Best Drummer Ever [HD]


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  • Gordo Drummer
    Gordo Drummer Year ago +61095

    Thanks for watching my video everyone!
    Head over to my channel for more bucket drumming!

    • Jacob McCauley
      Jacob McCauley Month ago


    • Amita Shah
      Amita Shah 6 months ago +3

      Last one

    • かふぇおれCafe/
      かふぇおれCafe/ 6 months ago +1


    • Thuwan anzar
      Thuwan anzar 6 months ago +1

      Gordo Drummer it’s awesome brother ❤️💐

    • Abraham Miranda
      Abraham Miranda 6 months ago +1

      Gordo Drummer dude this video has over100,000 view props👏👏👏👌

  • Varun Soorya
    Varun Soorya Hour ago +1

    Vera level

  • Lea Gerhaber
    Lea Gerhaber 5 hours ago

    I have seh he to

  • danis hamzah
    danis hamzah 7 hours ago

    "First they ignore you,then they laught at you,then they fight you,then you win."mahatma Gandhi

  • Missy Random
    Missy Random 10 hours ago

    Reminds me of that episode of regular show when benson had a drum battle

  • bitch i hope the fuck you do

    And that is son... how i earned for a villa..

  • D Z
    D Z 12 hours ago


  • Jay Freedman
    Jay Freedman 12 hours ago

    Words don't describe this

  • RoyalBT1
    RoyalBT1 14 hours ago


    JULIA ANWAR 18 hours ago

    And one bucket for coin...such a lazy pussy

  • Suman Sarkar
    Suman Sarkar 19 hours ago


  • Arin Bhattacharya
    Arin Bhattacharya 19 hours ago

    My god..that's brilliant..absolutely speech less..who is this guy..I need a autograph of him

  • Evan Teoh
    Evan Teoh 21 hour ago

    You can barely see the drum sticks in 1.5 speed

  • Hiroki Shu
    Hiroki Shu 21 hour ago +1

    How does his drum sticks not break?

  • T.Vellapandian Tamilan
    T.Vellapandian Tamilan 22 hours ago


  • Reji Kegford
    Reji Kegford Day ago

    cosidering the fact that drum sets are expensive, this is the way to quench your drumming thirst in an affordable way!

  • Nurul Aini
    Nurul Aini Day ago


  • Rinkle Gupta
    Rinkle Gupta Day ago


  • Kethiro
    Kethiro Day ago

    Play it on 2x speed.

  • Nicolas Goldring

    Gordo. Wow. Your drumming skills are so unbelievable. You're incredible! 😁

  • Jordan gamer
    Jordan gamer Day ago

    ................ (Speechless literally)

  • golden state warriors fan 199

    He's good like really good

  • No Body
    No Body Day ago

    hes so good some of this money better have gone to him

  • Gabrielle Jones
    Gabrielle Jones Day ago


  • Raaz ROCKSS
    Raaz ROCKSS Day ago +1

    Who get emotional 🤥🤤

  • Niko Bellic
    Niko Bellic Day ago

    The pigeon at 0:35 even enjoys it!

  • Yam King
    Yam King Day ago


  • Ryan dude
    Ryan dude Day ago

    I was born in the right generation

  • Arham Ahmed
    Arham Ahmed Day ago

    Fantastic boy

  • Roblox House Tours

    Is it so fast that the stick isn’t touching the bucket?

  • husni mubarok
    husni mubarok Day ago

    Playback speed x2

  • Nguyen Anh Dao
    Nguyen Anh Dao Day ago

    This guy is a sick drummer

  • Ilhamoore TV
    Ilhamoore TV 2 days ago

    2K19 Bro?

  • Clem Laluc
    Clem Laluc 2 days ago

    le pigeon derrière danse en rythmé mdr sinon gg

  • 陳淳和
    陳淳和 2 days ago

    They are amazing!小學生打擊樂合奏版,非常精彩&活潑&有趣

  • Brendan Shields
    Brendan Shields 2 days ago


  • Jaquelina Esquer
    Jaquelina Esquer 2 days ago

    I watched this after the big marvel video

  • eight bbosh
    eight bbosh 2 days ago


  • In finite
    In finite 2 days ago

    His bae is probably watching that's why he's playing so good

  • Skippy TheKitty
    Skippy TheKitty 2 days ago

    I've always wanted to play the drums this well. Our new music teacher was in the drum major and he is really good. At the beginning of the year we had our first sectional with the whole band and in one song the Hi-hat, base drum, and snare drums had to sound like a drum set. He went to back (where the percussion is) and he started playing the snare with one stick, the hi-hat with the other stick, and the bass drum with his foot. I was shocked.

  • Stepmates TV
    Stepmates TV 2 days ago

    not quite my tempo.

  • Jessica Hernandez
    Jessica Hernandez 2 days ago

    :0 I’m in love :) wow amazing!!!!!!! 😍😍

  • Annie are You Okay?
    Annie are You Okay? 2 days ago +1

    What that hand do tho

  • Ron Hughley
    Ron Hughley 2 days ago

    Why does this guy not have a record deal.

