Dunkey's E3 2018


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  • TheMemerang
    TheMemerang 6 hours ago

    Comparing his reaction towards KH3 in this vid and his recent dunkview, shows how disappointed he is.

  • Legendary
    Legendary 9 hours ago

    This guy is the most underrated reviewer in history

  • Aleia
    Aleia 14 hours ago

    I always like to rewatch these at the beginning of the next year because it's hilarious to see which ones completely flopped despite the hype

  • Lucas - Brawl Stars
    Lucas - Brawl Stars 2 days ago

    Creators:you can download fifa 19 demo now
    Public:no stop i dont want that
    Creators:OK SO ITS FIFA 19 2

  • MoonMan
    MoonMan 2 days ago

    Makes ya feel like batman......er i mean spiderman.

  • Woodman567
    Woodman567 4 days ago

    Hello dimley where's Jimmy Neutron?!?

  • The new me 243
    The new me 243 4 days ago

    They found a way to f&@& up fallout 76 you predicted the future donsly

  • I Just Fell Down
    I Just Fell Down 5 days ago

    Dunkey's voice makes me survive bouts of depression.

  • Stutzinator
    Stutzinator 5 days ago

    Too bad kingdom hearts was a joke

  • Amar Shah
    Amar Shah 7 days ago

    “Really makes you FEEL like Spiderman” THE FORESHADOWING

  • YourNotDrew
    YourNotDrew 7 days ago

    Ya betta come down to dunkey's castle or I'm gonna have to fuckin eat ya shoes

  • Qui-Gon Jinn
    Qui-Gon Jinn 8 days ago

    3:28 1/5 dunko points

  • Brian Buz
    Brian Buz 8 days ago +1

    2017: Dunkey predicts EA’s Battelfront fiasco
    2018: Dunkey predicts Fallout 76’s disaster, and KH3’s shitshow story even in 2019

  • Dabrenn
    Dabrenn 8 days ago

    I love how right Dunkey was about KH3 despite what everyone else said

  • James McClure
    James McClure 8 days ago

    due respect for the filter

  • Alex Smirnov
    Alex Smirnov 9 days ago

    The sad thing is that probably only Russian people care about Atomic Heart at all

  • Blacker
    Blacker 10 days ago

    Where's Super Mario Bros 2

  • Patrick
    Patrick 11 days ago

    4:12 That's ironic, in retrospect.

  • Eppy
    Eppy 12 days ago +1

    He even predicted the Samuel Jackson Meme right

  • ElSchneids
    ElSchneids 13 days ago +1

    Well, I guess we know what retro is doing now...

  • Jak
    Jak 14 days ago +1

    Fallout 76 was moldy trash water, the donko was right.

  • Knack Christ
    Knack Christ 16 days ago +2

    3:38 how does he knows.

  • Pair A Phrase
    Pair A Phrase 18 days ago

    Bomb chicken is a game called bomb chicken

    • Skiddle Skasdlw
      Skiddle Skasdlw 15 days ago

      Pair A Phrase bomb chicken is a game called bomb chicken

  • M L
    M L 18 days ago +1

    Dunkman called EA hard

  • The Dootster
    The Dootster 19 days ago

    "Ninja Dark Souls with a Grappling Hook" is hands down one of the best descriptions for a game I have heard in a while.

  • Vincent Skat-Rørdam
    Vincent Skat-Rørdam 19 days ago +9

    Dunkey nailed the prediction of fallout 76 with so few words. Something only he can do.

  • LanternGames
    LanternGames 19 days ago

    Mega man 11 sucks

  • Nona
    Nona 22 days ago

    "No Metroid Prime 4" .... "No word on what retro studios are making"....ironic

  • Leftovers from the Fridge

    My shoes are gone.

