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  • Subrata Pal
    Subrata Pal Hour ago

    Do it with dope

  • Little lamb 2019
    Little lamb 2019 3 hours ago

    Jaclyn is so gorgeous and James is just amazing

  • Victoria Heath
    Victoria Heath 11 hours ago


  • YVRCasting
    YVRCasting 19 hours ago

    6:00 this "...yah" needs to be sampled & used repeatedly elsewhere!

  • Shania Blu
    Shania Blu 2 days ago

    “A sister shart “ 😂😂😂 I’m so weak at that bahahahah

  • Tumma
    Tumma 3 days ago

    omg Jaclyn's eyes look different colors with James's Iconic rainbow shadow

  • Holly Easton-Lankester

    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  • War for your mind
    War for your mind 5 days ago

    code james

  • Hayley Anderson
    Hayley Anderson 5 days ago +1


  • Juan Guerrero
    Juan Guerrero 5 days ago

    10:19 guessed u achieved that

  • Ezron Elizondo
    Ezron Elizondo 6 days ago

    Omg was Jaclyn hill using james palette

  • Ayana Snow
    Ayana Snow 6 days ago

    Does code JAMES work for in store purchases

  • Song Mozart
    Song Mozart 7 days ago

    Jaclyn Hill is so pretty, even without makeup!

  • Hugo Muniz
    Hugo Muniz 7 days ago

    fl hi bech

  • Morgan Steinbarge
    Morgan Steinbarge 8 days ago

    omg... james its life changing that your foundation actually matches

  • Kylie Madison
    Kylie Madison 9 days ago

    Beautiful ✨😍

  • Mathew Gee
    Mathew Gee 10 days ago

    Omg i love! Love your smiles, thank you for being such influences for me❤️❤️❤️

  • Kristalynn Aeziman
    Kristalynn Aeziman 11 days ago

    You two together are amazing 😍

  • Ayezha astorga
    Ayezha astorga 12 days ago +1

    At the thumbnail jaclyn look like sarah geronimo(a filipino superstar)

  • Jackie Amigon
    Jackie Amigon 13 days ago

    Can you and Jaclyn please do a baking competition

  • Andie Casillas
    Andie Casillas 14 days ago

    Lol I literally used Jaclyn’s code to buy James’s pallet😂 they should do more videos together 😭

  • Ryleigh McComas
    Ryleigh McComas 14 days ago

    Does anyone else think they could be related?

  • Samantha Randall
    Samantha Randall 15 days ago

    Their voices sound soooo good together omg🤩

  • Sophia Ellertson
    Sophia Ellertson 16 days ago

    K where tf did she get that outfit I WANT IT😍

  • coolgirl let's
    coolgirl let's 16 days ago

    I'm a Gemini to.

  • Lira Jade
    Lira Jade 18 days ago +2

    10:20 Mario has done ur makeup now!! So happy for you

  • Lira Jade
    Lira Jade 18 days ago +1

    I’m so sad Jaclyn couldn’t use the james x morphe palette for her rainbow look! :( love u James and Jaclyn!

  • Nicole Aguilar
    Nicole Aguilar 19 days ago

    I love you Gus ❤️🌈💙🌈❤️🌈💙🌈🖤🖤🖤

  • Anya Sherman
    Anya Sherman 21 day ago

    Please do more style swaps!

  • Nayara Oliveira
    Nayara Oliveira 23 days ago

    You guys talk about mario doing yalls make up and today you post a video of mario doing your make up. Cryingggg

  • Lila & Lily
    Lila & Lily 23 days ago

    Was she in the thundermans

  • massino0427
    massino0427 24 days ago

    Jaclyn hill is so pretty

  • Carlin Gunnett
    Carlin Gunnett 24 days ago

    I love the STYLE SWAPS!!