    ITSVETYLES 2 days ago

    What Epic

  • Emporio Amani
    Emporio Amani 2 days ago +4

    Now put him on a proper set of drums

    • idan harush
      idan harush Day ago

      He wouldnt be as good.....drums are played diffrently...way diffrently then this.....besides that i saw him play drums and he is fine but not special

  • женя дашкевичь


  • praveen dixit
    praveen dixit 2 days ago


  • Shaheed Petersen
    Shaheed Petersen 2 days ago

    you got huge talent

  • superawsomecows
    superawsomecows 2 days ago

    that pigion in the background goes to the beat

  • Jeibaru Turay
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    MAGNUS HEADS 2 days ago

    Krl mano que foda

  • た けや ん
    た けや ん 2 days ago


  • monax Filaret
    monax Filaret 2 days ago

    Есть видос, где в России уличные музыканты играли на улице на вёдрах и трубах, и при чём неплохо, но их мусора повязали быстро)))0

  • winsconsin
    winsconsin 2 days ago

    not quite my tempo :(

  • joyce tornyeviadzi
    joyce tornyeviadzi 2 days ago

    You are so amazing

  • hairlesspotato1
    hairlesspotato1 2 days ago

    *waddup guys is big marble here!!*

  • Mabeling ji
    Mabeling ji 2 days ago

    Wow this is just amazing. you've got the best talent. Keep going

  • 1Lance1984
    1Lance1984 2 days ago

    He must rip the head off it when he plays with his skin flute.

  • MASTER2890 [JVD]
    MASTER2890 [JVD] 2 days ago +1


  • Mr Anderson
    Mr Anderson 2 days ago

    not quite my tempo

  • Zte Blade
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  • M. Ar-rayyan
    M. Ar-rayyan 2 days ago

    Fast hand

  • Eduardo Rivera
    Eduardo Rivera 2 days ago

    WOW!!! AMAZING!!!

  • Lazaros Sad?
    Lazaros Sad? 2 days ago


  • Loris Lewandoski
    Loris Lewandoski 2 days ago +1

    Awesome bro

  • Clouds Supply
    Clouds Supply 2 days ago

    respect this man

  • Mark Khen88
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  • Mathews Lima
    Mathews Lima 3 days ago

    Nailed it !!!!!! Awesome

  • Phước Nguyễn
    Phước Nguyễn 3 days ago

    Yeahh .. i can't even do a stick flip

  • Meiram off Meiram
    Meiram off Meiram 3 days ago


  • Elisha Roberson
    Elisha Roberson 3 days ago

    You got a like from me

  • TwentyØnePiløt Løvers

    No Josh dun is the best drummer ever

  • I am not Gay so stop asking me

    The bird is dancing xD LMAO

  • Asphalt Miura
    Asphalt Miura 3 days ago

    Maybe faster than Rap God. Who knows?

  • Pavel First
    Pavel First 4 days ago +1

    Здаров, тоже ищешь русский комент?

  • Patrick Chuat
    Patrick Chuat 4 days ago


  • Te Navuth
    Te Navuth 4 days ago

    The bird walk past him at 0:34

  • cristian lol
    cristian lol 4 days ago

    This guy really deserve his *135.M views* 👏

  • Chocolatnave123
    Chocolatnave123 4 days ago

    If you stop and listen to a street musician, you better cough up some change. If you aren't interested enough and keep walking, don't give 'em a cent.

  • two orange
    two orange 4 days ago

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  • Tauboga 84
    Tauboga 84 4 days ago

    WAHNSINN!!! Wenn man bedenkt was der aus diesen einfachen Eimern da so Alles rausholt. Wie muss der erst auf nem richtigen Schlagzeug klingen. Wirklich sehr talentiert der Bursche. Der sollte mal zum Supertalent gehen😉👍👍👍

  • Jdunn 98354
    Jdunn 98354 4 days ago


  • Ömer Selim Öztürk

    Wtf 135M ? ? Oodnskenenek

  • mario king
    mario king 4 days ago

    One of these rock back need to adopt a new member they missing out on talent

  • Toy Bonnie Alex
    Toy Bonnie Alex 4 days ago

    How to make viwes tutorial

  • Andrei Zenzov
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  • Aris 2018
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  • 梅雨シノ
    梅雨シノ 4 days ago +1

    His hands are…

  • Harlina Bahar
    Harlina Bahar 4 days ago +1

    Jago handal berbakat apami ambi'mua miiii

  • Hollywood Hindi
    Hollywood Hindi 5 days ago

    You're so innocent

  • Emil Khan
    Emil Khan 5 days ago

    0:38 that bird seems to like it lol

  • Spanner
    Spanner 5 days ago

    Imagine the money earned from this one video

  • Ashri Maya
    Ashri Maya 5 days ago

    He is the best!!!!!!!!!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Cornelius Whiplash
    Cornelius Whiplash 5 days ago

    Eyes beyond the Speed of Wind.

  • Bryson Barnwell
    Bryson Barnwell 5 days ago

    He is frickin awesome

  • Ghost Pan
    Ghost Pan 5 days ago

    The bucket that he is not using is like

    When you try you best but you don’t succeed

  • Cornelius Warrington

    Wow. Even a pigeon showed up...

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