling acres mall has been demolished XD

  • Howaitorirī
    Howaitorirī 2 days ago

    *tap tap tap*

  • Jim Lacke
    Jim Lacke 3 days ago

    who else saw darth maul in the maul, 1:29

    i guess he is the person in mall, and accidently left a survivor XD

  • FX Chace
    FX Chace 3 days ago

    3:59 wtf

  • David Blankenship
    David Blankenship 3 days ago

    Why was RZA of the Wu-Tang clan looking over the stall?🤨

  • Sara Dembrosky
    Sara Dembrosky 3 days ago

    Who else is watching this at night 👀💀

  • Paulino Gomez
    Paulino Gomez 4 days ago

    Wanna hear something scary?

    The new sonic movie

  • Mia Davila
    Mia Davila 4 days ago

    Even tho there are probably not a lot of these, True Horror Cruise Stories might be a good idea as a video

  • EllaJones
    EllaJones 5 days ago

    I jumped so hard when he showed the tall guys face.

  • Anthony Lange
    Anthony Lange 5 days ago

    The guy peeking out scared the f out of me it was soooooooo scary

  • Logan Birth
    Logan Birth 5 days ago

    The scariest part about this was the toilet flushing 😂🤣

  • Jordan Brown
    Jordan Brown 5 days ago

    3:54 Scariest thing in the video but it was funny when i saw that gmod face

  • CalebClack32
    CalebClack32 6 days ago +1

    It’s pronounced akrin spelled Akron 😂

    • CalebClack32
      CalebClack32 4 days ago +1

      Rainbow Life yeah I love about 50 minutes west of there

    • Rainbow Life
      Rainbow Life 4 days ago +1

      I was hoping someone noticed 😂

  • YT Yommor123
    YT Yommor123 7 days ago +1

    3:54 that is one of the scariest things I have ever seen no joke

  • Oceanic
    Oceanic 8 days ago +1

    Anyone else see the tall man part and then go straight to the comments

  • Pringzor
    Pringzor 9 days ago

    Akron is not pronounced A kron it pronounced ah krin

  • mobil god
    mobil god 9 days ago

    Bro i be scared

  • james Lambshead
    james Lambshead 9 days ago

    3:53 you want some broccoli?

  • X GrimReaper X
    X GrimReaper X 9 days ago

    Dont click 3:54

  • buckmatt
    buckmatt 9 days ago


    You got any extra toilet paper buddy?

  • Kingston Decker
    Kingston Decker 9 days ago +1

    Try not to laugh at 4:00

  • Rod Fortnite
    Rod Fortnite 10 days ago

    The sounds on story 1 was gun shots!

  • Rufio Quin
    Rufio Quin 10 days ago

    I’m on the toilet during the toilet story.

    GEOTRACK 60 10 days ago

    In the second story is the background clip from tfil's video

  • Newest Music
    Newest Music 10 days ago

    I have to wake up at 5 am it’s 1 rn I decide yeah 1 mr nightmare video would be ok, I got scared and watched something to get my mind off of it and then I see another mr nightmare video in my feed so yeah why not another one

  • Lara Bradley
    Lara Bradley 10 days ago

    Anyone thought these stories were gonna be about how someone didn’t have enough money for clothes

  • s a d. r a t
    s a d. r a t 11 days ago

    who else in the first one thought of “Nosferatuuuu”

  • WutzZ
    WutzZ 12 days ago

    1:21 Darth maul at the right literally scared the sh*t out of me.

  • Omicron9999
    Omicron9999 12 days ago +1

    Amazing how a crappy CGI face paired with a violin sting at just the right moment can scare the bejesus out of you.

  • AJ Chandara
    AJ Chandara 12 days ago +4

    The scariest one of them all....

    *When my mom takes me back to school shopping*

  • Subscribe To Elon Musk
    Subscribe To Elon Musk 12 days ago +1

    #3:58 my Mexican looking ass waiting for Maria to finish my order of tacos

  • ConvictedAshes
    ConvictedAshes 12 days ago

    The last story is like the Smiling Waltz Dancing Guy.........and HOLY SHIT THE TALL BATHROOM STALL GUY.

