Dunkey's E3 2018

  • Published on Jun 13, 2018
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  • Nominis
    Nominis 47 minutes ago

    Why am I watching an E3 2018 video when E3 2019 is less than a month away?

  • Caleb Dunn
    Caleb Dunn 7 hours ago +1

    ♪ You better come down to Dunkey's castle or I'm gonna have to f**kin' eat ya shoes. ♪

  • RogueSpartan 285
    RogueSpartan 285 10 hours ago

    u had me at the second shooter game, i actually thought it was going to be the Division 2

  • Mr. Buttons
    Mr. Buttons 3 days ago

    FIFA 19 god I felt so bad for that guy

  • Captain Campion
    Captain Campion 4 days ago


  • Mixed Bag Clips
    Mixed Bag Clips 5 days ago


  • Ben Trudell
    Ben Trudell 6 days ago

    "makes you feel like Spiderman"
    The IGN reports before they we're real

  • King Cobra Games
    King Cobra Games 6 days ago

    "Bomb Chicken is a game called Bomb Chicken" -Dunkey 2018

  • Colin Jordan
    Colin Jordan 7 days ago

    3:00 aaaand it's no longer an exclusive. Ori's one of the few they have left lol

  • datchiman 09
    datchiman 09 9 days ago

    I’m exited for es6

  • michael
    michael 11 days ago +3

    "No Metroid Prime 4, no word on what Retro Studios is making..."
    Well, how about that

  • Mullen Leaf
    Mullen Leaf 11 days ago

    Anthem in 2019 lol

  • Bobby K
    Bobby K 12 days ago

    2:53 grabbed by the ghoulies was my child hood

  • colin davis
    colin davis 12 days ago

    all the new spider mans just became prototype reruns

  • The Gaming Geek
    The Gaming Geek 16 days ago

    4:03 best part

  • Amin Richman
    Amin Richman 18 days ago

    Let's see what the last of us 2 can do

  • MforMovesets
    MforMovesets 20 days ago

    Yeah if that Last of Us 2 gameplay was actually real, it's revolutionary. They went into that direction of characters reacting to the surroundings more and more, that would be the result.

  • The Dude
    The Dude 26 days ago

    2:10 dunk established a meme...
    he has done everything...

  • Game Things
    Game Things 26 days ago

    I love how what he thought would happen are exactly what happened

  • Lucas Eduardo
    Lucas Eduardo 26 days ago

    big wheel

  • Matthew Marn
    Matthew Marn 27 days ago +12

    No lootboxes, no ability to pay for power
    That didn’t age well

    • James Blair
      James Blair 9 days ago

      What about that didn't age well? They didn't add lootboxes or make anything pay to win in those games.

  • George Bullock
    George Bullock 27 days ago

    funny to see dunkey hopeful for kingdom hearts 3

  • De Moe chan
    De Moe chan Month ago

    Anthem fuckt upp sooooooo bad

  • Da Drumma
    Da Drumma Month ago

    2:18 Ten minute version please.

  • azerty alpachi
    azerty alpachi Month ago

    No comment on cyberpunk, really ?!

  • Ian Shadman
    Ian Shadman Month ago

    It really makes you FEEL like Spiderman

  • Barrett Abney
    Barrett Abney Month ago

    FIFA!!! ... ... ... uh ... ... .... .... ....

  • Alexander Song
    Alexander Song Month ago +2


  • TheNotoriousJohnnyJ
    TheNotoriousJohnnyJ Month ago +1

    “It makes you FEEL like Spider-Man”

  • BarrettDeBest GWACK

    Boss baby sequal?

  • BarrettDeBest GWACK

    My shoes have sand in em
    Jokes on YOU HAHAHA

  • Rene Avekian
    Rene Avekian Month ago

    You know what's sad half of the games on E 3 2018 sucked

  • Koala King
    Koala King Month ago

    My Friend Pedro finally has a release date of June 2019, and I could not be more excited.

  • Nanner Dunlocke
    Nanner Dunlocke Month ago +3

    Imagine a cool, new game at E3 that has Couch-Co-Op/Splitscreen

  • Gabriel Correa
    Gabriel Correa Month ago +1

    3:39 Wow Dunkey predicted the future.