  • Lucas Baekgaard
    Lucas Baekgaard 25 days ago

    oh yeah yeah

  • mounirdidanoopsie
    mounirdidanoopsie 26 days ago

    The game developed by the creators of bubsy 3D smh

  • Robert Siegfried
    Robert Siegfried 27 days ago

    lol wow I had no idea the Syphon Filter studio made Bubsy 3D,

  • Gleb Firstov
    Gleb Firstov 27 days ago

    Holy shit I just noticed he put Atomic Heart on par with Rdr2 and Psychonauts

  • wats in ur freezer
    wats in ur freezer 28 days ago


  • DoodleBomb
    DoodleBomb 28 days ago +1

    Smash can never be bad unless the devs really want it to be bad
    Smash is the game that doesn't give a damn about what you want but is still your favorite game

  • captainbrandon1
    captainbrandon1 Month ago +3

    this guy has memes from the future 2:19

  • Dragon Master
    Dragon Master Month ago


  • DareDev1L R
    DareDev1L R Month ago

    He predicted fallout 76

  • dWEeb
    dWEeb Month ago +3

    2:19 After rewatching, this video appalls me at how Dunkey could predict meme culture that would be months after this video was made.

    • My Boyyy
      My Boyyy 8 days ago

      what even is this remix xd do you know where to find it would be nice :3

  • The MagicGunnar
    The MagicGunnar Month ago

    Small wheel

  • Destoroyah210 00
    Destoroyah210 00 Month ago

    He predicted Fallout 76 would be another Metal Gear Survive

  • SeriousGamer753
    SeriousGamer753 Month ago

    Ok am I the only so excited about Metro: Exodus??

  • Dozo
    Dozo Month ago

    It really makes you FEEL like spiderman.

  • Boy Wisher
    Boy Wisher Month ago

    my name's in that good shirt stuff stuff I think

  • GetSmartGetDumb
    GetSmartGetDumb Month ago

    Dunks predicted 76 u guise

  • Daniel Keem
    Daniel Keem Month ago

    Dunk called Fallout 76

  • a guy of randomness
    a guy of randomness Month ago +1

    no big chungus

  • Micquef 64
    Micquef 64 Month ago

    ghost of tushanga

  • General Smoke
    General Smoke Month ago

    Halo 6 is probably going to fail

    • dz nuts
      dz nuts Month ago

      thing that pissed me off with halo 5 was that stupid buy crates to get guns. im getting sniped from across the map and i cant do shit cos i dont have a sniper card. if this happens again im out. im selling my xbox

  • Dustin McNiel
    Dustin McNiel Month ago

    Enjoy Gears 5 Microsoft

  • coleinator5
    coleinator5 Month ago +1

    It makes you fEEL like Spider Man

  • Jude Aden
    Jude Aden Month ago +1

    It really makes you 🛑FEEL🛑 like spider man

  • Querillo Querilian
    Querillo Querilian Month ago

    when I find myself singing along to dunkescastle is when I realize its too late to go back

  • Marvelator
    Marvelator Month ago +1

    Where's dunkey with best of 2018

  • Scott Doherty
    Scott Doherty Month ago

    Please dont eat my shoes

    RAINMAKER Month ago +1

    watching the Spider-man: Into The Spiderverse movie made me really FEEL like spider-man.

  • Awkward Zoltar
    Awkward Zoltar Month ago

    I feel asleep listening to your videos. I really needed sleep, so thank you.

  • Spooks
    Spooks Month ago

    I did not expect to see My Friend Pedro

  • VaultBit Gaming
    VaultBit Gaming Month ago

    Why did I get a feminist add on a donkey add

  • Jack
    Jack Month ago +1

    With how Sekiro has a pre-designed character ready for us to play, it doesn't look like we can design him our way, in terms of appearance and stats, which was kind of one of many good things about the past Souls games. That means there might not be online. Hope I'm wrong.

    • Hunter Hoke
      Hunter Hoke 17 days ago +1

      You would be correct. Its being considered as a singleplayer game. Which works because it's not a souls game. They obviously are trying to get away from that, 5 games is enough and they want something new.

  • Its Just Like That
    Its Just Like That Month ago

    My friend pedroooo!
    Daym I missed the browser game

  • The gaming cthulhu Gaming

    spider-man makes you feel like your batman oh sorry i mean makes you feel like your spider-man

  • Elli
    Elli Month ago

    I still have no idea what xbox is doing

  • Lord0bob Yeet
    Lord0bob Yeet Month ago

    Dunkey is a dunkey copy

  • Corey
    Corey Month ago +1

    3:38 he saw it coming

  • Corey Seet
    Corey Seet Month ago +1

    2:52 that soundtrack is from one of my favorite games of all time (as a child of course) and I'm so happy someone else realizes it exists cause the dam thing only sold around 100k copies

  • black jesus
    black jesus Month ago

    Where's monster hunter world

  • Random stuff Studios

    All way listen to donkey when he say a game is trash cough cough fallout 76

  • Kysnero
    Kysnero Month ago +1

    What about kingdom hearts 3? Anyone hype for that?

