120 Chicken McNugget Challenge (Solo)

  • Published on Oct 7, 2012
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    The 120 McNugget Challenge! I was originally going to do 100 nuggets, but then saw that the "120 Nugget" Challenge was popular (between two people) so I did that instead...
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  • AV3R3ST X
    AV3R3ST X 5 hours ago

    i think I could do that... xD

  • Marsha Hayes
    Marsha Hayes 11 hours ago

    I love Chicken McNuggets!

  • Lucas Araújo
    Lucas Araújo Day ago

    the way of counting was not bequeathed, it should be numerical...

  • Lucas Araújo
    Lucas Araújo Day ago

    caption in the video for fans of brazil 😀

  • lava cake
    lava cake 2 days ago

    Omg I'm jealous

  • ichangedmyname tothis

    why am i here

  • Zack Just.Zack
    Zack Just.Zack 3 days ago

    That's a lot of good boy points.

  • Boruto Uzumaki
    Boruto Uzumaki 4 days ago

    Damn in Washington State that would cost only 30 Dollars so wut

  • Gaming WaterMelone
    Gaming WaterMelone 4 days ago +1

    Who came here after the video from epic meal time?

  • kevin rodriguez
    kevin rodriguez 4 days ago +1

    Epic meal time tryna beat you!!!

  • Darth Tiznip
    Darth Tiznip 5 days ago

    the McSick 🛐🤮🤢

  • Kurd Kurdstan
    Kurd Kurdstan 6 days ago


  • paopao genor
    paopao genor 7 days ago

    I guess this guy is born with a realy big stomach

    GAME SLAYERS 8 days ago

    I feel bad for the cameraman

  • Lubdhak Das
    Lubdhak Das 9 days ago

    Reading the people who say "the people dislikes it are vegetarian" cracks me up lol!

  • Holden Housten
    Holden Housten 9 days ago

    I like nugget

  • Khanh Tran
    Khanh Tran 10 days ago

    Rip toilet
    rip plumber man who has to fix it

  • Lilt Man
    Lilt Man 11 days ago

    Here after the tsm nuggets challenge lol

  • JEHAD king
    JEHAD king 12 days ago


  • xkinqhunney
    xkinqhunney 12 days ago

    stop your gonna get diabetes

  • Sara Mach
    Sara Mach 12 days ago

    My lil tummy would hurt so bad!!!!!

  • Double Js
    Double Js 15 days ago

    it was 126 nuggets

  • Crazycraigy
    Crazycraigy 15 days ago

    Stonie knows this chicken is rank...The chicken is low grade pulp and people don't see how that shit is grind up and other crap added....box of nuggets probably cost 10c to make...

  • Omega BLUE
    Omega BLUE 16 days ago

    Who watching this in 2018

  • Monkey D. Keush
    Monkey D. Keush 17 days ago

    I wanna eat so much right now :-(

  • Felix and Lyndon Films
    Felix and Lyndon Films 18 days ago +1

    I can eat like 10

  • Joseph Arbuckle
    Joseph Arbuckle 19 days ago

    Thicken nugges muh

  • emo gamer
    emo gamer 20 days ago

    start 10sec is you look like a gay

  • Fat Snorlax
    Fat Snorlax 20 days ago

    I Wish I could eat That many chicken nuggets but I don't have money for that.

  • Armia Performs
    Armia Performs 21 day ago

    Wth I can't even eat one

  • Denise Morant
    Denise Morant 22 days ago

    Thanks for eating them ALL.

  • everinnajin
    everinnajin 22 days ago

    I can't imagine how loose your bunghole must be from all the explosive diarrhea.

  • Holy Knights Bible Reviews

    I do not want to be picky, but the word " Protein" is spelled correctly as I have it here, but in the list in the beginning it is incorrect. Matt can eat.. 2015 Nathan's Hotdog World Champion defeating Joey Chestnut

  • Diederik So
    Diederik So 27 days ago

    Who is 2018

  • Glori Mejia
    Glori Mejia Month ago

    If i was you i would not get of the chair till the next day

  • Nazli shafeeqa
    Nazli shafeeqa Month ago

    Your hair is going like a girls hair

  • Dom I
    Dom I Month ago

    i ate 70 i was proud

  • Nate Rivers
    Nate Rivers Month ago

    I have to assume the real hardest thing about this challenge isn't the 4700 calories, it's the fact you get sick of eating McNuggets!

  • vegan penguin
    vegan penguin Month ago

    Hey i found the Thailand soccer team

  • Karen evangelista
    Karen evangelista Month ago


  • Mia The Gaming Person

    After eating 17 chicken nuggets I can't take it anymore

  • ckL ckU
    ckL ckU Month ago

    Me encantan tus vídeos pero el que graba se que como pendejo y que hueva ajajaja

  • Ajong Wol
    Ajong Wol Month ago

    0:15 hi yes can I get a burger

  • Ethan
    Ethan Month ago

    Me and my friend went for 100 and we could only manage 78 so this guys nuts

  • chuck findley
    chuck findley Month ago

    You didn't finish the coke tho. : (

  • Memes for Life
    Memes for Life Month ago

    Wait she said “ya that’s 6 orders of 20 piece don’t be to surprised” do other people come in here and order that much too?

  • chandrelle toplag
    chandrelle toplag Month ago

    at least he got a diet coke

  • Joe Lupo
    Joe Lupo Month ago

    Diet coke??.........ok

  • Alan Hobbs
    Alan Hobbs Month ago

    Gotta say whats on everyone's mind, his anus must be like a wizard's sleeve xD

  • Animation files 2002

    The Barbeque sauce has a flavor similar to WhataBurger's Ketchup...really weird

  • Minecraft Gamer
    Minecraft Gamer Month ago +1

    Woah Manners

  • Ava Reed
    Ava Reed Month ago

    w h y.....

