3 Disturbing True Mall Horror Stories

  • Published on Jul 20, 2018
  • These are three allegedly true horror stories that took place in shopping malls.
    Story 1 : u/MallPatrol722
    Story 2 : James Pinto
    Story 3 : Joe Epstein
    Insta: realmrnightmare
    Twitter: mista_nightmare?l...
    If you want to send a personal TRUE story of yours, please send it through email: mrnightmareinbox@gmail.com
    Anything with poorly structured sentences and grammar will not be read, so please just make them neat and understandable. Please also state how you would like your name to be credited in a video.
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  • AShootingToaster


  • Charlene Ziervogel

    In story 1that black guy is very long and ugly

  • D K
    D K 2 days ago

    Dude in story #1 has some mental problems. You don't hear flushing, see shoes and face of a person just from lacking sleep.

  • Keron Windley
    Keron Windley 2 days ago +1

    Went to the bathroom to relieve myself!... 🍆💦🚽 Is that what he said in story #1?..

  • Victoria Strauss
    Victoria Strauss 4 days ago

    6:38 always time for skincare

  • Victoria Strauss
    Victoria Strauss 4 days ago

    Omg I hate scary faces! I’ve been warned about 10 times

  • Aj Retana
    Aj Retana 4 days ago

    60%- About 3:53
    30%- I have a scary story
    10%- Comments about the percent of types of comments

  • Owais Qadri
    Owais Qadri 4 days ago

    The tall man is scary af.

  • rxmenplayz
    rxmenplayz 5 days ago

    Do you live in canton michigan

  • akeel brown
    akeel brown 6 days ago

    "I hEaRd A tAp"

  • Abdimalik Hassan
    Abdimalik Hassan 8 days ago +1

    Jake is a legend one like for Jake

  • Harrison Rowan
    Harrison Rowan 8 days ago

    horror story:i sneezed and someone said bless you i was home alone

  • Old pumpkin tits
    Old pumpkin tits 10 days ago

    The first guy never wiped his ass!

  • Toast _Sticks
    Toast _Sticks 10 days ago

    6:24. It’s not jake dumbass

  • Toast _Sticks
    Toast _Sticks 10 days ago

    Story one............ what?

  • Michael Bell TV
    Michael Bell TV 10 days ago

    How do you make it so scary

  • Jolly _Bear
    Jolly _Bear 11 days ago

    I looked at him
    AnD He LoOkEd At mE

  • Jaguar f Pace
    Jaguar f Pace 11 days ago

    My dad worked there in a children’s palace in rolling Akers

  • Dajour Livingston22
    Dajour Livingston22 11 days ago

    That creepy dude in the 1st story gave me hella chills I almost threw my phone. Just so damn creepy abd scsry looking he is.

  • Castiel Billius
    Castiel Billius 11 days ago

    He pronounced Akron wrong. As someone from Ohio it just sounds weird lol

  • Liam Goldstein / Liam Army

    Being a resident close to Akron, I was slightly bothered by his pronunciation of Akron. But that’s not really something that’ll detract me from this video, unlike 3:54...

  • UZAIR Khan
    UZAIR Khan 12 days ago +1

    Is your name really max or is it Ethan

  • NeonLights 07
    NeonLights 07 13 days ago

    My scary story was when I was in a Walmart bathroom (when I was like 5) takin a dump.. and my mom said “I’m going! Hurry up” and. I got so scared that she would leave.. let’s just say.. I got out of there quickly.

  • Julia Braganca
    Julia Braganca 13 days ago

    that tall man is gonna watch me poo now🤦‍♀️

  • Julia Braganca
    Julia Braganca 13 days ago

    but damn that was scary

  • Julia Braganca
    Julia Braganca 13 days ago

    i scrolled down to the comment section and now i now to prepare myself for 3:55😂

  • CraigA Wetherell
    CraigA Wetherell 13 days ago

    Those are some really strange assurances.

  • mom spaghetti
    mom spaghetti 15 days ago

    3:54 “sicko mode or mo bamba?”

  • KablePvP
    KablePvP 15 days ago

    3:38 bruh that's asmr tapping fr

    • KablePvP
      KablePvP 15 days ago

      oh ya i felt relaxed by that

  • Kattie Cox
    Kattie Cox 16 days ago

    Horror Shorts Party makes story #2 of mall horror stories.