  • Carl Ginland
    Carl Ginland Month ago +1

    i just realized that when Dunkey listed all the shooting games half of them were sequels, decreasing even more the "creativity" that the dude from Microsoft was talking about

  • Drew Bakka
    Drew Bakka Month ago +2

    *sniffs in lesbian*

  • El Limon
    El Limon Month ago +3

    And you were 100% right about anthem

  • Dave Lo
    Dave Lo Month ago +1

    damn even on stage in front of an audience , black people still be trying to steal

  • Aiden Hennigar
    Aiden Hennigar Month ago

    1:39 nooo... stop doing this to me dunkey

  • tristan robinson
    tristan robinson Month ago

    I hope your wrong about last if us part 2

  • Aiden Thakur
    Aiden Thakur Month ago

    I’ve got to say I’ve never gotten into ori and the blind forest. It’s just meh to me

  • John Miner
    John Miner Month ago +1

    Dunky knew fallout 76 would be a flop

  • I Skip Anime Openings

    I cannot believe how correct dunkey was about Fallout 76

  • Nathan Camomile
    Nathan Camomile Month ago

    1:36 go madnum

  • Wires Dawson
    Wires Dawson 2 months ago +2

    2:19 where can i find the full song? asking for a friend

  • Killstreak 64
    Killstreak 64 2 months ago +1

    2:06 EA in a nutshell

  • John Wick
    John Wick 2 months ago

    I liked this video so quickly I didn't notice it was accidentally disliked FOR A WHOLE YEAR without me noticing

  • Jaegerbomb
    Jaegerbomb 2 months ago +1

    damn. really makes you feel like Spider-man, huh?

  • Salacious B. Crumb
    Salacious B. Crumb 2 months ago +1


  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer 2 months ago +1

    You really FEEL like Spider-Man

  • Splatted I0I
    Splatted I0I 2 months ago +1


  • Memes Make Dreams
    Memes Make Dreams 2 months ago +2

    But now Cuphead is on Switch.

  • nothing to see here
    nothing to see here 2 months ago

    "We out here chasing money"


  • oliver ryan
    oliver ryan 2 months ago

    I'm thinking of switching from xbox to ps4 but all my friends have xbox so I can play very little online games but my Internet is bad and I want to get a ps4 for the exclusives anyway anybody got advice

  • Sad Cat_
    Sad Cat_ 2 months ago +1

    What happen to rhythm games like you know
    Tap Tap Revolution?

  • ll Software Instability ll


  • Brandon Klein
    Brandon Klein 2 months ago +1

    3:02 good job Michealsoft?? Lmao

  • Ty
    Ty 2 months ago

    Dunkeys is worse than EA cause he's threatening us to make transactions. Dunkeys has hit a low.

  • Ned Mononymous
    Ned Mononymous 2 months ago

    Jesus some people still like platformers this much??? They're fun sometimes but they seem like dunkey's favoritegenre

  • Water fawl
    Water fawl 2 months ago

    Around 5:45 dunkey says that the "new spiderman game really makes you FEEL like spiderman". I just find this funny cause he ripped on everyone who said that about batman Arkham city

  • oliver ryan
    oliver ryan 2 months ago +2

    I'm so hyped for my friend pedro

  • A Random Bird
    A Random Bird 2 months ago

    Megaman11 sucks big time

  • Mustache Merlin
    Mustache Merlin 2 months ago

    Actually, yeah, game animation is like that now. Game studios are using something called Inverse Kinematics in their animation rigs that let's us modify the animations on the fly to react to the world. We can now program the characters to reach to specific places.
    So like, an arrow in your backpack. You tell the engine "play this animation, and put the hand where the arrow is by the time it's done". Or walking up stairs, you can say "move the foot, make sure it's on the stair when the animation finishes". And that sounds super simple, but it actually lets you do all sorts of crazy stuff. I think Red Dead II uses the heck out of it. Ubisoft had a GDC talk where they showed some really impressive demos, Google "IK rigs".
    Expect to see a LOT more games with animation like Red Dead II in the next couple of years, because it's actually really easy to do once you've figured out the trick.

