120 Chicken McNugget Challenge (Solo)

  • Published on Oct 7, 2012
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    The 120 McNugget Challenge! I was originally going to do 100 nuggets, but then saw that the "120 Nugget" Challenge was popular (between two people) so I did that instead...
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  • Latka Gravas
    Latka Gravas 3 days ago

    Mollly Schuyler. 360 chicken nuggets usclip.net/video/YDNKP0TlIQI/video.html

  • Achille Galasso
    Achille Galasso 4 days ago

    Insane omfg

  • Lisa F.
    Lisa F. 8 days ago


  • Viamer OF
    Viamer OF 8 days ago

    Can you do 1000 Chicken Nuggets?

  • The Bomb Digity
    The Bomb Digity 9 days ago

    Young Matt is truly cursed, that hair. Woof

  • Dope kid
    Dope kid 9 days ago

    This is a old video

  • JJ Gann
    JJ Gann 11 days ago

    Hey Matt

  • Henry Ellis
    Henry Ellis 12 days ago

    im hungry

  • 김윤희
    김윤희 12 days ago

    i ate 57 chicken burger in 17 minutes

  • Alex Atenta
    Alex Atenta 15 days ago

    NOW, you may have stated this , but I just need to know, WHO helps pay for your food, because a lot of 20 piece chicken mc nugget aint, cheap. I mean for all the quantity that you get IM sure its got to be over $100 per order.

    THICCFISH 17 days ago

    It takes me 20 minutes to eat 20 biggest and a medium fry...

  • Pee pee Gang
    Pee pee Gang 17 days ago

    Good thing he got a Diet Coke or else it wouldn’t of been healthy

  • Pee pee Gang
    Pee pee Gang 17 days ago

    All those nuggets but he only used 1 sauce packet

  • Jaelon Minor
    Jaelon Minor 19 days ago

    and then the game muddy heights was born

  • matthew sapla
    matthew sapla 21 day ago

    You look like Morgan because you are growing a mustache

  • CrazyBananaxxx
    CrazyBananaxxx 22 days ago


    ANDREI EDRICK 23 days ago +1

    Matt sonie make eat 170 nuggets beacuse kate yup eat 151 nuggets watch if you see this comment

  • TwitEryn 360 _
    TwitEryn 360 _ 25 days ago


  • Cynthia Ramoga
    Cynthia Ramoga 26 days ago

    this guy is greater than furious pete

    ANDREI EDRICK 27 days ago +1

    Most greedy

  • wolfann4
    wolfann4 29 days ago

    I’m craving chicken nuggets lets make a video on it

  • Alex Touthang
    Alex Touthang 29 days ago

    Oh your face 😂😂😂

  • ThatRandom _Girl
    ThatRandom _Girl Month ago

    The music sounded like something from heaven

  • Serpirior Level 35
    Serpirior Level 35 Month ago

    Only 120 I have a funnel from my bed all the way to McDonalds I’m like a vaccum

  • bowl4two
    bowl4two Month ago

    Shoulda got honey mustard.

  • bowl4two
    bowl4two Month ago +1

    Are you the REAL Johnny Tsunami!?!?

  • Brandon Ndang
    Brandon Ndang Month ago


  • Dannthur Guzman
    Dannthur Guzman Month ago


  • Anthony Gates
    Anthony Gates Month ago

    Camera guy is a bitch

  • SpirteyRBLX
    SpirteyRBLX Month ago +4

    Matt - 120 Chicken Nuggets In 20 Minute
    Me - 1 Chicken Nuggets And Start Chocking

  • Retardation
    Retardation Month ago

    Barbecue sauce: Am I a fucking joke to you?

  • reghid
    reghid Month ago


  • Cadaverdog
    Cadaverdog Month ago

    I call bullshit!!!

  • Miiggles
    Miiggles Month ago

    I feel like matt is the kinda guy to talk with food in his mouth but he's still cool

  • whats the point of making vids if you hate me

    I am watching this cause I am eating it 😅


  • Emma Mae
    Emma Mae Month ago

    BRO ! Go to the goddamn fridge and get this man some plum sauce and honey mustard !

  • Dikembe Mutombo
    Dikembe Mutombo Month ago +1

    Stomach: Yeey Jm full
    Appendix: Hehe


    March 9 2019?

  • Ivann Zavala
    Ivann Zavala Month ago

    They Ripped Me Off One

  • Beetlejuice
    Beetlejuice Month ago

    They look bigger than what we get in aus but then again America has to have everything bigger

  • Caleb McGuire
    Caleb McGuire Month ago

    How is he so skinny

  • Raven•Hill• 2K
    Raven•Hill• 2K Month ago

    Woah..its 6 year video..anyone 2019?


    Are you serious 120 nuggets with one sauce i need 20 sauce when i eat 100 nuggetsss hahahaha

  • Nate Burnett
    Nate Burnett Month ago

    I would absolutely destroy this challenge. This would be so easy

  • Omega
    Omega Month ago

    You should have did squads an fill!

  • gallegos Christopher

    Challenge, I'd eat that for breakfast

  • kendarling :D
    kendarling :D Month ago

    I ate 20 pizzas and im still starving

  • kendarling :D
    kendarling :D Month ago

    You ate 3 boxes of McNuggets And all of them were 16 nuggets only (3 boxes should have 60 nuggets)

  • Zack England
    Zack England Month ago

    How does he not have diabetes

    HAVI FAM Month ago

    Funny you said i want a new car....little did you know 6 years from then you would be where you are today and BEAT JOE CHESNUT....EPIC BRO

  • crowned king
    crowned king Month ago

    Took me 8 tries and I got through 100 of them took me 45 minutes

  • Bronsie L
    Bronsie L 2 months ago

    120 ✅ you are correct, Matt.

