• Published on Mar 22, 2019
  • You have to see this awesome art compilation of fluid art and the painting process behind it!
    Art therapy is one of the most effective ways to calm yourself down, so watch these 17 minutes of painting art we've prepared for you ;)
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Comments • 195

  • TheEaglewatcher
    TheEaglewatcher 3 days ago

    I loved you work.. how did you get those round cells????

  • Kourtenaye Monroe
    Kourtenaye Monroe 10 days ago +1

    Comes back to video just for the chill music ...

  • Feline LuvR
    Feline LuvR 15 days ago +5

    The most impressive to me was in the very beginning. Pulling a string through paint to create flowers. So imaginative.

  • Barb F
    Barb F 16 days ago

    Wow, some of these are really fantastic! Thank you for sharing!

  • Jennifer Pokrzywka
    Jennifer Pokrzywka 17 days ago

    Is there a video for the painting 4:38 its so cool

  • MizzAugust
    MizzAugust 19 days ago

    What a vast and endless waste of plastic. That- is a whole lot- of plastic, which will eventually end up in the trash someplace, especially the overspill. And they wonder why - the earth is filling up with garbage that doesnt break down... :( hobbies with acrylic.

  • Kibum I'm sorry we raised Taemin to be a brat

    3:47 does anybody know what they're using?

  • irinamon
    irinamon 22 days ago +4

    I'm only 3 clips in and I never felt so stressed out

  • Quinton Kirk
    Quinton Kirk 26 days ago

    I show these videos to my gf after sex.

  • Julio M
    Julio M 27 days ago

    6:55 hahaha i had one like this when i was a kid

  • Tjamba What is it?
    Tjamba What is it? 27 days ago


  • Skitt [Lupin]
    Skitt [Lupin] 27 days ago

    I will never understand the point of these fucking videos. Like honestly, just look up speedpaints and they are all in it the same with better music.
    And less paint waste.

  • kostas 62005
    kostas 62005 28 days ago

    I bored

  • Альбина Альбинова

    Очень красиво 😍 👍👍👍

  • Danielle Hoadley
    Danielle Hoadley 29 days ago +1

    Amazingly fun😊

  • Theresa Pickett
    Theresa Pickett 29 days ago +9

    Those 'Flow Painting' look like Bad Acid Trips from back in the day !! 😳

  • Christopher Winspear
    Christopher Winspear 29 days ago

    So that's how those huge ever lasting gobstobbers/jawbreakers are made. 🤔 Science 😎

  • tpietropaolo01
    tpietropaolo01 29 days ago

    I love the colorway when the light switches at 2:30ish 😍

  • 888chupacabra
    888chupacabra 29 days ago +1

    2:40 I love that piece

  • mateusz martyni
    mateusz martyni Month ago

    Waste of paint really. Art is meant to mean something not just be.

    • cupiid
      cupiid Month ago +3

      no art can be used as a medium to express yourself in any number of ways, just cause it doesn’t mean anything to you doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean something to the person who made it.

  • Celeste Ruiz
    Celeste Ruiz Month ago

    O my goodness. Great stuff

  • manic angel
    manic angel Month ago

    I was taught if cannot say anything nice don't say anything at all, Soooo all i have to say is: "left intentionally blank."

  • Arts and craft to kill boredom AC

    The first one reminded me of Spidey

  • rockgrimes
    rockgrimes Month ago

    this video is the worst

  • Ebelé Sunshine
    Ebelé Sunshine Month ago +5

    This is a relaxing video! Makes me wish I was an artist.
    Tell me PLEASE what's the name of the track beginning at 13:20? I'd love to buy it and others like it!
    Much thanks

  • Noble Valerian
    Noble Valerian Month ago

    3 Kawaii drawings on what was probably an iPad were satisfying. Had to wade through a lot of uninteresting clips to see them, though.

  • John Sikes
    John Sikes Month ago +6

    That first "flow painting" is just too "farking" cool! Somewhat similar to the "surface floated/layed out" painting they do on 3D surfaces to put "carbon fiber, etc.) accurate looks/textures on complex 3D shapes like wheels, hats, and complex curve pieces like dashboard trim, but on a flowing, rather than static paint mode, moving the paint side rather than the object. Quite spectacular.
    The string pull Lily gets a vote as well. I used to watch "Bob" paint on PBS and was blown away by the tiny details he could generate with a few well placed/well stroked brushings. This is similar, but next level.

