Should Guys Shave Or Trim Their Legs? You WON'T Believe What Women Say!

  • Published on Jul 31, 2017
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    In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro is discussing the comments from his video where his hairless legs where shown. He is puzzled how someone's grooming preferences could lead to comments about being gay when being gay means liking the same sex!?!? Or that commenters think that calling someone gay is an insult. Aren't we over that? It blows Alpha's mind!
    Alpha says that a Men's Health 600 men poll said that 33.1% of men trim hair and 15.3% completely shave their legs. That's nearly 50% of men managing the length of their leg hair. Now 28.5% of women like a man who trims his leg hair and 22.2% like a man with clean shaven legs. Once again, it's split down the middle.
    Leave in the comments below this USclip video whether you are (1) shaven (2) trimmed (3) wearing hair chaps!
    Alpha Tips | Why should you shave your legs?
    You'll see more leg muscle definition
    If you manscape without shaving your legs, you'll look like you're wearing 'hair chaps' when naked
    Feels good without the hair friction

    Removal and trimming options:
    1. Nothing
    2. Trimming
    3. Stubble
    4. Shave
    5. Wax
    6. Hair removal cream
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Comments • 7 111

    SUJEET. BOXER Zone 14 hours ago

    when i shave my legs all muscle are blasting 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Taco
    Taco Day ago

    Imagine thinking you need leg hair to feel like a man😭😂😂😂😂

  • Taco
    Taco Day ago

    If you play football/soccer then yea forsure

  • luis soto
    luis soto Day ago


  • BlueBlazeGaming
    BlueBlazeGaming 3 days ago

    *when you get so salty that people call you gay that you have too make a video defending your position*

  • Derek Jones
    Derek Jones 3 days ago

    I was thinking about doing it for track and basketball. I did it before and I felt more comfortable and just free.

  • The Side Project
    The Side Project 4 days ago

    I love to shave my whole body

  • rahul kulkarni
    rahul kulkarni 6 days ago


  • Raed
    Raed 7 days ago

    2019 people still care actually.

  • Willie J
    Willie J 8 days ago

    Dang... This comment section is hair shaming now 😂

  • Jackson K
    Jackson K 9 days ago

    Do not shave your legs. I love having hairy legs, it makes me look like a teddy bear lol. I have long curly leg hair and I would be miserable if I didn’t have it. It is manly as hell, do NOT be a pussy

  • Holy Graehl
    Holy Graehl 10 days ago

    I don't go clean shaven, but I trim down my leg hair. I use an electric razor with a 3mm guard

    SAVEGE BEAST 11 days ago

    IDK, what anyone says, shaving your legs is gay. The only thing you can do is trim but that's only if you are extremely hairy and look like bigfoot

  • Kim J
    Kim J 12 days ago

    I don't even shave my arms and legs and I am a woman hahah

    • M D
      M D 10 days ago

      Not attractive. Shave em'.

  • Sara
    Sara 14 days ago +1

    love hairy men so i say no

  • Spik Man
    Spik Man 14 days ago +1

    Im a guy im getting my first leg hair's II honestly think my skinny legs look kinda weird with hair but the hair does feel good when I slide my hand up it. I'm probably gonna get my first chest hair soon I see a tiny black line poking out.

  • Pancake Intake
    Pancake Intake 15 days ago +1

    most of this shitty video is a fuckin ad

  • joel diaz
    joel diaz 15 days ago +1

    Trimming is the way to go, especially if you are hairy.

  • Shubham Yadav
    Shubham Yadav 16 days ago +1

    I dont do anything on my hair legs but i like the idea of doing it... Really gonna trim it and see if i like it... 👍

  • Sandra Carter
    Sandra Carter 16 days ago +2

    Men are so much cleaner looking and handsome "Shaving" their bodies. Swimmers do it. You look great. Please do it.

  • Brabhu Jeyam
    Brabhu Jeyam 18 days ago

    My legs has more hairs

    PROMETHEUS 18 days ago

    He use the same razor everywhere?