  • Sierra Wogerman
    Sierra Wogerman 25 days ago

    The flashback Mary hoodie has me dead

  • Gabriela Del Toro
    Gabriela Del Toro 25 days ago +2

    Like does nobody realize that Jaclyn is using his eyeshadow pallet

  • Shriya Sriram
    Shriya Sriram 25 days ago +1

    Sister James. Jaclyn's foundation matches you so well. You looked beautiful 2day

  • Amanda Olascoaga
    Amanda Olascoaga 26 days ago

    What about Jeffree

  • Thinkin Bout Arianaa x

    I’m not being rude I loveee James buttttt he ALWAYS talks about the beauty community lmaoooo

  • Hailey Sweet
    Hailey Sweet 26 days ago

    I have been doing makeup for 9 years and I’m not nearly as good as you two are

  • Hailey Sweet
    Hailey Sweet 26 days ago

    You both are so gorgeous

  • Kendall W
    Kendall W 28 days ago

    “Sister shart” I’m deceased 😭

  • Xonail Team
    Xonail Team 28 days ago

    Ur good at makeup I am a fan

  • Masha Schmitt
    Masha Schmitt 28 days ago

    You are both sooo beautiful, even with out makeup on! The intro, is like

  • Colby Brock Is Quaking At The Black Parade

    The most iconic duo out there

  • Ang Ang
    Ang Ang 29 days ago

    I love him. I don’t know what’s better his makeup skill or his sense of humor. I’m obsessed. He’s my spirit animal.

  • Caelyn Swirski
    Caelyn Swirski Month ago

    Lol there’s James wearing a flashback Mary sweatshirt................can u put it out on mercy for no reason at all totally not trying to buy it 🤫

  • Are you feeling it now mr crabs ?

    My friend has the morphe x jaqualine hill palate and she loves it so much. She gave me a little heads up for my b day if you know what I mean she is so nice. Definitely recommend the Jaclyn hill x morphe palate sisters

  • Sandra Miljojkovic
    Sandra Miljojkovic Month ago

    I just understood what palette jaclyn was using

  • Sugarbeats321
    Sugarbeats321 Month ago

    8:52 She is sister S H O O K 😂😂

  • Brian Feeley
    Brian Feeley Month ago

    The foundation is a perfect match

  • Léo Brito
    Léo Brito Month ago

    Omg now I realized James remembers so much the actor who’s The Flash

  • Lisa Grimsley
    Lisa Grimsley Month ago

    James your so good at singing

  • stell. Decrane
    stell. Decrane Month ago

    1:23 though 🤣
    And 8:54

  • Candace Engle
    Candace Engle Month ago

    my original favorite guru and my new favorite in one video 😭😭 my heart is full

  • Jaky Solis
    Jaky Solis Month ago

    Jaclyn I love ur eyeshadow palette it makes my eyes pop whenever I wear ur shades

  • Ryan Kaiser
    Ryan Kaiser Month ago

    When he’s exaggerating he always refers to the number 87 lmao

  • Bridgette Carter
    Bridgette Carter Month ago

    my weave is sister snatched i honestly did mot ever think Jaclyn Hill would ever be there! IM SHOOK !

  • Anna Lankin
    Anna Lankin Month ago

    wtf his bday is in may .... hes not a gemini

  • LupitaMosWanted
    LupitaMosWanted Month ago

    My two favorites! Makeup goddess 😍

  • Dashka Jeanty
    Dashka Jeanty Month ago

    You guy seem and look like brother(sister)and sister❤💄

  • Angeline Kahoun
    Angeline Kahoun Month ago +1

    Can I just make an appreciation comment about how beautiful Jaclyn is???

  • Joshua Thomas
    Joshua Thomas Month ago

    Is she using his pallet here?

  • Simply Gabby
    Simply Gabby Month ago +5

    When he said “who’s to say there won’t be a better one Coming out eventually” he was talking about the highlighter in his palette. He gave us so many hints we are so dumb we didn’t even realize

  • Brician
    Brician Month ago

    It's funny because jacqlyn also talks very fast in her videos💖😜

  • A confused Human Being

    10:39 - 10:43 IM DEAD😂😂😂

  • Olivia Villante
    Olivia Villante Month ago +4

    Who just stared at Jacklyns broken nail the whole time

  • esther garcia
    esther garcia Month ago

    Jaclyn has so much botox on her face that she now looks like a chipmunk. She used to be super pretty, like naturally gorgeous. ☹

  • Nunu Zarate
    Nunu Zarate Month ago

    You both are the best SiStErS ever.. so fun.. we need more videos like this is social media and forget drama.