    The one 3:20, the upside down, cup lift, is that just oils over a water base. The complexity in that is absolutely breathtaking, and in seconds, at least the lifting part, I expect the filling of the cup took a while. I also suspect there is some serious technique required to get these kinds of results in most all of the demonstrations. I SERIOUSLY doubt any of this happened "first try".

    • Rengurenge
      Rengurenge 24 days ago

      I wouldn't mind painting from 3:20 on my wall but I seriously doubt my ability to make something that beautiful with that "out of control" art style. I used to do art until stopped few years ago and for me each final product always took few failed attempts until I was somewhat satisfied with what I made. I believe you are right and that artist have few mistakes in his/her trash bin 😂

    • John Sikes
      John Sikes 26 days ago

      @faroshscale It would if that was necessarily what quotation marks imply. I think it more generally means "so called", but whatever.

    • faroshscale
      faroshscale 26 days ago +1

      Why do you keep putting random things in "quotation marks" lol it sounds like you're incredulous about everything

  • Amy Anna
    Amy Anna Month ago +1

    Way too fun and beautiful!🌻👋🌹💯‼️

  • Makenzie S
    Makenzie S Month ago +10

    What they wanted to name the video...
    Get sick and dizzy from all the fu*king paint we’re using

  • Ирина Вертелецкая

    Я одна русская?

  • Cathy C Bowden
    Cathy C Bowden Month ago

    What brand of paint are you actually using please?

    • Rhondda Lesley
      Rhondda Lesley Month ago

      Cathy C Bowden It’s a compilation video of work by other artists not the channel itself 😊

  • Ashley Abron
    Ashley Abron Month ago +6

    14:17 Made my eyes pop 😍.. Beautiful..

  • Pan's Central Express

    The phrase, Now Ive seen everything
    makes me want to suicide.

  • Mir Vam
    Mir Vam Month ago


  • Molly A. Block
    Molly A. Block Month ago +2

    Can someone please tell me which app/program is being used at the 3:45 mark to 'draw' the cute bear? I need something like that for my granddaughter, who wants to learn to draw. Does anyone know which software program that is, please? And thank you.

    • Karin L
      Karin L 23 days ago +1

      Molly A. Block looked at the artist’s instagram it’s adobe draw/ adobe illustrator draw, on an ipad! hope that helps :•)

  • Marta Gomez Lozano
    Marta Gomez Lozano Month ago

    Buf, que nivel....

  • kids happy to play
    kids happy to play Month ago

    👏👏 👏 👏 👏

  • Crazy Cat Lady
    Crazy Cat Lady Month ago +3

    80% of the comments: complaints of paint being wasted
    15% of the comments: says that the vid or art is nice
    5% of the comments: random questions or comments

  • Alexa Straite
    Alexa Straite Month ago

    What program was used to make the crying character with the cat hood on the computer?

  • K. S.
    K. S. Month ago +1

    Hallo, es sind sehr schöne Ideen dabei.
    Mit was für Farben, werden die Leinwände gemacht?
    Danke... weiter machen. :)
    Sehr schön.
    Schönen Tag wünsche ich euch allen einen Tag.Gruß danke...

  • the randomise guys
    the randomise guys Month ago

    7:13 what are those thing called

  • I stink But
    I stink But Month ago +9

    I think the best satisfying art video is where the artist can really draw though.

  • Chucci
    Chucci Month ago

    Ugh why can't i stop watching

  • SL Springer
    SL Springer Month ago

    What was the lightbox and how did you have a computer program working with it? Also, would like to know how was the canvas at the beginning and what type of paint you used? Thanks in advance.

    • Rhondda Lesley
      Rhondda Lesley Month ago

      SL Springer This video is a compilation of work done by other artists not by the channel

  • CrystalDragon0311 *
    CrystalDragon0311 * Month ago +4

    Do or do not... There is no try. I got satisfied and Im cool with it. ;)

  • aytun yener
    aytun yener Month ago +1

    Ur video triggered my friend's trypophobia omg

  • sophsterm
    sophsterm Month ago

    What is the iPad tracing app you use?

  • Elodie Naumowicz
    Elodie Naumowicz Month ago +4

    Nice soothing video before sleeping ! 🌙
    6:48 I got this game 'spirograph" when i was a child in 90's
    9:23 I done it so many times when i was child too with every shape, from "triangle to hexagone" but without the circles.