  • KatintheHat
    KatintheHat 18 days ago +1

    Alpha is the man

  • Faizan Boy4
    Faizan Boy4 18 days ago

    I love dollar shave club, I need to get some blades though

  • MeSteve
    MeSteve 19 days ago

    Im shaving at summer

  • SergioMartelli
    SergioMartelli 20 days ago

    Trim, don't shave. It should be considered no different than grooming your facial hair. Only mountain men, Sikhs, hippies and country music folks will let it all grow and never trim.

  • Mariah Francois
    Mariah Francois 21 day ago

    I typed in wTF am I so hair as a girl and got this am Harry as F****k

  • Vauxhall
    Vauxhall 21 day ago

    Shaven bald legged

  • TheAvirus
    TheAvirus 21 day ago

    I got called gay just because I shaved my legs

  • Unruly Prince
    Unruly Prince 22 days ago

    I shave my legs...I'm an athlete ...n besides... I like it

  • Patrick Gallant
    Patrick Gallant 23 days ago

    I tried shaving and now my leg hair is three times as long. Same on my ass, stomach and back. What body cream do you recommend, for hair removal that is gentle on the skin?

    VITKAR 23 days ago

    chappppppsssss every day of the week man super hairy guy but i dont feel like wasting 20 razors a week shaving that shit

  • Jaaneshwar !!
    Jaaneshwar !! 24 days ago

    chaps it is !!

  • Apoorv Gautam
    Apoorv Gautam 25 days ago

    I'm trimming

  • Blasto Manto
    Blasto Manto 25 days ago

    If I shave my legs they look like girl’s legs

  • The Lone Helljumper
    The Lone Helljumper 26 days ago

    Is it weird that I stick my wiener inside a hot dog bun? I’m sure I’m not the only one. No? Okay.

  • tableshaper
    tableshaper 27 days ago


  • Kelvin C
    Kelvin C 28 days ago

    *Tiles are easier to clean then carpet*

  • Houston Jones
    Houston Jones 29 days ago

    You know what sucks I’m 14 and I shaved my legs and my whole family did that whole gay thing

  • GreenGient O.o
    GreenGient O.o 29 days ago +3

    Well I'm strate an I love to shave and moisturize my legs an it just feels so soft an its very calming and therapeutic 😉😋 an its always fun to see my sexy fine legs. An I have a nice well trimmed beard and stunning wavy reddish-gold brown hair so much hair i can do a French braid bun. Well cheers to life hope everybody's loving their lives as much as I am

  • RAZ
    RAZ 29 days ago

    My legs hurt like crazy after shaving. Probably because of the hair growing. But what do I do about it

  • Sam
    Sam 29 days ago


  • Some_rando Person
    Some_rando Person Month ago

    My dad looks like a bush. And the only thing that he shaves is his face. But the funny thing is is that he keeps his face pretty taken care of. And when puberty hit me I got self conscious and wanted to start shaving my legs. He told me “eew do you want to look like your mom, or like your awesome dad sitting right here in front of you.” I told him that I don’t want to look like The greek cyclopses (we had just finished greek mythology in school) I’m pretty sure that I won that argument😅

  • D.L.P  Devo
    D.L.P Devo Month ago +1

    I shave from my thighs to my belt line every 3 weeks completely bald and I'm loving it plus girls like it

  • joe ward
    joe ward Month ago

    I started doing because I was jealous that girls didn't have the ugly hair on their legs. Plus it looks messy.

  • Alexis Gunther
    Alexis Gunther Month ago

    I would say just from the enthusiasm present, his weiner goes in a bunch of razor blades.. not that I care, its just an observation!

  • Crownie
    Crownie Month ago

    I shaved, creamed, trimmed my hair, it is good, but its itchy, any suggestions?

  • Patrick bennett`
    Patrick bennett` Month ago

    wait so youre not gay?? lol jk

  • I'm A Icelander
    I'm A Icelander Month ago

    I like to have chest hair ,and leg hair.