  • Hannah Erskine
    Hannah Erskine 12 days ago

    I’m listening to these to gear me up for my vampire story I’m writing. It’s working❤️

  • Skully Animates
    Skully Animates 13 days ago

    0:00 Mall Horror Stories....

    the way i see this is...
    There is no discount for hot-topic

  • sarah Mitchell
    sarah Mitchell 13 days ago +1

    These people have balls because even being in a empty large dark is enough to scare me

  • venom 13
    venom 13 14 days ago +1

    Click both like buttons if u like mr nightmare (mine) 🖒(his)🖒

  • Candice Perry
    Candice Perry 14 days ago

    People would work&shop at the shopping mall

  • Jesus Is The Answer!
    Jesus Is The Answer! 14 days ago

    Why do I watch these?

  • Werfulll ll
    Werfulll ll 14 days ago

    1:31, Darth Maul is just chilling on the right side of the screen

  • L Duke
    L Duke 15 days ago

    Number one is kinda like five nights at freddy

  • Nathan Rafalian
    Nathan Rafalian 15 days ago +1

    Like if jake is a legend

  • allie heckman
    allie heckman 16 days ago

    He really pronounced Ak-Ron as Ache-Ron SKKSKSK love you

  • H4rry12
    H4rry12 17 days ago

    Did anyone else see the darth mall standing at 1:28 😂😂

  • Mark Wilcox
    Mark Wilcox 17 days ago

    Where’s the narration?

  • Avengers 4 Life
    Avengers 4 Life 17 days ago

    1:15 look on the right theres like a devil face there

  • Fandom Blink24365
    Fandom Blink24365 17 days ago +2

    The sound of the flushing toilet scared me more than the face of the tall man😂

  • øñ pøïñt 1
    øñ pøïñt 1 17 days ago

    I didn't find 3:58 scary

  • Zeke
    Zeke 17 days ago +1

    Am I the only one that busted out laughing at the dudes face? 😂😂😂

  • Commander Mango
    Commander Mango 18 days ago

    I’m going to take on a job at a mall. Maybe you might have to make a part 2? They have a horror shop there with a psychic that comes in at times, I’m sure they at one point are and was hauntings.

  • UrBoiBOBBY *Bottom Text*

    9:01 Let me in...*LET ME IIIIIIIIIIIIIN!*

  • MissTia777
    MissTia777 19 days ago

    Story #1 was a loser! Who watches videos while using the bathroom??? Didnt report nothing! Story #2 didn't call the police as many never do in the stories on these channels! But why would anyone wear a mask and a damn BEANIE??? FAKE! Story #3 was just a crackhead! Mr Nightmare stories are CRAP!

    • IMSunnyDude
      IMSunnyDude 17 days ago +1

      MissTia777 I personally enjoy the stories. Real or not, they are entertaining

  • Alexander Jarvis69
    Alexander Jarvis69 20 days ago

    rip Sears

  • Eternal Flame
    Eternal Flame 20 days ago +12

    60%= 3:53 jump scare comments
    25%= I have a scary story
    15%=other comments

  • Ryan Scott
    Ryan Scott 21 day ago

    The guy standing over one of the stalls looked like Tim Duncan.

  • Casey Hayes
    Casey Hayes 21 day ago

    I have never been jump scared by your videos ever until 3:50

  • Silver Ascension
    Silver Ascension 21 day ago +2

    Why didn't security have a key to the back internal hallway that goes to all the back doors of all the shops in the mall?( I used to be a security officer).

    • beHaski
      beHaski 20 days ago

      Can confirm as fellow security. If youre working somewhere as a security guard you will have all the keys to every single door on that property for safety reasons

  • Coty Mccollum
    Coty Mccollum 22 days ago


  • Zoro's Bankai
    Zoro's Bankai 22 days ago

    Pft, weak stories
    Nothing scarier than finding someone from school after class while wearing the uniform

  • Xander Lowe
    Xander Lowe 22 days ago

    I worked as a night security in an apartment building when I was in college, so I feel for that first guy. You go to college all day, eat dinner, then go to the building and just sit in a chair in the hallway. Every noise, no matter how small, can spook you.

