Nike - Dream Crazy


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  • Randy M
    Randy M 4 hours ago

    Why they gotta single out compton lol

  • Accelerationist
    Accelerationist 12 hours ago

    Thank goodness climate change will burn down the world soon. Good luck libtards. Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  • Twisted Bliss
    Twisted Bliss 14 hours ago +1

    I hate Colin caperdick

  • Diaren Arvizu
    Diaren Arvizu 17 hours ago


  • Jose Carrera
    Jose Carrera Day ago

    It's been 4 months since this campaign came out and I still get goosebumps watching it... wow.

  • Preston Ware
    Preston Ware Day ago +1

    Fuck you kaepernick

  • kleeamd82
    kleeamd82 Day ago +1

    My dream is to save all the young, innocent, abused & exploited children working in third world Nike sweatshops, who slave away in inhumane conditions while making Nike's pos sneakers that Nike charges the imbecile
    sheeple $200+ per pair for & yet pay only 5¢ per hr


  • kleeamd82
    kleeamd82 Day ago +2


    His hair looks like a clown wig 🤡. Thought he was a girl from 1973, til he turned around & faced the camera.

    STAND FOR THE FLAG🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 @ N I K E!!!!



    🚫BOYCOTT NFL/NIKE #justboycottit

  • WarlordSquerk
    WarlordSquerk Day ago +1

    Was it this add that was meant to be controversial or was it something else? Cause this is an awesome ad. I don't see what's wrong with it

    REWARDS SMITH Day ago +1

    Nike = Supporting labor camps...

  • Swimcrafters
    Swimcrafters Day ago +1

    So all I gotta do to be in a Nike commercial is kneel

  • Ibrahim Rouag
    Ibrahim Rouag 2 days ago

    Don't ask if your dreams are crazy
    Ask if they're crazy enough ❤

  • G David
    G David 2 days ago +1

    I got so many chills watching this 😂😂

  • Ramanuj Kashyap
    Ramanuj Kashyap 2 days ago

    Make OBJ wear your jersey- feels every single time.

  • g gggh
    g gggh 2 days ago

    traitors can transfer to another country

  • Simon Fram
    Simon Fram 2 days ago

    ту мач негров для одного ролика

  • NachoNate
    NachoNate 3 days ago

    that was dope

  • 空寂
    空寂 3 days ago


  • Alejandro Basaldúa
    Alejandro Basaldúa 3 days ago +1

    No matter how hard you try it. If you are not talented enough you will probably fail.
    It's not nihilism, it's reality. But reality won't help you to sell shoes.

  • 2ran
    2ran 3 days ago


  • Aaron Gould
    Aaron Gould 3 days ago

    I get off on this shit

  • 32 ac
    32 ac 3 days ago

    This video reminds me of the 2016 election. Maybe Nike should sign a deal with Trump lol.

  • OscarDan79
    OscarDan79 3 days ago

    Fak u USclip recommended

  • Jester123ish
    Jester123ish 3 days ago +1

    Came here after reading Mark Ritson on Gillette's ad. This Nike ad is great by comparison.
    Used to buy Nike shoes, now I run barefoot. Dream crazy!

  • Elder Futhark
    Elder Futhark 4 days ago +3

    Why the hell did this show up in my feed? I'm not interested in this channel: sweatshop owners that try to cover their atrocities with mindless virtue-signaling

  • fuckyourfeelins2 !
    fuckyourfeelins2 ! 4 days ago


  • ThatsALotOfGravel
    ThatsALotOfGravel 4 days ago

    Fick nike

  • Talmagegibster
    Talmagegibster 4 days ago +2

    Came here after Gillette’s ad. Wonder if their sales are gonna go up like Nike’s or go down instead

    • WarlordSquerk
      WarlordSquerk Day ago

      Down probably. The Gillette ad, well while what it tried to do was say "some guys are bad and should change" what it actually did was say "MOST men are bad". As bad as their like to dislike ratio is now (about .6 million likes to 1.1 million dislikes) they've actually removed many tens of thousands of negative comments and kept mass removing dislikes. This ad has a MUCH better ratio :P I think it helps that the reason why people are upset with this ad is less to do with the ad in isolation but to do with things not everyone is aware of. I wasn't and when I saw the Nike ad I thought it was really inspiring. By itself it is great.