  • odiepriscy81
    odiepriscy81 Month ago

    My 2 favorite people on this planet!!!

  • Alyssa Crider
    Alyssa Crider Month ago

    "a sister shart" 😂😂😂😂

  • Aaliya Rajah
    Aaliya Rajah Month ago

    can we get a compilation of you and Jaclyn singing

  • Jackson Pogany
    Jackson Pogany Month ago

    “So it’s just like the perfect middle shade but who knows there won’t be a better one coming out soon.”
    *stares directly into the camera*

  • Andrea Barrios
    Andrea Barrios Month ago +2

    I ship them 😂🤷🏻‍♀️😩

  • Taya Dulcich
    Taya Dulcich Month ago

    What do you all think of a 45-year-old who thinks of starting a new channel? I hear young a lot, what about someone a little older? Do you think they would have a chance?

  • Camila Martinez
    Camila Martinez Month ago

    Lightning in this video:💩 ot coukd be better

  • Aria Mallick
    Aria Mallick Month ago

    i literally just came from a jaclyn hill annoys james charles for 3 min straight lmaoo

  • Alyssa Navejar
    Alyssa Navejar Month ago

    James I luv u u inspired me too do makeup, every time u do ur makeup it makes me want to do my make up so bad I rlly luv u

  • Gabriela Del Toro
    Gabriela Del Toro Month ago +63

    How come when they switch foundations it matches better than they can pick their ideal shade😂😂😂

    • Fifth fggbg
      Fifth fggbg 26 days ago

      Gabriela Del Toro oh shoot you're right

  • Kaley Bishop
    Kaley Bishop Month ago

    You guys are so great, I love you both! Y’all are both so wonderful, I watch y’all all the time! I hope to be that good at doing my makeup one day!! I love you both!

  • Diana Alvarez
    Diana Alvarez Month ago +1


  • hailey hill
    hailey hill Month ago


  • Reese Boyer
    Reese Boyer Month ago

    When will u be restocking again on ur palette

  • Katie Hay
    Katie Hay Month ago +9

    Watching this video in 2019 and I now hear all the palette references lol and I’m 99% sure that Jaclyn used it for her eyes!🤷🏼‍♀️🌈

  • Hailey McMahon
    Hailey McMahon Month ago

    Those eyes James 😍

  • shasiela z.
    shasiela z. Month ago +1

    4:45 literally me watching James' videos 😂

  • shasiela z.
    shasiela z. Month ago

    0:02 Jaclyn was about to do jeffree's intro... 😂

  • Angelina Rivera
    Angelina Rivera Month ago

    Jeffree & james Charles are my top male makeup artists on USclip

  • Cameron
    Cameron Month ago +6

    Ooooooo James Charles x morphie palate was being useddddddddd 11:11

  • XxkillerXx Garcia
    XxkillerXx Garcia Month ago +2

    I don’t know but she looks like Katharine from the ace family

  • carian408
    carian408 Month ago


  • Clare Vela
    Clare Vela Month ago

    Jaclyn seems very humble in this video!!!

  • regean kinard
    regean kinard Month ago


  • Makayla Lopez Z.
    Makayla Lopez Z. Month ago

    Dude James are u sure she’s not cathrine from ace fam?.??

  • Olivia Smith
    Olivia Smith Month ago

    11:12 when Jaclyn said ‘I’m gonna use these shadows right here’ SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT THE MORPHE X JAMES CHARLES PALETTE!!! GUYS!!! This is so exciting and shows how long he’s been working on this, I’m so proud and excited for him! ❤️❤️

  • ThatRobloxPlayer 05

    Who farted?! xD 2:34

  • Keimoney Lang
    Keimoney Lang Month ago

    Still love this video ❤️❤️😍

  • haley barron
    haley barron Month ago

    "whats your nationality"
    "what asf"
    okay me

  • Queen Shine MSP
    Queen Shine MSP Month ago +14

    Anyone else notice how they both NOW have a collab with Morphe?

  • molly mangum
    molly mangum Month ago

    8:20 what was that video thoooo

  • Clare McLaughlin
    Clare McLaughlin Month ago

    literally all I could think about is that Jaclyn looks likes Cher