  • Jason Biffle
    Jason Biffle 22 days ago

    This is literally why I have a concealed carry license

  • Matthew BR Sims
    Matthew BR Sims 22 days ago +1

    3:54 "'Sup bae, it's Chad Warden here!"

  • Bhawna Sahani
    Bhawna Sahani 22 days ago

    All d dislikes are from the tall men😂😂

  • Cyrus Manalang
    Cyrus Manalang 22 days ago +1

    Friends: You can't make a meme with a horror story
    Me: *makes meme with scary story
    Friend: 3:54

  • Brodie Clark
    Brodie Clark 22 days ago


  • LacyCrusty
    LacyCrusty 22 days ago

    My disturbing mall story was Wendys closing

  • NewYork Mets Updates MLB

    3:53 "ah shit here, we go again” looks like another endless stream of diarrhea that I got a front row ticket to

  • Brooke Scott
    Brooke Scott 23 days ago

    3:54 *tHeReS nO tOiLeT pApEr*

  • L T
    L T 23 days ago

    I am from Akron Ohio and it’s pronounced Ah-krun

  • kmullinax79
    kmullinax79 23 days ago

    Ok the third story is scary and I live in south carolina

  • Michael Durand
    Michael Durand 24 days ago

    So some of ur vids are labeled “true”... does that mean that the others are fake?

  • James Green
    James Green 24 days ago

    8:19, my hamster in the middle of the night lmao

  • i0067
    i0067 24 days ago

    3:55 My soul popped out of my body. Lord have mercy

  • Ilovekitkat Ilovekitkat

    Omg I was wearing headphones and the toilet flush gave me such a fright

  • kittenbyun
    kittenbyun 25 days ago

    3:54 what the fuck

  • PooDot StinkPants
    PooDot StinkPants 26 days ago +1

    *Ok thank goodness for online shopping now that's the only way we'll purchase any goods in future :(*

  • Nooby :D
    Nooby :D 26 days ago

    me: goin to da mall
    tall boi: sup
    tall boi:why you why you bulli me *cri*

    me now: that was a story of me life
    kids: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Minecrafter - Gameplay, Stop Motions And More!

    3:53 probably the ghost man

  • RBLX Lucifer9836
    RBLX Lucifer9836 27 days ago +1

    Who else is on a phone or tablet and can't hide down here? Only me? Okay.

  • Ad’ryan Williams
    Ad’ryan Williams 29 days ago

    Damn...who’d thought that when people leave, weird shit starts to happen...that’s actually crazy. But still, this is on USclip so there will be some biased opinions about wether people believed in this sort of shit or not

  • Vyrisus
    Vyrisus 29 days ago

    Now I've been awake several times in my life with 3 hours of sleep or less over a 48-hour span, and even then, I am quite sure if a big dude was peering over a stall watching me take a dump, I'd know it was real.

  • Diane Serrano
    Diane Serrano Month ago

    What 3mall are these

  • Oliy
    Oliy Month ago

    he do be looking kinda fresh doe

  • IceCreamJunkie
    IceCreamJunkie Month ago

    3:56 I see a little silhouetto of a man
    Scaramouch, Scaramouch

  • Lizz Scheible
    Lizz Scheible Month ago

    It’s pronounced AK-ron lol

  • uqlywhxre
    uqlywhxre Month ago +1

    The music in story 1 fits fortnite season 6

  • Danny Stevens
    Danny Stevens Month ago

    why does he think the toilet he sees is the same all over the world that kind of stood out lol

  • c1chosenone
    c1chosenone Month ago

    First story. And he quit after his day off hahahA

  • I Am The One Who Knocks

    SG: WTF?!
    Tall Man: Have you heard about the works of your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?!?
    Guard: Man, if you don't get your ass out of this bathroom...I will tase you!
    Tall Man: I'll take that as a no.🙁

  • MyoclonicJerkCough
    MyoclonicJerkCough Month ago

    first dude needs to stop staying up so late smoking weed the night before

  • ángelic msp
    ángelic msp Month ago

    how can someone do night shifts and not be scared omg 😰

  • Jazzy & Emmy
    Jazzy & Emmy Month ago

    Mr Nightmare:Mall horror stories
    UScliprs:24 hours in the mall