  • Preston Rowell
    Preston Rowell 4 days ago

    It’s bad when our country is supporting a racist ass football player, over our own soldiers that give us that very right to speak. What a sad time to be alive.

  • NathansHVAC
    NathansHVAC 4 days ago

    Most conservatives like being told people making 20 million dollars a year are really slaves.

  • Gp S
    Gp S 4 days ago

    Here for Alphonso Davies

  • The Definition of Determination

    I LOVE THIS!!!! Not sure how I'm JUST NOW seeing this whole thing?! Oh, I was working a lot of Overtime around this time. SIMPLY INCREDIBLE VIDEO NIKE!!!! & EVERYONE ONE ELSE INVOLVED IN THE MAKING OF THIS ! BRAVO!! Threw out the whole video & the kid w/ no legs brought tears to my eyes

  • Dark Scream
    Dark Scream 4 days ago +2

    Gillette, take notes.

  • yodashuttle Munoz
    yodashuttle Munoz 4 days ago

    Honestly nike is so supportive and receiving of everyone, i really like how they made a nike hijab 👍👍👍

  • Mr. Haha 89
    Mr. Haha 89 4 days ago

    This ad has a message everyone can buy into, even critics. It’s woke, but isn’t preachy like the Gillette ad.

  • Erik Panariti
    Erik Panariti 5 days ago

    The most offending thing in this ad is the fact that Serena Williams is the greatest athlete of all time. She could definelty be considered the greatest female tennis player or perhaps even greatest tennis player period but I don't know about greatest athlete.

  • kyle f
    kyle f 5 days ago

    Don’t get me wrong , it’s a good advertisement , I just think they should have put in someone a little bit more inspirational with that speech . Idk maybe a kid who survived cancer ? Or the actual person they were talking about in the ad beating a brain tumor ? But they put in a asshat who kneels for the 6% of black people killed by police who thinks its country wide racism causing it . Lol I just find it funny .

  • Xanadoo
    Xanadoo 5 days ago

    Fuck your propaganda and your fake likes.

  • gdthallium
    gdthallium 5 days ago

    Just came here to cleanse myself from #Gillette

  • Bryan Montenegro
    Bryan Montenegro 5 days ago

    This ad makes me think what am I doing with my life

  • Andrew Ocean
    Andrew Ocean 5 days ago +2

    fuck off

  • Mikhail Grishkov
    Mikhail Grishkov 5 days ago

    My love

  • Andy Melo
    Andy Melo 5 days ago +2

    Adidas from now on. Nike sucks anyway, men stand, we dont kneel, corwards do!

  • Scott MacQuarrie
    Scott MacQuarrie 5 days ago +1

    Thank Nike for crazy

  • Tristan Smith
    Tristan Smith 5 days ago +2

    Fuck Trump. Fuck the wall. Fuck war. Fuck racism. Fuck oppression. Fuck police brutality.

  • James Daniel Smith
    James Daniel Smith 6 days ago +3

    Ahahaha Nike have manipulated the likes and comments beyond belief, what a joke they are these days.

    • Darren Astley
      Darren Astley 5 days ago +1

      +3 T Child labor forces don't stop working, and shoes will keep coming in for ignorant shoppers.

    • 3 T
      3 T 6 days ago +1

      James Daniel Smith is that why the stock reached record highs after this

  • Kobe GOAT Bryant
    Kobe GOAT Bryant 7 days ago +1

    We’ll never forget you here in SF Kaep. Had some of my greatest memories as a niners fan watching you come through clutch in big games and carrying us into the Super Bowl.