  • ComfortMsfit
    ComfortMsfit Month ago

    Hey, what's the name of the song you played at first??

  • Rex Rex
    Rex Rex Month ago +1

    Now I've seen everthing😏

  • Knitty Gritty
    Knitty Gritty Month ago

    I severley hate those string flower paintings. It reminds me of this woman I knew who used her placenta and umbilical cord as a painting medium after each of her three pregnancies and it was just nasty.

  • Mallory SF
    Mallory SF Month ago +103

    Some of these artists don't know when to stop. They add too much and ruin a masterpiece. But, yeah, impressive ideas.

    • Mallory SF
      Mallory SF 20 days ago

      @Trevin Hughes Don't hallucinate my words to argue with what I didn't say. Most people are dumb so popularity determines nothing. Fart videos get millions of views. Staying is different. Because people wouldn't keep listening to music if it was a matter of fashion. Fashion changes. Good things stay. Real things. Most people enjoy illusions, like you do. You don't want to know my opinion, you want to be considered right. So you'll imagine many more things to distort my point to opposite. I never said there's only one way. I said there are rules to follow. No rules = chaos. Even an explosion has rules to follow.
      The subjective part of art is about what exactly do you want to show. The laws of harmony never change as they come from the math that everything obeys. Circle, spiral, square, thirds, golden ratio, uneven spread, gaussian spread, complexity and purity... If you don't know these, you're a toddler arguing about the importance of manners or hygiene. You cannot be convinced, you need to grow up. And when you do, you'll invent what I'm talking about if it's not anywhere around. Because you'll understand the importance of it. But for now the only thing you want to do is disagree, discarding wisdom of generations.
      I already explained that liking something doesn't make art. If you take cocaine you'll like it. It's NOT art. If you're extremely immature you enjoy loud music that cannot even be heard through the ear-bleeding noise that it is. It's NOT art. I don't mind you enjoying idiotic things. It's that dumb american childish way of thinking that nothing is ever wrong, everything is beautiful. Later you show tremendous hypocrisy on the very same topic and remain blind to it. But I don't have that much time to follow you around pin-pointing you all your flaws when you forget you have to keep this illusion alive and show what's really on your mind. Do it yourself, please. The right answer is way too obvious to me. So it's only up to you. Get smart or keep being stubborn. There are millions of people who live and die idiots. If you don't even want to understand, you never will.

    • Trevin Hughes
      Trevin Hughes 20 days ago +2

      @Mallory SF so music and art that is remembered 1000 years from now is inherently better than music and art that only lasts a few years or months? That's a very closeminded viewpoint. So you're saying that popularity and staying power determines the value of something. You're wrong. You are objectively wrong ;)

    • Trevin Hughes
      Trevin Hughes 20 days ago +3

      @Lola Pulkin you are right. These other soulless repliers don't understand other viewpoints. They'll write paragraphs on how there is one way to do something, even though the fact that this is an argument means they're wrong.
      Art is subjective. There is no right way.

  • Lamorna Cooper
    Lamorna Cooper Month ago

    Would have been much better if the whole thing had not been cropped. Very poor video editing.

  • daisypoojo100
    daisypoojo100 Month ago +1

    I just wanna know what that first track is

  • Barrle .Sketch
    Barrle .Sketch Month ago +1

    I was already satisfied at the thumbnail XD

  • palakh khanna
    palakh khanna Month ago +2

    Omg!! Thats amazing😊❤️

  • Jabari Cooper
    Jabari Cooper Month ago

    I am getting satisfied, I'm not doing any challenge.

  • yttrium
    yttrium Month ago +27

    It really bothered me how much paint they wasted!
    Like, dude, that stuff's toxic and will destroy the environment, not to mention how dang expensive it is!
    And all for a small piece of art that most people wouldn't even find appealing.

  • Voodoochill
    Voodoochill Month ago +15

    Can we add oddly satisfying music as well?

    • Kourtenaye Monroe
      Kourtenaye Monroe 18 days ago

      I wish the Track @16:47 lasted longer :p looks like will have to scope out their source: www.epidemicsound.com/

    • Rex Rex
      Rex Rex Month ago


  • Alanisisamess
    Alanisisamess Month ago +4

    4:37 Me when I watched this video :')

  • Booty Boo
    Booty Boo Month ago +2

    Loved 💗☀️🌹

  • D.B Meyers
    D.B Meyers Month ago +5

    Awesome video! What was that pad they were drawing on..is there an app for that? Product name pleeease!!?