  • BiGsImY
    BiGsImY 2 months ago

    Dudes a bottomless pit!

  • Justin Gates
    Justin Gates 2 months ago

    What's Matt point the competition he done is over.

  • The x death smile Gaming
    The x death smile Gaming 2 months ago +1

    When my family eating McDonald’s me I have fries nugget burger and coke and I saw this I said
    Me:why I eat my food now I’m hungry again

    And I saw little bit fat in your belly

  • Leslie Ruth Mayormita
    Leslie Ruth Mayormita 2 months ago +1



    Why is toad there?

  • Will Slimak
    Will Slimak 2 months ago

    I love u

    • alex1622
      alex1622 2 months ago

      Will Slimak I love u

  • franck epinette
    franck epinette 2 months ago

    Tu pourrais m’être les sous-titre en français

  • Lefter Yonut
    Lefter Yonut 2 months ago


  • Star Wolf
    Star Wolf 2 months ago

    Sooo my every Friday night then?

  • Riololman
    Riololman 2 months ago

    2019 anyone?

  • the bro life
    the bro life 2 months ago


  • Brittany Foster
    Brittany Foster 2 months ago

    February 2019 anyone??

  • Michael Coulston
    Michael Coulston 2 months ago

    7 million people actually subscribe to this fuck nugget!!! 🤦‍♂️

  • G2F
    G2F 2 months ago

    6 years later, still nor fat

  • Hunor Humorzsák
    Hunor Humorzsák 2 months ago

    Those nuggets contain only a little meat xd

  • Malcolm Washer
    Malcolm Washer 2 months ago

    best i have done is 24 nuggets lol im way off

  • Abimael Moran
    Abimael Moran 2 months ago

    I bet Matt’s jaw HURTS


    Tristan jass tried to do 500 contest but he failed.....

  • BackTheFreakUp
    BackTheFreakUp 2 months ago

    Damn you made La Beast look like a bitch lol jk.

  • CD Fyke
    CD Fyke 2 months ago

    Faze Rug anyone!

  • McCrizles
    McCrizles 2 months ago +1

    THE *OG*

  • JoeSon Aguirre
    JoeSon Aguirre 2 months ago +3

    You a legend Matt, love watching your videos!

  • Ge Miracle
    Ge Miracle 2 months ago +13

    Who craving when watch this videos?

  • Makawav
    Makawav 2 months ago +1

    That’s fucking disgusting and I’ll have an order of nuggets with some fries now please.

  • NoodleSplash
    NoodleSplash 2 months ago +5

    You ever watch older videos, and just wonder what you were doing during the time they were making the video?

  • The Fishing Experience
    The Fishing Experience 2 months ago +1

    would you believe me if I told you those chicken mc nuggets matt stonie is eating were reheated by me at the mcD

  • costumer guy
    costumer guy 2 months ago +1

    give me oll your Chicken nuggets

  • LPS Roses
    LPS Roses 2 months ago +1

    R.I.P His Toilet :)

  • Ariany gilfor
    Ariany gilfor 2 months ago +2

    Matt is cute 😍

  • aleko gelashvili
    aleko gelashvili 3 months ago +1

    why the nugets on the sqreen have a dumb combination

  • Nikki Escobin
    Nikki Escobin 3 months ago


  • Blixard 173
    Blixard 173 3 months ago +1

    I am from the future and i will tell you to this challenge again

  • Ramon Adkins
    Ramon Adkins 3 months ago

    Do the 3 minute challenge how many nuggets you can eat in 3 minutes I think you can beat the record

  • PZ 12
    PZ 12 3 months ago +1


  • Kameron Bacon
    Kameron Bacon 3 months ago

    You have to go to Chico’s Pizza Parlor in Moses Lake, WA and eat two giant Hochstettars in one sitting!!!!!

  • Sahin Barut
    Sahin Barut 3 months ago

    this 1 million best matt stonie's video

  • Heptic
    Heptic 3 months ago +5

    this me when i have money

  • Jerah Tan
    Jerah Tan 3 months ago

    The backround song at the end is freakin me out

  • Mr Oof
    Mr Oof 3 months ago

    Ok now do 1,000

  • - Alexmegamind -
    - Alexmegamind - 3 months ago


  • Hip Popin
    Hip Popin 3 months ago

    How much time you rest after eating so much before u attempt another challenge

  • DailyDoseOfAnimes 2399
    DailyDoseOfAnimes 2399 3 months ago


  • ניב קורין
    ניב קורין 3 months ago

    How many poo bolls is that???

  • Helper 1
    Helper 1 3 months ago

    I play it squads all the time scared no one is going to revive me after i get a heart attack

  • Your Derp King
    Your Derp King 3 months ago

    God dang savage

  • ronak shah
    ronak shah 3 months ago

    hope u will get stomach disease , there are millions of people who dont have food to eat and you eat like a dick head......i hope you get some really serious disease in your stomach and suffer

    DEATH SCREAM 3 months ago

    Who is coming from 2019 guys ?? Hit a like and stand in the line..

  • Wayne Payne98
    Wayne Payne98 3 months ago +1

    I could do that and still be hungry