  • JD Perez
    JD Perez Month ago

    Hair chaps all day

  • LittleNavajo
    LittleNavajo Month ago +1

    Not that big 🤣 The twins 😂 Yes, bodybuilders have been doing it for decades and then they go out dripping in baby oil. 🤪 It totally feels AMAZING when I’ve exfoliated, I’m hair-free and I can really feel my pants, linen and even just moisturizing!!! 💆🏽‍♀️💆🏽‍♀️💆🏽‍♀️

  • I am an Ironman
    I am an Ironman Month ago

    Lol gay

  • Martin Garcia
    Martin Garcia Month ago

    I just shaved my legs for the first time and they feel really good now

  • Gultia Alexius
    Gultia Alexius Month ago

    Well I’m 22 male Asian. And I shave off everything below the belt. My girlfriend was actually the one who suggested it to me at first. My girlfriend and I don’t really care what people say, cause come on we’re in 21st century and we’re no longer cavemen to look like walking gorillas. 😒

  • Tran tuan
    Tran tuan Month ago

    He’s selling razers! LMAO

  • XxDerpyTDGxX
    XxDerpyTDGxX Month ago

    Shave your legs make you feel like a kid I feel you, boy baby you have no leg hair and 10 and when your 12 yeah you get it that means the baby start out gay don’t make any sense but ok

  • Mike Lockley
    Mike Lockley Month ago


  • Tuvshin U.
    Tuvshin U. Month ago

    I'm probably the most hariest guy in my school

  • HudsonBVlogs
    HudsonBVlogs Month ago


  • Luck Jeans
    Luck Jeans Month ago

    Alpha i don't known, but "macho" don't shave anything, only face.

  • Nickatron 7
    Nickatron 7 Month ago

    Incredibly constructive feedback 😂

  • I6I_Blifter_I9I
    I6I_Blifter_I9I Month ago

    All your videos are basically adverts

  • EP10HD
    EP10HD Month ago

    I just cut my leg hair with a barber cutter think but it looks like its shaved can someone tell me how much time it will take to come back ? Thank you

  • Javier De La Rosa
    Javier De La Rosa Month ago

    Hair chaps

  • Juan Pablo Arias Reyes

    I actually don't do nothing, but been considering to shave the torso, so I think is kind of a package deal.

  • mkannel
    mkannel Month ago

    Trimmed. Grow hair so fast it's hard to fully manage but noticed the difference immediately

  • James Watt
    James Watt Month ago


  • Peter Dwor
    Peter Dwor Month ago +2

    Started with trimming. Getting into shaving. Definitely a cleaner feeling.

  • Dibyam Nirola
    Dibyam Nirola Month ago

    Why don't these guys sell or ship this product in India

  • God Makoto
    God Makoto Month ago

    Looks better but isn't a big deal of not

  • grant noecker
    grant noecker Month ago

    I’m just naturally not very hairy so I don’t need to worry about this lol

  • Eat your Vegetables

    Not using tiege hanley is gay

  • Ian Storm
    Ian Storm Month ago

    Between shaven and trimmed.

  • Baron
    Baron Month ago

    Not acting on my opinion, I know for sure that many women I know would straight up tell me I'm gay if I would shave my legs.

  • Kakashi
    Kakashi Month ago

    Wtf i will never shave my legs

  • Billy Cousins
    Billy Cousins Month ago

    Alpha, I'm a 27 year old, relatively hairy guy. I just shaved my entire body (every inch from neck to toe) down from full length to bare skin for the first time, but it took forever! No joke, I was in the bathroom for 4 consecutive hours. So far I'm really enjoying the cleanliness of having no body hair, but I don't have that kind of time to commit every week. I imagine it will be a lot quicker to shave stubble rather than a full carpet if I do it regularly, but realistically how long does it take to do a full manscape once a week?