  • Beris Forde
    Beris Forde 8 days ago

    don't mean to seem like a ad hack but feel like this...inside

  • dieket hubert andre guillaume

    Thank for motivation that you give.

  • Joshua Sandman
    Joshua Sandman 8 days ago +2

    Kapernik your a coward... if you cared about blacks you'd go to the black communities and talk to them and help them face the truth of crime within the black community. Your using black people for your own selfish goals. Check statistics!! It's all facts blacks kill more blacks. Protest that you moron!!

    • Goyard Pouch
      Goyard Pouch 7 days ago

      He's donated over a million to various charities. Besides, whites kill more whites than any other race. But that's just as irrelevant as how blacks kill more blacks.

  • Levi Epperson
    Levi Epperson 9 days ago

    If you didn't know about the Kaepernick drama ..and watched this...90% would agree one of those most inspirational commercials out there...I watch it like once a week

  • Simon Herbert
    Simon Herbert 9 days ago

    This is really great. This should be played on television to show the world that they can achieve anything 🔥

  • Eclipse Motivation
    Eclipse Motivation 9 days ago


  • Irfan Tasnim
    Irfan Tasnim 9 days ago

    i asked myself if my dreams are crazy enough??? yes my dreams are crazy enough. and i am just going to do it. i know it's only crazy until i do it.

  • Dorcas Salvador
    Dorcas Salvador 10 days ago


  • Karma
    Karma 10 days ago

    I recognized more people in this video than in USclip Rewind!

  • William Estrada
    William Estrada 10 days ago +1


  • Adeel Azmat
    Adeel Azmat 10 days ago

    Absolutely amazing ad.

  • Dina Thomas
    Dina Thomas 11 days ago

    I am this every day

  • barthj21
    barthj21 12 days ago +1

    Really... Hijab with a nike swoosh hahahahahahaha now thats a fucking joke

  • Patty Robin
    Patty Robin 13 days ago +1


  • Jennifer Wendling
    Jennifer Wendling 13 days ago +1

    I believe in Kaepernick what he stands for

  • K W
    K W 13 days ago

    Want ever wear nike again ! Gave away all my nike stuff. Nike is entitled to their beliefs just as everybody is.

  • Isaac Ontiveros
    Isaac Ontiveros 14 days ago +1

    I get those goosebumps every time

  • Steven Anderson
    Steven Anderson 14 days ago +1

    Anybody else nipples get hard or just me??

    MELIA 14 days ago


  • Tai
    Tai 15 days ago

    1:18 I understand Thanos now

  • US Patriots
    US Patriots 16 days ago

    Don’t just be the best in your sweatshop. Be the best in all of the Chinese slums. #Justdoit

  • BuRnT tOaSt
    BuRnT tOaSt 16 days ago

    This video still has me crying grown man tears, that shit hit me deep.

  • Brickbum No
    Brickbum No 16 days ago

    I watched this hoping they would say
    Or nike e
    At the end

  • Kobe Jamez
    Kobe Jamez 17 days ago

    20k dislikes we know who

  • Kobe Jamez
    Kobe Jamez 17 days ago


  • Victor Murillo
    Victor Murillo 18 days ago

    I am the biggest adidas fan......

    But I think ik going to the Nike outlet now

  • nadia boudokhane
    nadia boudokhane 18 days ago

    nike got the gut thank u for this

  • Bot Jack
    Bot Jack 18 days ago

    Love it

  • Nylah Symone Vlogs
    Nylah Symone Vlogs 18 days ago +1

    So... my counselor gave us a assignment and we had to do a career day and me and a few other boys and my friend Brooklyn we all wanted to use a professional basketball player but she said no... so we didn’t do the project but our teachers still gave us A without the counselor knowing

  • Leo sun
    Leo sun 19 days ago

    20k dummies who dislike this video

  • Charlie McCarthy
    Charlie McCarthy 19 days ago

    This ad is incredible and I love it. But I don’t love him disrespecting the flag and our national anthem.