  • Rino Zisa
    Rino Zisa Month ago

    Red Dead Redemption 2, Sekiro, Death Stranding and The Last of Us 2. Im going to have to work overtime to be able to afford these games, then take off an entire month so I can binge play them.


    Why do you sound so black

  • Yeetus McDab
    Yeetus McDab 2 months ago

    *ya betta come down to dunkey's castle, or i'm gonna have to f**kin eat ya shoes*

  • Sprazzic
    Sprazzic 2 months ago

    1:38 made me almost feel sorry for them. almost.

  • LootBox
    LootBox 2 months ago +2

    tbh, how did he predicted fallout 76?
    I wasn't so excited though, fallout and Bethesda fans were hyped so much in June...

  • Revolution019
    Revolution019 2 months ago

    Why have I watched this like ten times

  • im in the house your in im near you

    Anyone know the song at 2:22

  • Dx Gamer
    Dx Gamer 2 months ago

    feel like spider man
    so you remenber ah "feel like batman"

  • derplecbob
    derplecbob 2 months ago

    that is real that is not a joke

  • Brix Alive Studios
    Brix Alive Studios 2 months ago +2

    3:39 Dunkey can seriously predict the future.

  • J'karr
    J'karr 2 months ago +1

    if Obsidian can make a game about a Mail-man
    Kojima can too

  • Disco John
    Disco John 2 months ago

    This video made me FEEL like spider-man

  • Ryan Bibisi
    Ryan Bibisi 2 months ago

    Damn he couldn’t have predicted Fallout 76 any better than he did in this video. Good job Dunko

  • Charlie X
    Charlie X 2 months ago

    Dat FIFA Hype its real

  • Tony Peluso
    Tony Peluso 2 months ago

    I lost it at FIFA.

  • cain
    cain 2 months ago +2

    this video really made me feel like spiderman.

    ACORNFlæK 2 months ago

    The porsche is stupid.

  • innerbloom
    innerbloom 2 months ago


  • YoungWarrior Gaming
    YoungWarrior Gaming 2 months ago +1

    Look it's halo.

  • MeadowSin
    MeadowSin 2 months ago

    The intro was frickin BLUES CLUES music

  • Russian spy
    Russian spy 2 months ago

    All jokes aside who asked octopath to be a thing

  • Ninja Nemesis85
    Ninja Nemesis85 2 months ago

    "You better come down to Dunkeys castle or I'm gonna have to fucken eat ya shoes" is the best thing I have ever heard in like 6 years

  • Crowbbat CyberpunkGaming
    Crowbbat CyberpunkGaming 2 months ago +20

    3:39 Dunkey is always right

    • Leo Bustos
      Leo Bustos 2 months ago +2

      Seriously he nailed it so hard

  • Crowbbat CyberpunkGaming
    Crowbbat CyberpunkGaming 2 months ago +3


  • ShadowScale
    ShadowScale 2 months ago

    where was ghost of tshumia

  • Darth Slinger
    Darth Slinger 2 months ago +2

    Did he just say that spider man game makes you FEEL like spider man

  • Tucker Holle
    Tucker Holle 2 months ago +2

    Dunkey called it when he mentioned Fallout76

  • mrquackadoodlemoo
    mrquackadoodlemoo 2 months ago +1

    You're right about Fallout 76 being like MGS. They both suck.

  • Brenden Edgeworth
    Brenden Edgeworth 2 months ago +2

    Wow. Last year, Dunkey called Battlefront 2, and now he called Fallout 76. Dunkey is a wizard confirmed!

    • Hunter Hoke
      Hunter Hoke 17 days ago

      Or because both games were backed with an already rocky start and poor publishers behind them

  • WhatUpBigPimps
    WhatUpBigPimps 2 months ago

    whats that game at 6:15?

  • Lily Jovcevski
    Lily Jovcevski 2 months ago

    I’ve always wanted to go to E3, but I can’t handle awkward silences