  • Soul Sisters
    Soul Sisters 16 days ago +1

    Mr Nightmare: I gave jake a firm handshake thanking him for potentially saving my life....
    AD: yEiSt iNfEcTiOn?!

  • emily dexter
    emily dexter 16 days ago +1

    the explanation to all the worlds wonders below
    Read more

  • Alyssa Roberts
    Alyssa Roberts 17 days ago

    Dun dun dun I was just happy I had the next day off *WILDCAT YELLING*

  • SealmZ
    SealmZ 17 days ago

    That picture of the guy scared me shitless

  • Mr. Ganesh
    Mr. Ganesh 18 days ago +4

    Wait wait wait. A store 24hr opened in a closed mall? How does that work?

  • Serena Cain
    Serena Cain 18 days ago

    Oh my shit🙆 that dude's face yo

  • Tamarios Hammond
    Tamarios Hammond 19 days ago +1

    I died laughing at the new pants part 😂

  • Resinmag420
    Resinmag420 19 days ago

    95% of mr nightmares videos are about a strange man lol

  • Crono Sapien
    Crono Sapien 20 days ago

    Okay I wanted to be scared from the first story, but that guy’s face just had dead laughing lmao

  • Sam15
    Sam15 21 day ago

    My scariest mall storie...

    Being forced to go to the mall.

  • Jo Ann Goodwin
    Jo Ann Goodwin 21 day ago

    One is a scary thing for me when I was growing up it was in the mall I saw a movie walking dead

  • Ailyn Felix
    Ailyn Felix 21 day ago

    *Me watched scariest mall story’s* uncle: hey wanna go to the mall

  • Gabrielle. G
    Gabrielle. G 22 days ago +1

    My biggest fear when using public loos is having someone look under or above the door/wall... I've watched way to many of these 😂

  • Quick Speedy
    Quick Speedy 23 days ago

    Wanna hear a scary story

    No turbo build

  • Dominic Kowalczyk
    Dominic Kowalczyk 24 days ago

    Lol A Kron Ohio hahaha. Its AKron

  • Kari Manning
    Kari Manning 25 days ago

    There are angels and demons among us!!

  • Jessi Clark
    Jessi Clark 25 days ago +1

    “Had I not already been on the toilet I would’ve been running home for new pants” - best thing I’ve heard on these videos 😂

  • Mads's Vlogs
    Mads's Vlogs 26 days ago +4

    At 3:56 I had seizure, heart Attack,died went to heaven came back alive then shat myself😐😐😐

  • John Dawn
    John Dawn 26 days ago

    Ey-cron. I'm so calling Akron that from now on. Ey! Welcome to Ey-cron put youse feet up and stay a while. We used to be rubber city but we now have a small acting community.

  • Super shadow playz-roblox

    I know all of these malls

  • Taylor Memed
    Taylor Memed 27 days ago


  • Lou Minatti
    Lou Minatti 29 days ago

    Definitely don't buy story 1. Security would be obligated to phone police [if break-in is suspected] by virtually all company policy, since not doing so puts liability on the company for the guards safety. Further, the mall would not need people to monitor pipes- they would simply insulate them once and be done, instead of paying a recurring fee for someone to tell them either "Yep, all good" or "Yep, pipes are burst." Fair enough though.

  • JBhabie
    JBhabie 29 days ago +1

    the tall man staring had me shooting oxygen out my ass

  • Rowan B.
    Rowan B. 29 days ago

    Jake is the GOAT!

  • Gillian Marshman
    Gillian Marshman Month ago

    Mr night mare is the only one who can make your poor dog scared

  • Michael Vanrycheghem
    Michael Vanrycheghem Month ago +1

    3:55 my names jeff😂😂😂😂

  • A Proud Englishman
    A Proud Englishman Month ago

    3:53 *Fuck me* When that fucking thing appeared I almost *died.*

  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo Month ago

    As a security guard... I usually pull out my bear mace or my 9mm then I feel better.

  • Nolan Dideriksen
    Nolan Dideriksen Month ago

    I’m playing Minecraft and rainbow while watching hbu guys

  • Princess Vane
    Princess Vane Month ago

    Who else is watching this @ the mall 😶