    • Yvng Baller
      Yvng Baller 16 days ago

      Charlie McCarthy but the flag and national anthem represent the country and he didn't agree with what was going on in the country so he protested it. How was he disrespecting it?

  • Johnny Grant Gaming
    Johnny Grant Gaming 19 days ago

    I actually love this ad

  • Tyler Rowell
    Tyler Rowell 19 days ago

    This why Nike is simply the best😃

  • Rhett Martin
    Rhett Martin 20 days ago

    This makes me,a skinny kid want to be the best football player ever

  • RSC Killero
    RSC Killero 20 days ago

    That isiah kid(the wrestler with no legs) is a monster.

  • Christopher Richardson

    Kapernick is shit why did you put him in this video he kneels on the pledge


    I've learned a lot from that video

  • Shawn D
    Shawn D 21 day ago

    FUCK Nike!! It costs roughly 11 cents to make a pair of shoes that these cocksuckers sell for $150+?? Over rated garbage

  • Douglas Ramos
    Douglas Ramos 21 day ago

    Why Lebron James, WHERE MICHAEL JORDAN ?!?!?!?

  • Jeff Gilligan
    Jeff Gilligan 21 day ago

    fuck you Nike. traitors of America

  • The_d_ Sisters
    The_d_ Sisters 21 day ago

    Wow I’m so proud

  • Spare Account
    Spare Account 22 days ago +1

    I watch this commercial every day to remind me that I can do anything

  • Pupu platter
    Pupu platter 22 days ago


  • games and chill every week Cisneros

    No one understands kapernicks protest

  • Oscar Villalobos
    Oscar Villalobos 23 days ago

    Alfonso Davies and Alex Morgan ⚽️⚽️⚽️

  • jeremy daniels
    jeremy daniels 23 days ago

    Nike sells the shoes targeted at young black boys for hundreds of dollars more than its normal running shoes. Go ahead and use credit cards for $380.00 trendy shoes made alongside Walmart brands in Malaysian sweat shops. Nike is a predatory capitalist company extracting much needed wealth from a culture of flash and wealth signaling. You white liberal cowards are insidious silent partners in this deception. Way to stick up for people of color Colin.....maybe the 62 million children of color in Asia's factories (some as young as 5) feel your loss...

  • Shoe King
    Shoe King 24 days ago

    I love you Nike more than anything your my favorite brand and all my shoes are Nike or Jordan or lebron. You’ve inspired me to be to play basketball and I will play it all my life now. Thank you Nike.

    • big pappa pump
      big pappa pump 22 days ago

      Yea. Go pay 300 for shoes u cant afford. While your children cant function in classrooms and act like animals. Cause u feed em sugar. Pops. .....yeah boy. Nike owns you black ass

  • Pascal KRYL
    Pascal KRYL 24 days ago

    Toujours autant de plaisir à revoir ce film. Belle communication. C'est le beurre et l'argent du beurre (au sens noble). Joindre l'utile à l'agréable. De belles valeurs pour fédérer autour d'une grande marque. On peut y reprocher seulement - avec le temps - une forme de sentimentalisme, des propos trop attendus ou convenus,… mais ça reste top. J'adore.

  • Beautiful Heart
    Beautiful Heart 24 days ago

    Kaeper vapor babeeee 😎 Nike I support you because of athletes like Kaepernick that's not afraid to speak up and say what's right and call out the wrong. Nicely done inspirational ad. 💪🏾💯

    • big pappa pump
      big pappa pump 22 days ago

      Hahahhaahhahahaha nike owns u black ass. ......kapernigga is doing nuthing

  • Raymond Johansen
    Raymond Johansen 25 days ago

    Avery inspiring AD!

  • Ahmad R
    Ahmad R 25 days ago

    I SUPPORT Colin Kaepernick.

  • Shakema Daise
    Shakema Daise 25 days ago

    I'm crazy enough to dream😉

  • deep south
    deep south 25 days ago

    Nike,boycott Black VIOLENCE and Black Racism !! Just do it !!