    • Esther Holton
      Esther Holton Month ago

      iPad (iPad Pro probably) and the app was procreate. You have to pay for it but I have it, and I really recommend it! It’s an awesome drawing app.

  • Akiko Fujishima
    Akiko Fujishima Month ago

    Not really sure why people find spirographs to be impressive, they've been around since the 60s and were meant for children to use.

  • mdmuzaffar dasukie
    mdmuzaffar dasukie Month ago +1

    The first start i am ready satisfid

  • Disco Biker
    Disco Biker Month ago +1

    I quit watching after the string pull. You rush through it so quickly, I had a hard time seeing the steps. Beginners need to see it in real time.

    • River Amnell
      River Amnell Month ago +1

      These “oddly satisfying” videos aren’t going to show you the step by step technique; they’re more about the sped up process because it can look cool. Even artists putting out of video of themselves marking the art can be surprisingly unhelpful because sometimes they speed it up too. You want to learn how to do something on USclip, your best best is to type what you want to learn and then “tutorial” and search that.

    • Marie Grove
      Marie Grove Month ago

      So true!

  • Laurie-Ann BL
    Laurie-Ann BL Month ago +12

    That was not satisfying at all...ooooh my ocd is so triggered rn

  • Anez Rylksi
    Anez Rylksi Month ago +1

    I was amazed by how beautiful this art is but horrified that these people have no budget for canvasses and paint. And the amount of paint that ran off and was wasted... but the art was so beautiful ...

    • River Amnell
      River Amnell Month ago +1

      Acrylic pouring is a painting technique. Yes there can be a lot of runoff, but a lot of the artists do save that paint for other projects. Not all just waste it, and several artists make a point of saying they don’t waste and even show you the cool stuff they made with the excess.

  • Regine Hujer
    Regine Hujer Month ago +5

    Kennt ihr das, wenn man etwas nachmachen will und auch die Geduld dazu hat, aber es dann so scheiße aussieht! 😭🤬😂😂

    • Rosangela Gomes
      Rosangela Gomes 29 days ago

      so bin ich auch Frustration pur!😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅💎

  • Gabriel Lockwood
    Gabriel Lockwood Month ago +2

    This isn't "satisfying" to me, this is infuriating.
    Where you see "art" I see:
    - Paint wasting
    - Alternative brushes
    - A computer program
    - Wasted potential
    - Unnecessary black borders

  • Phyllis Marony
    Phyllis Marony Month ago +8

    Just incredible. So jealous of your talent. Thanks for sharing your time. 😊

  • Pat Snyder
    Pat Snyder Month ago +35

    I usually keep a blank canvas around and use it for 'mopping' up the drained paint. But better still, I lay the blank canvas face down on the original design. Frankly, many of the designs on the blank canvas are better than the original.

  • Abstract Painting
    Abstract Painting Month ago +4

    Amazing ! your art are excellent .

  • Short Gus
    Short Gus Month ago +6

    I could MAYBE do the stencil ones....

    • Lola Pulkin
      Lola Pulkin 20 days ago

      Ruby Forr what lol 😂

    • Ruby Forr
      Ruby Forr 20 days ago

      @Lola Pulkin what godly power were you given

    • Lola Pulkin
      Lola Pulkin 20 days ago +1

      Nah Spirographs are easy. Literally anybody can do them

    • Short Gus
      Short Gus Month ago +1

      @Ruby Forr LoL fair enough. I will concede.

    • Ruby Forr
      Ruby Forr Month ago +1

      I've tried, you can't

  • Janet Deloach
    Janet Deloach Month ago +5

    Mind blown, such simple yet amazing art.

  • terri e
    terri e Month ago +7

    I loved all your little tricks on how to achieve a lot of the looks you get in your paintings. I'm not an artist, but wish I was because it's fascinating! Many thanks for sharing!

  • Rosebud
    Rosebud Month ago

    why don't you show us how you did the paintings! SHARE!!!

    • VVH
      VVH Month ago

      The person posting this had nothing to do with any of the art. Just grabbed parts of other peoples videos.