  • ShamiXX XoXo
    ShamiXX XoXo Month ago

    I feel like that song is in drakensang online

  • Sanbii
    Sanbii Month ago

    How many chicken died for this video? LoL

  • therapy188
    therapy188 Month ago

    guy gets high -- guy eats a lot!!

  • Sports&Basketball
    Sports&Basketball Month ago

    Comedy short gamers does this shit buy 1000 and eat 30

  • Will Ferrel
    Will Ferrel Month ago

    let me get like a 20 piece and some sweet and sour i would smash

  • Will Ferrel
    Will Ferrel Month ago

    no actual food was eaten this day

  • GooD WarNinG
    GooD WarNinG Month ago

    if the gravy was the sauce i can eat 120 nuggets

  • Dylan Jainlett
    Dylan Jainlett Month ago

    I wonder how fast he can crush a four piece

  • Anthony shuck
    Anthony shuck Month ago

    Matt's a fucking legend bro!! Holy shit 😮 #MATTSTONIEFORPRESIDENT2020

  • hip hop raps
    hip hop raps Month ago

    Matt u don't have to if u don't wanna

  • hip hop raps
    hip hop raps Month ago

    i laughed too hard when he said we are the fat asses rolling out of Mcdonalds

  • AtxCarloz
    AtxCarloz Month ago

    How tf I can barely eat 6 nuggets without getting full

  • XR2_IcyyYT
    XR2_IcyyYT Month ago

    Im hungry .

  • Bake Bean
    Bake Bean Month ago

    You make the best best videos

  • Hubba Bubba
    Hubba Bubba Month ago

    Hey I’m the fatass here by the way I’m doing the blazin challenge

  • Rambhatla nagsai
    Rambhatla nagsai Month ago

    0:34 she was surprised by the way matt stonie I am your big fan and I like your way of eating. Keep on doing this challenge and try your best to the #1 competitive eater ☺️☺️☺️

  • Death is nice
    Death is nice Month ago

    I'm the type of person that would eat all this, then ask for seconds.

  • Noah Lawler
    Noah Lawler Month ago

    In 2018 he is so young XD

  • Robby Speed
    Robby Speed Month ago

    I can eat like 31 and this guy is like... Give me the hundred

  • Vegeta sama.
    Vegeta sama. Month ago

    😂😂😂😂 diet coke

  • kawaii squishiescutefaces23

    I ate 20 nuggets real fast now i cant breath

  • cool kid
    cool kid 2 months ago

    when you cant decide what you want: can i have uhhhh 120 mcnuggets

  • Sam
    Sam 2 months ago

    sees title *(solo)* what is this fortnite?😂

  • Deasia Brown
    Deasia Brown 2 months ago

    I would probably hate chicken nuggets if I did this challenge 😂😂

  • Zephrum
    Zephrum 2 months ago +1

    Back then stonie u used to look like Morgan

  • Wahiba Wibi
    Wahiba Wibi 2 months ago


  • Pearl the rebel
    Pearl the rebel 2 months ago

    I can eat 20 by myself

  • lil Savage
    lil Savage 2 months ago

    chicken nuggets are made of rat

  • youssri gg play
    youssri gg play 2 months ago

    Deutsch? Bitte!!!!!!!

  • ZG Vlogs
    ZG Vlogs 2 months ago

    I will eat just 3 glasses of water and a salad a day.....I gain like 2 pounds.....matt eats 120 McNuggets ........prob loses 2 pounds

  • DanEdwardsInc
    DanEdwardsInc 2 months ago

    Hey, where's my sauce? THUD haha

  • sok tumee
    sok tumee 2 months ago

    You are hungry

  • εlιנαн αltєrαdσ

    I could eat 20 of this but when 120 nuggets is on the line its a no no no for me son

  • Galeni Solvadore
    Galeni Solvadore 2 months ago

    matt stonie is like santa or the easter bunny... you want to believe in it, but its impossible

  • Connor Day
    Connor Day 2 months ago +1

    Of course the retarded McDonald’s employees ripped him off one

    JACK FROST 2 months ago

    And you gonna tell me there wasn’t one pice of grisl in all those

  • BlackY _
    BlackY _ 2 months ago

    He use 1 sauces for 120 mcnuggets me I use 2 sauces for 5 mcnuggets 😂😂

  • AK Master
    AK Master 2 months ago

    He thinks it's popcorn

  • Marco Playz
    Marco Playz 2 months ago

    I'm Hungry Now

  • Jose Oscar
    Jose Oscar 2 months ago

    Fucking hate matt stonie now i crave nuggets and im so far from any fast food

  • Leon Krenn
    Leon Krenn 2 months ago

    He played Solo vs Squad Fortnite edition

  • noob noob
    noob noob 2 months ago

    Wow i only can eat 60 nuggets

  • William Lindegaard Åk 7

    He did solo squads before it was famous

  • jack gaming
    jack gaming 2 months ago

    Thats literally only 6 per minute

  • Prince Evince
    Prince Evince 2 months ago

    this isn't a challenge, I do this every day

  • oDuckyyy
    oDuckyyy 2 months ago


  • PewDiePie Filipino
    PewDiePie Filipino 2 months ago

    2012 i have a tablet but not yet know how to search and read

  • Octavio Olivar
    Octavio Olivar 3 months ago