    • Jason Bourne
      Jason Bourne Month ago

      i do it once a week, so for me it takes like 1 hour, and before I go out on Saturday nights to drink and party I use extra time to just be more precise, only before partying tho, normally it takes 1 hour!

  • Karma
    Karma Month ago +1


  • RichHomieTom
    RichHomieTom Month ago

    Well I used to be a swimmer and shaving your whole body was considered a must before the meets, but now since I dont want to spend too much time doing it I just trimm my legs and arms to 1 inch, I have very short chest hair naturally so I never worry about it.

  • Philip Formisano
    Philip Formisano Month ago +1

    I’ll probably laser mine like my father

    • Thiago
      Thiago 21 day ago

      what does laser do

  • Shadow Wolf
    Shadow Wolf Month ago +1

    I’ve shaved them a few times for track for aero dynamics 💀

  • PhillyJTbeatbox
    PhillyJTbeatbox Month ago

    He's still gay

  • Jesse James
    Jesse James Month ago

    A woke gentleman

  • Treisiess
    Treisiess 2 months ago +2

    Honestly, hair chaps. I just see leg shaving as too feminine. No disrespect Alpha, you're awesome.

    • Lil Chan
      Lil Chan 7 days ago

      Same but everyone has their opinion anyways

  • MineCraftVideoMak100
    MineCraftVideoMak100 2 months ago +1

    Shaven, or nair, i love seeing striations in my legs from my hardcore gym leg days.

  • John n Mary Short
    John n Mary Short 2 months ago +2

    I shave all and have been since I was in highschool 36 years ago

  • Underwear Baker
    Underwear Baker 2 months ago


  • mimmormino
    mimmormino 2 months ago

    shaved them since the 1980s love my legs smooth and tanned just look so much more defined.

  • Mohnish
    Mohnish 2 months ago


  • Defaults Skin
    Defaults Skin 2 months ago

    I use duct tape

  • Rodrigalvez i
    Rodrigalvez i 2 months ago


  • idk cool nicknames
    idk cool nicknames 2 months ago

    I seriously thought clean legs where universally is that weird...?

  • abhinav ashutosh
    abhinav ashutosh 2 months ago

    Trimmed ofc

  • Khushal Borad
    Khushal Borad 2 months ago +1


  • Shaleen Dalal
    Shaleen Dalal 2 months ago

    I have long leg hair so I trim them. I never clean shave them though. Do what you feel great with in these things.

  • Brian Keith Null
    Brian Keith Null 2 months ago

    I would if I had reason too. But I'm not very hairy in the 1st place and my hair is blond so you really don't see it much. But I get it, if you have further chap's I'd get why a guy would want to clean it up. I do shave my
    "Boy's" send do man scaping. I don't get why anyone has such hangups about it. Real men do whatever the fuck they want. Without explanation!

  • Mumtaz Hussain
    Mumtaz Hussain 2 months ago +1

    Im a woman, for me and i would say most women, body hair on men is just fine except the pubes and armpits. And same goes fr women. These two places need to be trimmed atleast monthly to maintain a level of hygiene. But the other body hair, like facial, torso, arms, legs r good. No need to shave them if you dont want to. Women will never be turned away by these. Infact i can say its the opposite. I find it so weird when women say tht men should shave their legs and say nothing about the armpits. All actors on tv go around flashing their armpit hair....which is real gross...but these same ppl have shaved their legs. How does this maintain their personal hygiene?

  • android272
    android272 2 months ago

    Wearing heir chaps :P

  • Denis
    Denis 2 months ago

    The question is, you are a man or a woman?

  • Maronite_Metal_ Praise
    Maronite_Metal_ Praise 2 months ago +1

    Thanks for the video, I also shave my whole body and it makes me feel so much more confident. Many ladies have been super okay with it, with the exception of one. Take care

  • Jules Capo
    Jules Capo 2 months ago

    Option 7. Laser. Im doin it and loving the results. Always hated my body hair