  • Mr0987654321abcde
    Mr0987654321abcde Month ago +1

    I want her acrylic pour ratios and brands...... I need to do some more art and explore new things.

    • Mr0987654321abcde
      Mr0987654321abcde Month ago +1

      @Marie Grove legend!

    • Marie Grove
      Marie Grove Month ago

      Sooooooo hypnotically mesmerizing 🧟

    • Marie Grove
      Marie Grove Month ago +1

      In the video, at the bottom right, are the artist's names, on Instagram. Go to the Instagram app, search the name, tap it, and "follow". You should be able to PM (personal message), once you click follow.
      Hope this helps

    SANTA Month ago +2


  • Whitney Rideout
    Whitney Rideout Month ago +196

    The amount of paint they use stresses me out

    • Victor Meister
      Victor Meister 17 days ago

      This is bullshit...........

    • Sue X
      Sue X 27 days ago

      That's how we artists do it dim dum XD 😂🙂😁

    • Skitt [Lupin]
      Skitt [Lupin] 27 days ago

      Whitney Rideout
      Imagine if it was expensive acrylics.

    • Ignis King
      Ignis King 28 days ago

      It pays off to use a'lot of medium. If I didn't have floetrol, I'd probably stop after only a couple paintings and call it quits on fluid art.

    • John Sikes
      John Sikes Month ago +3

      REALLY, for the tens of hours that would be required to do some of these, if you even could, by hand? Seems like a good trade to me, especially using cheaper paints, which aren't that bad, some of them, and readily available. You could almost do some of this with latex house paint, does it bother you how much paint they put on a large building, cause it's about 10.000X this much. ;-)

  • Baby Them
    Baby Them Month ago +9

    Some of them were kind of impressive and decent to watch but good lord some of them made me want to ban the word "satisfying" to avoid ever seeing anything similar.

    • Undead Kitten
      Undead Kitten Month ago +1

      Baby Them oh yeah? Which ones were doing that to you?

  • Xaracen
    Xaracen Month ago +6

    13:41 and it is here that vinyl enthusiasts leave in disgust or tears....

    • VVH
      VVH Month ago +2

      I do some of these kind of paintings on records, but I use old really scratched up ones. The ones I use are not playable, if that makes you feel any better. :D

  • melanie schwartz
    melanie schwartz Month ago +4

    Spirograph is really really hard

    • Star Edwards
      Star Edwards Month ago

      I noticed they had it taped down

    • yankeefan42A
      yankeefan42A Month ago

      IKR and aggravating too,I remember when I was a kid having one - The big Circle would always moved out of place on me just when I was about finished. I would get so frustrated. and upset with it. You have to be patient and have patience- that is something I lack. hahahahaha

  • Martha Elena Montoya
    Martha Elena Montoya Month ago +2

    Increíble lo que haces. Quedé encantada. Muchas ideas, ojalá pueda concretar alguna. 😘

  • Aliandra Yorgason
    Aliandra Yorgason Month ago +151

    actual title: get anxiety attacks because they used so much $@*%&'n paint.

    • angel
      angel Month ago

      Aliandra Yorgason no relation to anxiety attacks in any way

    • PanicLedisko
      PanicLedisko Month ago +1

      You have to use that much, it’s just the technique. A lot of times the people making those use glue, so they add the pigment, the white paint and then glue as well as a silicon to thin the liquid out so you can get those cells that pop up, that’s what those bubbles of different colours are that pop up. Also anxiety is a very real thing for me, as it was my husband, it causes me to throw up if it’s bad enough. I don’t think it’s something to make jokes about :\

    • Undead Kitten
      Undead Kitten Month ago +2

      @BabySnake Keep the waste and randomly paint furniture? (I have to paint some furniture and am seriously considering using acrylic and sealant to avoid figuring out what kind of paint I actually should use.) Might be a fun color. Like brown!

    • Undead Kitten
      Undead Kitten Month ago +1

      @Aliandra Yorgason ah, that's good! They suck, I am not in favor of them at all.

    • BabySnake
      BabySnake Month ago +2

      XD I was silently judging all of my life choices that lead me to moment of watching this and be unable to do something about that paint waste. Yeah, there were some good ones, but to be honest, there was bunch of waste of paint.