  • J Moz
    J Moz 2 months ago

    I’m feeling like Spider-Man today

  • Fan OF My Favorite
    Fan OF My Favorite 2 months ago

    E3 Footage be like real life

    Real Gameplay Be Like Mario 69

  • Person Pacman
    Person Pacman 2 months ago +2

    boy, look how that turned out

  • Macho Cheese BSG
    Macho Cheese BSG 2 months ago

    Did you even watch the Halo a
    Infinite trailer?

  • Mark Lowney
    Mark Lowney 2 months ago


  • General Kawasaki
    General Kawasaki 2 months ago

    dying light isnt just a first person shooter. it really isnt a first person shooter at all. half way into the game you get guns and there are a few shootouts but thats only a very small fraction of the game. Anyone who says dying light is just another first person shooter clearly hasnt played it.

  • Muchadore
    Muchadore 2 months ago +3

    1:16 ah, i see you enjoy classical music as well Dunkey. Lu Bu’s Theme

  • Big Jack Gameplays
    Big Jack Gameplays 2 months ago

    Fifa lol

  • Millionaren00b
    Millionaren00b 2 months ago +10

    Dammit.. donkey ate my shoes

  • just poseidon
    just poseidon 2 months ago

    E3 Must Have Been Fire Cause these games were heat.

  • Ajaaw Inc
    Ajaaw Inc 2 months ago

    everytime hes gonna say something awesome, press 0 (zero) on your keyboard.

  • Michael Carson
    Michael Carson 2 months ago

    Watching this now u were so right about all of these ea games

  • Squidward 354
    Squidward 354 2 months ago +2

    What is the goose game called.

  • London Ball
    London Ball 2 months ago

    I’m still laughing at that ju ju clip

  • Detrian
    Detrian 2 months ago

    he predicted kingdom heart story!

  • Good Job
    Good Job 2 months ago

    Well.... I don’t want my shoes to eaten

  • Running Emoji Face
    Running Emoji Face 2 months ago

    What's that dunkey, it really makes you FEEL like spiderman?

  • Mecha Hitler
    Mecha Hitler 2 months ago

    No he’s eating my shoes!!!

  • shmless
    shmless 2 months ago +1

    just a reminder that assassin’s creed odyssey won best alternate universe award on steam over Wolfenstein.

  • Garren Greeny
    Garren Greeny 2 months ago

    Knack 3?

  • Alejandro Melguizo
    Alejandro Melguizo 2 months ago

    4:22 is that real?

  • Joseph Payne
    Joseph Payne 2 months ago

    tfw everyone talks about sekiro but you want code vein

  • Yousif Wahsh
    Yousif Wahsh 3 months ago

    I will take a more critically loo... OMG ORI 2

  • ComputerHeadGFX
    ComputerHeadGFX 3 months ago


  • Furious Flame
    Furious Flame 3 months ago

    4:03 thank me later

  • -Buff_Soy_Boy -
    -Buff_Soy_Boy - 3 months ago +3

    I have to admit... I will miss Reggie and his energetic 'Bowser like' form...

  • DazeChr
    DazeChr 3 months ago +3

    We will miss you so much Reggie

  • MrRuidiaz
    MrRuidiaz 3 months ago


  • Shields
    Shields 3 months ago

    Jesus christ. He was right about everything, especially Fallout 76 wtfffffFFFFFFFFFFFF

  • TheMemerang
    TheMemerang 3 months ago

    Comparing his reaction towards KH3 in this vid and his recent dunkview, shows how disappointed he is.

  • Mythical
    Mythical 3 months ago

    This guy is the most underrated reviewer in history

  • Aleia
    Aleia 3 months ago

    I always like to rewatch these at the beginning of the next year because it's hilarious to see which ones completely flopped despite the hype

  • LdeLucas - Brawl Stars
    LdeLucas - Brawl Stars 3 months ago

    Creators:you can download fifa 19 demo now
    Public:no stop i dont want that
    Creators:OK SO ITS FIFA 19 2

  • MoonMan
    MoonMan 3 months ago

    Makes ya feel like batman......er i mean spiderman.

  • Woodman567
    Woodman567 3 months ago

    Hello dimley where's Jimmy Neutron?!?

  • The new me 243
    The new me 243 3 months ago

    They found a way to f&@& up fallout 76 you predicted the future donsly