  • Brooke Abercrombie
    Brooke Abercrombie Month ago

    You are a good artist 👩‍🎨

  • Brooke Abercrombie
    Brooke Abercrombie Month ago +3

    This are wonderful paintings right

  • Reham Mohamed
    Reham Mohamed Month ago +5

    How they do these bubbles in the paint

    • Siegfried Art
      Siegfried Art 7 days ago +2

      The cells are created when you pour paints with different density or weight, for example, black and white (white is a heavier pigment). Silicone oil help in the process but is not absolutely necessary to create cells.

    • Marie Grove
      Marie Grove Month ago

      @Reham Mohamed I, too, get it, now. But that doesn't mean I can do it 🤷

    • Reham Mohamed
      Reham Mohamed Month ago +1

      Ammm, now i got it 🙋 thank you so much 😍

    • yankeefan42A
      yankeefan42A Month ago +5

      they are doing a method called *POURING* when they add silicone to the mix they get what you call bubbles they call them cells -

    • signalfire6
      signalfire6 Month ago +7

      Look up acrylic pouring - the bubbles are called cells - you add silicone to the paint and it does that.

  • Aleenas chanelle
    Aleenas chanelle Month ago +1

    Love it

  • Tohal56
    Tohal56 Month ago +2

    Nice think I’ll need one practice 😏

  • thattoornoufal noufal
    thattoornoufal noufal Month ago +1

    It isn’t satisfiying at all

    • yankeefan42A
      yankeefan42A Month ago

      Awwww wel-l Different strokes for different folks - I enjoyed it - It was eye candy for me - colors bright pretty colors --- ;)

  • Shelley Carlson
    Shelley Carlson Month ago +2


  • Lana Djukic
    Lana Djukic Month ago +5

    You are amazing ! Big bravo for your work and thank you for sharing excellent ideas with us!

  • good friends rock!
    good friends rock! Month ago +2

    very nice work...yet, if you could slow it down a bit...it would be even better and would be appreciated!!

    • BabySnake
      BabySnake Month ago +2

      Well there is button to slow down the video >.>

    • ladydontekno
      ladydontekno Month ago

      j louis what’s your point?

    • yankeefan42A
      yankeefan42A Month ago

      This is a compilation - the masters artists in here aren't sharing any of their secrets -This is simply pure eye candy

    • j louis
      j louis Month ago

      But then the video would be twice as long

  • Guadalupe Alarcon disculpa donde la puedo comprar

    Disculpen alguien sabe donde dan clases de pintura acrilicas en puebla quiero aprender gracias

  • Sydneytowngirl
    Sydneytowngirl Month ago +12

    Is it just me, tracing on a computer just doesn't impress me at all...

    • yankeefan42A
      yankeefan42A Month ago

      @Xaracen they are doing it to see the Cells - which look like a Sci-fy or an Octopus that is when they use the silicone I'm with you on that I like the ones that don't use the silicone and just pour with other things like colanders aka strainers sink stoppers and the bottom of a plastic coke bottle I also love the string art .

    • Jessie nene
      Jessie nene Month ago +2

      I mean..they still have to draw it, come up with a color scheme and have the techniques to make it look good and or realistic if thats the goal.

    • Xaracen
      Xaracen Month ago +3

      unless you personally are good at that sort of stuff and you have a steady hand, its still impressive, and im jealous of such steady confident hands... what im personally not impressed by are the poured paintings, most of it is just vomit paint on some canvas, spread and wait, unless theres some odd gimmick its really not interesting to me...

  • Felecia Everett
    Felecia Everett Month ago +2

    I really want that first song epidemic is more than I had bargained for I just want to download that one song man I love the soundtrack to this piece the artwork is fantastic

  • Maria Myrback
    Maria Myrback Month ago +7

    I wanna know where they got that brush they did the round rainbows with and how they loaded the paint.

    • VVH
      VVH Month ago +2

      @Maria Myrback It's called a hake brush. I've never seen them at hardware or craft stores. But art supply stores may have them. They're used in pottery so any pottery supply should have them. Or order online.

    • Maria Myrback
      Maria Myrback Month ago +1

      Cool! Thanks! I wasn’t sure if it was some specific kind of brush or something like that.

    • melanie schwartz
      melanie schwartz Month ago +2

      You can get a large brush like that at any hardware, paint or craft store. And then you just take the tubes of pain and squirt them out in the order that you want right next to each other and dip the brush with a slight downward drag 😁👍

  • Debbie Bonner
    Debbie Bonner Month ago +4

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